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Author: Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

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Wellness Radio with Dr. J is a philosophical and esoteric journey on how to recognize the Body, Mind and Spirit oneness through awakening and expanded consciousness while being in this human moment in time. It is also about taking the tether lines back from those you attached to engage in this world, drawing your energy back to your inner self, and learning new ways to navigate with the human body and all the challenges it presents. Health and wellness may be words we can understand, however, they are taking on a new meaning today as we see ourselves from a different perspective. Who are we, what are we made of, and how do we choose to explore this life experience? Are you ready to dance in the ethers and let go of all the old ways that are now holding you back?

What is the world we live in, how can we see with new eyes, can we let go and heal all aspects of self, and can we step up to be the people we were meant to become this lifetime? How do we see our human body as also evolving and find new ways to care for the challenges the body seems to be projecting throughout our decades of life?

Now is the time! Dr. Jeanette is a visionary who can 'see' beyond the words, we speak, the pains we suffer, and the longing we seek in our body, heart, and soul. She shares, in casual conversation with her guests, the many paths we can explore to expand our moments in time. Nothing to hit you over the head or break your open to never find the pieces; it is a gentle walk through the mind and heart strings.

The show is meant to dance with our life experiences and bring inspiration, hope, faith, and compassion to our conscious knowing at this time in our lives.

We promise to tell stories, have a laugh, walk the path with you and cry a few tears at any given moment. We got you! Why? Dr. Jeanette has been there, fallen on the path, excavated fears and emotions from the gut, wailed for eons in time, and felt left alone in the desert of time. She has turned every rock, defined every cloud, and pour oceans of tears over her decades of life and continues each day to see what is next in this expansion of life.

The soul journey is not for the faint of heart but to find the strength from within, one heart cell at a time, to beat for the next breath.

Topics covered on the show can range from children's books and End of Life to paranormal and body health support. You will not find politics here, nor will you find 'the way'. You will be exploring a concept that allows you to open your thoughts and be set out on your seeker path. May you find the next step, and if that plunges you into the abyss, I hope you find you always had wings! Be the powerful spiritual being that is bringing all lifetimes together in human form, to activate a more cohesive and compassionate society in this century.

I hope you are supported and guided by the words shared on this radio show over the last decade. My growth and the words of my guests have expanded eons within that time. I almost do not recognize myself even from last week as the cosmic consciousness is on warp speed.

Thank you for joining me here and exploring our present moment, one sparkling light at a time, and showing up. Stand tall, even if it is from within. Be well and much love to you.

Dr. Jeanette

Dr. Jeanette is a medical intuitive, visionary, spiritual teacher, Naturopath, and psychic medium this lifetime. Her abilities and gifts have been open since before her birth, and she expanded her education and experiences one event at a time. Through all the human story, she has retained her wings, and shares stories of her multidimensional life. She engages with others regardless of the hurdles they are deep in, or the moment of time their path is presenting, to assist them in opening to a great awareness of their power and soul. Her work holds you in a healing space from birth, through death, and beyond. To experience a session with her, will take you to a...

