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Republicans demand classified briefings on the Biden Documents as NARA suddenly goes quiet. Marjorie Taylor-Green warns about Biden's threat and Comer discusses transparency.#Biden #MTG #ComerDid Hunter Biden sell classified material? James Comer explains an April 2014 email and we reiew the document. The White House has no comment, but Senator Ron Johnson and Miranda Devine do. Rep. Comer sends a letter to Hunter Biden's art gallery owner, demanding information.#HunterBiden #HunterTheArtist #BidenCrimeFamilyNancy Pelosi sells $3 million in Google stock before the Department of Justices a massive anti-monopoly lawsuit against the company. Lauren Boebert and Josh Hawley weigh in. Merrick Garland announces the lawsuit and we review. Meanwhile, Adam Schiff whines about being removed from the Intelligence Committee on the Chinese app, Tik Tok.#Pelosi #AdamSchiff #DOJA Biden Judicial Nominee Charnelle Bjelkengren has a difficult time with Constitutional law after Senator Kennedy asks her questions during confirmation hearings. We review the nomination by Senator Murray and check the Constitution ourselves.#BidenJudge #Constitution #Judges😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:🍴 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):💰 GOLD SAVINGS:💪 BE HEALTHY (CODE: ROBERT):🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #HunterBiden #Pelosi
Kevin McCarthy formally boots Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Ilhan Omar from House Committees, including the Intelligence Committee. Who will be the new Chair and what is the Intelligence Committee supposed to do?#McCarthy #HouseIntelligence #SchiffTed Cruz and other Republicans spring into action and demand more on the Biden Documents. Karine Jean-Pierre continues to stonewall the media. Biden forgets the name of his Secretary of Defense.#BidenDocs #BidenCoverup #ClassifiedDocumentsSenior Ex-FBI Agent Charles McGonigal is indicted in two federal courts for colluding with the Russians. McGonigal was highly involved in the Trump-Russia investigation and Russian counterintelligence. We review the indictments.#CharlesMcGonigal #DefundFBI #FBI😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:🍴 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):💰 GOLD SAVINGS:💪 BE HEALTHY (CODE: ROBERT):🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #BidenDocs #FBI
Mike Pence is busted with confidential documents after dunking on Trump. #PenceDocuments #Classified #VPKarine Jean-Pierre reacts answers questions from the media, who resorts to pleading with her for answers. Merrick Garland is asked questions about all the confidential document problems.#BidenDocs #DOJ #MerrickGarlandKevin McCarthy talks impeachment in the face of the document dilemma around America. Adam Schiff is nominated to intelligence, prompting a fight with McCarthy.#Impeachment #McCarthy #Schiff😎 MEMBERS-ONLY: SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):💰 GOLD SAVINGS:💪 BE HEALTHY (CODE: ROBERT):🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #PenceDocs #Impeachment
We learned over the weekend that Joe Biden had even more classified documents at his personal home in Wilmington Delaware. We review the official statements from Biden's lawyers, the White House and Karine Jean-Pierre.#BidenCoverup #BidenDocs #KJPNew reports reveal the President's Chief-of-Staff Ron Klain is stepping down, to be replaced by Jeff Zients. Who is he and what as his position during the pandemic?#RonKlain #Klainiacs #FiredIs Karine Jean-Pierre the next to go? Fox News wonders how long she can last dancing around tough questions. Is Ian Sams, the President's spokesperson, auditioning to replace him?#KJP #IamSams #WhiteHouseDemocrats backpedal on the Biden Documents Scandal. We listen to Speaker Pelosi, Sen. Coons, Manchin and Durbin and their varying takes on their President.#Democrats #BidenDocs #Backpedal😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT): GOLD SAVINGS:💪 BE HEALTHY:🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #BidenCoverup #KJP
Biden says he has no regrets about storing classified documents in his garage. Karine Jean-Pierre takes questions from the media and Senator Mitch McConnell weighs in.#BidenDocs #KJP #MitchMcConnellRep. James Comer says the National Archives and Debra Steidel-Wall are not responding to him. We read letters from both parties about knowledge about the Biden Documents.#NARA #JamesComer #BidenDocsMerrick Garland and the DOJ respond to the New GOP House Oversight Committee, saying they will be limited in what they provide. Jim Jordan weighs in on the process.#DOJ #MerrickGarland #HouseOversight😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT): GOLD SAVINGS:🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #NARA #Oversight
