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Waves Podcast: Motivation for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

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Don't be a drop in the ocean. Make waves !
This podcast features interviews with amazing artists, scientists, entrepreneurs... Awesome people who, just like you, had a dream and decided to go after it. Every week, they tell you about their lives, how they got to where they are and what they've learnt from their journeys in an open, calm and funny conversation. The aim? Helping you finding your path, and sharing the motivation and knowledge you will need to follow it ! You may call it personal development, or self-improvement... I personally like "discovery", or "education".
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Can you be a professional-super-talented photographer and filmmaker at only 21 years old? Yes! If you're like Alexandra, also known on Instagram as Lostinayaland. She and I talked about her background, how she discovered photography and learnt how to use a camera without going to college for it... And how she managed to become the artist she is now, while studying architecture. Yes. that's a lot. We then talked about art itself by discussing topics like storytelling, editing, and what makes a video good, interesting, AND entertaining. If you're a content creator or an entrepreneur, there's no way you won't get any knowledge or inspiration listening to Alexandra so please, go ahead! You should also check out her Instagram if you like beautiful stuff and nice stories @lostinayaland Oh and... You can also check out my Instagram @MaxSolaro, my YouTube channel !
An anecdote, tons of examples, mentions of old French authors, new media moguls, as well as basic probabilities analysis... What's not to love about this episode? I wanted to make a whole Tide episode about the importance of self belief and how confidence in your ability to do something is the basis of any form of success... So I did it! Here are the ressources for this episode: Jamal Edward's book: Self Belief: The Vision: How to Be a Success on Your Own Terms Jamal Edward's channel, SB.TV Jules Verne's Wikipedia page My two favorite books of his: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and From The Earth to The Moon. Oh and... You can also check out my Instagram @MaxSolaro, my YouTube channel AND our website 
Actor and comedian Erin Michele Soto came to LA with a plan: She was going to make a living off dancing and acting. But an accident shook up her life plans as she had to quit dancing altogether, a devastating news that lead her to a really dark place. Coincidentally, that event is also what made her realize a few things about herself: Although she liked dancing, the reason she wanted to do it professionally was not that she had a passion for it... She just knew how to make money off of it, had done it before, and saw it as a potential stable source of income. Meanwhile, she saw acting completely differently. She was doing it out of passion and nothing else. Her conclusion was simple: she would now focus on doing that thing she loved, and occasionally try whatever seemed like a fun thing to do... Like stand-up for example! That's why she and I talked about how she started comedy, how she realized her passion, made projects like her YouTube Webseries come to life, won best actress at Film Fest LA... And tons of other interesting topics! So feel free to check out her Instagram @Erinmichelesoto and watch her YouTube webseries Shirley and Shelly! She's also got a movie on Netflix called The Silencer! Oh and... You can also check out my Instagram @MaxSolaro, my YouTube channel AND our website 
Christina Sturgeon is a talented actor and dancer and GREAT podcast guest! She and I started by talking about her job and the movie industry in general. She told me how she found her agent and manager, and shared tips on how you could find one too, should you be interested in this career! But that's not all! Christina told us her story, how she found her passion for dancing and acting, before talking about concepts like manifestation, and how important it is for you to believe in your own ability to do something to actually achieve it. Christina is awesome and so is her Instagram account, so please go check it out! It's @christinasturg You can also check out my Instagram @MaxSolaro, my YouTube channel AND our website   
In this episode, Maia Sancia tells us about her purpose as a manifestation coach. She explains why she became one, when and how she decided to suddenly quit her nine to five job and completely change her life... And obviously teaches us all about Manifestation and the law of attraction! She gives us a six-step method to help us manifest our biggest dreams and life goals before experimenting on yours truly, to show how one can manifest the love of his life. I'm really hoping this one works. Maia's Instagram: @maiasancia Don't know what is Manifestation? The answer is here. You can also check out my Instagram @MaxSolaro, my YouTube channel AND our website 
In this episode, Amy Suto tells us how she got in touch with her creativity at a young age and kept exploring it through her writing before studying screenwriting at USC and finally becoming the professional writer she is, writing for the LA Times, creating her own shows, ghostwriting biographies... And much more. But as logical as it sounds, her journey has also been very tough at some point as she had to work VERY hard to make it that far that fast. That's what struck me when talking to her and it's one more reason to pay attention to what she has to say about her job and passion: the tricks to build creativity she shares with us WORK because... Well she used them so... I think that's proof enough? Feel free to check out all these links to learn more about Amy, or get the resources we mentioned in our conversation! Amy's website: Amy's Instagram, Yoga account and  podcast: @sutoscience @yogafortvwriters @kingdomofpavement Stuff we talked about: Coffitivity Amy's Talk about creativity You can also check out my Instagram @MaxSolaro, my YouTube channel AND our website 