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835 Episodes
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Leonard Perlmutter, author of YOUR CONSCIENCE: The Key to Unlock Limitless Wisdom and Creativity and Solve All of Life's Challenges to explore what goes round in your head.What is our mind, our thoughts, and our conscience? Where is the information coming from that shows up as what we are about or what we should do? Who is the driver of the ship, the outside world or the inner knowing of our 'what'?What is going on in this brain of ours; the cosmic energy or the communication of our inner connections to some knowing at this moment in time?Are we tapping into source energy? Can we start looking within self for answers that are not from the outside? Are we now awakening with the collective momentum that is being presented today through all the challenges of the last few years?Can we learn how to parent our mind? How loud is the noise in your existence of that which you see through as the filter of your being?For more information on Leonard visit: for events, offers, and free information.For information on Dr. Jeanette visit: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Mary Joye, author of Codependent Discovery and Recovery 2.0: A Holistic Approach to Healing and Freeing Yourself, to help us see what is controlling our lives or how we are controlling others.Where are we today and what is pulling our strings? Do you feel pulled to act or react in a certain way and just wish you had a different choice? Do you feel like others are sucking the life out of you and you truly have no control to stop them?How are we tethered; to the cosmos, our jobs, our relationships, our past lives, our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our beliefs and that which we claim as the 'truth'?Many tether these days to have a sense of community, family, loved ones or just a deep need for survival. How can we discover the pull on our energy and be in awareness of why it is there, what purpose?Can we 'uncouple' and let go of the chains that seem to bind us?What is a toxic relationship and how are they imprinting and navigating in the same place, like an overlay of our sense of self? Do we no longer know who we are?For more information on Mary visit: www.WinterHavenCounseling.comFor a free newsletter, book, articles, and session coupon from Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Pietro Emanuele Garbelli, author of The Doctor's Voice - Empowering Solutions to Physicians' Frustrations, Burnout and Healthcare Inefficiences, to discuss the turmoil in healthcare that imploded the last few years.Can we be the voice? Can we create a different tribe? We need more people to make the leap, let us know how you are navigating.Do you still have confidence in the system? Have you noticed the break that occurred in medicine in the last three years that has brought the walls down around principles, beliefs, truths, and traditions that have been enforced for decades?The fight for territory is an integral part of the process of working in medicine and it has taken a toll on those who wish to do better, be better, and serve at the highest level of care for the patient.How can a compassionate, caring, healing and educated physician make their path in this decade when things around them do not support the kind of work that is undefined at this time? Are we seeking a new way to do things but the old has not fallen yet? Can two systems exist? How do you start a new system within the old? Can it be done?Is the uprising of patients speaking out about their care, and physicians speaking out about being heard as they deliver services in a clashing moment in time?For more information on Dr. Garbelli visit: www.DrGarbelli.comFor more information on Dr. Jeanette visit: She helps create teams for patients to help them navigate their health and wellness.Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes John Samuel, author of Don't Ask the Blind Guy for Direction: A 30,000 - Mile Journey for Love, Confidence, and a Sense of Belonging, to share his life journey with failing eyesight.How are we navigating our path in life? What are the potholes that are trying to take us out? What are our limitations to create change? What is your unique ability that your disability has lead you to uncover in life?What are the limitations you have in life? John has limited eyesight and he shares how he has created his life from the box of possibilities his mind brought forth. So, he did not make a life with the normal story book of rules, he followed the path what unfolded in front of him and his response to the journey.What you are really seeking is to be seen for who you are, not what you can see, perhaps, asks Dr. Jeanette.The perception of life is that we are all given the same box and path of life, but maybe what we are now being asked is ‘show me your unique box of gifts that you have been given to navigate the world’ so I can expand my awareness of this world.What is a disability? Perhaps a disability is the opportunity to share with others your unique abilities that life has not taken everyone down the same path of uncovering.For more information on John visit: www.JohnGSamuel.comFor more information on uncovering your unique gifts with Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Suzanne Worthley, author of Confident Empath - A Complete Guide to Multidimensional Empathing and Energetic Protection, to share her experiences on living an open spirit filled life. An empath, who are you, what are you all about, are you bumping into things, what is your world about, and perhaps you feel like you just can’t get yourself off the floor somedays. Where did that sense come from and what is going on with me?What is an empath all about, energy all about, and your aura?Do you have a story too about living a life that is open, energetically vibrant, and highly sensitive?Are you afraid to tell anyone about your stories and experiences for fear of being labeled as crazy, out to lunch, or just not with it?We are feeling seeing, knowing, and listening to all the different energy planes and can read or hear conversations that leave you saying repeatedly ‘do you see that, do you hear that, or did you feel that’.Every empath comes to the time when you ask the energy or experience if it is yours; and then honor the moment in time as it is showing within you for your life of service to work with the presenting story in front of you.Have you expanded into a multidimensional life experience? Do