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Dr. Jeanette welcomes Shawn Murphy from Switzerland, author of Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing, to explore the journey through the abyss of consciousness we are now in.Today, we are expanding our human, spiritual, and soul being. Our consciousness is challenging us to hold on to the past and old ways or open up to a different way of existing with new tools and beliefs. The abyss is the transition period we are taking as humans transforming from dense human forms locked in story and history to light energy beings with unlimited potential to explore.What was, what is, is no longer. What is the next step? Is it a step off, down, or into the unknown? Are you ready? Perhaps you are already far along your way and you haven't even realized it. When you know you are being guided, you are there for a purpose, and the old way of being is no longer you, then the door behind you closes and there is no going back. Along your path, you may encounter different types of energy forms, such as ghosts or dark energy and feel great fear to stop you in your tracks. All energy, dark and light, have a place in this world. All beings in human and spirit form are a part of this universe. All feelings and emotions are free to be explored and let go, just as the truths and beliefs that hold us back.Are you ready to start dancing in the abyss and untether your story?For more information on Shawn, visit: For a free newsletter and book from Dr. Jeanette, visit: Dr. Jeanette is a spiritual and wellness guide who supports you in navigating expanding consciousness, healing from past traumas, and exploring your ancestral lineage. Check her website for a 50% off coupon for your first visit.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Karen Schultz, author of Little Karen and The Egyptian Priestess: How My Higher Self Healed My Childhood, to share her journey through devastating events to be the woman she is today.How do we get over the hurdles, traumas, and sinkholes of life? What if we repress the emotions or deny the experience we had in early childhood? Are you an adult in later life and now feeling like you can bust open to release all your pains and hurts that were secrets of the past?Who is your guide or support system to help you heal with compassion, love, and understanding? "It is not about who you are, it is what you have traversed through in time" , says Dr. Jeanette, that is necessary to start your journey of self exploration and healing. To see the experiences for what they were, experiences, is the first step.Can you find the ancestral link that your soul has journeyed from? What ancient times have you traversed? Perhaps you are having an awareness of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, or Greece and a story line starts to play out in your dreams or meditation time. These times are important to reflect on for the process of soul fragment restoration and knowing you are an eternal soul in a short lifetime. Are you ready to release the old stories and difficulties that have held you back or stopped you in your tracks? Healing is but a breath away if you choose to open the window and let your heart breathe. You are safe and it is going to be ok, take a moment to reach out and find a guide to support your journey.For more information on Karen Schultz and her work, visit: www.LittleKarenPriestess.comFor a free newsletter and book from Dr. Jeanette, visit: Dr. Jeanette helps you navigate the process of healing from traumas, life events, grief or sudden loss in this lifetime. Be sure to capture her 50% off coupon for a session.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Sally Gallot-Reeves, author of The Soul Garden Pathway Discovery Guide, to explore the connections we have in nature to our own spiritual growth in awakening.How do we nourish our heart, soul, mind, and body in this lifetime with such grand transitions of energy and spirituality? What are we growing and nourishing within ourselves? This is the time for transitioning from the caterpillars we have been and working hard on the earth, to the butterflies that can now fly free on the cosmic winds. We are on warp speed of knowing, evolving and expanding our consciousness. As we watch what grows in our gardens, we see the seeding to flourishing cycles that are showing us how to evolve. Are you watching the magical movie playing out each day around you?How does fear cloud the path we wish to walk on in learning and growing in this lifetime? Is there a way engage fear, see it for what it holds, and let it fly free without holding us back in our happiness?'Intuition is the angelic conversation with you', says Sally. Can you go beyond your own thinking mind and communicate with nature around you?For more information on Sally and her work visit: or www.SoulGardenPathway.comFor a free newsletter and book from Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette helps guide you on your soul expansion pathway, while sharing tips to navigate the human and spiritual challenges we see each day. Her sessions take you on a journey to dance in the ethers of your dreams. Check her website for a 50% off coupon for your first session.