Biden has his worst week in a long time according to Ted Cruz and others. Reports reveal Hunter Biden lived at the Delaware residence where the confidential documents were found. #BidenDocuments #HunterBiden #BidenCrimeFamilyTrump responds to the confidential documents saga along with his lawyer, Alina Habba! Rep. Perry defends the new government oversight committee and we check in with the Trump special counsel.#Trump #SpecialCounsel #AlinaHabbaThe White House stays silent as Biden travels to California. Secretary of State Blinken takes no questions about the impacts on our allies and Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton makes referrals aboard Air Force One. Will the Secret Service name names? Republicans weigh in on House Oversight and Christopher Wray speaks at the WEF.#WhiteHouse #FBI #WEF😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT): GOLD SAVINGS:🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #BidenDocs #TrumpRaid
The media finally catches up and starts investigating Joe Biden's relationship with his brothers and Hunter. Karine Jean Pierre takes more questions from the press, who grow agitated with her referrals. Ron DeSantis and Jim Jordan weigh in, and Eric Swalwell goes on the View.#BidenDocs #BidenCoverup #KJPKlaus Schwab ignores an independent journalist's questions at the WEF annual event in Davos. Members of the self-appointed "intelligentsia" have weird conversations and we check in with U.S. Congresspeople who are in attendance.#WEF #Davos #KlausSchwab😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT): GOLD SAVINGS:🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #KJP #KlausSchwab
The Media turns on Biden and Karine Jean-Pierre has a brutal day taking questions from the press. Rep. Raskin, Comer and Omar weigh in on the Biden Docs and Democratic consultants hit the panic button.#BidenDocs #BidenCrimes #BidenCoverupThe World Economic Forum is hosting their annual event at Davos and we have clips from Klaus Schwab, John Kerry, Al Gore and others who were in attendance. Why was the FBI Director there? Police guarding the attendees flex on Rebel News and we peer into the Dark Side of Davos.#Davos #WEF #KlausSchwab😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🤝 GOLD SAVINGS:🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #BidenCoverup #WEF
Republicans demands the White House release all the logs for Biden properties. James Comer and Kevin McCarthy demand oversight while Adam Schiff plays wait-and-see. Joe Biden honors MLK days and threatens to attack Americans.#BidenDocs #ReleaseTheLogs #OversightTwitter Files 15 drops from Lee Fang (@lhfang) detailing big pharma's attempts to censor Americans on social media in order to further their narrative.#TwitterFiles #TwitterFiles15 #PharmaCensorshipThe lawsuit against Biden for their collusion with Big Tech to censor Americans continues with Missouri Attorney General Bailey releases three "AG Files" Twitter threads from the Big Tech Collusion lawsuit.#BigTechCollusion #Censorship #BidenLawsuit😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🤝 GOLD SAVINGS:🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #TwitterFiles #BigTechCollusion
The Department of Justice releases the Order of Appointment for the new Biden Special Prosecutor Robert Hur and we learn more about his history. Did Hunter have access to Biden's Wilmington garage? The media presses Karine Jean Pierre for answers and asks her a VERY tough question. Jim Jordan comments on the scandal and Democrats worry about the possibilities for Trump.#BidenDocuments #WhiteHouse #JimJordanMatt Taibbi releases Twitter Files 14 Supplemental, highlighting Representative Adam Schiff's requests for censorship. Rep Ted Lieu calls Taibbi a Russian stooge and McCarthy weighs in on Swallwell. #TwitterFiles #TwitterFiles14 #AdamSchiff😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🤝 GOLD SAVINGS:🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #KJP #TwitterFiles
U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland appoints Special Prosecutor Robert Hur to investigate Biden's multiple potential criminal violations. We reconstruct the Biden Confidential Documents timeline and listen to Biden and Karine Jean Pierre try to explain. Kevin McCarthy has a mic-drop moment with the press and he compares and contrasts the standards.#BidenDocuments #Irresponsible #SpecialProsecutorMatt Taibbi releases Twitter Files 13 which covers the creation of the RussiaGate hoax that was utilized against Trump and Republicans across America. Full thread read through. Follow Matt Taibbi on Twitter at #RussiaGate #AdamSchiff😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🤝 GOLD SAVINGS:🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #SpecialProsecutor #TwitterFiles
The New House of Representatives passes HR12 to establish a subcommittee chaired by Jim Jordan to investigate the weaponization of the federal government. We listen to the debate from Adam Schiff and other democrats before reviewing the most recently published bill to learn about the committee's powers.#HouseOversight #JimJordan #WeaponizationPresident Biden reads a statement to explain his confidential documents dilemma while on a trip to Mexico. New House Speaker discusses the investigation double standards. We review interesting UPenn connections and Biden's China money. Can Biden be removed under 18 U.S. Code 2071? Some legal scholars say yes! Karine Jean Pierre tries to explain, but the media is not liking her answers. Plus, Doocey time!#BidenDocuments #Irresponsible #KJP😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🤝 GOLD SAVINGS:🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #Oversight #BidenDocuments