you know how to navigate all the timelines that are jumping in front of you from the past eons through the future?For more information on Suzanne visit: www.SWorthley.comFor more information or a reading on how you are navigating your world with Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ilene Grydsuk, author of Age of Resolve (Book 1): The E.V. Chronicles, to share her new novel as our end of summer read. This book will truly take you on an adventure with the character to question everything in life, what you have been told, how you make choices, and what is coming down the pike.Who is the authority and what is reality all about? Perception is reality; I am told this therefore it must be true, are you living from that principle? What is the timeline we are in and are we becoming avatars and just downloading information to abide by? What has happened in history to cause a great change that we can no longer go back to as our normal life? Is there a virus in the Biodome? Are we going to kill each other, support each other, or just cause more chaos with our anger and truths?This is an adventure into the deep, dark thoughts that we have been excavating in our stories and turmoil in society. It is a glimpse of possibilities that may appear if we become leaders that stick with it and promote change. But, what is the change we seek and how will everyone come 'into alignment' to support the whole greater good?Where is the world going?For more information on Ilene visit: www.IleneGrydsuk.comFor more information on Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Thomas Lane, author of The Karma Factor, to share his great novel for our last summer read of 2023! The character in the book takes on all the shifts appearing to his mind and soul while stepping back and seeing how things will play out in today's life. He traverses timelines that are now opening up to him and is astounded at how his regular human life has so many deja vu experiences. What happens when you open up your intuition, knowing, or seeing things in a different way and your daily life is not keeping up? Do others around you notice and do you feel like you might be losing your mind? What are the shadows of past stories that linger to be heard once more?Can we bring forth the wisdom from eons before and utilize their story to expand our own story of today as connecting in retrospect?What mysteries does the past hold, how can the questions that are unresolved come around to be scoured once again, and will this lifetime put all our old stories to rest? Might the people close to us start asking what we are seeing, hearing, sensing, and wish to have a 'piece of that' too?For more information on Thomas visit: www.ThomasLane.comFor more information on Dr. Jeanette and to experience your first spiritual awakening reading, visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Frank Forencich, author of The Enemy is Never Wrong, to share his insight on stress, energy, and the world around us.What is the resistance we are feeling; is it pressure, external sources, our own anxiety, and stress factors, and where is the energy coming from? Is it outside us and coming to us or is it inside and we don’t know where it is coming from?What is stress all about? How are we feeling coming at us, coming out of us, or popping up inside of us?There is always stress in the human experience but where does it source and how can we see it for what it is trying to tell us? Is stress the energy force that is created as we look through the filters that we have owned as what we call our life?Do animals feel stress and we call it the survival mode of an animal?Is stress not an illusion appearing real in life for humans?Can you exist in being along or do we always have to engage with others and be at the mercy of all kinds of emotions, truths, and beliefs?What is adaptation in health, nature, society, and the universal law? How have we become so desensitized over what has been influencing our health and life choices, while over sensitized to the social feedback that keeps us functioning? How do we see ourselves in the world?For more information on Frank Forencich visit: www.ExuberantAnimal.comFor more information on Dr. Jeanette and her work visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Faust Ruggiero, author of The Fix Your Anxiety Handbook, to share his tips on working through life's challenges.How are we living our lives, what are the bumps and bruises along the way, and how are we pushing through struggles in life?How do we accept the challenges of life and maybe say how do I create a different life going forward?Perhaps maybe our flow is hitting all the walls, learning what they are made out of, seeing how you can traverse through them, and seeing how you can find different ways? Can you live a unique life of accepting what is coming to you, feeling deeply for the emotions that it arises within, and sharing your story so others can take their own unique journey in life today?Are you seeking a fix, is there something wrong with you, and you are searching for the thing that will make you whole?Is it your mind, body, perspective, story, or truth that seems to be taking the reigns and containing your life in the parameters of a safe lifetime to survive the path?Can you see the false identity you have created and are you willing to let it go?For more information on Faust visit: www.FaustRuggiero.comFor more information on Dr. Jeanette and her work visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Paul Hannah, author of Shine Like the Sun, Glow Like the Moon and Flow Like Water, to share his life expansion and how you can expand your knowing this lifetime.How can you use your breath and energy to create a new existence? What is your job but to care for self and learn more about human/spiritual existence? How do we get out of the victim space but also to see free will and choice and not be stuck in the judgement?We as humans have allowed this to happen where we gave up our body, mind, and soul to others to fix us to have a perfection of body to be seen in the world where everything is right and acceptable.What we are seeking is a deeper connection with soul, self, source energy, with God and with those around us. All of that is one. Once you step out of the human story, and into the story of one, identity doesn’t matter, and you go out and be in service. This is why you are here and time to step up.The accomplishments of our soul; how do we open, how do we step into form, how do we navigate, and how do