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This is a podcast about engineering disasters and systemic failures, from a leftist perspective, with jokes
9 Episodes
Episode 8: Three Mile Island

Episode 8: Three Mile Island


Today @donoteat01, @aliceavizandum, and @oldmananders0n are joined by @LindsayPB to head to Central Pennsylvania to talk about the biggest civilian nuclear accident in the United States, which nonetheless didn't do very muchhere is the link to the video with slides: listen to trashfuture: Here's the Patreon link so you can watch the Groverhaus episode:  
in which we talk about the infamous haus of groverfrankly this one makes a lot more sense with the visualsfull episode at our patreon:
Episode 7: Lac-Megantic

Episode 7: Lac-Megantic


Today @donoteat01, @aliceavizandum, and @oldmananders0n talk about railroading in the age of loneliness: the MMA railroad, and one-man are the slides: to trashfuture: to @donoteat01 on Grubstakers talking about the Irvings:
Episode 6: MS Estonia

Episode 6: MS Estonia


Today, @donoteat01, @aliceavizandum, and @oldmananders0n head to the Baltic Sea to learn about Ro-Ro ferries, and the deadliest accident in European waters. And we make some jokes too!Slides:'s that Atlantic article: to Trashfuture, also on Podbean:'s the Patreon link:
In this episode we (@aliceavizandum, @donoteat1, @oldmananders0n, and guest @DA_banks) critically examine the whole field of traffic engineering, and how efforts to make streets and highways safer and more functional have achieved directly the opposite. also we talk about digging a hole to combat sea level rise Slides: out David's podcast: and his work at Real Life Magainze: and also Trashfuture:
Today @aliceavizandum, @donoteat1, @oldmananders0n, and special guest Kate Wagner from McMansion Hell discuss the 1981 Kansas City Hyatt Regency walkway collapse.Slides: And we also talk about other things, including Estonian Ferries! Rem Koolhaas! Planes! Drinking on Planes! 11foot8! Vinyl siding! TERFs!go to kate's website and read it she also has a patreon! oh right listen to Trashfuture, it's good, folks
Featuring the one and only American Pacer!Slides: @aliceavizandum, @donoteat1, and @Landerson112358 talk about how what could have been the greatest public transit improvement in American history was completely bungled, due to mismanagement, lack of foresight, and union-busting.
Welcome to the second episode of our patented podcast-with-slides. Today @aliceavizandum, @donoteat1, and @Landerson112358 talk about the 1995 Sampoong Department Store collapse and the events leading up to it, and also talk about the Olympics.Slides located here:
So @AliceAvizandum and I (@donoteat1) are trying to do an engineering disasters podcast, but with slides, because like, engineering is visual.mothman(Slides located here:
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