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Weird and Fascinating with Cecilia and Joe
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Weird and Fascinating with Cecilia and Joe

Author: Cecilia Jimenez and Joe Long

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Join us on our mission to explore natural and supernatural phenomenon we find to be Weird and Fascinating! Tune in to hear us discuss Wonders of the World, Aliens, psychedelic medicines, architectural marvels, revolutionary technologies, astrology, A.I., history, magick, global warming, shark finning, astral travel, hermetic mysticism, & free masonry. Welcome to our Tribe of Weirdos!
33 Episodes
Commentary on the on-going Russian invasion of Ukraine
Ep: 30 NFT's 101

Ep: 30 NFT's 101


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Ep: 29 Meditation

Ep: 29 Meditation


Ep:25 2022 Predictions

Ep:25 2022 Predictions


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Emma McAdam
Ep. 17: Weird Laws

Ep. 17: Weird Laws


Weird and Fascinating stories from Cecilia's internship at the Morgue!
A continuation of our Law of Attraction series. Segment Intending, Inner Guidance System, Believing is Seeing and then Seeing is Believing.
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