we see from within, that this is our mission in life.Human existence is getting into the sunset of life; it is disappearing, it is dissipating, and it no longer holds the joy of inner accomplishment’s, and it doesn’t even grasp the heart strings with stuff out there.For more information on Dr. Paul visit: https://www.hannahsholistichealing.comFor guided support or to have your first ever spiritual and soulful session with your spirit and Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Friedemann Schaub, author of The Empowerment Solution, to share how to navigate a new existence for self in 2023."You cannot be empowered if you are navigating a mine field", shares Dr. Jeanette. How can you start to see the past, your old ways, and what you are truly made of if you keep playing the old stories that have held you captive?The powers of the heart, mind, spirit, and the soul are being blown open wide in this century. Is the human just dragging everyone along and telling us where to go? Who is in control? Are we robots and just letting society, circumstances, and the outside world create our experience?Are we pulling along a little red wagon behind us to collect our truths, beliefs, traumas, stories, and what we feel is who we are?How do we know what is going on, how can we say that is where humanity is going, and how do we approach the ‘bridge experience’ that is now upon us? We cannot skip this phase, nor can we rationalize it away. Survival is sustaining your existence; holding you in a space and time, with a tribe, to be seen, cared for, and loved. These all come from an external source to walk through life, but eventually, when the awakening soul journey begins, you can see those learnings got you to this point, but they do not navigate your life going forward. Then, the release, letting go, and creating an existential life begins.For more information on Dr. Schaub visit: www.DrFriedemann.comFor guided support in navigating your existence or to open up and start to see yourself as the wonder of life with Dr. Jeanette visit: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Aly Bird, author of Grief Ally: Helping People You Love Cope with Death, Loss, and Grief, to share her personal story of loss.Aly shares her story of an unexpected loss that changed her life forever and how she sought help but did not find what worked for her to heal. She shares what worked for her at age 30 with a loss when programs were not available to support her.The time around loss, death, illness, loss of life’s expectations, and loss of life as it is, can be a time of great grief, deep despair, and shutting down of emotions that are over taking your mind and body.What happens when it is sudden, planned out, or appears as the life ending event we just cannot handle?Are you angry at God, other people, the loved one who is having the life altering event, and just do not know what to do?How can you help yourself and others through the process of illness and imminent death? How do you support others who really need a shoulder to lay their head on?Is grief to be hidden, shortened, and medicalized to process through? How can we engage with loss and allow the story to walk us through the human process of letting go but loving immensely?For mmore information on Aly visit: www.AlyBird.comFor support with life, death, grief, and End of Life time, Dr. Jeanette offers comfort and guidance for a safe place to explore your heart. Visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dawn Bennett-Alexander, author of The Wandering Quilt, to explore the energy we instill into our creative works.A great summer read for 2023; mystery, spirituality, soul journey, creative work, and quilting are all woven into a story line that takes you on a journey from the human perspective to the deeper soul engagement with heart.Are you ready for a journey of recognizing the spirit world and the stories that are left behind? Are you an open and awakened soul that is engaging in life on a different level of conscious engagement?When you touch a creative work, can you feel something inside of you turning to open up an emotion or drop a tear? Does a picture in your thoughts of a loved one, past moments in time, or struggles of your life come to mind?This is how you open up to something so much more in our lives that what we had been experiencing, are you ready? Perhaps you are leading with light as Dr. J is?Join with your friends and start a conversation about your deeper feelings and what you are starting to sense around you in the world. Dr. Jeanette will be starting 'Sage Wisdom' online events in September. Check her website to sign up for more information as it is released. www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comFor more information on Dawn and her new books visit: www.QuiltedHearts.worldBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Mike Prater, author of The Indentured, to explore our human experiences over centuries in story.A novel about the adventure of our soul through timelines, eons, this existence, and perhaps our past lives centuries ago. What are ancestors all about and what kind of life did they have?How did we get through the trials of the soul, embers of the heart, and shackles of the human drama; regardless of the ages, we are all on a soul journey.In this novel of centuries ago Mike shares how the characters lived, survived, struggled, and asked questions of life. Are these the same experiences we are having today?What is an indentured servant and how did they present in our ancestral lineage? Is this important to note or excavate in our history?Have we been spinning in history to have a better life and learn how to take care of family as we move about the earth? When are we going to find a better way of living and how to engage with other humans from a compassionate and loving perspective? When will the strife, struggles, and pain end?For more information on Mike's work visit: For more information on Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Adrian Johnson, author of Wishful Thinking, to inspire others to heal their hearts through words and connection to the soul.Time to drift into your thoughts and dreams to find love, peace, joy, and grace.How can you write your deepest emotions and feelings that are starting to rise from your heart these days?Can you allow yourself to start feeling what is deep inside, perhaps what you have denied or pushed down in the past? Are you running through your to do list and totally stepping away from letting the heart or soul