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Author: Jocko DEFCOR Network

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Leadership and discipline advice and guidance for youth.
31 Episodes
An interview with Jonny Kim.  NASA Astronaut, Doctor, and retired Navy SEAL.
Working Hard, food, and video games.  An interview with a Warrior Kid, and author, Solomon Schmidt. 
Homework.  Riding bikes. Playing and having fun.  The Christmas Gift. Gratitude.  
Math is important.  Ways to help learn reading better.  The Spelling Test.
Fear, food, and reading, with former Navy SEAL, Jason Gardner.
1. What to do if someone doesn't accept your apology. 2. What does "Standby... BUST'EM" mean? 3. How can you eat healthy foods if you don't like the taste? 4. Is Uncle Jake scared of anything? 5. What is the best way to prepare for the military? 6. What's better?  Wrestling?  Or Jiu Jitsu? THE STORY: Steve and the Short Term Gratification
Interview with the illustrator for the Way of the Warrior Kids books, and Mikey and the Dragons, Jon Bozak. Interest in drawing. What to do when it gets hard. How did he come up with how the characters look?
1. How old to become an Navy SEAL? 2. Are bananas healthy? 3. How to focus on Warrior Kid stuff if you're don't think you're good at it. 4. What other things to eat if you're allergic to peanuts.  5. How to overcome fears. 6. Dealing with friends who aren't nice to you. 7. Is Uncle Jake good at jumping rope? THE STORY: Freddie and the Baseball Glove
00:48 - How to get better at reading. 03:12 - Keeping secrets from parents?? 06:13 - Exercises kids can do with a pull-up bar besides regular pull-ups. 08:45 - How to make time when I have homework, chores, and sports. 11:17 - How to get in condition so kids can play sports at their best and not get too tired. 11:54 - What does "GET SOME" actually mean? 14:19 - The Story: "Stand Up For Those Who Can't"  
00:54 - What books should Warrior Kids read?  What subjects? 03:34 - What to do someone cuts you in line.  How to remember to do chores. 06:57 - Good workouts for kids. 10:35 - What to do when friends get you in trouble. 12:53 - Dealing with food allergies and missing out on treats. 14:36 - How to be more confident in sports. 17:27 - The Story: "Horrible Hill"  
1. What to do for fun besides Jiu Jitsu. 2. Was it fun writing The Warrior Kid books? 3. How to get more customers as a kid business owner. 4. How to stop playing too much video games. 5. When's the 3rd Warrior Kid book coming out? 6. Dealing with bullying from an older brother/sister. 7. How to overcome being nervous.  8. Does Uncle Jake eat cake on his birthday? 9. Molk popsicles?? 10. The hardest Jiu Jitsu move for Uncle Jake to learn. 11. Rushing when taking tests in school. 12. Good exercises for gymnastics and also for Jiu Jitsu. 13. Joke. 14. Is Pepperoni healthy? 15. Do you know how to write cursive? 16. How to make school more interesting. 17. Playing games in the Navy. 18. Dealing with the fear of being home alone. 19. Focusing on both Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. 20. Story: Losing Your Temper
1. The ideas for Warrior Kid. 2. Does Uncle Jake like dogs? 3. Can you workout too much? 4. Does Uncle Jake get tired of working out? 5. Uncle Jake's workout routine. 6. 3rd Kids book? 7. Dealing with rough bullies in Jiu Jitsu class. 8. How much protein to eat to be strong. 9. How to deal with your friends moving away. 10. Dealing with a hard school assignment. 11. Dealing with being overlooked in class by teacher. 12. When is the new kids book coming out? 13. More guests on the Warrior Kid Podcast. 14. Ways to earn money as a 9 year old. 15. Story from Uncle Jake.
0:00:51 - How to Handle team mates not performing. 0:03:08 - Favorite Jiu Jitsu Moves 0:05:02 - Is Gi or No-Gi better (Jiu Jitsu)? 0:06:21 - How to get over fear of the dark. 0:08:54 - Lesson from Mikey and the Dragons, book. 0:15:31 - Story from Uncle Jake. Decisions.
0:00:52 -  What to do if you're injured. 0:04:29 - How to handle fear of needles and shots. 0:08:01 - Defending people who get teased. 0:11:44 - How to handle fear of spiders. 0:13:02 - Karate VS. Jiu Jitsu. 0:14:41 - Were there bullies in the Navy SEAL Teams? 0:15:51 - Does Uncle Jake meditate? 0:16:28 - Does Uncle Jake have a Warrior Code? 0:17:02 - The Story: Safety and Making the right decision.
0:00:45 - Using trashcan lids to wake someone up? 0:02:58 - Jumping off a bridge. 0:05:16 - Can Uncle Jake do 200 pull-ups? 0:07:30 - Does Uncle Jake still go to school to learn? 0:09:50 - How to stop arguing while playing games with friends. 0:12:48 - The Story: The Monkeybars.
0:01:19 - Why did Dave Berke become a Fighter Pilot? 0:02:07 - Why didn't Uncle Jake become a pilot? 0:30:00 - The Scariest thing about being a Fighter Pilot.  0:05:03 - What's better?  A Navy SEAL?  Or a Marine? 0:07:01 - Getting good grades to become a pilot. 0:08:32 - Does Dave train Jiu Jitsu? 0:09:38 - What's the most important quality that Dave teaches his kids? 0:11:13 - Uncle Jake Story: The Fighter Pilot.
0:00:45 - What does it mean to "have discipline"? 0:02:40 - Working out if your'e sore and tired. 0:04:11 - Writing Warrior Kid books. 0:05:18 - How long does it take to become a Navy SEAL? 0:09:08 - What to do in Jiu Jitsu if your training partner is goofing off. 0:13:42 - Uncle Jake story about cheating.
0:00:00 - Introduction. 0:00:49 - Dealing with differences of opinion. 0:03:34 - Dealing with mosquito bites. 0:05:03 - Did Jon Bozak (Illstrator for Warrior Kid books) use a Sharpie to draw the drawings? 0:07:37 - Black and white pictures in the book?  Where are Marc's parents?  Why isn't Uncle Jake stricter?  Is Uncle Jake and Jocko the same person? 0:14:35 - Story, "The Race": An important lesson that Uncle Jake learned when he was a kid.
0:00:00 - Introduction 0:00:44 - How long has Uncle Jake been doing Jiu Jitsu? 0:03:44 - Are meat and plants good for you? 0:09:21 - Where does Uncle Jake find motivation? 0:10:32 - Do Warrior Kids live in packs?  Like wolves? 0:11:39 - Will the "pain" of discipline go away? 0:13:45 - How to deal with stress.
0:00:44 - Is Honey Good? Or Bad? 0:02:11 - Should you feel bad if a bully gets hurt? 0:08:51 - How to stand up to a bully if you're scared? 0:12:35 - Where's Marc's Dad? 0:15:57 - How to tap out in Jiu Jitsu if your hands are tied up. 0:17:44 - Dealing with anger and frustration when things are hard to learn or hard to get good at.
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Jeremy Gray

