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Dr. Jeanette welcomes Shea Rose, author of ACED, which is her second novel in our Summer Reading 2023 list.Shea loves good looking men, workplace adventures of crime and the heart, and finding out what we are made of when push comes to shove in relationships. Is he really all that good? Is she really that 'bad'? Can you compartmentalize work, love and family? What happenes when the story you create in your heart and head takes over and you start operating from that story in total denial of reality? How long can you keep up this pace before you are exposed or found out?Can he be bought, swayed or commanded to do wrong, take a risk, or go to the wild side? Perhaps digging up old memories can be the sword you hang over his head to get him to be your puppet?What do you need to follow on the path to find yourself? What is a good man all about? How can a woman create a life of self worth and respect in face of lust or passion?This is a great second book by Shea Rose and is available on Amazon and where books are sold.For more information on Dr. Jeanette and read her blog, visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Shea Rose, author of CrackerJack, to start off the summer reading season of 2023. Are you looking for a New Age novel to question romance, work place relationships, and adventure? This is the first book to start off your summer with more questions than answers in how you have a relationship in 2023. The rules have changed, people are all over the place in their life journeys, and society has thrown out the rule book on how to scope out the territory to engage with others.From the first page, you jump right into the character and can find your past or present experiences being played out on each page! How did they know I did that, how did they have that happen to them 'too', and darn I wish I knew how to do that when I was in that situation are all fast paced scenerios playing out.Have you mastered life and are living in integrity?What is the crime? Is it the case of law for the day, the dreams of the body that the mind conjures up, or the illusions of life that seem to play out as a movie and it is just that; a movie of the mind?What does love look like and what does commitment look like? Maybe you got the rules and stories all mixed up?This is the first book by Shea Rose and can be found on Amazon and where books are sold.For more information on Dr. Jeanette and to read her blog, visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ms. Lou Jean Turner, author of Developing A Kingdom Mindset, to share her story of being in Christian service to humanity.How do we reflect in the world, God's Love? Did you give up on religion and God a long time ago?What is the source of the energy and love that is inside us to keep us in this world we exist in each day? There must be some source of goodness that has formed us as humans, right?This is what God, Jesus, and spirituality is all about.Being a good soul, helping and supporting others, while finding that love inside of yourself. It is time to find it, share it and teach it.This is our life mission.Be in service.For more information on Ms. Turner visit: www.KingdomLiving.xyzFor spirituality support with Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Kelly Browne, author of 101 Ways to Create Mindful Forgiveness, to show us how powerful our words and emotions are.Can we become better humans in our relationships, healing our past hurts, and supporting others in our lives?What comes out of our mouth may be pain, anger, vengence, or struggle without the filters that we always put on our experiences to dress them up or make them more palatable. Do we lash out to release our inner holding back of emotions and maybe spew them on to others unwillingly? Are we hurting others as we have felt we have been hurt?When does this cycle end and the pain stop? Do you walk away broken or work to see what the source of all the hurt is about?How much weight does forgiveness carry and is it used to heal, hurt, get rid of or dis another person because you are just so done with it?We can be better humans and taking responsibility for our words, actions, emotions and engagements with others is the first step.For more information on Kelly visit: www.KellyBrowne.netFor more information on Dr. Jeanette and her support services visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Pastor Lerone Jemal Dinnall, author of Armoured to Find the Light, and share with us his personal experiences with engaging with God.Connecting with God: how do we converse, connect, feel God inside us, act out each day and is our life a reflection of our God path?Do you go to church each week and think you are saved? Do you seek God when things go wrong and you are scrambling in pain to find a reason why while screaming for the saving fix?How do you find the light and feel touch by God?Are you going away or to a religion to help you navigate your life and still seeking to find something to fill the deep hole inside of you? Perhaps the connection with God is what you are seeking and the dogma or religions just are not getting ou there.What now?For more information on Pastor Dinnall, his book is available on Amazon.For more information on Dr. Jeanette and her sessions to expand your spirituality, visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Clay Romero, author of The Child, to share his loss through poems for a life lost.Clay writes poems to his child that left this world way too soon. His deep connection through his heart to this spirit is what has helped him grow in his life to accept change, seek love, and help others through the challenges of losing a loved one.A child is a gift from God, a heart felt connection of body and soul, and treasured for as long as there are memories in our minds and heart.What would it feel like to walk your child to school, to have a hurt in life, and to become a beautiful human being? What does it feel like to not have a child for these milestones and can you communicate your deep love of these moments in time into words of a love letter?If you are gifted with a loved one and they have left too soon, consider writing a love letter through life's milestones and share your deepest pain and joy in the words on the page. Then, healing is the connection your loved one can bring to you through this interaction. Be open and love deeply.For more information on Clay's work, search his book on Amazon.For more information on Dr. Jeanette and her End of Life and Beyond sessions, visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Lorri Britt, author of My Heart Behind Bars: A Mother's Journey of Grief, Incarceration, Love and Forgiveness to share the story of her familiy.The calvary is not coming, there is no saving anyone, there is no fix that can be bought, and you cannot stop the life story of anyone, not your kids nor yourself. So, what is this hell that is reigning down on you?What happens when the world we are handed at birth does not play out as we planned and things go so far off the rail, we hardly know our children, family members or ourselves?Are you hanging over the edge, hiding in shame or guilt, or perhaps afraid to get help from anyone because you would have to share the stories of violence, jail, addiction, crimes, and danger that is occuring within your four walls?What does a mother feel, hold on to, or try to fix for her children? What does a child do when their crimes are now in the adult realm and a mother can no longer help?When you r world explodes and you are