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Author: Chuck Thuss and Clint Malarchuk

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Warriors Unmasked is a show that will take a deep dive into the life journeys of athletes, both professional and amateur, coaches, military personnel as well as first responders and the people next door. You will hear many stories of tremendous courage and perseverance. Some of these stories will also have an element of dealing with mental illness while overcoming the odds. Your hosts and mental health advocates, Clint Malarchuk and Chuck Thuss, will incorporate their own personal journeys/ experiences as they speak to their guests on a very intimate level.
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Trigger warning: In this episode, our guest shares her journey with abuse and suicide. Ifyou or someone you love has recently experienced the tragic loss to suicide, please feel freeto skip this episode during your healing process. We have 100+ other powerfulconversations to enjoy at In this episode of Warriors Unmasked, we had the honor of sitting down with Kyomi O'Connor, a beacon of resilience and healing. Kyomi's journey began in the shadow of emotional abuse as a young child, a time marked by harsh verbal bullying and the painful witnessing of her mother's struggles. These early years laid a complex foundation for Kyomi, intertwining trauma with a deep-seated sense of self-blame and unworthiness. Despite these challenges, Kyomi blossomed into an individual of remarkable strength and versatility. She excelled academically and professionally, pursuing a career in dentistry, yet never feeling truly aligned with her path. It was not until a pivotal moment in her early twenties, following a heart-wrenching suicide attempt, that Kyomi embarked on a transformative journey to reclaim her authentic self. Her move to the United States marked a significant turning point. Here, Kyomi not only pursued advanced scientific research but also began to peel back the layers of her past traumas. She encountered love, marrying her late husband, Patrick, and together, they delved into spiritual healing and Dharma teachings. This spiritual exploration became a source of profound personal growth and healing. Kyomi's story is one of courage in the face of adversity and the power of self-reflection and spirituality in healing deep wounds. Her narrative serves as a vivid reminder that no matter the darkness we face, there is always a path towards light and self-reconciliation. To dive deeper into the profound insights and experiences of Kyomi O'Connor and learn more about her book, hit play on this episode of Warriors Unmasked and join us on a journey of healing, resilience, and the discovery of inner peace.   GUEST LINKS: Website:  LinkedIn:  Twitter:  Instagram:    LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction + Messages From Our Sponsors  03:25 Kyomi's Journey of Emotional Abuse 08:26 Kyomi's Struggles in School and Home 09:10 Kyomi's Journey to Self-Realization 12:35 Kyomi's Struggles with Family and Relationships 18:31 Kyomi's Journey to the United States 20:16 Kyomi's Spiritual Journey and Healing 22:33 Kyomi's Life with Husband, Patrick 34:42 Kyomi's Transformation through Buddhism 38:48 Kyomi's Self-Care Practices 42:10 Kyomi's Book and Final Thoughts For Those Who Are Struggling  
In this episode of Warriors Unmasked, we welcome back J.R. Butler, a former NCAA hockey player, founder of Shift Group, an expert in post-athletic career transition, a mental health advocate, and a new dad. His journey is an inspiring story of transformation and resilience, filled with deep insights into the challenges athletes face when transitioning from their sports careers to everyday life. J.R. dives into his personal experience of losing his identity as a hockey player and how it felt like mourning a lost loved one. This profound loss propelled him into a period of self-discovery, leading him to understand the importance of finding purpose beyond the rink. He emphasizes that purpose and passion are distinct yet interconnected aspects that drive our actions and decisions. His narrative is a powerful example of how athletes can leverage their innate characteristics—resilience, coachability, teamwork, and competitiveness—in their post-sport careers. J.R.'s journey through these challenging transitions has equipped him with unique insights that he now shares through Shift Group, helping other athletes and military personnel find their path after their careers. As a new father, J.R.'s purpose has evolved, yet his passion for helping others discover their potential remains constant. His story is a testament to the fact that while careers may end, the qualities honed during those careers can open doors to new, fulfilling endeavors. This episode is more than a conversation; it's a guide to navigating life's transitions with grace, resilience, and an unwavering sense of purpose. It's a roadmap for anyone facing a crossroads in life, affirming that with self-reflection and determination, every end can mark the beginning of a new, exciting chapter. If you're looking to explore the depth of J.R.'s insights and experiences or seeking guidance in their own journey of transition and self-discovery, press play on this episode and embark on a path of empowerment and transformation.   GUEST LINKS:   Shift Group | Technology Recruiting & Training for Athletes: Linkedin:  Instagram:  LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction + Messages from Our Sponsors  00:15 The Journey of J. R. Butler: From Hockey to Career Transition Expert 03:29 Understanding Post-Athletic Career Transition 05:10 The Impact of Identity Loss in Athletes 07:34 The Importance of Purpose and Passion in Career Transition 09:11 The Struggles and Challenges in Career Transition 11:26 The Role of Self-Discovery in Career Transition 18:21 The Importance of Purpose in Finding Passion 26:38 The Mental Health Journey in Career Transition 36:11 The Formation and Mission of Shift Group 44:22 The Similarities Between Athletes and Military Personnel 47:53 Final Thoughts J.R. and Advice for Athletes in Transition  
In this episode of Warriors Unmasked, we dive into the life of Benjamin Ellis, a former high school wrestler and professional athlete, whose journey through mental health challenges and OCD is both inspiring and deeply moving.  Raised in a large military family, Benjamin's external world seemed perfect, but beneath the surface, he struggled with intense anxiety and intrusive thoughts. His high school years amplified these issues, leading to self-harm and a harrowing suicide attempt, marking a period of profound loneliness and turmoil. The pivotal moment in Benjamin's life came with the diagnosis of OCD, a revelation that brought clarity and direction to his struggles. He embarked on a transformative journey, engaging in targeted therapies and medication, which dramatically improved his condition. This breakthrough was a gateway to recovery and self-improvement, where he harnessed the discipline from his wrestling background to face and overcome his mental health challenges. Today, Benjamin is a symbol of hope and resilience. He channels his energy and emotions into cage fighting and jujitsu, fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a professional athlete. His story highlights the significant role of support systems in mental health recovery, particularly through our very own, Clint Malarchuk, who provided guidance and wisdom during his journey. Benjamin's narrative emphasizes the crucial aspects of community, purpose, and determination in battling mental health issues. Beyond his personal triumphs, Benjamin's story stands out for his dedication to helping others. He openly shares his experiences to support and motivate those facing similar struggles, focusing on the importance of being present, taking life one moment at a time, and maintaining an unwavering spirit of perseverance. Benjamin Ellis's story is a powerful testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome adversity. It shows that with understanding, support, and relentless determination, it is possible to navigate through the darkest of times towards a place of strength and fulfillment. For those looking to draw inspiration from his remarkable journey, hit play and listen to the full episode, where Benjamin's resilience shines as a guiding light for all.   LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction + Messages from Our Sponsors  03:00 Get to Know Benjamin and His Story  10:30 The Impact of Mental Health on Family Relationships 13:03 The Turning Point: Suicide Attempt and Recovery 24:59 Finding Purpose and Community in Jiu Jitsu 27:40 The Desire to Help Others in Similar Situations 28:20 The Journey to an OCD Diagnosis  29:27 The Moment of Diagnosis and Its Impact 31:18 Living with OCD: A Personal Perspective 32:27 The Importance of Living in the Present 37:30 Coping Mechanisms and Emotional Regulation 41:09 The Role of Physical Activity in Mental Health 46:16 The Power of Mentorship and Support 48:40 Final Thoughts and Encouragement  
Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked. Today we step into the vibrant narrative of Tony Everett, the founder of My Personal Best Coaching. From England, to California, Tony has shaped a niche as a business coach with a unique clientele—athletes at the cusp of reinvention, poised to transition from competitive sports to the entrepreneurial world. But Tony's coaching transcends business; it's a journey to life transformation, where each session is a stroke that helps paint a new horizon. Tony's passion for change began with the inception of PureGame in 2009, a sports-based youth development nonprofit rooted in the firm belief that every child deserves to flourish. With a mission to empower, collaborate, and achieve a milestone in both influence and revenue, Tony's coaching philosophy is about reaching personal pinnacles while ensuring his clients do the same. The essence of Tony's approach is his holistic perspective on growth, his commitment to sparking curiosity, and his devotion to helping clients find new passion and purpose post-sports. His program, Warriors of Change, ingeniously incorporates the elements of water and flow, mirroring the adaptability and fluidity required to navigate life’s varied challenges. It's this unique methodology that sets Tony apart—a coach who sees beyond the scoreboard to the vast potential of the individual. In our conversation, Tony shares his own transition story, reflecting on his move from England to America, a time when he felt adrift yet eventually found his calling in youth coaching. His focus shifted from athletic performance to the development of character, social engagement, and mental health support for teens. Tony's reflections offer a window into his philosophy: It's not about the wins and losses but about fostering a positive environment where children can truly thrive. Join us as Tony dives into the profound impact of positive reinforcement and the danger of pressure and comparison that today's youth face in sports and beyond. For coaches and parents alike, Tony provides actionable insights—how to acknowledge effort, nurture self-esteem, and communicate effectively with the young athletes.  This episode of Warriors Unmasked is more than just a podcast; it's a transformative conversation that challenges and changes our approach to youth sports and development. Press play and immerse yourself in the story of a man who's redefining the essence of coaching and transforming lives, one encouraging word at a time.   GUEST LINKS: Instagram: mypersonalbestcoaching  LinkedIn:  Website:  Warriors of Change registration:  LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction + messages from our sponsors  02:55 Welcome to our special guest, Tony Everett  03:33 Today’s conversation on transitioning from a life and career in sports  04:00 Tony talks about his background and a passion to making a difference in kids lives  05:20 Tony opens up about his passion for youth sports in America  09:09 Young kids dealing with anxiety and depression in the pressure of competitive sports  12:20 The constant struggle of comparison in our world today  14:04 Tony talks about how parents and coaches can combat this fight to be perfect  18:09 Tony shares how parents need to give their kids space to process  21:25 The importance of expanding a kids comfort zone and taking it step by step  23:27 The power of celebrating the little things as kids learn and the effects into adulthood  27:23 Tony gives a challenge to parents on what their self image is  30:00 Tony talks about reminding athletes that their 100% looks different each day  32:37 The hard transition from athletics to post athletics  35:19 Tony talks about the process of finding identity and passion again  38:01 How to find curiosity again as an adult after sports  39:38 The identity shift from a paid athlete to a new career  42:37 Tony talks about the mental health crisis and if there is any progress being made in sports  48:08 How to follow Tony and keep up with his work  50:49 Tony’s advice to those who are transitioning out of sports and struggling with identity  
Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked. Today, we delve deep into the transformative journey of Colorado native, Risa August. Not just a Gestalt practitioner, Risa stands out as a patient advocate for rare pituitary diseases. Beyond her academic achievements – a BA in geography and a certification in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy – Risa's story is a testament to human resilience, especially having lived with a pituitary tumor for over a decade. Risa's roots trace back to Ohio, where she grew up in a military family. This nomadic childhood exposed her to the challenges of constant change, but the real battles lay within her home, an environment marred by the dark cloud of her alcoholic father's abuse. Despite the chaos, young Risa became the household's peacemaker. This role, while noble, brought with it the immense pressure of striving for perfection, a quest that she later realized was more about seeking validation and acceptance. Fast forward to her adult years, Risa's pursuit of perfection saw her achieve significant milestones, such as competing as an Ironman athlete. However, her life took a turn in 2011 when she began to notice alarming changes in her body. Despite the physical prowess she showcased the previous year, a 500-mile bike tour proved to be an unexpected challenge. Multiple doctors were puzzled, and Risa began questioning her own sanity. The mystery unraveled in the summer of 2018. Plagued by severe headaches and sleepless nights, Risa pushed for an MRI. The diagnosis was an enlarged pituitary, marking the beginning of her battle with a rare disease. This unexpected twist in her journey, however, became a platform for Risa to inspire countless others. With her past experiences and challenges, she's been a beacon of hope for many, underscoring the message that true strength, happiness, and peace come from within. Risa's journey is not just about the battles she faced but also about the lessons she offers. From the significance of self-reliance learned in her youth to the insights garnered from a life-altering diagnosis, her story serves as a reminder of the human spirit's indomitable strength. If Risa’s journey resonates with you so far and you want to learn more, hit play to hear our full conversation!   GUEST LINKS: Website:  Social Media: @RisaUnleashed   LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction + messages from our sponsors  03:01 Welcome special guest, former Ironman athlete Risa August 04:12 Risa starts off talking about her childhood  06:29 Risa talks about most of her life was spent seeking for more  10:00 Risa talks through her formative years of life, always having to work hard for something  12:30 Risa opens up about her body not feeling normal and seeing physical changes in 2011  15:59 Risa began to feel extreme anger and hopelessness while she was not feeling herself  19:53 In 2018, Risa is diagnosed with a rare disease that was causing all her issues  24:04 The struggle of battling her disease and her disconnected marriage  27:04 Risa talks about her emotions going into the surgery  28:44 What life looks like on the other side of surgery for Risa  30:14 Risa talks about resting and having no energy for months after surgery in recovery  31:20 Saying yes to preventative radiation treatments and the side effects to that  34:00 What is a Gestalt practitioner and how this became a passion for Risa 41:00 Risa talks more about her coaching and book and how to keep in touch with her  43:38 Risa shares her experience on a 41-day bike ride  49:46 What would Risa say to someone who is walking a similar path with the same questions?   
