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Ruby Wax is an an actress, a comedian, a script writer and was a star on television through the 1990s, doing some of the most high profile celebrity interviews of all time.  She is also an author and her most recent book 'And Now for the Good News' chronicles her experiences meeting  inspiring people who are spearheading the latest innovation and influencing a brighter future for humanity Krishnan speaks to Ruby about her techniques for coping in a "frazzled" world and how speaking to Louis Theroux has given her closure in her life.  Produced by: Rachel Evans
Rosie Jones is a comedian, writer, actor and broadcaster known for appearing on programmes like 8 Out Of 10 Cats and The Last Leg. She speaks to Krishnan about getting into comedy, diversity in the media and making the world a better place for disabled people. Produced by : Nina Hodgson
Lin-Manuel Miranda is a theatre composer, writer and actor, who has made his directorial debut with Tick Tick...Boom!, the story of Broadway composer Jonathan Larson and his struggles as an artist before he wrote the world-renowned musical, Rent. Lin-Manuel is best known for his Pulitzer Prize, Tony and Emmy award-winning musical, Hamilton, which remains one of the most popular musicals on Broadway and the West End today. He speaks to Krishnan about Jonathan Larson’s influence on him as a writer, the Hamilton years and how he sees America now. Tick, Tick...Boom! is available on Netflix now This episode was recorded in December 2021.  Produced by: Faye White and Max Velody Sources: Netflix, New York City Center/Encores! Off-Center, Warner Bros. Pictures, Disney+, Atlantic Records/WEA International Inc.
Jon Snow has spent almost all his adult life trying to make the world a better place as a volunteer, giving public service and as a journalist. He joins Krishnan to talk about finding his sense of right and wrong, going to Uganda for voluntary service, his life in broadcasting and his advice for young journalists. Produced by: Nina Hodgson
Pauline Cambell is an award winning local government lawyer who supervises The Windrush Justice Clinic, providing free legal advice and preparing compensation claims for victims of the Windrush scandal.  She’s written a new book ‘Rice & Peas and Fish & Chips’ a part memoir, part commentary on what it means to be British as a first-generation immigrant child of Caribbean parents. In this week’s Ways to Change the World, Pauline talks to Krishnan about her work, how she became a lawyer at the age of 39 and tackling racism in Britain today.  Produced by: Freya Pickford
Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematical physicist who has changed the way we see the universe. He won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2020 for his work on black holes.  He tells Krishnan about how he wasn’t top of the class in maths at school, talks about his relationships with Steven Hawking and MC Escher and tells Krishnan why he thinks Artificial Intelligence is a misnomer.
Benjamin Bratton is a sociologist, design theorist and author. He perhaps is most known for his TED talk, 'What's wrong with TED Talks?'   His most recent book, 'The Revenge of the Real: Politics for a Post-Pandemic' world discusses the lessons he says that we can learn from our experiences with Covid-19 politically, culturally and technologically.   Benjamin talks to Krishnan about 'that' Ted talk, why he thinks we need a new language and why he thinks universal collaboration is of utmost importance.   Producer: Rachel Evans
Jools Holland is a world-renowned musician, composer, broadcaster, band leader and host of Later with Jools Holland and the Hootenanny. He tells Krishnan all about how the piano changed his life, sparking a lifelong love affair with music and tells him about how his dancing dog inspired a track on his new album. Producer: Nina Hodgson Credit for Clips: East West Records
Comedian Nish Kumar is best known for his five years at the helm of BBC Two's The Mash Report.  The show was cancelled by the BBC earlier this year and moved to Dave under a new name - Late Night Mash. But in an act of "self-cancellation", Kumar stepped down as its host and is touring with his new show, Control, in 2022.  He speaks to Krishnan about leaving The Mash Report, seeking professional help for his mental health and sexism in comedy.  Producer: Faye White
Steven Pinker, an experimental cognitive scientist and professor of psychology at Harvard. He has been named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world today.  He joins Krishnan to discuss his new book, ‘Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems scarce, Why It Matters’ which is billed as a user's guide to rationality during an epidemic of unreason. Producer: Nina Hodgson
Yuval Noah Harari is one of the world's most famous public intellectuals, historians and writers. He is probably most famous for his book 'Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind'. His most recent book, 'Sapiens: A Graphic History, Volume 2: The Pillars of Civilization' has just been published and offers a different way of telling the story of humankind for a younger audience. Yuval talks to Krishnan about where racism comes from, what the recipe for a dictatorship is and why we should be very careful about how we used artificial intelligence.  Producer: Rachel Evans
Shon Faye is a writer, comedian and podcaster who had an instant Sunday Times Bestseller with her debut book The Transgender Issue - An Argument for Justice, making her the first trans person to be a bestseller since 1974. Shon’s new book is a detailed overview of the systemic violence and discrimination trans people face in Britain today. From access to healthcare, to poverty and homelessness, Shon outlines what it will take for trans people to achieve true liberation. She talks to Krishnan about how the liberation of Trans people would benefit everyone in society, the problems with the ‘debate’ about Trans people in the media and how transitioning saved her life.
Steve Van Zandt is an American musician, actor and activist. He is best known as a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band and for his role in the TV drama series, The Sopranos.    His new book, Unrequited Infatuations, tells the story of his journey from Surburban New Jersey in the early '60s to performing on some of the world's largest stages and using rock and soul to change the world.   Steve talks top Krishnan about how The Beatles had a profound effect on the course of his career and how he has used his music to influence politics and social affairs.
Lady Brenda Hale is a British judge, who was the first female president of the Supreme Court from 2017 to 2020.   Her new book, 'Spider Woman', which refers to the famous spider broach she wore when reading the judgement that ruled Boris Johnson's prorogation of parliament unlawful, tells the story of her accomplished life.    Lady Hale speaks to Krishnan about that famous judicial moment, the challenges she has faced in her career and the need to widen access to justice.    Producer: Rachel Evans
Indra Nooyi is the former chairman and CEO of PepsiCo. She was perhaps the first of the Indian Americans to start taking over the big American giants.  Her new book, My Life in Full: Work, Family and Our Future explores her journey to becoming one of the world's most powerful women. She talks to Krishnan about how working from home has revolutionised the relationship between women and work and the importance of business in politics. Producer: Rachel Evans
Jay Rayner is a journalist, food critic and author, best known for his entertaining food and drink criticism and gastronomic publications. His latest book, Chewing the Fat, is a collection of some of his columns, digging deep into the world of food. In this Ways to Change the World he talks to Krishnan about how politics and culture reflect and influence our eating habits - and reveals his lesser-known love and talent for jazz music. Producer: Rachel Evans
KAMILLE is an award-winning songwriter who has written hits for artists including Little Mix, Stormzy and The Saturdays.  She has now become an artist in her own right, with her single Sad Party, and is one of the stars of Channel 4's new docu-series, Highlife.  KAMILLE speaks to Krishnan about leaving her finance career to write top 20s for some of the world's most famous artists and the reality of being a Black woman in the music industry today.  Producers: Rachel Evans and Faye White
Carl Cox is one of the original superstar DJs of the 80s and 90s. He helped bring acid house from the warehouses of Chicago to British raves, the unregulated party scene, then festivals and clubs. And he's still going. His new book 'Oh Yes, oh yes!' chronicles his life from a scaffolder in the south London suburbs to one of the true pioneers of UK club culture. He talks to Krishnan about how his craft has evolved of the decades, his concerns for the British entertainment industry and how he nearly gave up on his career after a terrifying experience. Producer: Rachel Evans  
KSI, otherwise known as 'JJ', became famous on YouTube nearly a decade ago with millions now subscribing to his channel. Since then, he has become well-known as a signer, a rapper and even a boxer. Krishnan speaks to him about his career as a musician, how boxing has helped him and how he deals with racism in the industry.  Producer: Rachel Evans
Andy Burnham has held many senior cabinet positions and stood for the Labour leadership twice, before leaving Westminster and becoming Mayor of Greater Manchester in 2017. Now serving his second term as Mayor, his profile grew over the past year as he fought for his position and challenged the government on imposing the highest tier Covid restrictions in the north west of England.  Andy speaks to Krishnan about his experience leaving the north for Cambridge university, why he feels devolution is the way forward for the UK and how he thinks Westminster needs to change.
Comments (17)