14:15, best story ever. Thanks, Uncle Jake.

Jul 17th

Genevieve Merlino

How do I get my friends to come in my group when there life is stay on electronic eat chips eat sleep

Jul 8th

Genevieve Merlino

thank u for telling us what is good and not I am going to do it. not maybe I will try I will do it!

Jul 8th

michael accinelli

Thanks Uncle Jake, keep them coming please!!!!

Mar 26th

michael accinelli

my son wants to know "how many more minutes til the next podcast". please advise.

Mar 13th

michael accinelli

Uncle Jake, this is my Dad's phone. I just wanted to let you know I miss hearing brand new podcasts. Please make some soon. Thanks, Lucien

Mar 12th

Finn Stoner

@unclejake it’s Finn I was wondering how do I learn to do a pull up?

Dec 4th
Reply (1)

Raymond Dabela

EPIC! reading of Mikey and the Dragons. Looking forward to my first edishhh for the kids.

Nov 13th

taravat jalalifarahani

I really like your very deep opinions about life Uncle Jake, please generate more episodes, I think they are suit for adults too.

Aug 7th

Burton Stacey III

You are blowing my mind! I listen regular to Jocko Podcast, but now I can listen to this with my sons. My youngest loves reading the books before bed at night! Thank you for all that you do, Boss!

Jul 14th

Scott Richman

My family loves this podcast, often times we discuss points made by asking my kids what they learned from each episode. Keep up the good we work Sir!

Jun 13th

Chloe Miller

Good point with the video

Jun 2nd

Marcos Pita


Apr 17th

Haley Premo

@UncleJake How do I keep being active when the wether is bad

Apr 15th
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Jose E Ramon


Apr 15th
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