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Marcela Benson, author of Peace, Love and Vegetables: Recipes for Conscious Living, to share how to develop a connection with the food we partake in everyday."a love affair with food, nature, and the environment in which we live to nourish the body, mind and soul, is the goal of life" says Dr. Jeanette.Marcela's book is a creatives dream on the topic with drawings, photos, descriptions, recipes, and stories to engage you in a beautiful energy wave that envelopes your spirit.We romance with nature for a deep connection with food to nourish our body as we grow and prepare it with loving hands and honor it's presence to enhance our health in this lifetime.What a beautiful existence!For more information on Marcela visit: www.Marcela.loveFor a free newsletter and book from Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette helps you find ways to connect the body, mind and spirit in health as we are evolving each day on this great spiritual adventure. Illness, disease, death, and healing are all topics that Dr. Jeanette shares on her website and through many other shows on her radio page. Sign up for her newsletter and receive a coupon on your first session.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Karen Frazier, author of The Ultimate Guide to Psychic Abilities, to share how to open up psychic abilities if you are ready become aware.Senses, knowing, abilities, intuition, gifts, psychic abilities; what are we opening up to, are we sensing different things, are we finally recognizing energy healing and our bodies are energy organisms? What is the label you are starting to explore that defines what you are feeling these days?The Clairs, astral travel, multidimensional engagement, past life knowing, and navigating your world today; how do you engage with it, how do you find others that know something about it and how do you have a conversation that is meaningful?Are you willing to be open to a new way of thinking and being in this world?For more information on Karen and her other works visit: www.AuthorKarenFrazier.comFor a free newsletter and book from Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette offers casual conversation sessions to help you define where you are, how to open your gifts and abilities, while exploring the world through different eyes. Check out her website for a coupon on your first session.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Mark E. Scott, author of Drunk Log: A Novel Path to Suicide, to explore the character in his novel that uses alcohol to drive what he experiences in his life.Are you screaming to be saved, wishing someone could reach inside and pull out your pain, or is your regrets suitcase bursting at the seams? Perhaps alcohol is the driver of your life; it takes you to places you have never been before, its smell is enticing to bring you further into a stupor, and it may also take you to walk the bridge and sway to see what power really is all about. This novel is a perfect segway to speak to teens or those who are having an issue with alcohol but refuse to see themselves differently than what their mind projects. A novel can offer the reader to follow along a journey and see themselves in the pages of the chapters as they unfold.What are you willing to see, deny, or push away until you too, are standing on the bridge? Who will save you, will they come in time, and will they forgive you for being the person you have been for years? What if the only person there is to save you is yourself? Can you scream loud enough for anyone to hear?The Drunk Log is a written process to chart your drinking habits, places, drinks, thoughts, dreams, regrets and people you interact with. If you cannot write your own, perhaps a loved one will be your ride along and be the writer for you, documenting the way in which you are unfolding in your life of making alcohol the only savior you can find.If there is ever any question that you are drinking too much, don't wait for an event to stop you in your tracks, get help now. Ask for help. For more information on Mark visit: www.MarkEScottAuthor.comFor a free newsletter and healing book from Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette is well versed and can provide a healing conversation if you wish to share what challenges you are having in your life. She has decades of personal experiences and offers support conversations regardless of where you are in life at this time. Even if you are an elder and alcohol has always been around, but now, you are looking for a change, ask for help. Sessions are available on the website and download the 50% off coupon.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ann Beckham Gainey, author of The God Chair: One Thousand Days of Pain with Purpose, to share how she found a deeper connection with God in her everyday life.Are you seeking a miracle, healing, or answer to your prayers and feel like no one is listening to you? What is our inner guidance, how do we tune in, how do we pay attention and where does that sense of 'hearing or knowing God' come from?Sometimes we ask what is the source; God, spirit, our minds, or just chatter in the brain.Are you trying to connect with God to get out of your pain you are suffering with, wanting to feel normal or better, or perhaps seeking a new way of living that is comfortable and familiar? Perhaps time in the chair to connect with God on a daily basis is the first step to finding your way our of your darkness by creating a heartfelt connection with the power that gave you life.For more information on Ann visit: www.AnnBGaineyauthor.comFor a free newsletter and book from Dr. J visit: Dr. Jeanette offers spiritual healing and soul guidance sessions for connecting with your body, mind and spirit in times of distress, disease, pain, suffering, or life challenges. Download her free book and receive a 50% off coupon to share your thoughts and heart pains with her for help and guidance. Scheduling is open for the summer months via her website.