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Author: Chuck Thuss and Clint Malarchuk

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Warriors Unmasked is a show that will take a deep dive into the life journeys of athletes, both professional and amateur, coaches, military personnel as well as first responders and the people next door. You will hear many stories of tremendous courage and perseverance. Some of these stories will also have an element of dealing with mental illness while overcoming the odds. Your hosts and mental health advocates, Clint Malarchuk and Chuck Thuss, will incorporate their own personal journeys/ experiences as they speak to their guests on a very intimate level.
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We all struggle. Read that again…We all struggle.  Everybody is going through something in their life and everyone has a story to tell. It can be easy to feel like we are the only ones feeling the way we do. The next thing we know, those feelings have turned into reality because we tell ourselves there is nowhere to turn.  In those moments, it is important to remember that help is just a phone call away. On the other side of that experience, it’s equally as important to be the person on the other side of the phone who can listen and remind your loved one who’s struggling that everything will be okay.  We had an amazing chat with Kat Zempolich on this week's episode of Warriors Unmasked! If you haven't heard of her, she's the Co-Founder, Board Member, Co-Host of The Mental Matchup, and Director for Morgan's Message. During our conversation, we discuss our journey with mental health and how to support others who make be facing depression and suicidal thoughts. Hit play to hear Kat’s sports journey, how she decided on lacrosse, and what led to Duke. It was there she met her friend and teammate Morgan, that would change her life forever. After Morgan suddenly passed, Kat embarked on a heroic mission, sharing “Morgan’s Message” and is now helping young people win their mental health battles.  Trust us, this conversation was filled with so much wisdom and insight. Kat shared her thoughts on why some people struggle to reach out for support and what we can do to overcome those barriers. We also delved into the topic of college athletics and mental health. With the pressures and demands placed on college athletes, it's no secret that this can take a toll on their mental well-being. Kat shared her experiences and offered practical advice for anyone navigating these challenges. This episode is packed full of good reminders we can all return to when times get tough. If you enjoy this conversation, help us spread the word! Send this episode to a friend that you think would benefit from it and follow the links below to reach out to us and connect more.    More Of What’s Inside: The emotional journey through mental health struggles The feeling of being lost post-college Mental health among student-athletes How Kat is building a safety net for young people The importance of checking in on your friends When physical injuries turn into mental battles When Kat’s teammate Morgan passed away unexpectedly When Kat walked off the field  Kat’s experience with lacrosse and field hockey  Growing up with two siblings on the spectrum Overcoming the pressure to perform and please others And much more!   GUEST LINKS: Website: Morgan's Message Podcast: The Mental Matchup Podcast — Morgan's Message Apple: The Mental Matchup on Apple Podcasts Instagram: Morgan's Message (@morgansmessage) Email: LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 What’s inside to today’s episode 1:35 Thank you to today’s sponsors  3:06 Get to know Kat Zempolich 13:03 When Kat became a college athlete  16:55 How Kat became a lacrosse player 31:19 Kat’s mental health journey  37:38 The pressure of playing at Duke 43:03 The story behind Morgan's Message 51:09 How to join Kat’s community  54:22 Kat’s advice for everyone listing 
Welcome to Warriors Unmasked! Today's show is all about wellness, self-care, and calming your mind and body. Did you know that most people in 2023 are over-breathing? Short, shallow breaths can trigger your "fight or flight" response, increasing stress and anxiety. It can even cause a high heart rate, high blood pressure, and an increase in stress hormones. But the good news is, when you breathe better, you feel better and we are about to show you how! We had the honor of sitting down with a special guest, Todd Steinberg, the President of Komuso Design. Todd and his wife, Vanessa, created a necklace concept that helps people slow their breathing and create healthy breathing habits that transform their lives one breath at a time. Their goal is to lead the "fashion wellness" movement and impact as many lives as possible. The device is so simple and powerful. It helps slow people's exhale to 8+ seconds, calming the entire nervous system. Trust us, the "shift" necklace is not just a fashion statement, it's a game changer for reducing stress and anxiety! During our conversation, Todd shared his incredible entrepreneurial journey from co-founding a student travel company called Xtreme Trips, to entering the wellness space with his invention and everything in between. But even more impressive than his business's success is the progress and triumphs he has experienced in his own mental health journey. After losing his Dad at a young age due to health complications caused by stress, Todd knew that self-care was important, but he didn't know how to achieve peace of mind for himself. He shares how he started to take back his mental space by recognizing his triggers, how he learned to listen to his body, and how he discovered the power of breathwork and so much more. You'll also learn how the Komuso and breathing techniques are not just something new agey or gimmicky, it's based on the breathing techniques used by 17th-century Japanese monks who used to wear similar necklaces to help them focus on their breath and quiet their minds. If you're looking for a new tool to add to your self-care arsenal, be sure to check out Komuso Design via the links below! And as always, thanks for listening -  If you need someone to talk to or if you have any feedback for our show don’t hesitate to reach out to us.   More Of What’s Inside: Tips for how to handle your everyday anxiety  The common state of mind most people are in 2023 How to identify stress in your body Men - you don’t have to be tough  Unhealthy habits that make stress worse How Chuck would have used the Komuso in his hockey days How to increase awareness and start transforming your life The first step to calming your mind and body How your phone is causing your anxiety  The true power of meditation  How Todd overcame ​​high-functioning anxiety And much more!   GUEST LINKS: Komusō (@komusodesign) Komusō Design The Organic Way to Calm Your Anxiety   LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:09 What’s inside today’s conversation  1:30 Thank you to today’s sponsors 2:48 Get to know Todd Steinberg 5:14 The power of sitting in silence  9:15 When Todd’s Dad died from stress 11:48 An example of healing vulnerability 17:40 Being aware of your physical reactions  21:18 The tech addiction epidemic  25:00 Todd’s first experience with break works 32:07 How to better handle daily stress 35:55 A beginners guide to breath work  40:33 How Todd started a wellness business 46:06 Why the Komuso is so powerful  52:11 How to get your own Komuso 
