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Author: Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

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Dr. Jeanette Gallagher shares in casual conversation, topics of health, wellness and spirituality to transform your life. Her guests are authors, physicians, spiritual leaders, and people who wish to share a message of hope as the world evolves through daily challenges. The conversations may ease your concerns, encourage deep laughter or challenge your beliefs but you will come away with a sense that something has stirred inside of you and you just can't wait to share it with others.

Dr. Jeanette's book "Trust: Photo Meditations" is an inspirational journey to find the softness and comfort in the world around us.

Dr. Jeanette is a visionary, spiritual guide and inspirational author/radio host. Her specialty is in helping others remember that life is a great gift, no matter what we are going through. Dr. J is in the 'healing of the heart and spirit' business and loves every moment. Her compassion and empathy can be felt as she shares her stories on air. She has over five decades in studying the mystery of the body, has fully experienced life challenges to create change and helps others transform their lives through connected listening to the story of their lives.

Her books, events and blog postings are listed on her website and social media connections.
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Dr. Jeanette welcomes Vicki Znavor, author of Authenticity Reawakened: The Path to OWNING Your Life's Story and Fulfilling Your Purpose, to explore how we engage in the world around us to fulfill our dreams and needs. What is our job all about?Now that the world has stopped for over a year, it has been a time for us to stop and see what is important to us. What makes us tick, what drives us to get out of bed in the morning and what do we delight in to share with others? Are we in service jobs, creative exploration options for work, or looking for the next best thing? Perhaps we can see this year, 2021, that the old way of getting a job or profession and 'doing it' until the day we retire is no longer the path of living well. The chains are off and we are free to move about the 'cabin of our minds' to find something to dance with! Are you ready to take off and find a new way to fly?Dr. Jeanette and Vicki share experiences of decades of jobs they traversed through and how those moments in time have created direction for each step going forward in life. While we may not all know what we are meant to do in life, we certainly know there is a road to get to the next step and that is truly enough at the present moment. Put on the heels and step into the the next day of your life!For more information on Vicki Znavor and her work visit: www.vickiznavor.comFor a free book and newsletter from Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Christie Somes, author of Meet Carey Jones: Healing and Support for survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Practical Help for Parents and Educators, to discuss healing from lifetimes of abuse.Many elders are now opening up about what happened to them as children and how their lives were changed in an instant. What happens in childhood to our bodies, mind and spirit can adversely affect how we engage as adults, raise our children and feel about the world around us. While the time is now for deep dark pain to start rising up to open the secrets of our lives, what happens when the words and pain start to flow out of us? What do you do when the top is off the box and never to capture the experiences again? Are you ready to relive the moments in time, can you find someone to talk to that will really listen, and are you feeling safe to share the deepness of your shame or guilt?The time for healing is digging up so many hurtful events in our lives and when shared with family members, the stories seem to grow and take on an exponential force that generations have suffered at the hands of others. How do you begin to heal when the load just seems too great or others dismiss your experiences as their own pains seem to be too great to carry?Dr. Jeanette and Christie share experiences of abuse and how to gently open the mind and heart to heal the soul. It is not a quick process to heal, it does not have a pill or talk therapy to fix it nor can you find a way to get over it by changing the emphasis on the grief or destruction it has caused. Open the box, gently walk through the experiences, open your heart and allow the healing to begin.For more information on Christie Somes and her work visit: www.meetcareyjones.comFor a Soul Session with Dr. Jeanette and sign up for her newsletter visit: Her book is available for free to honor the gentle healing moments that are available to us from nature. Visit the website to download.