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Tosin King James, author of Soul-Fullness, A 21-Day Do-It-Yourself Program for Spiritual Healing, Prophecy, Dream Study, Inner Guidance, and Total Mastery, to share the signs of our spiritual evolution, one moment in this time.The source of everything is the unit of spirit; the soul. How are you navigating your days and are you connecting your heart and spirit to source energy? We are now navigating the bridge between human and soul; how are we evolving? What are the barriers to our soul expansion and how can we see our part in the collective?Are we living from a cosmic quantum awareness, or from the old theory, validation and reproducibility paradigm of reality?What is soulfulness? We see and hear, feed to the mind, then process the information, and finally make decisions based on what is pushed out as the truth or belief. So how can we operate from a different template to expand our awareness and be more soulful? We are now at the point of collective awareness, and once you step into the new paradigm, you need a new perspective, a new sense of eyes, a new sense of knowing, as it is from spirit and soul that you navigate which is not from the old human paradigm.For more information on Tosin and his work, visit: www.TosinKingJames.comFor a free newsletter and book from Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette helps you navigate the Human Soul expansion through storytelling, healing practices, and spiritual teachings. For a session with Dr. J, visit her website, and download the 50% off coupon for your first session. Her work is accessible globally, as it is via telephone. Check it out today!
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ned Burwell, author of Be Love: A Book About Awakening, to share his spiritual journey to love. Our experiences, our stories, our scars and our joys are all important to share and hold as reverent in the soul journey. What do you hold deep in your heart that wishes to be touched and held? Can you let go of the struggles and pain to make room for the spirit that wishes to dance and love?What is love? Are we love already? Are we trying to find 'it', in someone else, something, or some place? Are we living from an outside existence or an inner space and time of our eternal being?What is the awakening all about? Do we compare stories, or share them to find a safe place to land?Cosmic consciousness, can you live from the ethers and opening up your doors to the new energy that is flowing?"Darkness as the silence phase in us, as where the light gathers", shares Ned. Is the creative phase the darkness, or is the space that we create, free of all energy? How essential is darkness to the process of engaging the light?What are thoughts and emotions; is there a time when you get stuck in a phase and look longingly at the others but do not know how to traverse the plain and get there?Be Love Book is about the love of life, human, others, emotions, needs and the process we are currently in as expanding our spiritual being.For more information on Ned visit: www.UMatter.caFor a free newsletter, gentle healing book, and information on Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. J offer sessions to explore the soul journey and how it affects your health, mind and spirit. If you feel like there is something so much more in life and you just can't seem to dance with it each day, schedule a session to 'dance in the ethers' and share your story to find a beautiful life that has unfolded for you. Check Dr. J website.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Walter Wolf, author of The Right Rehab, to discuss the process from the first stumble in ones life with alcohol and/or drugs, to the abuse and destruction of one's life from the substance. How do you save yourself or a loved one?What is the right rehab; the best road to walking through your life challenging story? How do you step away from the people around you to find the right people to guide you to changing your life? When you feel alone in the debris of your life, what are the pieces you need to keep and what are the pieces you need to burn behind you? How can you find a place to rest, learn, dry out, pick up the pieces, and make a better you, when you feel like you don't have money for services, insurance that is golden, people to get you there, or a will deep inside yourself that will hold your feet to the fire to take the next step? Can you save yourself? Can you find a way?You can do this! This is an experience you are going through in your life! You are important and life can change one breath at a time! Dr. Jeanette and Walter promise you, there is a way!Please ask for help, find people to talk to, places to go, and walk through the fire to find a new you. You are an important person having a difficult road, ask for help.Regardless of your age, time in life, other issues in your life story, or even if you are close to your End of Life, you can find someone to talk to that will hold your heart and soul. Dr. Jeanette is here for support. Ask.For more information on Walter and his services visit: www.TheRightRehab.comFor a free newsletter, gentle healing book, and session coupon with Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette has experienced all types of abuse in her life and her work connects you to the heart of your soul that wants help. She is a medical intuitive and Naturopath who listens to your life story, engages in conversation to release the secrets box and supports you on your healing journey. For a session coupon and to schedule, click on her website today!