Welcome to Warriors Unmasked! If you’ve been listening for a while, you know that sitting down with military veterans and hearing their stories of service and beyond is one of our favorite topics on the show. The mental and physical battles each veteran overcomes are stories we can all learn from on our journey to freedom and health.  In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Tony Aubrey, a United States Air Force veteran and co-founder of Operation Vet Now. Tony shared his personal journey of deciding to join the military straight out of high school as a way to get a job and leave his hometown of Pittsburgh. However, during his time in the military, he developed deep relationships with his “teammates” that changed his life forever. After experiencing the loss of a fellow soldier who did not die in combat, Tony’s life hit a turning point. This event made him realize the need for support for veterans dealing with mental health issues. Hit play to hear Tony share his story and reflect on the emotions he felt when filling out a will before deployment and how it was hard to navigate a situation where there was no end in sight. Tony's story is a reminder of the importance of having a purpose in life and staying in a place of gratitude despite what life throws at you. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. We walked away with a game plan on how we can start to listen better and love those we know who have experienced war, trauma and the highs or lows of mental health.  If you're a military veteran or know someone who is, we highly recommend checking out Operation Vet Now for the support and resources they provide. Reach out to our guests or us by following the links below!  More Of What’s Inside: Tony's decorated career in the United States Air Force  His incredible journey from enlisting in the military to co-founding Operation Vet Now,  How Tony is changing the lives of military veterans every day Tony'smost life-altering moments When Tony suffered extreme pain and loss How to stay in an attitude of gratitude  Why you should call an old friend today What time in war is really like How professional athletes and veterans have a lot in common And much more! GUEST LINKS: LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 What’s in today’s episode 1:36 Thank you to today’s sponsors 2:56 Get to know Tony Aubrey 4:50 When Tony went into the Military  12:55 Emotionally and mentally handling war  17:00 Transitioning back to civilian life and the stress that comes with it 22:14 A look into Operation Vet Now  27:30 Recognizing when friends are struggling  33:00 How Tony is supporting veterans  38:36 The real power of listening  45:07 Tony’s advice for everyone listening today
This episode has been a long time coming!    A few years ago, Chuck attended a MasterMind event for coaches. At the event, he became fast friends with today’s guest! We knew we had to have him on the show so we could introduce you to him. Hit play to meet Travis Crutcher!   Travis is a certified Master Trainer with over twenty years of experience in instruction and facilitation. Travis has worked with key leaders from organizations such as Google, Amazon, The Tillman Foundation, and the United States Army, as well as with entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide. During our conversation, Travis shares with us his powerful story of overcoming the pain and trauma of his childhood. Growing up, Travis faced several challenges, including physical and emotional abuse, neglect and more. Despite these challenges, he was able to break free from the cycle of pain and trauma and create a better life for himself. Now he is helping others do the same! Whatever the situation is, we want to encourage you things can always change for the better. In this episode, Travis shares the advice he believes is essential to having a clear vision and getting “unstuck.” Travis also talked about his time in the military, which helped him to build resilience and focus on his goals. Later, he attempted to climb the corporate ladder, which ultimately revealed to him that his purpose in life was to coach and train others. You’ll quickly understand why we think his story has something for everyone! Regardless of where you are in your life, we all have the ability to reach higher and become a greater version of ourselves. By the end of this show, you’ll have the practical tools, mindset shifts, and new levels of self-awareness that you need to live Above Average. Travis also emphasized the importance of having allies and connecting with others. If you don’t have someone in your life to talk to, let us be that person! Reach out to us via the links below to connect with Chuck, Clint, or Travis! More Of What’s Inside: Identifying what you don’t want for your future The right place at the right time How to make a greater impact When you’re in the middle of something that doesn’t work The type of people you need to surround yourself with Empathy is relative to the circumstances When Chuck started to discover his purpose  Don't let fear keep you from becoming the person you are meant to be And much more!   GUEST LINKS: AAP with Travis and Jesse on Apple Podcasts Travis Crutcher LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 1:39 Thank you to today’s sponsors 2:58 Get to know Travis Crutcher 7:05 What life was like for Travis growing up 10:08 How to get “unstuck” in life 15:01 When Travis joined the Military  18:03 Anyone can change at anytime 23:55 Training your brain to see the good  33:33 When Travis left corporate to follow his passion 36:00 Why we all need allies and connection  44:17 When we get to the core of who we are 48:27 What Travis is doing with his life now 53:04 The #1 thing Travis wants you to know today
As kids, we all dream about having superpowers and achieving great things like our favorite cartoon heroes. As we grow older, we realize that life on TV shows or in a comic book is much easier than living in the real world… Life can be hard and downright unfair, but that doesn’t mean your childhood self had it all wrong. You can still be superhuman and achieve levels of greatness you didn’t know were possible! But don’t take our word for it; why don’t you hear it from a real-life superhero? Hit play to meet Lenore Zann! Lenore Zann is an award-winning actress and first burst onto the entertainment scene at 19 with an unforgettable performance as Marilyn Monroe in the rock opera HEY MARILYN! This led to a long career as a professional actress and singer in Film, TV, Theatre, and Radio. Her voice has become synonymous with the iconic Rogue of the 90’s X-Men animated series, which she is currently bringing back to life in Marvel Studios' new X-Men 97 series scheduled for release on Disney + in 2023. In our opinion, what really makes Lenore a real-life superhero is not the characters she plays on tv, but the battles she has won and the giants she has slain behind the scenes in her own life. As the story goes for many young people in the Hollywood limelight, Lenore found herself addicted to alcohol and unable to love herself. During our conversation, you’ll hear how Lenore Zann turned her life around, how she is helping others do the same, what it was like in the early days of her career, her experience growing up in a foreign land, how she fell into drugs and alcohol and so much more! This rare look into Lenore’s story is bound to take you from happiness, empathy, compassion, and sadness to feeling hope, encouragement, love, compassion, and completely empowered. If you enjoy this conversation, send this episode to a friend that you think would benefit from it!   More Of What’s Inside: The real power of empathy  Asking for help is the only way The healing power of AA How Lenore Zann learned to love herself Lenore Zann’s upcoming album Life lessons Lenore’s late niece taught her The best thing you can be is YOU How to unleash your superpowers  How Lenore creatively processes And much more!   GUEST INFO: Instagram: @lenorezann Twitter : @zannlenore Facebook (to follow): Lenore Zann LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode   1:42 Thank you to today’s sponsors 3:26 Get to know Lenore 10:00 When Lenore decided to get sober 16:41 When Lenore just wanted to end her life 22:34 The importance of helping others 26:01 Learning how to love yourself is a journey  31:56 The 3 steps you can take to transform your life 38:12 When Lenore’s success story started 45:20 A look into Lenore's new book 53:23 Lenore's advice for everyone listening  
