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Author: Lorisa Leigh

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The Wealth Babe podcast teaches you how to master the art of manifestation so that you can allow more money, wealth, and abundance into your life. Here we give you the secretes on how to up-level your entire life and your bank account by touching on topics such as mindset, manifestation, spiritually, money, and personal development. Change your vibe change your life.
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Wealth is Your Birthright

Wealth is Your Birthright


Struggling with fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cyst, PMS, premenopausal, or menopausal and looking to gain health as well as boost metabolism so you can lose weight and feel good in your body? In this episode Dr. Beth Westie and I dive in to how shifting the way you eat to correlate with your cycle can help to calm your symptoms of all the above while losing weight!   
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Big Mama

Awesomeness!! I needed that ...I am guilty of losing myself supporting everyone else...I have finally learned how to say no but most importantly I'm finally taking care of ME without feeling guilty!!

Jan 19th
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