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Well, well, well, we are so happy you found us! This podcast is a girlfriends’ guide to overall wellness. We talk in relatable terms about relatable topics. There is a lot of information out there and we want to cut through all the overwhelm to ask the questions you really want answered. What is the latest trend in food and is it working? Who can explain thought work to me and what it looks like on a daily basis? How can I make my home reflect how I feel? We will talk about health, beauty and style trends as well as thought work, life coaching and spiritual well being. We tell you the people to follow, the books to read, and the advice to listen to that will inspire, motivate and help you on your journey to overall wellness. We interview the experts and regular people alike to find out what is really working in our minds, bodies, souls, family and environment to bring us all the wellness we need.
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Lets talk about church culture. The term “Church Culture” is generally referring to the social norms or implied rules that aren’t church doctrine, but are just the way things usually go. We aren’t saying church culture with negative connotation. We love so much about it, and are challenged by some of it too. Maybe you can relate? Lets get churchy!Bevies:Cassaundra- ICW aka ice cold water. The anti ChaiBritt- Izze- cranberry orange spiceWell Looky Here:Cassaundra: Apple PenBritt: Be Well Podcast and Bee Keepers Naturals
Does your brain pelt you with all the things you're doing wrong? Do you roll your eyes at yourself? Do you feel the way that it drains your energy? We do too! You would never talk to your friends like you talk to yourself right?! Let’s talk about some tips that help us and we hope they help you too!Bevies:Kombucha SpritzerSeven TeasNatalie ClayJody MooreWell Looky Here:Porter ThermosMarianne Williams Illuminata
Have you heard of time blindness? In this episode we learn all about it from one of our most favorite people, Brooke White. Brooke is an amazing musician who you may remember from American Idol, and a true creative genius! We discuss time blindness with her today, which is often related with some forms of ADHD. Learning about “time blindess” has taught us so much, and we are so thankful for brookes vulnerability and honesty in this conversation! Here we go!Brookes WebsiteBrookes InstagramBrookes Christmas AlbumBrookes Latest AlbumHow it really feels to be time blind with ADHDJaclyn PaulBlog ADHD HomesteadDr Russel Barkley, clinical psychiatrist the 7 minute videoHabitual appWell Looky Here:Brooke: "square" kids shoes: Tevas For Summer, Sketchers for WinterCassaundra: Free People Happiness Runs BraCalico Merch
Do the Holidays have you feeling anxious? We are going to talk about how to manage our anxiety and create healthy boundaries with the guidance or Lacey Alderson. Host of the Lacey Alderson Show Podcast. She has her masters degree in Science, with a specialization in clinical mental health. She is certified in being an alcohol and drug counselor as well. She is so relatable and her guidance is invaluable! Follow along with her on her interview based podcast, The Lacey Alderson Show where she focuses on human emotion, wellness, physical fitness and success.GoogleSpotifyAppleInstagram, personal and podcast page.Bevie: Clevr Golden Latte BlendWell Looky Here:Mae Love  *The Glow Maker w/ The HydratorTrilogy *CoQ10 Booster Oil
We are so excited to talk with you today about why we should take time for daily affirmations, how to get past the discomfort of sweet talking yourself, and what affirmations are working for us in specific situations. Whether you are listening to this right before the holidays or another time, we think we’ve got some affirmations for you!The Well Well Well Podcast instagramBevies: KombuchaCassaundra WatermelonBritt Dr brew Clear mindWell Looky Here: Britt- The five Minute Journal Cassaundra: Muslin Bags
Ashley Stock is the amazing writer behind her successful blog, little miss momma, and leads a Young Living Essential Oils team of women to finding their higher selves, in work and in their souls.  Today she talks to us about how jealousy revealed itself in an unfamiliar form and it was actually something else completely. We had the best time chatting with one of our best friends, soul sisters and biggest teachers, Ashley Stock.This episode was originally recorded in February 2020 before our area shut down for the pandemic. In April Ashley learned of her 2 year old daughter Stevies DIPG diagnosis and lost her 6 short weeks post diagnosis. It broke all of our hearts and devastated our community, but of course, Ashley and her family were impacted the most. Ashley has changed lives with her vulnerability and wisdom as she has publicly poured out her heart on her personal feed. We invite you to learn more about her there. We also have a follow up interview coming soon so keep your eyes peeled.Bevies: Ningxia Spritzer: Nigxia Concentrate + Zyng Energy Drink, blackberries and lime.Well Looky Here:Ashley: AerieTip- sorting your closet with just things you are wearing right now.Cassaundra: Trip to the UK podcast family picsThe phenomenon effect (Nike)The only way is throughBritt: Revisionst history
We want to talk about how we pray and why. Why prayer is so powerful and how we can improve our prayers. We will also take a look at how prayer is different than meditation and how prayer relates to the model.Bevies:Crio BruPumpkin Spice Nut PodPumpkin Spice Almond CreamerWell Looky Here:Cassaundra: Buy baskets at your local thrift storeBritt: Beauty By Earth Sunless Tanner (organic)