Anyone can transform their life. Yes, including the most messed up addict you can think of.  Welcome to episode 89 of Warriors Unmasked! Today Chuck sits down with suicide survivor, recovering addict, professional coach and speaker, bestselling author, radio and podcast host, and mental health advocate Mr. Rob Loman. Rob has a powerful testimony that only a supernatural intervention could start to explain. In this episode, Rob share his journey of drinking from the age of 14, being a full-blown addict at 21, to now being sober for 21+ years. How does something like this happen? Hit play to find out.  As many addiction stories go, unfortunately, substance abuse isn’t the only problem that the addict deals with when they are reaching for a drink or grabbing for a needle. More often than not, they are struggling with darker underlying issues like suicidal thoughts and actions, depression, and more. After finding himself at rock bottom, he attempted suicide one evening in an effort to make the pain all go away. Thankfully, the attempt was interrupted by his loving dog and Rob made the decision to live and find healing.  Rob would agree that DOG spelled backward being GOD is no coincidence in his story. During our conversation, Rob will share why he believes that God is the answer to our problems and why He is the real reason why he was able to turn his life around.  Fast forward to today, and Rob is helping people worldwide find hope, identity, and purpose. There is so much waiting for you in this episode, we hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! To reach out to us here at Warriors Unmasked or any of our guests, check out the lists below!    PS: We know this time of year can be hard for many. If you ever need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to reach out.  More Of What’s Inside: How addiction can start at a young age  New age medication and why more questions need to be asked Steps Rob started to take to get clean A look into Rob’s business “Lifted From The Rut.” How some people are addicts just because of the friends they keep Rob’s experience with marriage and divorce There is someone who can take away the pain Free recourses for sobriety and turning your life around  How Rob got into Podcasting and media And much more!   GUEST LINKS: @roblohman | Linktree LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 1:37 Thank you to today’s sponsors 4:16 Get to know Rob Lohman 8:47 How bad habits start to develop 17:00 The true importance of finding purpose 19:37 The three things in life that matter 24:35 When Rob hit rock bottom 32:00 How God transformed Rob's life 37:28 All things in your story will work out 44:11  How to find who you really are 52:38 The #1 thing Rob wants you to hear Guest Bio:  Sober since 2001 after a suicide attempt, Rob helps peoplefind FREEDOM from substance abuse and feeling "stuck in a rut" to living a transformed life. He does this by sharing his testimony, Interventions, Coaching, Speaking, and being the host of both Beyond The Bars Radio and Addiction,Freedom & Faith Podcasts. Rob has been through the wringer, AND continues to press on! A true overcomer. His life transitions include alcohol and drug addiction, gambling addiction, divorce, bankruptcies, mental health, suicide ideation, prison, recovery entrepreneurship, and life transformation. Rob’s drinking career started at age 14 which lead to some very dark places in his life. The climax of Rob’s drinking career happened on June 7, 2001, with a suicide attempt interrupted by the compassion of his dog Jake. Upon a divine intervention, Rob was freed from his substance abuse addiction which began a rollercoaster ride in recovery…to which Rob has yet to take another drink or drug since that day. Rob invests in the lives of those wanting to see positive change, whether it is coming out of addiction, life transition, or just wanting more for their lives. He is a dynamic speaker who shares an extremely powerful journey of persistence, faith, and inspiration. Rob is also the Bestselling Author of The Addiction Intervention Book.  
You need to hear this today - Just because you struggle doesn’t mean you’re weak!  If we could shout this message from every rooftop we would. If you have listened to Warriors Unmasked for any amount of time, you know that Clint and Chuck have a passion for helping people regain their mental health and share powerful stories of mental illness, courage hope, and perseverance from incredible people around the world.  Every episode has something special but this episode has to be one of our favorite conversations to date. After over 80+ incredible episodes that may sound like a big statement, but we know you’ll feel the same way! Hit play to hear our conversation with the one and only Christy Warren. Christy Warren is a retired fire captain, retired professional paramedic triathlete, podcast host, and mental health advocate. During our conversation, Christy lets us in on her journey from hitting rock bottom, to being diagnosed with PTSD and feeling like a total failure, to transforming her life and becoming a greater Warrior.  Today is a special episode that is hard to fully capture in mere words. One of the things that makes Christy’s journey so impactful for us is that Christy’s life was changed and she found the will to live after finding Clint's book and realizing she wasn't alone.  Because Clint shared his story, Christy found the courage to share her story. This is what our show is all about! We truly believe that the more we share our stories and our struggles in an authentic way, the faster the world can start to heal.  To connect with and share your story, reach out to us via the links below!  More Of What’s Inside: Why most people drink alcohol to help alleviate pain Chrisy’s experience as a first responder What it’s like to have PTSD  We are incredibly strong as humans  Christy’s daily self-care routine  How Clint’s book is impacting the world  The ripple effect of telling your story Why we think this is one of our best episodes You are not alone!  And much more! LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 What’s in today’s episode 1:36 Thank you to today’s sponsors 2:40 Get to know Christy Warren 4:02 How Clint changed Christy’s life 10:10 Christy’s time as a first responder  18:50 When Christy hit rock bottom 24:49 Christy’s EMDR therapy  28:00 Mental health in the first responder world  32:12 PTSD is a physical injury 41:40 A look into Christy’s new book 45:45 All things work together for good
Welcome to episode 87 of Warriors Unmasked! Today Chuck sits down with Mr. Brian Slate! Brian will take a deep dive into his journey of being deployed to Afghanistan, thinking he was getting a light deployment to his plane being hit twice by enemy forces on his first mission. His powerful story is nothing short of heroic. This episode is bound to take you from intrigue, and wonder to hope, understanding, and complete empowerment. Hit play to hear how his time in the Armed Forces equipped him with the mental framework and practical healing techniques anyone can use in their journey of overcoming trauma and PTSD.  Whether you are a veteran yourself or if you have never seen a day of combat, Brian's story is one we can all relate to. 5 months before he was deployed to Afghanistan, Brian married his first wife. It didn’t take long for their relationship to go south as Brian started to identify unhealthy mental health issues with his new bride.  Not even the traumatic time he spent in active war could have prepared him for the pain and trauma that awaited him during their impending separation and divorce. Relationship wounds are something we all deal with from a young age, but how we respond is what matters most.  During our conversation, Brian shares the “chair flying” technique and how you can use it to prepare for tough situations and avoid adding any potential or additional pain and trauma in your life and relationships. This one tip can start making the world a better place for everyone!  You’ll also hear our thoughts on the importance of gratitude, how to become a more empowered person, how Brian used strategic compartmentalization and so much more! To learn more about Brian, or any of the guests we have on the podcast, follow the links below! If you enjoy this conversation, send this episode to a friend that you think would benefit from it.    More Of What’s Inside: Brian Slade’s second string deployment to Afghanistan Brian’s exact thoughts during a near-death experience  The Art of a Teflon Mind and posttraumatic stress How do you focus on the enemy at hand? Life with a spouse with mental health issues  The importance of ​​meditation and visualization The importance of strengthening your mental fortitude Do you ever feel like there was a bigger purpose to your life? And much more!   GUEST LINKS: CLEARED HOT LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 3:00 Get to know Brian Slade 8:20 Brian’s time in combat in Afghanistan 13:30 How Brian responded to a near-death experience  16:50 Healing PTSD techniques Brian Discovered  21:30 Pain and trauma can happen to all of us 24:28 Prepping for trauma and strategic compartmentalization  29:31 How to use the chair flying technique 40:00 Stress inoculation and how to use it 45:04 How to stay in an empowered state 53:14 The importance of gratitude