CBS reveals Former Vice President Biden allegedly took confidential and top secret documents to his Penn Biden Center offices in violation of U.S. law. U.S. Attorney John Lausch is appointed to investigate - who is he? Biden's prior statements come back to haunt him and CNN reacts to the news.#BidenDocs #CNN #DOJRepublicans spring into action on news of Biden's hoarding of illegal documents in a closet. MTG says Biden may have stolen these documents and we hear from James Comer, Steve Scalise adn Byron Donalds. Andy Biggs and Trump react.#GOP #House #MTGDemocrats try to explain away Biden's document theft while Biden ignores questions from the media. Former J6 Committee member Pete Aguilar tries to answer questions and we see how MSNBC and CNN are reacting to the news.#Democrats #BidenDocs #Cope😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🤝 GOLD SAVINGS:🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #Impeach #Cope
Kevin McCarthy WINS the Speakership and swears in the new Congress. Rep. Davidson explains the Mouth Grab incident and Dan Crenshaw has heartburn. Justice Scalia shares wisdom and Gaetz welcomes McCarthy.#KevinMcCarthy #MattGaetz #DanCrenshawThe GOP launches a new agenda in Congress, including defining the new rules and introducing bills to repeal the 87,000 IRS agents and form a committee to investigate the weaponization of the government. Where does Jim Jordan fit in?#GOP #IRS #WeaponizationAlex Berenson releases Twitter Files 12 on his substack and we review what's inside on RUMBLE and TWITTER only. #TwitterFiles12 #Censorship #BigTechJoin on Rumble or Twitter or Locals: ➡️➡️➡️😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🤝 GOLD SAVINGS:🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #JimJordan #FBI
Kevin McCarthy continues to fight for what he believes to be his spot as Speaker of the House. Lauren Boebert nominates Hern and Matt Gaetz nominates Trump! Joe Biden reacts and is the Freedom Caucus cracking? #HouseSpeaker #McCarthy #MattGaetzBryan Kohberger appears in Idaho court where he is denied bail and remanded to custody. Idaho releases the Kohberger affidavit and probable cause documents, and we review all the latest filings. #Kohberger #IdahoStudents #CriminalLaw😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #GOP #Kohberger
Matt Taibbi unveils Twitter Files 11, which details collusion between Twitter and the FBI to censor free speech in America. In newly released emails, we see the FBI pushing itself into Twitter moderation efforts, making Twitter a state actor of the Government. Follow Matt on Twitter:😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #FBI #Censorship
The battle for House Speaker rages on as Kevin McCarthy fails to secure the votes after 3 rounds and counting. A recap of the day's proceedings and the battle against the swamp. Reactions from McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Chip Roy, Dan Crenshaw and others. Who will be the next Speaker of the House?#HouseSpeaker #KevinMcCarthy #JimJordanThe Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal rules that MAGA hats are free speech after a teacher named Eric Dodge sued his school district for discrimination. His case was originally dismissed, but a Ninth Circuit panel accepted the matter and entered their opinion.#MAGA #FreeSpeech #NinthCircuit😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #McCarthy #FreeSpeech
Today, we review the best political Top Lists, including:Top 10 Stories the Media IGNORED ( 10 (TRUE) Conspiracies in 2023 ( 5 Crazy California Laws ( 10 Biden Gaffes ( 25 Worst Biden Moments ( to Authors: New Year!😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #HappyNewYear #Top10
The deposition of Ray Epps, America's most innocent man, has been released the outgoing illegally constituted January 6th Committee. We through the 3-hour deposition.#RayEpps #FBI #InsurrectionMatt Taibbi provides an update on the Twitter Files investigation and Kanekoa assembles an interim Twitter Files thread covering CISA that Elon finds interesting.#TwitterFiles #CISA #FBIAn arrest is made in the deaths of 4 Idaho college students allegedly murdered by Bryan Christopher Kohberger. We review the Press Conference highlights and some details on Kohberger discovered by the Internet. We learn the Idaho Prosecutor Bill Thompson that Kohberger is in the process of being extradited and that murder weapon has yet to be found.#IdahoStudents #CriminalLaw #Justice😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT:
The pandemic catches up with China, with some estimates saying nearly 250 million people are sick. Reports say Chinese hospitals are in crisis while China says everything is fine.#China #Pandemic #SpreadMeanwhile, imposes testing requirements on international travelers arriving from China. What was his opinion on that when he was campaigning?#Biden #Trump #ChinaEx-Marine pilot has extradition from Australia to the Untied States approved and we review the indictment. The House of Representatives bans TikTok and Rep. Tenney says this is a good first step. Russia's Medvedev posts wild 2023 predictions.#China #Russia #TikTok😎 MEMBERS-ONLY:💪 SURVIVAL (CODE: ROBERT):🚨 AZ CRIMINAL DEFENSE:👋 CONNECT: #Biden #War
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