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes April Michelle Lewis, author of STABLE, to explore the afterlife, souls, and awakening, thereby integrating heaven on earth.How do we become the spiritual being that our humanness is so craving? How do we walk the path of awareness, opening, expanded consciousness and be able to say this too is going to be the next phase of our new life, our new world and our new age? We are no longer recreating or going back to a sense of normal. When we create something new, we need to use new tools, new beliefs, new truths and be able to be open to all possibilities. Are you ready for the shift? Are you ready for the time when we say, let it all go? Are science and spirituality separate? What is the near death experience and the afterlife? Might we now begin to explore these concepts instead of fearing them or pushing them away? There is hope for the future and it is time for us to create it one exploration and dance of our heart's energy at a time.For more information on April, visit: www.AprilMichelleLewis.comFor a free book from Dr. Jeanette and to schedule a healing session, visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes visionary Waeil Borhan, author of "I", to dance with an existential conversation of Fear and Freedom. Where are we today and where are we going? Have we come to a point of creating a New World and what will it take for us to step up? Our beliefs and truths have been challenged and shattered over the last few years; what are we connected to and where does our source energy come from?Where will we go from here and who will take the reigns; a guru, leader, prophecies or the source essence that flows from within women. Women have been the source of all human creation; how will they play a part in healing the global pains, one heart at a time?For more information on Waeil, visit: www.WaeilBorhan.comDr. Jeanette has also spoken with Waeil on two past shows and here are the links to further explore these concepts which have come to our awareness over three years ago: Jeanette is a visionary elder who helps others on their multidimensional journey with conversations of unconditional love to create a healing moment in time. Visit her website to schedule a session:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dara Kurtz to speak about the human condition in the experience of cancer and life altering health conditions.  Dara had breast cancer and shares her experience today.  From how we look at our health experience to how we wish others could help us are up for discussion with frank responses that many wish they could hear.  She is the author of "Crush Cancer".If you are challenged by a diagnosis, need support but do not know how to ask for it or just feel like you are breaking; check out Dara's website and book.  Help is there for the asking.For more information visit:  www.CrazyPerfectLife.comFor additional health support visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jan Meryl, Medical Intuitive, to share how we seem to 'hit the wall' and search for healing of the pain we hold within. Jan shares how imprints, fragments and chords tether our energy and influence our health and life patterns.  To clear these imprints and blockages will lead to a healing, to leave them intact may lead to health complications and disease.
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Shmaya David to talk about LOVE; what is it and what it is not! What is the need that is seemingly deep in our heart that takes us on journeys throughout our life? Do we know the heart language? What is our physical heart saying? Are we attune to our emotional needs vs our mind chatter on love?We have been living from conditional love over the centuries and we are on the precipice of exploring what unconditional love may be. Perhaps we are at the gateway to the great enlightenment and how will we become going forward.Love is forever changing as it is an energy form; how can we navigate its story?Dr. Jeanette and Shmaya share an esoteric and philosophical journey through all the heart aspects as they have experienced over many decades. Perhaps you can find words of comfort, thoughts to inspire or encourage you, or maybe just the validation you need today for your challenges. Love is a beautiful thing but it has some dirty laundry at times! Enjoy its ebb and flow!Shmaya David's new book is Love Simplified: Practical Habits to Creating the Ultimate Loving Relationship and his website for more information is explore the heart connection in health and spirituality with Dr. Jeanette visit her website to schedule a time to talk on the phone:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Kyemma to explore the concepts of awakening, spirituality, and the New World. What has changed in our human existence in the last few years? Are you finding that old ways just do not allow you engage with them anymore? How are we becoming more aware and in the present moment?Is this new life just for gurus and wayshowers or are all souls starting to wake up to concepts of consciousness, present moment, many dimensions of past lives, and listening to their souls? How does this process show up in our every days lives?Dr. Jeanette and Kyemma talk about their personal experiences and struggles over decades of life challenges. Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Wayshowers have felt deep emotional and physical pain that brought them to a different perspective on what life is all about. Are we healing a new collective?Kyemma's new book Scripts Among Her Glass Walls is a navigational tool to progress through awakening. Dr. Jeanette is providing Soul Healing Sessions to help guide you through the abyss of changes in our lives. Visit her website for more information
Taking the Pulse on Today's Energies!What happened to us in 2020: Is this a Soul Awakening and Dark Night of the Soul? Perhaps the earth just tipped upside down and we needed to learn a new way of living? Either way, we are forever changed!Dr. Jeanette and Maggie Moor explore the events of the past few months and share their stories of experiences that rocked their boats!In Awareness: Who are we? What is life about?Are we being held back in our safe places to reset? Are we so much more than this human existence and it took a global event to shake us to the core?Have we evolved even a little bit yet? Perhaps we have a long road ahead but we HAVE opened the door to a new life if we are ready to stick our heads out and see!Maggie Moor, author of "I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness", and her work can be found here: http://www.IamMindandBody.comDr. Jeanette offer a free book and newsletter here:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Michael Snow, author of "Mindful Philosophy", to explore the unfolding of our soul essence. How have we been evolving from human 'doing' beings to spiritually, philosophical soul essence consciousness?What is a Spiritual Journey; there has to be so much more to this existence, right?There has been a lot of esoteric philosophical thoughts in the eons past and now we can bring them to light to help guide us in translating the energy of the world we are in today.Truth; who's truth? Is it an illusion? What gives us this static kind of chaos?What is the 'I am'? The consciousness or essence is what we are.We are now in a pause phase that is allowing us to examine what life is about, how to navigate the New World, and how to create a better world. Are you listening? Are you tuned in? Where are we going? Can we be comfortable with the unknown? What about control? Does that work anymore?For more information on Michael visit: a Soul Guidance session and a free book from Dr. Jeanette visit:
Taking the Pulse on Today's Energies!Dr. Jeanette and Kim Best discuss the processes of closing this life book that we put 'out of sight, out of mind' due to our fear of death. The story of your life; what is your legacy all about? What is closure? Have we cleaned up our regrets? Did we speak all the words that we needed to share before our last breathe?Are you prepared for death? What happens when all we have planned goes out the door, when our time of closure comes without a warning, and when the answers and plans have not been made; what next?Kim is the author of How to Live Forever: A Guide to Writing the Final Chapter of Your Life Story and has decades of helping others through their end of life process.Dr. Jeanette supports patients and loved ones through the End of Life process: Walking Souls Home in Grace. For a private session visit: https://MyPersonalAdvocate2.comFor more information on Kim and her services visit: http://www.BestConflictSolutions.comFor a free newsletter and book from Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette's Live bi-monthly Sunday Show, "Taking the Pulse of Today's Energies" will be taking callers. Navigating in this world with energy fluctuations, body transformation and spiritual growth is the show's focus. What are we experiencing on a daily basis and how do the signs and symptoms fit into a pattern that we will start to unfold. Dr. Jeanette and her co-host will be sharing experiences and tips to help you find your own path each day with guidance.Today's co-host is Robert Lomax from England, author and channeler.Today's conversation is open to the questions you may have about your own personal experiences with awakening. We will be starting with:- How is your body feeling and what are the thoughts that are coming up? - Do you feel like running away and where would you go?- Are the thoughts in our minds the 'truth' for us?- When there is so much going on, how to navigate the human and soul experience as one"Are you waiting for the shift to happen so that you can get out of the place you are in? The shift is already in process just by your awareness" Dr. JeanetteFor more information on Robert Lomax and his book visit: a Guided Support Session with Dr. Jeanette and healing services visit: and Schedule a Session.
Taking the Pulse on Today's Energies: Peace, Compassion and Humanity. How are we stepping up, opening hearts, loving unconditionally and supporting the world we live in?Dr. Jeanette, David Wadell and Luis Gonzalez will be sharing inspiration, insight and wisdom for us in these trying days. In their daily ministry to all souls; challenges of life, death, isolation, pain, and suffering have left no one untouched. How will we step up and be a changed being? Are we willing to let go of all that we have held on to so dearly? How are we being triggered to release deep emotions that we have kept tight to our soul?How are we rising?Life is changing rapidly across the earth and calling all souls to open wide honoring all of life. Are you up to the task?For inspiration from David Waddell visit: www.DavidWaddell.bizFor inspiration from Luis Gonzalez visit: www.WalkingInThePower.orgFor a session with Dr. Jeanette for soul support or comforting inspiration visit:
Near death experience, out of body dreams, or spiritual encounters with God or angels; how many of these stories can you tell over your lifetime? It is now safe to start telling the stories of encounters in your life and not feel scared to do so. What power do our stories hold and how can we tell them to help others start to open up to share their stories? My guest, Pamela Neuberth, author of "Life After .... The Day I Died" will be sharing her experience with near death. Her website for more information is For guided support with Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Sally Faubion, author of You Are Your Best Soul Mate; Learn to Respect Yourself by the Numbers in Your Life, to share how to find guidance by the numbers that are unique to your life.Are you feeling a little lost these days when life has turned upside down? What type work would you like to do going forward? Why did things happen to you in the past and what does the future hold? Can a numerology reading change the perspective you have on life and perhaps ease your fears or challenges just a bit to support happiness and peace going forward?Numbers have a science behind them; the number itself, the order they are presented, the adding of numbers to find a life number and the letters associated with numbers.Listen to Sally and Dr. J explore the magic and science of numbers!For a session with Sally or more information, visit: www.SallysNumbers.comFor a free book and newsletter from Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Indi Havana, author of Reinstate Your Wings, to explore the complex personal and job relationships we entangle ourselves in.What happens when we feel like we don't know the other person; do we walk away, hold on for dear life, or accept that the story has ended and a new life is on the horizon?Can we find the power within to walk away from a relationship that does not work?What happens when we engage with others and their energy just felt like it took you out, the job is sucking you dry, or the relationship has you tied up? Ready for a new beginning?For more information on Indi visit: www.ReinstateYourWings.comFor a Support Session with Dr. Jeanette or a Free Book, visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Wayne McFarland, author of Tales From The Day, to encourage others to start sharing their life stories that have been held in their hearts.Is your soul and heart screaming to talk and engage in the dance of life with you, so that you can see you HAVE lived a great life with all the challenges and joys the decades have unfolded?What is the script of your life that has been playing out? Does anyone really know your heart and soul? Perhaps you have become an expert in creating a persona that you share with others and never allow that picture to be tarnished?By sharing your story, you can encourage more openness and connectedness with other people and THAT is what everyone is looking for today.For more information on Wayne and his books visit: www.WayneMcFarland.comFor guided support in sharing your life hurts, troubles and joy with Dr. Jeanette visit: and sign up for a free book and newsletter. 
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Michael Snow, author of Mindful Philosophy, to explore the unfolding of our soul essence. How have we been evolving from human 'doing' beings to spiritually, philosophical soul essence consciousness?What is a Spiritual Journey; there has to be so much more to this existence, right?There has been a lot of esoteric philosophical thoughts in the eons past and now we can bring them to light to help guide us in translating the energy of the world we are in today.Truth; who's truth? Is it an illusion? What gives us this static kind of chaos?What is the 'I am'? The consciousness or essence is what we are.We are now in a pause phase that is allowing us to examine what life is about, how to nagivate the New World, and how to create a better world. Are you listening? Are you tuned in? Where are we going? Can we be comfortable with the unknown? What about control? Does that work anymore?For more information on Michael visit: a Soul Guidance session and a free book from Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Melissa Bryan, author of Born Into Shamanism, to explore the concepts of connecting with the world and cosmos on a whole different level. Shamanism, how about those awakenings, psychic, intuitive; all words and labels that we seek out the definition to see how we fit into the script they perform within. Perhaps now we are open to the energies of communication with nature, the cosmos and the energy of all beings to dance the cycle of life; so do we need a label? The throat chakras and lungs have taken a great hit the past several months and maybe it is the time to open up and share the stories from decades past of what we have heard, seen, sensed and touched but we kept them a secret.What if we all are a shaman, intuitive and psychic in our own space and time? Can you honor that path?For more information on Melissa visit her website here.For Soul Guidance and a free book from Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Sylvia McKelvey, extraterrestrial researcher and investigator, to explore the New Age concepts that are unfolding in 2020.  Did the world break open and we have no clue what is coming next?Are we being prepped for the changing of the guard for a new world, but just how might that look? Are we letting go of the fear of aliens and ET's?Sylvia McKelvey is the author of Storm on the Horizon: The New Age, UFO's and the Cosmic Christ book recently released. Stories, research, validation and conversations to bring the alien aspect into this decade and alert us to be all watching as it unfolds.Spirits, souls, and things that fly high in the sky or go bump in the night are losing their fear factor and we are ready for something different but what will that be? Are we now ready to say 'I have seen UFO's, ET's, and they are cool'. What will we learn next? Are we alone on this earth? How far away is the cosmos?Are we just waiting for science to give us the thumbs up for validation of things we dream about or have kept as secrets in the past decades?For more information on Sylvia visit: www.SMcKelveyAHigherSource.comFor a free book and newsletter from Dr. Jeanette visit:
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