Welcome to episode 86 of Warriors Unmasked! In 2022, it’s clear to most people that self-care and finding ways to de-stress should be more of a priority for all of us. But where do you even start? This is a question many of our listeners and people we coach ask us on a regular basis. That’s why we wanted to take a full episode to find an answer!  Of course, we didn’t want to have such an important conversation alone, we had to go to the expert…the happiness expert! Hit play to meet the lover of life and CEO and founder of Happy Being Well,  Rita Farruggia! She is a self-care and happiness expert and mental health advocate. During our conversation, you’ll hear about her journey from growing up an innately spiritual kid with parents who struggled with PTSD and functional alcoholism, and how that led to her involvement in toxic relationships in her adult years.  Learn the practical steps she took to completely cleanse her life from toxic relationships, bad energy, negative soul patterns, and habits plus more. This episode is bound to take you from deep interest and curiosity to enlightenment, self-love, hope, and complete empowerment. You’ll also learn about how you can start meditating longer, tips and tricks for adding positive habits to things you’re already doing, an easy way to have less stress and anxiety plus so much more! Whether you feel like a self-development pro, or if all of this is totally uncharted territory for you, this episode is packed full of simple advice that can help transform your life!  If you enjoy this conversation, spread the good vibes! Send this episode to a friend that you think would benefit from it and follow the links below to reach out to us and connect more.    More Of What’s Inside: We can’t always just be all about our spiritual journey. Tolerating toxic relationships and normalizing it How to better navigate the world and culture  How to start enjoying spending time alone The benefits of self-care and self-love Rita’s #1 tips on how to have better mental health The effects of living with anxiety and confusion  The mental health crisis on our hands  Chuck’s journey with meditation And much more!   GUEST LINKS: Meditation Made Easy E-Guide Resources LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode   1:37 Thank you to today’s sponsors  3:04 Get to know Rita Farruggia 8:04 What life was life for Rita growing up 16:00 How to cleanse from toxic people 20:04 The importance of being in silence 27:20 How to get better at meditation 30:16 The positive results of self-care 36:45 How Rita added positive habits to her day 37:37 How to grow in higher levels of consciousness 
They say the darkest of stories can have a silver (and hilarious) lining if the right comedian gets their hands on it…we think today’s guest would agree!  Welcome to episode 85 of Warriors Unmasked! Today we sat down with the one and only Mike Cotayo. Mike has been captivating audiences for over 20 years through his stand-up routines that are heavily centered around his own personal pain and story.  To this day, he struggles to use the left side of his body and, like many a suffering artist, has a voice textured by years of succumbing to the struggles of drug addiction, alcoholism, and an uncompromising diagnosis of HIV. He says that comedy and tragedy often go hand-in-hand so why not use his story to bring joy to others! Mike will take a deep dive into his journey from being in a car accident at 18 months and being diagnosed with cerebral palsy to winning the Apollo in New York City. You’ll also hear how contracting HIV at age 24 sent him into being a full-blown addict at age 25 to ultimately turning his life around one laugh at a time.  This episode features the ups and downs of addiction and how anyone can get sober if they are determined enough to make it happen. His style is the perfect blend of high-energy, quick wit, and genuine encouragement. We hope this show brings you joy and lifts your spirits. Mike has a beautiful way of allowing others to laugh at even the deepest pains or toughest moments in their lives. If this conversation brings you a new level of healing we would love to hear about it! Reach out to us or our guests via the links below.  More Of What’s Inside: How Mike became a stand up comedian  Mike’s struggles with depression and anxiety. Mike’s first relapse in 2002 Incorporating mental health/illness into stand up  How anger is a secondary emotion, not a core emotion. Mike’s tips for managing anger Mike’s tips for managing anxiety Why we all need more laughter in 2022 And much more!   GUEST LINKS: Website - Home | Funny Man Mike Twitter - Facebook - Mike Cotayo-Comedy at its Crippling Best Instagram - Tiktok - Visit TikTok to discover profiles! LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode   1:25 Thank you to today’s sponsors  2:18 Get to know Mike Cotayo 5:44 Everyone needs a little more laughter 9:00 A look into Mike’s stand-up comedy journey  14:29 What made Mike get sober  21:35 Turning your personal pain into healthy comedy 25:11 What typically triggers relapses  29:00 Mike’s tips for staying mentally healthy 37:16 The power of taking a deep breath  42:48 Final thoughts and advice from Mike
Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked! Fair warning, this episode could have gone on for at least four more hours. It feels like 40+ minutes is just scratching the surface of what today’s guest has to offer. When you’re left wanting more, don’t say we didn’t warn you! Be sure to check out the links below to find more ways to connect with anyone from our podcast episodes.  Today we welcome breast cancer survivor, successful Tech Executive, Technology Association of George's Leader of The Year for large enterprise, author, and mother, Marva Baylor Marvel! This episode will take you from sadness, heartbreak, compassion, and empathy to being transformed by hope, awareness, happiness, and complete empowerment. Marva infuses positive energy with her recent, real-world perspective gained through her career as a sales and marketing leader, from startups to blue chip brands, including IBM, Amazon, and Splunk. Currently, in her role at Twilio, Marva serves as vice president of revenue for the social impact company. She is a true professional and has wisdom everyone can learn from. However, what makes her journey even more inspiring is how she overcame breast cancer and is helping others find hope and real solutions who may find themselves in a similar situation. We can all agree that no one ever wants to hear the “C word” - Cancer. However, for Marva, this topic came with several past traumatic events. After losing her Mother, Father and many other loved ones to Cancer the diagnosis hit her hard.  Hear how she rose to the occasion, educated herself about treatment and options, and used her skill of asking great questions, and her gut feeling to find her best path for healing. Hit play to hear the full story!  More Of What’s Inside: How cancer changed every for Marva What it’s like to have radiation A look into Marva’s professional history  Why it’s so important to take the spotlight off yourself Mental health during the 45 days of radiation. Marva’s renewed purpose and risk profile Healing from past pain and trauma  The importance of your existence  Why the world needs YOU! And much more!   GUEST LINKS: Be Unexpected | Debut Book from Marva Bailer | DEI Coach & Speaker Marva Bailer   LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode   1:35 Thank you to today’s sponsor 4:35 When Marva got the diagnoses  16:16 What makes cancer so complex  22:00 Marva’s treatment journey  29:47 Clairvoyant experience with radiation 34:00 Life after healing for Marva  43:33 It’s time to take off your mask