Trigger warning: In this episode, our guest shares her journey with abuse and suicide. Ifyou or someone you love has recently experienced the tragic loss to suicide, please feel freeto skip this episode during your healing process. We have 100+ other powerfulconversations to enjoy at Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked. Today we go from the depths of despair to a beacon of hope, as we unpack the inspiring journey of Angela Williams. Angela's story commences with the challenges of being raised by a single mother after her biological father decided he didn't want children. The emotional scars left by such abandonment were only the beginning of the challenges Angela would face. Angela recounts the feeling of not being wanted, which was instilled in her from a very young age when her father left her mother during her pregnancy. The pain deepened when she was told that her father, after holding her for a brief moment, decided he wanted nothing to do with her. Growing up in the 1960s, single motherhood was frowned upon, prompting her mother to quickly remarry a man she had met only two weeks prior. Little did they know, this man would bring unimaginable pain and trauma into their lives as Angela suffered rape and sexual abuse for years. During her formative years, Angela often felt different from her peers. Despite her circumstances, she found solace in music, reading, and her vivid imagination. This coping mechanism allowed her to escape from her grim reality, if only for a moment. But as she grew older, the intensity of the abuse only worsened. The consistent trauma took a toll on Angela's mental well-being, culminating in a heart-wrenching suicide attempt. Yet, against all odds, she survived. In the aftermath of that dark episode, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of a high school friend. This friend's father was a powerful attorney, who recognized the gravity of her situation and helped emancipate her. With newfound freedom, Angela embarked on a mission to heal and subsequently to help others. Angela, now a passionate crusader for change, has dedicated years to raising awareness, prevention, and healing through her advocacy work. Her impactful voice has reached national and international platforms, contributing to legislative reform and national policy work. Angela's Voice, her organization, continues to provide healing and prevention programs. Angela's narrative is a powerful testament to the human spirit and the transformative power of faith. If this inspiring story resonates with you, hit play now to hear our full conversation! GUEST LINKS: Angela’s Voice:  Angela’s Resources:  Social Media: @‌angelasvoice    LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction + messages from our sponsors  03:10 Welcome to special guest Angela Williams, mental health advocate and suicide survivor  04:05 Angela shares her background and more about her story  04:46 Angela’s father left when she was born and immediately was brought up feeling not wanted  06:22 Angela opens up about living in extreme abuse from a young age through her step father  10:08 The challenge Angela faced with having close relationships growing up  11:02 Angela talks about finally snapping in highschool and attempting suicide to escape the pain  13:32 After several attempts to take her life, Angela was met by the presence of God  13:50 Angela’s turning point and emancipation  18:05 The harsh reality of abused children in our world and how we can make an impact  20:33 Angela encourages people to stand up and help those who are being abused  24:36 Angela talks about her organization, Angela’s Voice  26:34 Angela opens up about setbacks and the beginning stages of writing books  29:52 The power of writing and what would happen if more people did it  33:56 Angela shares her perspective on loving yourself  37:14 Learn more about Angela’s Voice, Angela’s books, and all the resources she has  44:29 Hear what Angela would say to someone who is going through the same things she did   
Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked. Today, we delve deep into the heart and soul of Shaun Flores, a notable three-time TEDx speaker, a beacon of strength living with OCD, a leading social media influencer, and a tireless advocate for mental health. From the tender age of six, when Shaun grappled with the loss of his father, to facing challenging experiences in his early relationships, his journey is marked with intense bouts of anxiety, incessant rumination, and the relentless search for answers. The modeling industry presented its own set of challenges, intensifying his personal struggles with body image, identity, and toxic standards of beauty. Each chapter of Shaun's life is punctuated with questions that pierce the soul. As he found himself on a precipice, staring into the abyss of despair and identity crisis, salvation came in the form of a therapist who illuminated the path for Shaun, revealing his battle with OCD. This episode is more than just a recounting of experiences; it's an immersion. Walk with Shaun through the lanes of his memories, feel his anguish, his confusions, and his revelations. As he candidly shares his moments of vulnerability, you'll find yourself transported, feeling each emotion as intensely as he did. Dive deep into the nuanced world of OCD, mental health struggles, and the courage it takes to face one's demons, accept them, and rise above. Through Shaun's narrative, we are reminded of the sheer power of understanding, acceptance, and the healing touch of genuine human connection. As we navigate this conversation, we also reflect on the larger societal challenges, the intricacies of the human mind, and the significance of fostering a safe space for those who fight silent battles every day. This is not just another episode; it's an experience, a revelation, and most importantly, a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Press play, and let Shaun Flores's story inspire, challenge, and awaken something deep within you.   LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction + messages from our sponsors  02:59 Welcome to special guest, 3X TedX speaker, Shaun Flores  04:37 Shaun talks about the work that he is currently doing with OCD in mental health  06:47 Shaun opens up about life before being diagnosed with OCD  09:13 Anxiety and depression began when Shaun’s relationship experiences  12:58 Shaun opens up about his modeling career  15:12 Shaun’s anxiety got so bad that it turned to visualizing suicide  16:16 The moment that Shaun realized that he had severe OCD  18:12 Shaun talks about the things in his life that had been harboring OCD  20:12 Shaun opens up about always searching for a father figure after his father died  22:56 Shaun talks about allowing OCD to take over through suppressing emotions  25:56 Shaun shares the story about meeting his half brother in 2021  30:32 How do we process things in life that have no answers? 33:53 Shaun unpacks the journey of healing that young boy that was hurt inside him  39:55 Shaun talks about being himself and the generosity of other people keeping him going 41:37 Shaun talks about being a social media role model  43:57 What Shaun is doing for work and how he’s helping people with anxiety and depression 46:00 How Shuan is implementing self-care into his life everyday  51:57 Shaun gives his thoughts of encouragement to those who resonate with his story  