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Brenda Faatz and Peter Trimarco to share their new children's book Now What? with us. A New Age children's book that allows the engagement of the reader and child to bring the story into the present moment. What is a New Age children's book and how can the reader inspire a child to create a story of their life from words or pictures within a book? What story will the reader share with the child and can imagination span generations of story telling?How do you nurture a child's world without boundaries; by allowing them to take us on a magical journey of possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. Can you allow a child to drive the magical thread of life and see what dreams are made of?What fun can children create when given an empty slate, an empty box, or a moment in time without toys that influence a certain type of play; is that box really empty? For more information on Brenda and Peter visit: or www.NotableKidsPublishing.comFor a free newsletter and gentle healing book from Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Melissa Mullamphy, to share her story of being a patient advocate for her mother and all the hardships they both went through to the end of days and beyond. Melissa's new book is Not in Vain; A Promise Kept in which she shares the story from diagnosis to healing after her mother's death.What is the experience at end of life from either a sudden onset of disease or long term caring for a loved one? What does the physical body go through and how can you watch a loved one change and fade away? What happens when the choice of doing and seeking medical interventions is met with challenges of cost, access, or getting the right care hits the concept of saving loved ones with all the help that is possible in the healthcare system? What happens when there are no medical interventions available and you sit waiting with broken heart and soul, experiencing the death process?How can you make sense of death, if all your life, you have been running from it and denied its existence? What happens when darkness, pain, suffering, grief, loss, and downright life breaking moments take over? How do you support another but still, how do you support yourself in the process?What is an advocate and how can you take on the process, navigate the experience, and take care of self in the choices or life breaths that are taken away? Do you let yourself also walk the loved one to death's door and maybe decide you too should go through it?Dr. Jeanette has been a patient advocate for decades and shares her words here in conversation with Melissa, who helped her mother through the process. There are many challenges to even listen to the words if you too have had a loss, but there are ways to heal and honor souls after death. Are you ready to hear the moments?For more information on Melissa visit: www.MelissaMullamphy.comFor a free newsletter, gentle healing book, and session coupon with Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette supports you through disease, health, death, grief, loss, and healing with many tools that will allow you to be one with body, mind and soul of our present existence. Schedule your healing session today, if you have lost a loved one, experience the process too many times, find you are broken and cannot move forward, have suffered a great loss and grief is still around, or you just want to talk. Many sessions are available, please review options on the website:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Charles Schoen, author and father of Charlie Schoen, who lives life with great disabilities every day and shares his story in a New Age Children's book. Father and son are on a life long adventure to enjoy every breath of life that is available to them and show others how to explore and create a beautiful existence, regardless of the path you are taking. Charles has written a series of books called Adventures with Charlie, where Charlie goes to school, to the Waffle House, and the half marathon.What did we expect, what did we receive and how did that play out for you, when the idea of having a child enters your life? How can you see life for what it is, accept the beautiful gift from God, and find a new way of living life, regardless of deep seated stories and dreams? Charles shares how he found tools to access what he needed to help his son prosper in this lifetime, and find a greater purpose to his life in the process.Charles said 'this is my child, special needs and all, and where ever he can go, I can go with him and share his story of life'. Charlie is a true soul, given God light to share with others, and spreads unconditional love to everyone he sees by sharing his energy and smile.What a great gift to the world!Charlie has physical, mental and speaking challenges but he still communicates and interacts with others just with his presence. He is a ray of sunshine, flying down the street as a streak, spreading all of his light.If you have a child with disabilities, or struggling with your child in his present existence, reach out to Charles, and see how he has helped his child and what his programs are to help other children, visit: and www.alckids.orgFor a free newsletter, healing book, and information on Sessions with Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Donald Hricik to take us on a journey through medical twists, family drama, and environmental dangers in his new novel Toxic Affairs on Hidden Lane. The character and adventures in this book can be anyone of us at anytime in our life, as we have experienced the last five decades of life pre internet. What kind of secrets were we keeping and how have we created stories that would chill you to the bone? What is the poison; people, places, secrets, or toxins? How does dioxin play out in the story and can it really be this sinister?Marital infidelity is also a poison to the heart, can anyone be this devious?The novel triggers all kinds of questions about family, end of life, power of attorney, assisted living, poisons by family members, toxins in the environment or given by poison, sexuality, lies, betrayal and crimes. A novel jam packed from page one to the end that keeps you engrossed in each detail to not miss a step!Can you find the villain, the perpetrator, and the criminal?A wonderful weekend read, check it out!For more information on Dr. Hricik and his other books, visit: www.DonaldHricik.comFor a free newsletter, book, session coupon, and other specials from Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette offers guided support for End of Life time, health challenges, and spiritual healing sessions. Check out her Healing Through Storytelling and Sharing sessions!