In 2022, it’s no secret that social media may not be all it’s cracked up to be… Today we are going to take a little bit of a different approach. Typically we highlight stories of people that have battled through mental health issues and come out the other side by great perseverance and courage. In this episode we're going to talk about some of the things in today's society as it relates to social media and the effects it has on our kids, young adults and even older generations.  We couldn’t imagine tackling such an important topic without the one and only Lena Derhally. Lena is a licensed psychotherapist certified in Imago Relationship Therapy and the author of the book “The Facebook Narcissist” where she takes a deep dive into narcissism and the role of social media and the decline in global mental health.  This episode is bound to take you from frustration, sadness and anger to feeling hope, a little more educated, completely aware, and totally empowered. If you have kids or know someone who is a parent, we invite you to share this episode with them! By the end of our conversation, you’ll see why we need to help spread the word to protect and serve the younger generations.  Even though there is a dark underbelly to social media, that doesn’t mean that using technology to connect with people is a bad thing. We are so thankful to have a podcast like this! We aren’t kidding when we say it’s a true honor to spend time with you each and every week. If you want to connect more, we would love to hear from you. Reach out to us or Lena via the links below!  More Of What’s Inside: Important conversations you need to have with your kids  What has changed most in the last 100 years Likes and comments have nothing to do with your personal worth  Life is more than just what you look like physically The definition of narcissism and how it shows up in culture The exodus of social media from the most secure and grounded adults How social media relate to people in their 40s and 50s And much more!     GUEST LINKS: The Facebook Narcissist   LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 What’s inside this powerful conversation 1:26 Thank you to today’s sponsors  3:16 Get to know Lena Derhally 4:36 Why Lena started studying narcissism  10:15 Everyone wants to be loved  14:22 The unstable standard of beauty in 2022 21:40 How to navigate social media with your kids  27:55 The true effects of social media  43:00 Life is all about connection and relationships
Trigger warning: In this episode, our guest shares her journey with the loss of her unborn daughter. If you or someone you love has recently experienced a miscarriage or the tragic loss of a child, please feel free to skip this episode during your healing process. We have 80+ other powerful conversations to enjoy at  Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! Today while Clint is out changing the world, Chuck sits down with author, mother, and woman of extraordinary faith, April Fore. April will take a deep dive into her journey from living a fun life as a nanny to finding out she was expecting a child of her own. It wasn’t long after the exciting news that April found herself at the Doctors office for a routine checkup where she would learn her future daughter had Turner Syndrome. (A Chromosomal disorder in which a female is partially or completely missing an X chromosome)  This devastating diagnosis would ultimately result in the loss of her unborn daughter… However, the story does not end there. Through the power of prayer, her faith in God the creator, and the understanding that all things, even the deepest pain of losing a child could result in a beautiful testimony if she did not give up and stay in her pain and depression.  Hit play to hear the exact steps April took to turn her tragedy into a testimony, how you can help spread awareness of Turner Syndrome, practical ways to heal and build your faith and so much more! To learn more about April, and how her daughter's legacy is changing lives all over the world, or to connect with us follow the links below!    More Of What’s Inside: How April managed her anger with God Finding the good in any situation The true power of prayer  Pain can have a beautiful purpose  We are all God’s children  Turner Syndrome Awareness Letting others have their own healing journey A look into April’s next book  Have faith even if it looks bad And much more!   GUEST LINKS: What Is Turner Syndrome? - Turner Syndrome Foundation LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode   1:28 Thank you to today’s sponsors   2:24 Get to know April Fore 5:26 When April heard the diagnosis  12:23 The importance of staying active  21:00 Handling life after the loss of a  child  26:16 Overcoming depression and bad coping habits  33:00 We are all perfect just the way we are 37:33 How April learned to love after loss  44:55 The importance of feeling your feelings
What if following your dreams is even more important than you thought? That’s a reality today’s guest has found to be true. On today’s episode of Warriors Unmasked, we introduce you to the one and only Steven H. Manchester. The word “hero” doesn’t seem to cut it when describing this man.  After returning home from a difficult military tour of duty in “Operation Desert Storm” in 1991, Steven stepped back behind the walls of a Massachusetts penitentiary where he battled each day as a prison investigator. Needless to say, there was great negativity in his life at that time, and very little opportunity to heal from his wartime demons (or pursue his dreams of being a published author.) Shortly after, he got away from the noise of life to find inner peace.  From there, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a writer, and now countless lives have been positively impacted through his works! That’s why it is so important for each of us to pursue the dreams and passions of our hearts. Can you imagine the impact we could make? Hit play to learn more about his criminal justice career, his time in the United States military, a look into his family life, and more. This episode is bound to take you from feeling hurt, empathy, heartbreak, and discouragement to being full of honesty, hope, encouragement, peace, and completeness. To connect more with Chuck, Clint, or Steven, follow the links below!  More Of What’s Inside: Why Steven is thankful for his childhood Why you are never alone (ever) Most people are not in a healing environment  Walking away from something toxic  Defying the odds and becoming a successful writer What a blessed life actually looks like The importance of getting alone with yourself Practical tips for master And much more!   GUEST LINKS: Steven Manchester LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode   1:14 Thank you to today’s sponsors 2:40 Get to know Steven H. Manchester 4:22 Why Steven joined the military  8:36 The story of Operation Desert Storm 14:00 Why Steven never feels alone  18:32 The type of Dad Steven always wants to be  22:30 The journey of healing through writing 29:00 Why you must protect your peace  34:10 Practical advice for dealing with day-to-day life  42:17 How following your dreams actually blesses others 49:00 All you have to do is be YOU  54:30 Closing thoughts and advice 
Nature, frequency, vibrations, and sound…  These four things may be mistaken for some sort of “new age” list of buzzwords, but the truth is these four things are actually healing experiences humans have used since the dawn of time.  Some say they are even essential to grounding your life, increasing your well-being, and living an overall more fulfilled life. You may be thinking It sounds too simple to be true and so powerful…at one point in my life, I would have agreed with you.  Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! Chuck here, and I invite you to hit play to meet Joshua Sam Miller! Joshua has profound knowledge and personal experiences with the healing powers of nature and sound that I think everyone should hear.  Joshua is a multidisciplinary artist, conservationist, creator of Embodied Sound, podcaster, surfer and scuba diver, and mental health advocate. During our conversation you’ll hear Joshua take a deep dive into his journey from growing up in a middle-class American family, playing sports, and enjoying the arts to discovering our disconnected way of living in a modern culture be unfulfilling.  From there, turning his life around to one of focused connection and healing. The best part? He is teaching others along the way how to do the same using his gift of music to do so. This episode is bound to take you from wondering and observing to feeling full of hope, full of happiness and totally encouraged and 100% empowered to take your happiness into your own hands.   More Of What’s Inside: Why we need to connect with people  What your purpose is and isn’t  Joshua’s journey to healing  The benefits of healing through nature  The benefits of healing through music  How traveling can help you gain perspectives  What grounding daily practice looks like  The lies society tells you about expectations  The importance of having self-awareness  And much more!   GUEST LINKS: Joshua Sam Miller - Mindful Sound Explorer Sounds of the Ocean LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode   0:02 What to expect from today’s episode  1:42 Thank you to today’s sponsors  3:28 Why this conversation matters so much  4:24 Get to know Joshua Sam Miller 11:27 Connecting with nature to find healing  16:55 Why you need to do something you love  21:22 Joshua’s time living abroad  31:48 One meditation app you can download today   35:06 Discover the wonders of the ocean and life underwater  39:20 Don’t be so hard on yourself…or others.  47:08 How to help heal society    More About The Guest:  Joshua Sam Miller is a world recording artist, composer, and producer on a mission to connect people to the natural world through sound. Recently, he has advocated for the importance of ocean conservation through Sounds of the Ocean, which blends the arts and sciences to connect with marine life through sound. He is also the creator of Embodied Sounds, a mindful music label, podcast, and recording studio focusing on using sound as a healing, therapeutic modality. For over 10 years, Joshua worked in documentary film production in New York City as a cinematographer and editor of short and feature-length films. After following his intuition to leave home behind, he embarked on a global journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery to realize that music was his deeper passion. Inspired by the lineages of Nada Yoga, Afro-Cuban rhythm, Indian Raga, Jewish & Sufi mysticism, and Jazz, Joshua committed himself to music as his primary mode of expression in late 2018. Following the discovery of surfing, and a growing awareness of the fragility of life underwater, Joshua felt inspired to devote his artistry to ocean conservation while living in Northern California and Sounds of the Ocean was born. In 2020, the project was accepted as part of the International Year of Sound, was featured by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association in Santa Cruz, CA, and debuted at Burning Man 2019. In 2021, he presented his work at the United Nations Climate Conference COP 26 and was featured on PBS Television, Agape Zoe Festival, World Oceans Day, and as an artist in residence at MONOM Sound Berlin. Joshua has offered over 100 workshops in sound as a therapeutic modality at iconic venues such as UCLA Arts & Healing Festival, San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, and Wisdom, LA. He facilitates wellness sessions for corporations both in-person and virtually via Zoom. He also hosts The Embodied Sounds Podcast, interviewing experts in the field of sound and wellness to discover how to improve our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Joshua is driven by the passion to raise environmental awareness by curating immersive sound and visual experiences in support of ocean conservation work around the world.
Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! Chuck and Clint are here together back in the saddle with another life-changing conversation!  Today our guest is Larry Sprung. If you know Larry, you may say there are a lot of different sides to him. You may remember him from his days on the ice playing Hockey, you may know him as the “money guy” from his podcast, or you may know him as Coach.  Either way, one thing that is obvious about Larry when you get to know him is his love for people and his heart to serve. Despite suffering the tremendous loss of his Mother dying from cancer at a young age, to losing his brother-in-law to suicide, he is determined to give back and change the world.  Hit play to hear how Larry learned to break through the pain of loss and grief and step into his purpose and fulfillment in all areas of life. We hope that this episode leaves you bright and hopeful that even the darkest stories can have a silver lining.  You’ll also hear how Larry and his family are navigating losing someone to suicide, how they are changing the stigma related to suicide deaths, and how you can keep the memory of lost loved ones alive and so much more. This is the type of open and honest conversation we believe needs to be happening more in 2022!  What is one thing that stuck out to you from our conversation today? Take action and have a conversation about your biggest takeaway with a friend! Also, if you know someone who needs to hear this conversation, share this episode with them! If you ever want to reach out to us or our guests, follow the links below to learn how to connect with us!    More Of What’s Inside: What life was like growing as Larry When Larry lost his Mother When you find out who your friends are Signs of the victim mentality  You don’t have to struggle alone The importance of generosity Normalizing the “struggle” If you can help one person, it’s worth it! How to learn more from Larry The #1 organization for mental health And much more!   GUEST LINKS: Mitlin Financial | Financial Advisors Helping You Pursue True Wealth Keith Milano Memorial Fund Lawrence_Sprung Mitlin Financial Inc. LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode   1:41 Thank you to today’s sponsors 2:35 Get to know Larry 8:11 How your life can recalibrate in hard times 11:50 How Larry is making the world a better place 19:03 When Larry lost his brother-in-law 27:25 The importance of talking about loss 33:10 When Clint used to feel weak 38:30 The mental health solutions Larry is bringing to the world today   Guest Bio: Lawrence “Larry” Sprung, CFP®, is the founder and wealth advisor at Mitlin Financial, Inc. As a fiduciary advisor, he and his team are dedicated to facilitating the customization of clients ’portfolios as they work toward reaching their financial objectives. Larry is the also host of the Mitlin Money Mindset™ a podcast that’s all about getting your mind right when it comes to all things money. Larry has appears on numerous podcasts and in the media speaking most recently on CNBC about money and parenting. Larry drew up playing hockey, the first travel team he every played for was the Little Rangers and it is part of the reason why he is such a big fan of the New York Rangers. Larry played for North Rockland High School and went onto play college hockey for Binghamton University. Most recently Larry has played in hockey fundraising events for Team Israel. For over a decade now Larry has been a hockey dad to two boys. His boys continue to play and love the game. The sport has given the family so much and Larry loves to give back! This spirit is seen in his monthly “What Rink is Larry at?” contest on social media. People guess the rink and tag their favorite charity than the winner’s charity gets a donation. Larry is a Level 4 USA Hockey Coach. Larry earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Binghamton University before entering the financial services industry in 1996. In 2004 Larry founded Mitlin Financial, Inc. One of Larry’s others passions is raising awareness for mental health. He spent over 12 years serving on the National Board of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and sits on its financial and investment committees. With his wife, Denise, he has raised more than $1.7 million for the organization through the Keith Milano Memorial Fund. The fund was created at AFSP in memory of his brother-in-law. Larry values his family tremendously and his desire to do right by his wife and two sons drives who he is in and out of the office.
