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Every four years, people all over the world turn their eyes, ears, and hearts toward the most exciting sports competition on the planet: The World Cup. We Came to Win tells the stories behind the tournament’s most memorable moments. Like, how did one player become a God, and a villain, after breaking the rules? How did the semi-final of the 1990 World Cup save English soccer from falling apart? And how did one player turn a free-kick into an act of protest? This series from Gimlet Media is an homage to the triumph and heartbreak, victory and defeat that we all experience from soccer (or football, or futbol, or whatever you call it). And it reminds us that so much of what we love about the beautiful game happens off the pitch.

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A new show from Gimlet Media that tells stories behind the games that soccer fans can never forget—and that rest of the world couldn’t ignore. Premiers April 25th. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today, the English Premier League is the richest and most watched league in the world. But rewind to the end of the eighties, and English football was in the doldrums. The national team were crap, the stadiums were crumbling, and there was the threat of violence from football hooligans. This is the story of how one summer, and one World Cup, changed English football forever. CREDITS: We Came to Win is hosted by Nando Vila. This episode was produced by Emma Morgenstern, Emily Ulbricht, and Ngofeen Mputubwele with help from Anna Foley and Jasmine Romero. Our senior producer is Matthew Nelson. Our editors are Caitlin Kenney, Devon Taylor, and Jessica Weisberg. This episode was scored, sound designed, and mixed by Bobby Lord. Check out more Gimlet podcasts at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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rex johnson

best story ever

Feb 27th

Alex Park

Amazing podcast

Jun 7th

stuart rogers

Come on USA v Italy be serious

May 31st

Daniel Gonçalves

Another excelent episode. You should do one about the portuguese 2006 team.

May 23rd

Daniel Gonçalves

amazing podcast.

May 5th

Daniel Gonçalves

holy f this is gonna be awesome. Downloaded all and will be listening soon.

May 3rd


10/10 more like this subject (soccer)

Apr 30th

asdyn fu the fcffxXCGH

a few of the

Apr 26th
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