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Louis Conte, author of The Book of Sasquatch, to discuss how we can step into another character to explore our being in this world but not of it.The novel takes us through the journey to the spirit, the soul, and the other side of the veil, from the inside story, the essence, and see what the world is made of. Can you step into an altered universe and see the world for what it is? The humans, the child with autism, the shaman, and Sasquatch, take us on their each individual journey through the mind, body, and perception of life as it appears to them in the present moment of time.How can we see life from a different perspective, respect others for their knowing, and engage with them in the present state of existence we are all in? How are we ascending and traversing the fields of dimensional frequencies while still holding a form of the old density?Can life be a different way if we do not feel threatened or need to compete to be seen, heard, or validated in this human story dogma? Does many need to conquer, destroy, explore, or define the existence of Sasquatch? Are we in fear of that which we do not know and must destroy all figments of any question that would allow us to explore a theory about some other being of existence?What is Sasquatch, shamans, and children with Autism, have gifts of a higher perspective on how to navigate a soul journey while being in human form? Why are we questioning everything as if the human is the only way to be and everything else must go away, be drugged down, or put away? Who is the superior being or do we all have a different aspect of self that is yet to unfold? Can we stand in the moment in time and just observe in awareness of all possibilities?For more information on Louis google search The Book of Sasquatch.For a free newsletter and book from Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette helps you explore your spiritual path, in all dimensions of time and place, and opens you up to the gifts and possibilities that you can explore in your life. Sign up for a session coupon and schedule today! Healing Through Storytelling and Sharing!
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Despo Pishiri from Dubai, to share her new book From Darkness To Light: Discover The Secret Of Who You Really Are, And Heal Your Body, Mind And Spirit. Today, we will be talking about how we are evolving, hitting walls in our human experience, and creating a whole new existence that has never been seen before in our human knowing.What is our secret journey from darkness to light, human to soul, to finding the spirit within, the right to the wrong, the truth and the beliefs all about? How are you navigating the bigger questions of a human existence with a spiritual soul evolution?We have been evolving and many have not even noticed the process, tossed their challenges off as what ever is going round, but many are finding some deep connections to something greater than our vocabulary or physical judgement can explain in terms of our mind knowing.How does religion shift with the current circumstances in global conditions to morph the story being told from God, source, or cosmic essence and create something that people can hold on to within the frame work of faith, hope, fear, and dogma?What is your awakening all about? This is not 'who I am', as we are so much bigger than this, as a soul with many lives and we only see our temporary personality at this time that allows us to be 'in' the world at this moment in time.Dr. Jeanette and Despo share stories of the soul journey and existence of evolution in our present time.For more information on Despo visit: www.DespoPishiri.comFor a free newsletter, session coupon, book and articles from Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette offers support and guidance to navigate your soul journey regardless of the frequency level you are holding today. Schedule your Healing through Storytelling and Sharing today!
Dr. Jeanette welcomes researcher and humanitarian Tom Paladino to share his work with Scalar Light. What is scalar light and how can it help you heal in body, mind and spirit?We talk about energy frequencies, electromagnetic energy, cosmic energy and the vital life force of which are all spinning at full force right now in our existence. What energy forms are not great for health and which ones can we harness to help bring balance directly to the cells of our body? What is the zero point and why is it important to engage in its frequency at this time in our lives?What if there is another way to support you in finding healing that has never been presented to you in all the times you have sought answers to your questions?How can we clear the noise, reduce the inference we are bombarded with, decrease the toxins in our body, clear a path to health, and create a new way of living that will encourage us to make better choices and rejuvenate our human organism.Scalar light is the universal life force of our auric field and the primal force in the universe. Time to heal from a whole different knowing of existence.For more information on Tom and his work, visit: and access a free 15 day trial to experience Scalar Light Energy Healing.For a free newsletter, gentle healing book, and session coupon with Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette offer sessions to support you in opening your heart, find ways to nourish body and soul, and guide you to heal from within while still being in this life at this tumultuous time. Schedule your Healing Through Storytelling and Sharing session today.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Victoria Mavis to share her story of rising up from her disability story of pain and suffering through story sharing. Her new book is Every Scar Tells a Story.Victoria has written this book through sharing her story with her co-author and friend Angelo Senese, who is also speaking with us today. He has encouraged her to open her heart and share her life story as he provided a safe place for her anguish to land and be transformed.As a retrospective journey of Victoria's life, she needed to face emotional issues and challenges of her disability. Recently, Victoria noticed her gift of sharing from her heart has allowed others to see the real person inside her spirit and perhaps, help others find the path to compassion and empathy for all people, regardless of their physical, emotional, or mental challenges in this lifetime.What are the judgements we make about people when we explore only the surface of their presentation? How do bullies affect your self esteem and self preservation? Why are you feeling you are not good enough?How is the world we live in so hard on people who are not perfect or like them in all ways? What is your contribution to the world, regardless of the challenges you face each day? What if your disability is your gift to the world, can you carry the torch and allow others to become more than they have ever thought to be?For more information on Victoria visit: www.VictoriaMavis.comFor a free newsletter, gentle healing book, articles and coupon code from Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette allows you to open your heart, give wings to your pain or suffering stories, and support you in finding healing from deep within. Schedule your Healing Through Storytelling and Sharing session today.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Tiffanie Tate Moore to share her life story of hardships and near death experiences to become the woman she is today. She is the author of FloweTry - A Collection of 108 Poetic Flows on Life, Love, and Liturgical Issues. Dr. Moore begins her life story with growing up in Compton, Calif. in a family of abuse, addiction, and danger everyday. She found ways to work through each day and be guided to a better life of helping others through her medical career. Then, when she was feeling this was her life path, it too, was taken from her and she questioned what God had planned for her.How can we transform our lives, when we were born into difficult circumstances, seemed to make the right choices in life, and then continue to experience the ups and downs of learning what is in store for us each day? Is there a divine plan? Are we fumbling around and just walking the path in the darkness? How can we feel love, joy and pain all at the same time?God has shown us all many miracles this lifetime, but it takes a loving heart to turn around and feel them through our being, right to the heart. What is your joy today?For more information on Dr. Moore visit Instagram at: Dr. Tiffanie Tate MooreFor a free gentle healing book, newsletter, articles and session coupon from Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette offers a safe place to land, compassionate listening, and inspirational support to guide you through what ever you are experiencing at this time. Use the coupon for your first session today!
Taking the pulse on today's energies with Dr. Jeanette Gallagher and Patricia Love.How are we navigating our days when we are evolving spiritually, physically, and emotionally within a world of chaos and crisis? What are the tools we need to see that what is happening, is an experience, and not the crushing blow to our identity or our soul?Where are we going, what is happening in the world, and why are we being challenged? We were born into this world decades ago, and life has it own set of rules then. We followed them, took the lessons and bumps, and rose to the top as we climbed many life ladders. Now, the ladders are broken, life stories have no meaning, and the template we were following has been crushed. What is life about now?How can you change your entire being to reflect a more compassionate being, an evolved soul, and a seeker by nature in the present life climate?Dr. J and Patricia share many stories of life, tips on navigation, and hurdles along the path of 2022. Everyone has their unique story and today, we share how to open the windows to allow the energy to flow and clean out the old.For more information on Patricia Love visit: www.PatriciaLove.comFor a free guided healing book, newsletter, articles and session coupon from Dr. Jeanette visit: Dr. Jeanette offers a soft place to land, listens to your story, and provides healing steps to help you navigate this new life process. Schedule today and use the coupon for your first visit.
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