to have a voice in your day?Poems, prose, and haiku writings are perfect words to inspire your thoughts to take a leap and open up the love or healing that you need at this time.This is a daily inspirational journey to engage a sense of energy that speaks on the whispers of your heart.For more information on Adrian visit: www.SoulfulExpressionzLLC.comFor guided suppport and healing services with Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes J R Gonzales, author of Esmeralda's Web, to share his multidimensional novel for our top summer read 2023!This book is awesome and large for our top summer read! The characters take you on an spirit journey through centures of time, current deja vu, and traversing eons of stories a soul can aspire to, are you up for the adventure?Who were we before, do you have déjà vu, or perhaps your out of body sleep time and day awaking lives are colliding? All of the dimensions of time and experience seem to be popping up in our memories each day in 2023.Are you afraid to speak about what is dancing in your thoughts? What if we read a novel, feel free to open our ‘knowing’, and see what adventures you can engage with?Can you go back eons before and delight in a love story, fight for survival and coming of age in times that we do not even recognize?Do we need to go back into our past lives to collect the fragments of story and soul to heal the present time we are living in?What are the dark times, the dark energies, and the dark energy? Are you afraid of even traversing or allowing the dark to come into your focus?To purchase the book from JR, visit Amazon.comFor more information on Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ken Saik, author of Healing Hands, to explore the concepts of asking for help after a tumultuous life.When you hit the wall, fall down, and need help after a hospitalization, illness, change of life, change of lifestyle or perhaps you just say I can't do it anymore; who is out there to help?Do you have family, friends, loved ones, a tribe or maybe no one to ask for help; what do you do now?What is the help you are seeking? What are the questions you are asking, how can others support you, and what does that look like in a healing body, heart, and soul?Are you in the healing service of helping others? What happens when you help others but cannot find those who can help you when needed?Are you willing to change the perspective of old stories to assist those who come to you for support?How can you trust someone to walk along the path of life with you regardless of the past experiences you may have had over the years? Can you take a chance and be open to knowing a person from the inside out? Is unconditional love really available to us at any time?For more information on Ken visit: www.AuthorKenSaik.comFor help and support services with Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jerry Huerta author of Thy Kingdom Come: Re-Evaluating the Historicist's Interpretation of the Revelation, to explore story in the context of society events at the time.History, revelations, and going back to ancient times; what are the stories and books about in our Bibles, dogma, and prophecies.How did our truths and beliefs come about? How have the words transitioned in time through society, events in the century, or from the perspective of the reader?Writing, interpretation and seeking more information is the seeker journey to interpret what you wish to take from history to guide you through the life you are currently living. When things happened in the past eons and people wrote the stories it was from the emotions and way in which they could understand or comprehend at that time of life. As we learn more, expand our consciousness, and become more literate in areas of science, nature, religion, and history, we tend to rewrite history in a manner of reflection and then adopt the new writings as the truth while casting out the old writings. However, in 2023, we are finding scholars going back to the old writings to bring them back as the truth today since what we are doing is not working.Can we take the past to be the present or perhaps take the lessons of the past to not repeat in the present?For more information on Jerry visit: www.Historicist.netFor more information on Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ellena Boyett, author of Bear and The Fussington Locks, to dance with a cat and explore our human emotions.This is a wonderful Summer Read 2023 for all ages as you step into the cat character to feel your emotions, go on an adventure, and heal your heart from the inside out.When we are feeling broken and troubled, this book is the perfect ticket to ease your worries and let you breathe fresh air, if only for a short time or to shift your heartache.People of all ages would delight in a story that doesn't hit you over the head with a message but let you feel light as air and free as a cat. What a special moment in time that can create!Please read this book to your kids and share with elders. Everyone could use a hug from a cat once in a while!For more information on Ellena visit: www.Fussinglocks.comFor more information on Dr. Jeanette and her healing support work visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Catherine Shainberg, author of Kabbalah of Light - Ancient Practices to Ignite the Imagination and Illuminate the Soul, to dance in the ethers of a higher frequency conversation.What is the frequency we are beaming across the eons?What dimension are we traversing or are you still in the darkness? What if you are saying 'I am in the light' but still finding challenges that seem to come from nowhere?Time to dance in the ethers with Catherine and Dr. Jeanette! This is when our true energy light connects, and our communication is fluid with ease and depth.The tapestry of our spiritual existences are now up for a releasing time of hurts and pains.We are not the templates of our ancestral lineages that are meant to keep repeating and pushing on others within the line, it is time to stop the stories and create a new book that is no longer the old trajectory.We are now becoming the new energy that is soul of source, rather than holding old fragments that are filters of eons from the past or mind.Enjoy the ride because there is no going back to the way the world used to be, we are all in this together.For more information on Catherine visit: www.TheSchoolOfImages.orgFor more information on navigating the human and spirit journey with Dr. Jeanette visit: Become a supporter of this podcast: