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We Be Geeks, your official voice of the geek revolution, is a weekly talk show on the WeBeGeeks Network. This podcast delivers highlights of geek culture with your hosts, Mike Ehmcke and Derrick Nadeau. Topics include: Star Wars, comics, television, film,reviews, celebrity interviews, games news, geek-culture convention coverage, Marvel, Disney and more.
421 Episodes
This week,  the Dashing Duo welcome a trio of guests to the podcast,  Rachel Kay Barclay,  Kayla Conroy, and Fern Lim, the creators and stars of the webseries Human Telegraphs.  The trio tell Mike and Derrick all about the series and the making of it as well as what it’s like to create an independent […]
This week the Dashing Duo welcome author Jeffrey Brown to the podcast to talk about his book, “Batman and Robin and Howard”.  Jeffrey also talks with the guys about all kinds of geek stuff,  and even asks a few questions of his own.
This week, the Dashing Duo welcome guests from another great indie film, Bigfoot Famous.   Directors/actors Sam Milman and  Peter Vass, along with actress Lauren Howard Hayes talk to Mike and Derrick about the film,  the process of making it, and some other fun topics.
This week, the Dashing Duo welcome director Christian Nilson and actor Erick Talbach to the podcast to talk about their latest film, an indie thriller called Dashcam.  Christian and Eric talk about making the film during the pandemic, the thought process while creating the film, and some of the more interesting aspects of making the film.  […]
This week, the Dashing Duo welcome another great guest to the podcast,  Summer Grinwis, the PR rep from Summer is on to discuss some of the great Geek collectibles you can find at Toynk, and to have some fun talking about all kinds of geek stuff with Mike and Derrick.
This week,  the Dashing Duo welcome Chris Delpe and Wayne Gonsalves to the podcast, who are the filmmakers and stars of the queer jndie horror film Death Drop Gorgeous.  The gang have an interesting discussion about the movie,  queen cinema, and a host of other topics.   It was a great conversation,  and a really interesting episode.
This week, the Dashing Duo welcome the director,  producers, and a few cast members from the upcoming film The Beast Comes At Midnight.  The group talks about making the film, and what the film is about.  It was a great group to talk to, and we all had a lot of fun.
The Dashing Duo are on their own this week,  so they dive into some geek news,  including stories about con exclusives,  some Halloween entertainment,  and The Batman.   Oh, and there’s even a bit of discussion/rant about scalpers.
The Dashing Duo speak to Pat and Karl,  who work in product development and marketing for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line at Playmates Toys.  They talk all about the latest Turtles toys, their experiences working on the Turtles line over the years,  and so much more.   If you are a TMNT fan,  you are […]
This week,  the Dashing Duo talk about the latest in foam dart guns,  The Shelby Destroyer, with it’s creators David and Henry.  If you are interested in the foam dart gun genre, you are going to really enjoy this episode
This week, the Dashing Duo welcome Julian Montoya, Sr Vice President from The Noble Collection to the podcast to talk about the latest and coolest swag from their catalog of movie merchandise.  For starters, Julian and the guys discuss their upcoming Star Trek line of merchandise that celebrates the 55th anniversary of Star Trek The […]
This week, the Dashing Duo welcome back Cisco from Bandai America for his third visit.  Cisco is on to talk about the latest in Bandai Gundam toys, as well as a few other goodies you are sure to get excited about.
This week, the Dashing Duo welcome filmmaker Adam Berardi back to the podcast.  Adam is on to talk about his new movie, “The Last House On The Street”, the making of the film, what it’s like to film a movie during Covid, and a host of other interesting topics.  It was great having Adam back […]
This week the Dashing Duo welcome three actors to the podcast, Sean Gestl, Justin France, and Josh Outzen from the indie western “Death Alley”.  The trio talks about making the movie, and what it took to make the film about the Dalton game as accurate as possible.   It was a great movie,  and a fascinating […]
This week the Dashing Duo welcome Michael Roberts to the podcast.   Michael is the CEO of Regal Games,  and he and the guys have a great time talking about some of the card and board games they make,  along with other fun topics.
This week,  the Dashing Duo welcome back Brian Volk-Weiss for his third appearance on the podcast.   Brian comes on to discuss the latest projects he is working on, and there is some exciting stuff.   Afterwards,  Mike and Derrick talk a bit about SDCC exclusives, news from Wal-Mart Collector Con, and the latest figures from Hasbro. […]
This week, the Dashing Duo welcome Amber Curtis to the podcast.  Amber is the Sales and Marketing Specialist of Zenescope comics, and she is on to talk about Zenescope, comic book conventions, and body pillows among other fun topics.
IT’S THE 400TH EPISODE!  The Dashing Duo celebrate by welcoming the new Editor In Chief of Zenescope comics, David Wohl on to the podcast to talk all about the future of the indie publisher.
This week the Dashing Duo welcome director Robert Conway on the show to talk about his latest film Skinwalker.   The guys have fun talking about the making the movie, and a few other fun things as well.
This week,  the Dashing Duo discuss covid updates at Disneyworld,  anime news, toy news, celebrities getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, and a whole host of other topics.
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