Welcome to another captivating episode of Warriors Unmasked. Today's guest, Reed Low, is a marvel of many hats: former professional hockey player, passionate auctioneer, devoted father, and a man of unwavering faith. Known by many as "Lowzy", Reed's journey is far from the stereotypical narrative of a professional athlete's life. Emerging from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Low paints a vivid picture of his childhood, filled with dreams of making it to the NHL and endless hours of street and ice hockey. Reed eventually fulfilled that dream and played for the St Louis Blues from 2000-2005. He is the only player in NHL history to amass 50 penalty minutes in a single game, twice!  But it's not all fun and games. Low's transition from the ice rink to the auction stage is both intriguing and emblematic of the unexpected paths life can take. Without formal auctioneering training, Low steps into a legacy, picking up from where his father and grandfather left off. Now, he effortlessly merges his charismatic presence with the fast-paced world of auctioneering, making charity events memorable for attendees. However, beyond the hockey tales and rhythmic chants of the auction, Reed delves deep into personal challenges. From navigating the aftermath of his divorce to battling inner demons of anger and depression, his vulnerability is palpable. But what stands out is Low's relentless pursuit of personal growth, spiritual awakening, and his commitment to being a better father and human. Reed's candidness about the financial struggles post-NHL career and the misconceptions surrounding the luxurious lives of professional athletes brings a grounded perspective. His camaraderie with fellow former hockey players is heartening, and the shared experiences underline the fact that challenges and personal battles are universal, irrespective of career achievements. Join us as we journey through Reed Low's transformative story, one filled with laughter, struggles, and above all, resilience. Curious about how a professional hockey player transitions to an auction stage or navigates life after a professional career? Press play and dive into our compelling conversation with Reed Low.   LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction + messages from our sponsors  02:59 Welcome former professional hockey player and entrepreneur, Reed Low  04:50 Reed talks about his life growing up in Moosejaw  06:15 Reed shares about his new found love for auctioneering  11:18 Reed opens up about his NHL salary and living over the pay  15:43 Reed talks about hockey fighting, and how it became a big part of his game  19:18 Hear about Reed’s career with the St. Louis Blues  22:36 The long lasting effects of fighting in hockey  26:11 Reed’s transition from the game of hockey  29:33 Reed talks about his family and the struggles after hockey  32:44 Reed opens up about PTSD and processing through trauma in life  35:28 Turning to faith and learning to let go of the past  43:05 Reed talks about the healing process after changing life  44:53 Reed talks about how men should be okay with opening up to emotion  47:53 Hear some stats and stories from Reed’s NHL career  49:27 Reed shares his love for the sport of hockey and the city of St. Louis  54:48 Reed’s final advice for people who are struggling and have a lack of faith   
Welcome back to another powerful episode of Warriors Unmasked. In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Nick Rothwell, a former professional hockey player, live sports broadcaster, podcast host, founder of ReTribe, recovered alcoholic, and mental health advocate.  Before we dove into his incredible journey and the impactful work he's doing today, we looked back to his childhood. Nick's early years were marked by fear, primarily stemming from his father's struggles with alcoholism. Growing up in Pontex, Saskatchewan, Nick experienced the volatile side of his father when he was under the influence. His father's addiction and the resulting violence created a sense of fear and insecurity in Nick's life. These early experiences had a profound impact on his sense of self and led to the development of coping mechanisms, including lying and stealing, as a means to gain control and protect himself. Despite the challenges at home, sports became an avenue for Nick to find his identity and escape the turmoil. Athletic success garnered him attention and provided a temporary respite from the chaos. However, he carried a sense of fraudulence with him, never truly believing in his own worth beyond being a hockey player. As Nick entered adulthood, his journey took a turbulent turn. He ventured through a chaotic period marked by travels, relationships that lacked depth, and increasing isolation. Nick's attempts to address his problems with alcohol and addiction led him to dark places, including prison, detox centers, and hospitals. It was in these darkest moments that Nick reached a turning point. He recognized the need for help and sought solace in 12-step recovery. Through this process, he discovered the power of connecting with others who shared similar struggles. These bonds and shared experiences became the foundation for his work with Re-Tribe. Re-Tribe is Nick's vision to help individuals find their tribe, experience accountability, and regain balance in their lives. He draws inspiration from our human evolution, emphasizing the innate need to belong and the purpose that tribes provide. Nick's journey, from fear and addiction to purpose and connection, exemplifies the transformative power of resilience and recovery. If you're ready to hear more about Nick's remarkable journey and the transformative work he's doing, hit play now. His story reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there can be profound growth and purpose. GUEST LINKS: Re-Tribe:  Instagram: mrnickrothwell Instagram: retribers Instagram: toughthroughtender Facebook: nick.rothwell.77 LinkedIn: nirothwell LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction + messages from our sponsors  03:00 Welcome to special guest, Nick Rothwell  05:51 Nick’s childhood and how it helped shape who he has become today  06:49 Nick witnessed his dad’s struggle with alcohol and pain at 8 years old  08:22 Anger and abuse in Nick’s home made him feel powerless  09:58 Nick grew up, riddled by fear and explains where that fear stemmed from  13:14 Some of the signs that people show when they are hurting  15:57 Nick shares how vital it is to have a father who is loving and that casts identity  17:07 The importance of young men being able to process emotions in a safe place growing up  18:53 Nick talks about how asking for help is so vital that it should be rewarded  23:08 Nick shares about the importance of community and accountability  25:57 Does Nick look back at all the hard things in life and consider them a blessing?  30:38 Nick talks about his journey of dealing with past wounds going into marriage  34:32 The person you are helping may also be just as much a help to you 37:58 Nick recalls something that his dad told him when he was 12 that still resonates with him  40:40 Nick shares his personal daily routines that have helped him stay in a good place  45:28 Hear about Nick’s company, Re-Tribe and all that they do  51:19 What Nick would say to the person who is struggling and in pain today  
Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! Jonathan Hunt Glassman, CEO of Oar Health, presents a narrative that rings true for so many of us—using alcohol as a crutch for social anxiety, only to watch the problem spin out of control. Growing up in a household where alcohol was neither a vice nor a virtue, Jonathan felt blindsided when he found himself addicted to the courage that alcohol provided him during high school and college years. While it eased social pressures, it created new problems in its wake.  Jonathan wasn't alone in this experience. Many people use alcohol to ease social inhibitions, to feel part of a group, or to drown out insecurities. But as Jonathan found out, these short-term gains have long-term consequences. He described awkward moments when people would bring up 'deep and honest' conversations they had with him, of which he had no recollection, owing to his intoxicated state at the time. Years later, Jonathan has molded his struggles into a form of guidance for others, leading Oar Health to help people reconsider their relationship with alcohol. Remarkably, the goal isn't always abstinence but often moderation. "The majority of the folks that we work with are trying to drink less without necessarily quitting," he shared. This inclusive approach brings solace to many who aren't ready for total sobriety but know they need to make a change. Jonathan's journey—from a teen unsure of his place in the world, to an adult grappling with addiction, and finally as an entrepreneur focusing on substance abuse—reflects the complex relationship many have with alcohol. His story exemplifies that it's not always about quitting cold turkey but about understanding one's limits and altering behaviors for a more fulfilling life. If you've ever found yourself or someone you know grappling with substance abuse or any form of addiction, Jonathan's insights on the Warriors Unmasked podcast can be a beacon of hope and practical advice. Ready to hear how this healthcare entrepreneur turned his struggles into a mission to help others? Hit play now for more of Jonathan Hunt Glassman's enlightening journey. GUEST LINKS: Podcast: Linkedin: Linkedin:   LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors  02:53 Welcome special guest, Jonathan Hunt Glassman  04:00 Who is Jonathan and the work that he does helping alcoholics  05:00 Jonathan’s backstory and how he got to where he is today  06:00 Jonathan was surprised by his addiction to alcohol, because of how he was raised  08:00 Oftentimes alcohol is used as a crutch to have social confidence  10:33 How alcohol can negatively affect our mental space and anxiety  11:28 The goal is not to eliminate drinking completely, but to change the relationship with it  16:54 Jonathan dives into the negative consequences that drinking had on his life in his 20’s  19:54 Jonathan shares his story of getting out of the cycle of depending on alcohol  21:51 The turning point for Jonathan was when he received help from a primary care doctor  25:18 Treatment and recovery will look different for every person  30:28 How people use alcohol to self-medicate, how it relates to mental illness  36:00 One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is accepting that you cannot do this alone  41:26 Jonathan shares his story on how he now gives back as CEO of Oar Health  44:36 Visit Oar Health’s website in the show notes if you or a loved one need help today 49:25 Jonathan’s word of advice to those struggling with addiction   
Welcome to another episode of Warriors Unmasked. Tom Matlack's life journey is as compelling as it is tumultuous. From facing death twice—once through addiction and later on the brink of suicide—to ascending the corporate ladder as the CFO of a Fortune 500 company, Tom's story is a testament to resilience and determination. Behind every accolade lies a tale of inner conflict. By 2018, despite a storied professional life, Tom felt a spiritual void so profound that it pushed him to the precipice of despair. But through sheer willpower, by 2021, he pivoted to dedicating his life to assisting men in overcoming addiction. Observing the wider mental health crisis affecting males in America, he's now on a mission to uplift and support them. In this episode, Tom opens up about these trials, reflecting on the duality of professional success and personal struggle. While Tom acknowledges his imperfections as a father, he's steadfast in his commitment. His children are a testament to his efforts, each forging their own path of success. He recalls moments, like feeding his newborn son, that brought clarity to his life.  Tom's journey is a beacon for all who face life's adversities. It serves as a reminder that with introspection, perseverance, and support, one can rise from the depths of despair to the pinnacle of success. Eager to dive deeper into his story? Hit play now for more on this incredible journey. Trigger warning: In this episode, our guest shares his journey with alcoholism and suicide. If you or someone you love has recently experienced the tragic loss to suicide, please feel free to skip this episode during your healing process. We have 100+ other powerful conversations to enjoy at   GUEST LINKS:   Tom’s Substack: Facebook: Linkedin:   LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors  02:36 Welcome special guest, Tom Matlack  03:52 Dive into the backstory of Tom’s life and where his journey began  05:35 The beginning to a life of addiction for Tom  07:19 The consequences of becoming an alcoholic  08:19 Alcoholism acts as a bandaid for anxiety and shame and becomes a vicious cycle  09:42 A look into Tom’s life after school and into his career  11:21 Tom talks about his draw to the business world and the success that came with it  12:49 How the struggle with alcoholism began to impact Tom’s life and family  15:04 Tom’s realization of being an alcoholic and deciding to change his life for his kids  16:51 Tom talks about what it’s like to have a hole in your soul without spirituality  18:51 Tom shares his journey of becoming sober again and the desire to be a good father  21:43 Tom talks about being transparent with his kids and helping them walk through life  24:30 Tom’s journey back to success and fall back into anxiety and suicidal thoughts  25:10 At the lowest point of his life, Tom shares a spiritual experience that broke his ego  26:26 Tom’s experience at the mental hospital and love for the people who saved his life 28:50 Tom’s journey back into society after mental health care  30:27 Tom has a spiritual awakening that brought on permanent change in his life  32:35 Working with young men in addiction and the bond that Tom has formed with them  33:45 Tom talks about the gratitude that he has today from all of his experiences  35:28 The journey of self reflection and the emotions that come with that  38:49 Tom shares more about the work that he does today with young men who are in danger  41:26 The impact of men becoming more self aware and willingness to reconnect  45:31 Tom shares how he keeps his mind healthy and in good spirits today  48:51 Tom gives his final advice to young men who are struggling in life   
Welcome back to another powerful episode of Warriors Unmasked. If you're seeking an inspiring figure in mental health and empowerment, meet Craig Ball, an Australian mentor with a rich history of transforming lives. With over two decades of experience, Craig's unique approach combines traditional and holistic techniques to help individuals realize their utmost potential. His belief? Every individual has the inherent ability to bolster their mental health and create their life's narrative. Craig isn't just an advocate; he's a testament to his methods. His experiences from being deployed to Afghanistan twice with the regular army put his theories to the test, and his triumphs over personal mental health challenges speak volumes. Alongside mentoring, he's a seasoned speaker, and his book, "Reclaim Your Power," offers a pragmatic look into his system. The "Warriors Unmasked" podcast recently hosted Craig, delving into his background, journey in the mental health sector, and his experiences as an Army reservist. He shared about his introduction to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), which now forms a cornerstone of his work. The discussion underscored the importance of therapy as a testament to strength and also an insightful dialogue about the stigma around mental health in sports. When Craig faced a dire financial crisis, he chose to pen a book, both a personal testament and a guide to resilience. Written as a conversation, Craig's narrative demystifies mental health complexities. He stresses the importance of remaining open to change and understanding cognitive distortions like overgeneralization, where one's self-worth is wrongly tied to success or failure. Craig's central message: true resilience isn't just recovery, but thriving through adversity. He encourages recognizing emotions, leading to healing and empowerment. For a heartening chat filled with wisdom and perspective, don't miss Craig Ball on the "Warriors Unmasked" podcast episode. Grab your preferred beverage, and settle in for a conversation that promises to inspire. So, what are you waiting for? Hit play now to learn more! Trigger warning: In this episode, our guest shares his journey with the loss of friends and co-workers to suicide. If you or someone you love has recently experienced the tragic loss to suicide, please feel free to skip this episode during your healing process. We have 100+ other powerful conversations to enjoy at   GUEST LINKS: Reclaim Your Power: Creating Better Mental Health and Happiness for Life: Linkedin: YouTube: Facebook: LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 What to expect inside of episode 116! 02:47 Welcome special guest, Craig Ball, military veteran, author, and speaker  05:29 Craig shares how he became intrigued with working in the mental health space  07:20 An inspirational psychologist was Albert Ellis and has adopted his teaching style  08:57 Craig talks about rational emotive behavior therapy  10:46 Craig talks about the stigma in Australia of not opening up about anxiety  12:24 Craig opens up about his time in the military and the emotional trauma that comes with it  15:48 The power of speaking to someone and having a safe place to talk  20:31 Craig talks about consulting veterans and allowing space do deal with emotion  25:36 How depression and anxiety are not fixed, but have to be managed daily  30:07 Craig shares about his book and a sneak peak of what’s inside  38:57 Craig talks about the power of learning to empower ourselves  43:46 Craig shares the difference between the internal and external focus of control 47:24 How to follow Craig, find his book and keep up with all that he is doing  51:17 Craig’s advice to someone who needs to get their power back in their life   
Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked. In this episode, we dive into the inspiring journey of Adrian Jones, a heart attack survivor and adoptee advocate. Adrian's story is a testament to resilience, purpose, and intention as he shares the transformative experiences that have shaped his life. During a routine mountain bike ride in Marin County, Northern California, Adrian faced a sudden health scare. Despite the challenges, he pushed through until his friends recognized the seriousness of his condition and urged him to seek medical help. With urgency and determination, his friend Brad, rushed Adrian to the hospital, where he underwent necessary procedures to address his condition. Doctors assessed and confirmed that Adrian was having a heart attack. In the midst of uncertainty, he found strength and refused to let his journey end there. In the ICU, Adrian experienced a profound awakening when a voice urged him to uncover his birth parents' identity. This revelation resonated deeply as an adoptee, prompting him to embark on a personal quest to discover his roots. With the help of new friend Caroline, Adrian was able to unlock the truths of his past.  Adoption carries emotional complexities, and Adrian's story sheds light on the challenges faced by adoptees. His journey of self-discovery led him to become an advocate, sharing his experiences openly and offering support to others on similar paths. Join us on this episode as we explore Adrian's remarkable journey of resilience and purpose. It serves as a reminder to reflect on our own paths, live authentically, and extend empathy to those facing similar challenges. Hit the play button and dive into Adrian Jones' inspiring story! GUEST LINKS:   Instagram (@profound_awesomeness) ‌‎Profound Awesomeness on Apple Podcasts    LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors 2:48 Welcome Adrian Jones, host of the Profound Awesomeness Podcast 5:35 I’m sure it’s just food poisoning 19:08 Saved by intention or subconscious? 23:54 And then 6 weeks later…. 40:38 The range of emotions in finding biological family  45:57 The search continues 48:57 The next phase: outreach 58:35 The three stages in adoptee reunification 01:00:08 What is the new family dynamic today? 01:02:02 Is the heart attack the best thing that ever happened to Adrian? 01:05:47 Adrian’s message to those considering finding their biological family  
Join us on the Warriors Unmasked Podcast as we dive deep into the incredible journey of Rhonda Parker Taylor. From her humble beginnings in a small Midwest community to becoming a bestselling author, Rhonda's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief. Growing up surrounded by cornfields and cows, Rhonda's childhood was filled with simple joys and the warmth of a loving family. Despite facing academic challenges, a teacher who believed in her potential changed the course of Rhonda's life. With her guidance, Rhonda not only earned her higher education but thrived in her academic pursuits, ultimately earning her doctorate in business. After venturing to Texas for college, Rhonda returned to the Midwest and found success in the business world. However, she yearned for something more meaningful than numbers and financial achievements. Inspired by her community service experiences, Rhonda set out to write a novel that would shed light on the flaws of the system and the struggles faced by individuals within it. The result was "Crossroads," a gripping crime suspense novel that delves into themes of imbalance, self-reflection, and the consequences of our choices. Rhonda's book asks the tough questions about why certain issues go unaddressed and encourages readers to reevaluate their own lives and priorities. Rhonda's resilience and determination will inspire you to embrace your inner warrior and overcome any obstacles that come your way. And if you're looking for a captivating read, don't forget to pick up a copy of "Crossroads" to experience the intricate and thought-provoking journey Rhonda has crafted within its pages. Hit play now to hear Rhonda's full story and gain deeper insights into her journey!   GUEST LINKS:   Website:  Suspense Thriller Crossroads by Rhonda Parker Taylor - Suspense Novel Crossroads | Rhonda Parker Taylor | a Captivating Crime Novel Instagram: Pinterest: Rhonda Parker Taylor Facebook: LinkedIn: Crossroads Book Trailer LINKS:  Join Chuck’s Text Community: 251-418-7966 Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors 4:01 Rhonda’s childhood - small town simplicity  8:45 The power of having one person who cares  10:14 Purpose and relationships - the pillars of resilience  12:32 Moving back to the midwest  14:54 Intro to her novel, a self-reflection of what happens when our life is imbalanced 18:25 Getting through tragedy together  20:37 How to push through tragedy 23:15 The power of staying in the present moment  29:17 Finding silver linings through adversity  31:23 If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me  37:16 Identifying and processing through emotions  40:15 Rhonda’s book, Crossroads - 10 years in the making  48:41 Rhonda’s final encouragement  
Welcome back to another  powerful episode of Warriors Unmasked. In this episode, we dive into the world of renowned American contemporary artist, author, composer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and advocate for children, Mr. Jimmy Toro. His art, drawing influences from greats such as Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, and Gustav Klimt, balances control and chaos, struggle and victory, reflecting the human element and our vast emotional connections. However, beyond his artistic pursuits, Toro is the founder of the non-profit, Rescue 11, aimed at protecting children from harrowing abuse, a mission forged from his own devastating experiences. Toro's journey takes us from surviving unthinkable childhood trauma to experiencing a series of panic attacks as an adult, which set off the process of remembrance and healing. This episode is a raw, powerful account of Toro's experiences, revealing the horrifying ritualistic abuse he endured in his Californian hometown, orchestrated by a group of families. His experiences were beyond horrific, involving both sexual abuse and extreme physical torture such as being buried alive in coffins, sometimes alongside corpses to maximize the inflicted trauma. Toro's narrative paints a terrifying picture of the hidden evils that can lurk within society, a brutal reality he experienced without the parental safety net that most children rely on. His story serves as a stark reminder of the importance of awareness and vigilance within our communities to shield our children from such unthinkable acts. However, in spite of the grim reality he lays bare, Toro's story is ultimately one of hope and healing. He explores the process of acknowledging and re-experiencing his trauma as an adult, and the immense emotional and physical toll it took on him. Yet, it is through this process that Toro began his path to healing, transforming his pain into power and using his experiences to fuel his mission with Rescue 11. Jimmi Toro's journey, while heartrending, is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, illustrating how even the deepest wounds can catalyze powerful change and inspire hope! Hit play to larn more!    GUEST LINKS: LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors 2:58 The dark minds of child abusers 10:01 A terrifying childhood: a look into Jimmi’s torture 14:00 The processing and healing that did or did not occur 18:25 Where is the legal system in all of this? 20:48 How Jimmi integrated back into society after he aged out of the styme  32:43 Heal: A look inside the new book from Jimmi Toro 36:24 Most adults have experienced some kind of trauma 41:12 What life is like today for Jimmi 43:05 Where to find Jimmy’s book and artwork  
Welcome everyone, to another exciting episode of Warriors Unmasked. This is episode 112, and we have a guest who is no less than a living inspiration. The man of the hour is Mr. Eric Christiansen - an acclaimed documentarian, a recipient of the prestigious Southwestern Region Emmy Award seven times, an ambassador for Given Hour, and a champion for mental health. Today, we're pulling back the curtain on Eric's life story. Strap in as we travel from a traumatizing event he experienced more than three decades ago, through a difficult period of substance abuse, and towards the transformative power of assistance and rehabilitation. The crux of our conversation today is about the resilience and fortitude that springs from times of despair. About 30 years ago, Eric was an editor for music videos and commercials when his life took an unfortunate turn. On June 27th, 1990, the Painted Cave Fire Disaster consumed his house and everything in it, including his Super 8 films, marking the end of an era. Little did he know that this was also the prologue to a new, unexpected journey. In the wake of the fire disaster, Eric found solace in substance abuse to numb his pain and loss. However, life had a twist in store. This was his initial stride towards healing from trauma, managing grief, and narrating stories of hope. Eric's journey was far from easy, but it equipped him with invaluable insights and experiences that he now uses to help others on similar journeys. His story is a testament to the human capability to rise from the ashes and discover a renewed sense of hope. According to Eric, feeling lost is a common sentiment among trauma survivors, as if one's life story is abruptly interrupted. This leaves one in shock, often grappling with confusion. But the emphasis of our conversation is that it's perfectly alright not to have all the answers. The process of seeking help, reaching out, and enduring the struggle is often the first step towards recovery and reclaiming hope. Eric's inspiring journey, his lessons learned, and his thoughts on resilience and hope in Episode 112 of Warriors Unmasked. Remember, no matter the odds, hope is always within reach. There is always a path forward and people willing to embark on the journey with you. Reach out to us via the links below if you need someone to talk to!   LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors 2:56 Unmasking Hope, 30 years in the making 8:36 What goes through your mind when you come home to find your house burnt down 11:24 The mental health battle that followed 14:10 The common question of, what’s next? 15:51 A message for the lonely trauma survivor 19:42 The business card that changed Eric’s life 25:19 Is the tragedy and trauma a blessing now? 28:40 How Unmasking Hope came together 33:25 Regaining just a little bit of control 36:56 The role of resiliency 41:33 We’re not our trauma 43:40 Where you can learn more about Eric 46:07 Eric’s message if you’re short on hope and resiliency  
Welcome back to another inspiring episode of Warriors Unmasked. Today, we sit down with Mike Skrypnek, an international bestselling author, men's mental health advocate, CEO of Grow Get Give Coaching, and founder of the Unlimited Worth Project. Mike shares with us his transformative journey, from dealing with personal mental health struggles to becoming a beacon of hope and support for others. Before turning to mental health advocacy, Mike spent decades as an entrepreneur in the financial industry, and coaching. However, he realized that something was missing - a deeper, personal connection with his clients. This realization led him to embark on his own mental health journey, which uncovered long-held traumas and subconscious patterns that were holding him back. After undergoing intense therapy, Mike came out with a newfound sense of self-awareness and purpose. He discovered the power of vulnerability and the importance of sharing his weaknesses and personal struggles. This transparency, he found, allowed him to connect with others on a more profound level, and inspired him to extend his hand to help other men in similar situations. The global pandemic served as a turning point for Mike. The shift from face-to-face coaching to a digital format put a strain on his business and mental health. Yet, it was this challenging period that ultimately forced him to confront his struggles head-on, leading to his profound transformation. Now, Mike is dedicated to using his experiences to help others. Through his work with the Unlimited Worth Project and Grow Get Give Coaching, he's guiding men to recognize and harness their unlimited worth, leading them towards a life filled with happiness, success, and love. Hit play to hear Mike’s inspiring journey and learn how you can start taking steps to the next level of freedom and hope in your own story!   GUEST LINKS: UNLimited WORTH | Project | Grow Get Give Coaching Mike Skrypnek Instagram (@mikeskrypnek) LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors 2:51 How Mike Skrypnek became passionate about mental health 10:02 Common struggles in a digital world 13:50 The connection of poor mental health and hidden trauma 17:53 Finding the strength to be vulnerable and recognizing patterns 28:18 The process of healing and a sense of urgency 37:27 The difference of doing business now post therapy  47:13 The men around us are suffering 50:37 Unlimited Worth Project and other resources from Mike 55:40 Make it your story and not your secret  
Hey there, we're back with another exciting session of Warriors Unmasked. This time, we got to chat with Matt Zemon, an author, entrepreneur, and expert in psychedelic medicine, who also stands strong as an advocate for mental health. Our talk with Matt took us deep into the intriguing world of psychedelic medicine, a topic that's relevant and mind-opening. It all began with Matt's personal experience that led him down this path, triggering an inspiring transformation in his life and mindset. Matt's first encounter with psychedelic medicine wasn't just an experience, it was a revelation. It helped him understand the healing potential of these substances, and that led him to shift his perspective on his work and life. But Matt didn't stop at experiencing. He delved deeper, keeping abreast of the latest research in the field. Matt cleared up some misconceptions and highlighted the therapeutic benefits, expanding our understanding of this fascinating subject. Beyond psychedelics, we got a glimpse into Matt's views on mental health. He shared his struggles and journey towards wellness, inspiring all of us to strive for better mental health. Lastly, we peeked into Matt's entrepreneurial journey, where his experiences with psychedelic medicine play a pivotal role. Matt shed light on his vision and the hurdles he's faced, showcasing how he's leveraging his platform for good. We hope that this enlightening conversation with Matt helps to break down any stigma you may have around this type of treatment, just as it did for us. To connect with us or Matt follow the links below! GUEST LINKS: LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors 2:50 How Matt Zemon decided to help people with mental illness 7:08 Why it’s so hard for athletes to leave their sport   12:30 Emotions are more than okay - even needed! 16:02 When Matt experienced his first medical psychedelic  18:58 What if there is too much trauma in a certain memory to uncover it? 23:34 How this method can help end PTSD  28:26 Legal psychedelics in the US and how to try them 32:29 How to learn more about psychedelics? 37:19 About Matt’s book and the many things psychedelics can help with 44:29 Matt’s statement to those who are tired and looking for a solution  
Welcome to episode 109 of Warriors Unmasked where we dive deep into the life of Thomas Buckley, a man who has weathered the storm of addiction and emerged stronger on the other side. Thomas has spent over three decades in the hospitality industry, wielding his contagious enthusiasm to inspire others. With a deep love for golf, a devout faith, and a rich family history, he has a myriad of life experiences that have shaped his views on life. However, growing up in a large family with an alcoholic father was not without its hardships. Despite being naturally gifted, Thomas often felt that he was never good enough, a sentiment that shadowed his every achievement. Through these struggles, he found solace in sports. Excelling at baseball and golf, he found these solo sports provided him with an escape from his turbulent home life. But when sports weren't enough, Thomas turned to drugs and alcohol in high school, marking the start of his battle with addiction. Despite the dire consequences, he remained in denial, refusing to take responsibility for his actions. It was only when his father intervened that he acknowledged the need for change. A major turning point was when his father, who had himself found sobriety, decided to send Thomas away to get help. In a moment of God's grace, Thomas agreed, embarking on a journey to recovery that he chronicles in his first book. Join us on this episode of Warriors Unmasked as Thomas shares his inspiring journey from being a struggling child to a successful man who now strives to make the world a better place. From tales of hardship and heartbreak to lessons of love, hope, and empowerment, this episode is bound to leave you feeling inspired and motivated.   GUEST LINKS:   Grace and Golf Book:  LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors 2:50 Chuck and Thomas share a lot of things in common and early life for Thomas 5:59 Thomas’ first love, sports 10:35 The other extracurricular activities, drugs and alcohol 13:26 How Thomas’ siblings were or weren’t there for him in addiction 16:46 You can’t BS a BSer 20:53 When God acts anonymously 23:19 I can only take action, God is in the results business 33:00 Blessings and ego 42:44 Next thing you know, Thomas wins the Turkish Open 46:55 “Grace and Golf” available now 51:34 A message to anyone who doesn’t believe God will greet them with open arms  
In this deeply moving episode of Warriors Unmasked, we sit down with Sandy Phillips Kirkham, a wife, mother, and grandmother who has triumphed over trauma. Sandy bravely shares her journey, from growing up in a divorced family to finding solace in the church and her relationship with God, only to experience abuse by her youth pastor. This conversation takes listeners from sorrow and sadness to compassion, understanding, and empowerment as we explore Sandy's lifelong journey of healing and forgiveness. Sandy's story is one of hope and overcoming trauma. At 16, she was sexually abused by her youth pastor, an abuse that continued for five years until his actions were discovered. She wasn't his first victim, nor his last. After being told to leave the church due to her "behavior," Sandy hid her past from her husband, family, and friends for 27 years. A triggering event eventually forced her to confront her abuse, hiring a private investigator to locate her abuser and confront him. Sandy's journey isn't just about the abuse she endured, but also about how she overcame the trauma, learned to forgive, and reclaimed her life. Sandy speaks candidly The pastor began grooming Sandy for abuse, starting with seemingly innocent gestures and escalating to sexual contact. He manipulated her guilt and devotion to the church, convincing her that their relationship was sanctioned by God. Trapped by his control and fearful of not being believed, Sandy suffered in silence for years. Despite the damage done to her spiritual life and relationship with the church, Sandy has managed to find healing and forgiveness. She admits to still feeling uncomfortable in church at times but has learned to accept and understand her triggers. Through her healing journey, Sandy has become an advocate for victims of clergy abuse, serving on the board of the Council on Child Abuse and volunteering for The Hope of Survivor's Ministry. She has even spoken before the Ohio Senate! Sandy Phillips Kirkham's story is a testament to the power of resilience, healing, and forgiveness. Her experiences offer invaluable insight and encouragement to others who may be struggling with similar traumas. Hit play to hear more!  GUEST LINKS:   Sandy’s Book: Let Me Prey Upon You - Sandy Phillips Kirkham, Author LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Introduction from Chuck + messages from our sponsors 2:52 The church started as a perfect place for Sandy 6:27 When the abuse started for Sandy 13:46 How to spot the many tools of manipulation and abuse 18:27 An eventual reckoning….yet without justice 24:58 The journey of confronting the truth 31:57 The motive for bringing the truth to light 34:56 When they made Sandy the villain of the story 39:56 When Sandy shared the truth with her husband 43:51 A look into Sandy’s new book “Let Me Prey Upon You” 47:02 It’s a much bigger issue than we can wrap our heads around  
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