After trying different methods, pills, and techniques…  After going from Doctor to Doctor with always another diagnosis in hand… Somehow it feels like we can be left with more questions than answers on our journey to healing.  Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! While Clint is out saving the world, it’ll be just me, Chuck, here with this week's guest! If you have been around for a while, you know that we believe the journey to healing is a lifelong process. Because of the work I have been doing on myself, I am truly a different man than I was even just 3 years ago. I hope that 3 years into the future I will be completely different as well. The truth is, there are always new levels of healing and wholeness available to us. The only question is, will we tap into it? Our guest for episode 78 is the one and only  Ben Ahrens. No one understands the phycological and physical effects of longing for healing and breakthrough. Hit play to hear Ben’s incredible journey of being a former high-performance athlete, CEO, and Entrepreneur and now and Human Potential Enthusiast helping people get healing all around the world.  Get a first-hand look into the events that left Ben bedridden for 3 years, how he overcame despite all odds, how he transformed his life through small daily habits, and more! You’ll also hear the researched-backed evidence of how we all have the ability to start healing ourselves both mentally and physically.  This power-packed and enlightening episode is bound to leave you feeling empowered, and completely hopeful. If you know someone who needs to hear this conversation, share this episode with them! If you ever want to reach out to us our guests, follow the links below to learn how to connect with us!  More Of What’s Inside: The day that changed Ben’s life forever When the bad diagnosis came Ben’s struggle to find hope How to change anything in your life Understanding PTSD at a higher level The natural ability to heal Turning your thoughts into actions Reversing negative habits  Action steps and self-help tips you can use today And much more!   GUEST LINKS: re-origin | reset, rewire, re-discover re-origin LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode    1:27 Thank you to today 2:33 Get to know Ben  9:30 Ben’s journey with patenitnces  12:30 The most important tip Ben can pass along 16:10 How Ben started to recover  21:55 How your increment can effect you 29:28 You can choose how you feel 33:11 Can the mind heal it self? 38:35 The results of stress and how to manage it 44:23 How to start your journey to healing
Unfortunately, the old saying “life is not all rainbows and butterflies” is true… Sometimes bad things happen and it leaves you feeling like everything has been turned upside down. Especially, when the bad thing that happened is the loss of someone near and dear to you. This type of pain can be emotionally messy for everyone involved. Subsequently, this process can take a long time.  Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! While Clint is out saving the world, it’ll be just me, Chuck, here with this week's guest! If you are new here, you should know this podcast is all about courage and mental health. It’s our passion to equip you with new tools and resources that will help you navigate whatever life brings your way.  That’s why I am so excited to introduce you to today’s guest. I know for some of you, this conversation will be life-changing and soul-healing. Hit play to meet Laurie Singer! Laurie is a licensed marriage and family therapist, board-certified behavior analyst, author, endurance athlete, and mental health advocate.  Learning how losing her 2-year-old son to cancer when she was only 26 led her down a path of deep depression, into total healing and finding her life's purpose through her works today. Hear how this incredible transformation happened and the practical steps she took to get there.  During our conversation, Laurie shares one powerful mental trick she created using the simple “Green, Yellow and Red” formula. Mastering this one skill can start to set your brain free from anxiety and help you become a master of your own “triggers.” Whether you have lost someone close to you, or you have just had a few tough years…this episode can help you regain your hope and step into a new light. If you know someone who needs to hear this conversation, shares this episode with them! If you ever want to reach out to us our guests, follow the links below to learn how to connect with us!  More Of What’s Inside: When Laurie lost her son CMN and How Laurie’s legacy lives on How Laurie found purpose  How fearful thoughts grow Keys for staying in the present moment Coping tools for managing your depression and anxiety How to start changing your habits Loving words for those who have lost someone It’s okay to mourn how you need to And much more!   GUEST LINKS: Company Website: Laurie-Home Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Laurie Singer: You're Not Crazy LinkedIn: Book site: About Laurie Singer - You're Not Crazy LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode   1:30 Thank you to today’s sponsor  2:31 Get to know Laurie Singer  4:14 When Laurie suffered the tragic loss of her son 11:46 What led Laurie to the work she is doing today 18:34 The misconceptions about anxiety  24:16 An exercise to help manage thoughts 29:55 Laurie’s thoughts about medication  33:01 Understanding your own triggers 42:33 When recovering from losing a loved one Guest Bio:   Laurie Singer is a licensed marriage and family therapist, board-certified in applied behavior analysis, who leads the Camarillo, CA-based Laurie Singer Behavioral Sciences, Inc.   Motivated by her own personal tragedy, she’s devoted her life to the field of mental health with a clear vision in mind: to create a team approach for helping individuals resolve behavioral and other mental health issues by applying a unique combination of behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapies.   Her first book, released in April, 2021, is titled "You're Not Crazy: Living with Anxiety, Obsessions and Fetishes." Using case studies from her successful practice, delivered in a digestible, narrative format and including worksheets designed for the individual to take control of their lives, the book's goal is to help those who suffer deeply from anxiety and mental health concerns. Particularly those which have been exacerbated by the devastating pandemic.   She earned her post-graduate certification in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Kaplan University. She began her college studies at Oxnard College and at UCLA, and completed her undergraduate degree at UCSB. She received her masters from Cal State Northridge in Educational Psychology and proceeded to earn a license in Marriage and Family Therapy. Laurie has been a practicing Behavioral Specialist since 1995 and in private practice since 2004.   Since losing her two-year-old son Jacob Singer to cancer in 1987, she has coordinated an annual fun run and fundraiser (Jacob’s Run) in support of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’s Child Life Program, which provides playrooms and support for patients and their families. Laurie is also an endurance athlete, having made running 100-mile races nearly routine and completing 28 ultra-marathons of 31 miles or longer. She’s a 3-time Ironman competitor, a designation that requires swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112-miles and running a full 26.2-mile marathon in one day. In 2017 she was recognized for her accomplishments as an inductee into the Ventura County Sports Hall of Fame.