Today we chat about how important it is to be aligned with the Holy Spirit and your inner knowing. We feel the opposition that so easily coerces us out of alignment. How can we adjust and re align? Join us for our discussion.Bevies:@husband_in_law introduces us to Sweet & Spicy herbal tea. We take it with a dash of creamerWell Looky Here:Britt: @maulib Open Honest Conversations IGTV seriesCassaundra: Baggu Reusable Bag
Laura Nelson Herndon is president and co-founder of Seed Beauty where she oversees strategy, research and development, sales, and marketing. Laura co-founded Seed Beauty with her business partner and brother, John Nelson, in 2014 after identifying an opportunity for a new model in the cosmetics industry. After only three years, Seed Beauty has become known for the popularity of its brands, You may have heard of ColourPop and Kylie Cosmetics, just to name a few of her brands.We think you will love learning about what inspires and drives her, what her company values are, how she measures her success, how she is pivoting during the pandemic and current social climate as well as insight on finding balance with work and family life. We found ourselves fascinated with her every word! We felt so lucky to interview such a boss in the biz and we know you love supporting women in leadership roles as much as we do! Cribs Tour of Seed BeautySeed BeautyColourPopFourth Ray BeautyKylie CosmeticsKKW BeautySOL BodyBevies: Lauras Bevie: Red Solo Cup and Sugar Free Red BullBritt and Aunge: SteezWell Looky Here:Laura: Body Milk Coming to Fourth Ray for Holiday
Join us as we discuss some of our favorite "Katie-isms". The things that Byron Katie teaches have been life changing for us as we have stretched our mind in an effort to understand what she is offering.We hope that it can touch your heart and alleviate suffering.If you want to look or read:thework.comInstagram byron.katieLoving What is If you want to listen:Super Soul ConverstionsUnder the Skin, Episode #78Jody Moore’s podcast Episode #94 Brooke Castillo’s Episode #10Ernest Holm SvendsenBevies:The Mahterian MocktailKombucha/soda water of choice/fresh fruit/citrusStanley TumblerWell Looky Here:Cassaundra: Mom Come Pick Me Up SweatshirtBritt: Peleton Fav'sCody RigsbyTunde OyeneyinJess Sims
Dr. Jennifer Edwards is a wellness coach. She loves sharing real life challenges and joys and learning together how to keep wellness first as we build our lives, families, businesses, and careers. We learned so much from her. She is knowledgable, practical, and creative! We know you will love her!Dr. Jennifer Edwards How to Book Dr. EdwardsRefinne SkincareDetoxifying Charcoal MaskBeviesJennifer: water with apple cider vinegarBritt & Cassaundra: AHA sparkling water Green Tea and CitrusWell Looky Here:Jennifer: Wellness checklist, GardeningBritt: Rustic Dime MasksCassaundra: The Health Tour, Alyson Simply Grows
How can you start now, like today, even during a pandemic, creating a home that feels like a spiritual sanctuary?Nicole Davis has such a beautiful aesthetic, but you can feel through the photos she posts of her clients homes that there is more there. A personalized stamp on each project. Nicole is a single Mama, who owns her interior firm and helps people feel more connected in their homes she creates the perfect backdrop. She offers us a simple 6 step plan to shop our own home and start creating a sanctuary so that we can have the opportunity for sacred moments amidst the chaos of life.BeviesNicole:Yogi Tea ComboKava Stress ReliefCinnamon Vanilla Healthy SkinAdd honey and creamer Cassaundra:Water with 2 drops of Lemon OilBritt:Refresh-mint Tazo TeaWell Looky HereNicole: Diffuser with Basil, Grapefruit, OrangeCassaundra: Artemesia PillsSiyah OrganicsBritt: Browned Butter for Chocolate Chip CookiesNicole Davis InstagramNicole Davis Interiors 
In this episode we go through the steps it takes to create a spiritual sanctuary in your mind. What makes an experience spiritual for you and how can you tone that spiritual muscle?A spiritual sanctuary is somewhere that you can bring your burdens… you bring your mind and heart and connect with yourself and your higher power. It is where you feel the most clarity and wholeness. It’s a safe space for you. It’s a safe space to ask yourself in depth questions, self reflect on your spiritual needs and those around, it can be a space where you can hit pause and really look at what is going on in your soul. We can’t think of a better place for a sanctuary then your home. Britt: Yes, and that feels so necessary right now. I really need a spiritual studio in my house, you know? Or like a consciousness condo, or a Levetation Loft or something hahah. A place to go mentally and spiritually to gain some connection, not that you can’t have a spiritual experience in your car or something, I for sure have, but theres something about setting the mood. Some of us haven’t attended our regular church meetings together for awhile now, and really, over the past bit we have all learned that church should support our home based spirituality rather than home supporting a church based spirituality. BEVIESBetter Booch - Kombucha drinkThe House Witch WELL LOOKY HEREBritt: Hershel fanny packCassaundra: Baggu fanny pack                       501 Levi Mid Thigh Shorts
Pain and Belonging

Pain and Belonging


This episode is about the pain that is associated with not feeling like you belong. Feeling left out or too different, is unfortunately not something that is exclusive to children. We discuss what the experts say about managing the pain and have gained a much better understanding of what it really means to "belong" anyway. Join us!Bevies:Cassaundra: Ice MakerBritt: Oli Pop Strawberry vanilla sodaBrene Brown: Braving the WildernessStudy that shows how the brain is distressed by exclusion. Why Rejection HurtsRejectionBelonging in the workplaceWorthiness and BelongingBrene Brown:"As it turns out, men and women who have the deepest sense of true belonging are people who also have the courage to stand alone when called to do that. They are willing to maintain their integrity and risk disconnection in order to stand up for what they believe in," Brown said.Brown said that when we "fit in" as opposed to "belong," we acclimate to the situation instead of standing for our authentic self. We are more sorted than we have ever been in the history of the U.S. We have built ideological bunkers. We are more likely now to live with, worship with, and go to school with people who are politically and ideologically likeminded," Brown said.While logic may suggest that this "sorting" results in more people feeling a sense of belonging, Brown warns these connections are "counterfeit.""It's not real connection. All it is – I call it 'common enemy intimacy,' the only thing we have in common is we hate the same people," Brown said. "We're becoming more lonely as we're becoming more Balkanized."  The solution, as Brown sees it, is to focus on what connects us as human”Well Looky Here:Cassaundra: Freedom Moses Crock-in-stockBritt:Lulu 6" bikers
Today we discuss grief and pain. These tough emotions can help us with connection and love, if we allow it. Sometimes we are the ones with the pain and sometimes we are comforting someone we love. What should we say and do? What shouldn't we say? Join us today as we discuss!Bevies:Cassaundra: Perk Energy Brittney: Salted Caramel Unimate FuelWell Looky Here:Cassaundra: The Color AmberBrittney: Skin BaeResources:Letter to a Grieving Heart by Billy Sprague“No one can talk the pain away, grief drains most words of their power anyway” “My friend walked right into the agony with me. That’s what friends do.”10 Best and Worst Things to Say to Someone in GriefUnlocking Us with David KesslerDavid Kessler “ your loss is the hardest loss”“Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded.  Its a relationship between equals, it becomes real when we recognize our true humanity”.-Pema Chodran"Grief is the salve that helps us to heal"- Steven EastmondRefuge in Grief: Some things cannot be fixed, they can only be carried.Jody Moore Mourning with those who mourn: “Each of us individually is the best source of the answers and the way through our pain. The way through it lives within each of us” Isaiah 53: 4-5 “surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows; yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33Elder Orson F. Whitney wrote: “No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. It ministers to our education, to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude, and humility. … It is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire.”1“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” Victor Hugo ( Les Miserables)Help Me Live- 20 Things people with cancer want you to know by Lori Hope
Hi! Today we discuss negative space and how it is so necessary to balance positive space in art, in our homes, in our brains and in our overall awareness! This is our first episode in a  mini series where we will discuss creating a sanctuary in your home. This sanctuary we want to talk about is not just an aesthetic thing, its a mental thing and a spiritual thing.BeviesCassaundra: Perk Energy Chai LatteBrittney: Matcha Focus Well Looky HereCassaundra: Brene Brown Unlocking UsBrittney: Grounding Oil Young Living
A Quick Hello

A Quick Hello


We will be back next week with a regular episode. We hope everyone is healthy and safe out there! Be well!
We are currently social distancing during a world wide pandemic! But we think if we consider the 3 Wells, your body, mind, and soul, it's possible to find peace amid the chaos. Who do we want to be in times of crisis? Let's discuss!Harvard articleJody Moore EpisodeBevies:Cassaundra: Lemon WaterBrittney: Pukka nightime latte Well Looky Here:Cassaundra: Palo Santo and SageBrittney: Transformhq appAlso see: Episode 9: Surrender is a Mental ActionEpisode 12: The Stories We Tell OurselvesEpisode 13: Eat Well, Sleep Well, Be Well
bevies:Cassaundra: Starbucks iced chai tea latteBritt: starbucks iced passion tea 5 steps to handling difficult emotions even when they suck:1. Life is halvers. 50/502. This too shall pass3. What emotion is this really?4. Identify where it is in your body and what it feels like and just be aware. 5. Take some time to backtrack and figure out the driving thought. Well Looky Here:Cassaundra, podcasts for the family vacations. The Fenom Effect by NikeThe Only Way is Through Britt: Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History 
SHOW NOTESEmpower Body Care Do you have muscle pain, joint pain, cramps, jaw tension, or even psoriasis or eczema? Today we talk to a CBD Guru Trista Okel, who teaches us why we shouldn’t be afraid of CBD and all of it’s amazing benefits! Trista is the owner of a small Portland based LGBTQ women owned and opporated business. The company, Empower Body Care launched in 2013 but she made her first formula back in 2004 when she was trying to help her Mother.BeviesTrista: Wild Sweet Orange Britt & Cassaundra Petal Drink  Well Looky HereTrista: The Pitch Podcast How Built ThisCassaundra Target Throw Bed BrittCoconut Collaborative Yogurt 
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