After our first interview last November, I still had a lot of questions for Hannah Siddiqui. For example, we talked about what it is like to be a creative person and deal with our emotion, and then progressively got into the business side of it all. We actually talked money, which is usually a big taboo for everyone but maybe even more in the creative industry. But we got to this topic when Hannah said a phrase that caught my attention: It's important to know your worth. Check out Hannah's Instagram @TheRoadToHannah You can also check out my Instagram @MaxSolaro, my YouTube channel AND our website 
In this week's episode, I used remembrances of that time I interviewed hypnotherapist Stephanie Kwong as well as personal experiences to see what haters are and who "haters" are. "They don't want us to succeed" says DJ Khaled. "Wait but who is "they"?!" replies a very confused Max. Learn more about this: A Simple Trick To Improve Positive Thinking My YouTube channel Waves Podcast Website
As an olympic skier, Victor White has had to prove his determination to succeed on several occasions. First he had to win competitions to get noticed by professionals, then come back after serious injuries, and finally deal with some awful personal hardships. Despite all of these, he's always managed to get back on his feet and look forward. In this interview, he tells us about how he managed to do all that at only 22 years old, and shares what helps him stay focused and find motivation when he feels down. Check out Victor's Instagram: @victorwhit3 If you've got some time, listen to his podcast too, it's called Breeze And don't forget: you can also follow Waves Podcast on Instagram @wavespodcast! Our website: Facebook: Twitter:
As Sly says it herself: she, like many of my guests, wears many different hats. From her life as an entrepreneur, to her new podcast, but also working as a dancer, and even appearing in a hit movie... She's done MANY different things. So it was great to get a chance to talk to her and try to understand more about her journey. First, Sly told us about the way she manages her time to increase her efficiency when working from home, how she finds clients, her different marketing strategies... And tons of other tips for entrepreneurs. Then we got to the big question: "why does she do this? What motivates her?" Before finally talking about her podcast a little bit! Want to improve your French listening to a great podcast? Listen to ConvoMtl right now! This is the app/website Sly told us about. I tried it and I LOVE it too! And don't forget: you can also follow Waves Podcast on Instagram @wavespodcast! Our website: Facebook: Twitter:
My recent conversations with Stephanie Kwong and Celinne Da Costa had a great impact on my life and helped me identify many of my bad habits, understand them and get rid of them... So I thought I would use these discussions to try and answer the question "How To Get To Know Yourself?" Both of these amazing women have a lot to teach us and approach this issue in their own way, making it possible for us to understand it even better! Don't forget to listen to the full interviews for more tips and details, straight from the horses' mouth! And while you're at it, you can also follow Waves Podcast on Instagram @wavespodcast! Our website: Facebook: Twitter:
Laura Rigon is an amazingly nice actor who lives between Melbourne and Los Angeles, also working as a model sometimes. She was kind enough to answer my questions in this super long episode of Waves Podcast. We talked about a looot of things but the main one was obviously her experience as an actor. She told me how she discovered acting, theater, why she decided to go to LA to look for new jobs, and shared a lot of interesting tips on how to start as an actor in the US coming from a different country! We obviously talked about a million other things, played a few games and I had a lot of fun recording this, so I'm hoping you will like it! If you found Laura's story inspiring or motivating, why not showing her by following her on Instagram @laurarigon._? And while you're at it, you can also follow Waves Podcast on Instagram @wavespodcast! Our website: Facebook: Twitter:
Celinne used to work a 9 to 5 job she didn't love that much, and realized it was slowly killing her creativity, until she decided to drop everything and go travel. For a year, she slept on friends' couches all around the world and met people from very different cultures. In this episode, she tells us all about her experience, how it changed her life and helped her start her business as a storyteller... And much more. Celinne is very open and finds it important to share her feelings in the most genuine and honest way, so she also got into deeper topics. Her life in the United States as an immigrant, dealing with depression and accepting her "low energy moments" to exploit her sensitivity in order to write and create more... Tons of tips and motivating stories in this episode! Please take a minute to visit Celinne's website ! If you liked this episode and are interested in learning more about Celinne's journey, you might want to read her books too! Find them here! Follow Waves Podcast on Instagram!
Back from our break with an A-MA-ZING interview of the even more amazing Stephanie Kwong! In this episode Stephanie talks about how to see if your beliefs are holding you down, how to identify and question them constantly to update your mind AND so many tips on how to convince your subconscious that you CAN do what you want! As a hypnotherapist and mindset coach, Stephanie knows a lot about how the human brain works and how we can use this knowledge to improve our lives and feel better! We talked about Gary Vaynerchuk, brain waves and a lot more so please go ahead and have a listen! Stephanie's Website, Podcast and Instagram Timecodes: I read your reviews: 2:34 Interview: 4:07 Stephanie says you should check this out! The Science of the Law of Attraction What The Bleep Do We Know?    
This week's episode is about the comfort zone! I used a quote from one of my favorite songs to explore that matter, going from what is a comfort zone, the different levels it can have, why you may want to get out of it... And then took a different point of view for those who have already left it and are already succeeding: How not to fall back in it and how to beat nostalgia of former comfort. Here's an interesting video on this topic too: Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life | Bill Eckstrom
What does "choosing" not to care mean? What does it imply? Should we just pretend we don't care? These are some questions I answer in this episode, in the hope that it might help you not only succeed as a creative or entrepreneur, but also feel better as a human being. The sources? Just an episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and a conversation I had with one of my friends! I mentioned the idea of Forgiveness quite a few times so here's a video by Vishen Lakhiani at Mindvalley that explains what it is. Why You Should Forgive People Who Hurt You | Vishen Lakhiani Using this to be able to let go of things and people that have hurt me in the past has been great for me so maybe you want to try too! Self-care for the win!
How to start comedy, making jokes as an introvert and the difference between doing stand-up and stripping... These are a few answers Shereen Kassam brings us in this episode. She tells us about her creative journey, her childhood, and why she went from a corporate career to comedy. An inspiring and motivating story that helps us understand how she got to where she is, and also proves one thing: It's never too late to start being creative. Shereen also tells us about her amazing podcast Creative Breakthrough, one of my favorite in the game, before focusing on the future and what's next for her!
I recently realized while talking to a friend that we don't all find our passion as easily. We don't discover that thing that makes us go "oh, I want to do that as often as possible" and consider trying to make it a job... So me and that friend had a chat about it and I summed it up as clearly as I could. I shared my experience and how I personally found my creative "voice", how it happened to me and how natural it was in order to maybe give you an idea how it could happen to you... And then I focused on what my friend told me, as she is still trying to figure out what is her passion, what is that thing she wants to do. Lucky for us, she reads a lot of books about that which probably helped her articulate her thoughts and in turn enabled me not to be too confusing. The gist? It's okay. Try things. Focus on your interests and see if they turn into a passion.
This week's episode of Waves Podcast is a bonus one! No guests, just me talking about something I find interesting, important... And as we get closer to Valentine's Day, I thought we should talk about something related to it. So this one's about love, self-love and single life, and although the title may seem negative at first, it really isn't. It's a funny reference to a book by someone I respect but... I said that on podcast already. I basically tried to explain the sentence "blabla are trash", said by women, then men and showed that everybody's just as "trash"... Plus what is "trash" even? Who decides what's trash behaviour? Isn't the problem a simple lack of communication? Spoiler alert: It might. And it could very well be solved by feminism, a better freedom of expression, and introspection that enables us to really think about what kind of relationship we want. Yes, I talked about all that in barely 30 minutes and ended up on the subject of confidence, what it is, how attractive it is to most people, and how it could help you find the one... Maybe? Who knows!
Youtuber Andrew James tells us about his journey as an artist, from his first video at 13 years old, to reaching 110,000 subscribers at only 17! He talks about creativity, motivation, starting making tutorials and seeing his channel blow up... Before getting into more personal and "serious" topics like bullying, finding his voice through filmmaking and what he thinks is the key to succeed on YouTube.
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Matt Crawford

awesome content, I'm the guy from the skate park and got in touch with Andrew earlier today and he Linked me to the timestamp in this episode. when you said "you don't really understand the impact your having while it's happening" that really summed up this moment.

Mar 6th
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