Did you miss us?  We sure missed you! Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked, after a few months' break, we are glad to be here back on the podcast with you. In the episodes to come we will let you in our time away from the mic, what we have learned and how we have been growing.  However, in this episode, we wanted to get right back into the action and bring you the most valuable content we could. That’s why we are joined by the incredible Dr. Fred Moss! Dr. Fred is a doctor like none other. Not only is he passionate about mental health and bringing solutions to the modern health world, but he also has a heart for people and wants to help all of us succeed from the inside out.  How does he do that you ask? To put it simply, he helps people live in peace by being their authentic selves. We believe his life's work is something we all should be learning from!  The journey to authenticity isn’t always the easiest or the fastest path…but it’s always worth it. In this episode, you will learn why it’s not only important to your mental state to live authentically, but why it’s critical for the next generations' medical rights and personal freedoms.   Hit play to hear Dr. Fred’s journey from 25+ years of hospital work, to becoming a Holistic Physician, Restorative Coach, Psychiatrist, Podcaster and Father. You’ll also hear how he went from being born a leader and a communicator led him to “trying to fit in” which helped him to really learn how to live as his authentic self and the true power of healing through communication. We cover a lot of different subjects and topics today! If one of them sticks out to you and you need a safe place to talk or get your questions answered, reach out to all of us via the links below. We would love to hear from you and serve you along your way to living authentically!  More Of What’s Inside: What life was like growing up for Dr. Fred How we all met and connected The danger of staying quiet  You can be funny and serious at the same time Why Dr. Fred left traditional hospital treatment When Dr. Fred lost his first love It’s okay to make a mistake, don't be so hard on yourself!  The misleading claims some medications make Mental health diagnoses around the world  How to live more authentically  A look into our journey to being healed and whole  And much more!   GUEST LINKS: About Dr. Moss - V2 — Welcome to Humanity™ with Dr. Fred Welcome To Humanity Podcast with Dr. Fred Moss — Welcome to Humanity™ with Dr. Fred True Voice Podcasting Twitter: drfredmoss A 30-Minute consultation call with Dr. Fred, this call usually costs $200 but we would like to offer it to your audience for free. Here is the link: True Voice Podcasting with Dr. Fred They can also join our FB group True Voice Community ( Global Madness: What Must Happen To Unite? — Welcome to Humanity™ with Dr. Fred Here is the link: Global Madness: What Must Happen To Unite? — Welcome to Humanity™ with Dr. Fred LINKS:  Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode   1:28 Thank you to today’s sponsors  4:26 Why today’s conversation is unique to  10:34 How Dr. Fred avoided being a “nerd” 15:04 How to become and live more authentically 19:07 Dr. Fred’s advice on how to become bad-ass 23:17 What happened in 1987 that changed everything 30:55 The truth about some medications 40:00 The importance of sharing your voice 51:54 Can you start bringing your A-game to your life? 1:00:00 Being your authentic self is a minute-by-minute task
Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! This is episode 75 and today you’ll be hosted by myself, Chuck Thuss, and our incredible guest, Rob Swymer. Clint had to skip today’s recording because he is out saving the world! (Per usual) If you have heard the story behind how Clint and I first became friends, you may remember how our connection was created quickly. Within a matter of moments over a simple phone call, we both knew we found a friend for life.  If you have ever experienced that level of instant connection, you know that those moments seem to only happen a few times in a lifetime. That’s why I am particularly excited to share this conversation with you today. Hit play to meet the one and only Rob Swymer and you will understand why I had a similar connection! Rob is a bestselling author, certified life coach and speaker, and mental health advocate. During our time together, Rob takes us into his journey from growing up in Boston and having an active and wonderful childhood where his only focus was fitting in and being liked, all the way to the fateful day that changed everything for Rob and made him realize what stuff matters in life.  Rob married his first wife, Bonnie, at the age of 21 during the summer of his college junior year. Together, they had three children. In 1994, Rob and Bonnie moved from Boston and headed to Atlanta, where they raised their children and built a great life together. In 2013, Rob lost Bonnie to a massive brain aneurysm. However, he learned the adversity in his life had given him the strength to endure the loss of a loved one. These tragic events are what led Rob to choose Faith over fear and why he is now leading a servant-driven life. Hear the powerful mindset shifts, hard truths he had to expect, the exact steps he took to move from devastation to empowerment, and so much more. This power-packed episode perfectly displays how Rob leads with empathy and applies the lessons learned from his adversity to help others build resilience and thrive, not only in business but also in their personal lives.  You’ll also learn how Rob found healing after the death of his wife, how he was blessed to find love again and is now married to his Bride Melissa and how his life all worked out for the good. This episode will leave you with the hope and encouragement you need to face even the toughest days. For more free resources and to connect with us, check out the list below! Always in your corner,  - Chuck and Clint   More Of What’s Inside: What’s Inside Rob’s best selling book Why you should live like a DOG  You decide how you respond  Making daily choices to live healthily  Healing is a wave you have to ride The human connect crisis  Life after love lost  Learning to love again Choosing to be a leader  And much more! GUEST LINKS: Website: Instagram: @robswymer LINKS: Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Subscribe To Our YouTube My Community Contact Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 A look into today’s episode   1:38 Thank you to today’s sponsors 5:31 What childhood was like for Rob 10:15 How Rob got into college despite the odds 16:04 When Rob lost the love of his life 20:38 The real mission behind Rob's book 36:29 The power of true serenading  40:15 How to overcome and start thriving  46:17 Giving yourself the permission to live again 51:39 How to start enjoying life even in the small things 57:31 What Rob wants every listener to hear today
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