Janice Taylor

I really like this one, feels very profound but he also makes fun of his own thinking.

Aug 22nd


hello, cm u please talk over Afghanistan refugees these escape from Taliban, the Terrorist who kills civilians. thanks

Aug 12th

Midnight Rambler

lil complete bs

Mar 19th

Janice Taylor

I completely agree, I think it would greatly reduce the number of reoffenders. I personally think that the definition of "prisons" can be changed. It can mean being in a place that is safe from the public, but emulates the real world. I'm 24 and I think a lot of young people would agree with this. Great podcast, thank you.

Aug 9th

Jonathan Hartley

I appreciate you feel the need to counter every proposition with some countervailing argument because it is part of some establishment set protocol Krishnan, but is there no subject where so called balance, giving equal exposure or equivalent consideration to two sides (questionable definition and category mistake aside) of an argument is just plain silly? You start to sound like a defender of big tech in this podcast, and frankly they don't need it. Nor is it sensible one of their invested experts be given the right to reply in a podcast of his own. Leaving polite comment aside , PICK A FUCKING SIDE!, because those forces set against democracy, justice (social, judicial, younameit) have, and they are winning. If not, look forward to hearing BNP spokesman given opportunity to expound in reasonable, chatty tone on the validity of racism in future podcast.

Dec 29th

Kate Holmes

Awesome and inspiring

Nov 1st

Janice Taylor

I love this. I think he's right, education in poetry would be highly beneficial in giving voices to children and their circumstances, being less about studying others and more about setting their voice, finalizing it and performing their perspective on the world, making it a teachable moment. Eye opening perspective on the government and their reaction to gang crime too and what can be done. Thank you.

Aug 3rd

Angus Cowie

Google manages to dodge qustions about tax and profits as in real life....if they were a force for good they should pay more tax and contribute to the services our electorate decide on!

May 30th

Briege Obrien

Very brave man.. what an amazing story to tell x

Jan 31st


Well done, Rachel. Don't be cowed.

Jan 17th


"when a cis woman barks at me".. is such a misogynistic thing to say, especially by a trans person.

Jan 16th

Janice Taylor

I genuinely really adored listening to her. She seems like a wonderful role model; hardworking, triumphant at overcoming her past and purely hopeful and thankful. Thank you for this.

Jan 16th

need 4 change

Loved listening to this. She's an inspiration.

Jan 13th

need 4 change

inspiring on many levels

Jan 13th

Kathleen Sheridan

favourite podcast! great choice of guests, always fascinating and a warm interview to listen to.

Dec 30th

Darren Mcdermott

2 remoaners in a row come on c4 let's think about some balance... Lammy then Albarn

Dec 6th

Chris Boud

So basically if things go well it's due to Brexit, if things go badly it's due to a myriad of factors. Shirking all responsibility.

Aug 3rd
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