totally broken, what next?If you need support or someone to hear your story and walk with you through the fire, Dr. Jeanette and Lorri are available but you need to ask for help.For more information on Lorri visit: www.LorriBritt.comFor more information on Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Brad Garrett, author of Take Control of Your life - Overcoming Obstacles, Difficult Emotions and Problem Behavior, to show us how to navigate a life of troubles and challenges.What are the troubles of our life that have created the emotions, feelings, truths and beliefs that we allow to run our life for the future? What happened to you that you just cannot get past or have decided that it is who you are?How do you navigate your life with all the hurt, pain and anger that is stored up inside of you which will never see the light of day?Are you the bad things that happened to you or are you so much more? Can you truly change your life going forward? Are you willing to open up and risk being heard and seen for who you are?What are the holds that have chained you to a life that you absolutely see no way out? Can you get out?For more information on Brad visit: more information on Dr. Jeanette and to ask for guided support visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Cara Barker, author of Nightlight: Soul Calling, Body Listening, Heart Speaking, to share how to expand our heart and soul within the life challenges of today.Our soul journey through the path of grief, loss, and changes in our life has opened up the road towards expanding the question 'who are we'. Why is this question so evasive and difficult to answer? Are we coming from the mind and thinking what to say or coming from the heart and there are no words to say?How is our soul and spirit guiding us in each and every moment?Are you finding yourself lost and in the abyss with no guidance or direction to see the next step? Did your ego and identity fly away never to be found? What next? Time to find out what you are made of and who you are as the expanded human being of this decade.Find nourishment for the soul to open the door that your spirit seeks with inspirational words through this show and connecting with Dr. J and Dr. Barker.For more information on Dr. Barker visit: www.CaraBarker.comFor more information on Dr. Jeanette and to schedule a session visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Mark Olsen, author of The Layman's Guide to Experiences in God-Realization, to explore our connection with God as source energy.Today, we will be talking about our experiences as soul, spirit, God realized, the white light and the unconditional love we all are at this time of awakening in a higher plane.How do you become the enlightened soul and spirit that we have always truly known inside? How do we join again and be able to traverse all the gifts we have to utilize as 'the whole'? What are we here to become? Perhaps it is time to know we are eternal souls and spirits while we let go of the human story of old beliefs and truths that seemed to rule us.How do you receive guidance from the source, spiritual guide, God, energy source or the voice that speaks to you?Your life is a singular journey within the web of the cosmos, and you need to go inside to find the source directly for you to be guided.Are you shining out your light, stepping into your mission and fully in service?For more information on Mark, his book is available on Amazon.For a guided spiritual, health, and awakening session with Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Denise Stegall, author of Healthy Living, Happy Life - A Practical Path to Finding the Healthy Lifestyle that Works for You, to explore how to listen to your body in making life choices.How are we doing with the New Year awareness that we have jumped into this 2023; to bring in good foods, clear out the old, and see how everything is energy?Have you connected with energy of the world around you and nature to nourish body, mind, and soul?Are you seeing yourself differently yet? What are the road blocks and can you stop to check in with your body to see what it may be saying?How can you live from the moment in time where you eat, breathe, and engage with others happily and in present time?Are you following programs, gurus, and ideas that others have found success that you want to find? Is there a program or process that is right for everyone and compliance is essential for success?Are you willing to accept yourself in this moment in time with all your struggles, health concerns, worries and bumps in the road?Might happiness have a different context as peace, calm, soul, spirit, and inner self connections? Knowing what the inner core of what you are made of may take you on a different journey when you let go of the judgement, rules, or beliefs that have filtered your daily choices.Let go and love life for each gift it presents.For more information on Denise visit: www.LivingHealthyList.comFor health, wellness, and spiritual sessions with Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Lynne Renoir, author of God Interrogated - Reinterpreting the Divine, to explore God and religions throughout history.How did we get here? Who is the ultimate life being or force that brought us into this world?Can we see that perhaps our beliefs, morals, and truths are now shifting from what was held dear as the rule in past decades and centuries before? Are we finding the old stories might no longer work in our perception of life today?Is the word God bringing up emotions or resistance that has been handed down from generations within a family structure and you are expected to do what had been handed to you to follow in growing up?What if everything you know, isn't? Are you open to explore your life experience?Even if everyone has a different point of view and follows different truths, perhaps what we are all seeking is the greater acceptance of all? As we are seekers, we are now unraveling the beliefs so dearly held and allowing new ways of being a loving human being to enter our hearts and soul.For more information on Lynne visit: www.LynneRennoir.comFor a session with Dr. Jeanette on spiritualtiy in your world and how to navigate through all the questions visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ms.Kim Blackwell, author of My Walk with God Continues: Life after Stroke, to share her inspirational walk with God as she recovered from her stroke.Can we step into the door when God calls regardless of how it shows up? What is your mission in life?What's going to happen when our heart breaks, our body shakes and shimmies, and everything changes in our world, and we no longer even recognize ourselves?We are not sure what tomorrow will bring nor do we even know how to get there. That is the time when we put our trust in God, and it is the only thing that is going to get us from one breath to another.As we age, we have life stories that can be shared to help guide others in their time of changes with no support or people who can say 'I have been there, may I share my story'?God has many journeys for you and each pothole is just that; a time to recover, a time to rest, and a time to reset.Is our God journey to get things or gifts that will answer our prayers or perhaps the gift is to accept the engagement God is sending you to help and answer someone else's prayers? is this not the ultimate journey of unconditional love that is available to everyone if they open their eyes and see the glory in the story?For more information on Ms. Kim and her other books, visit: www.AuthorKimBlackwell.comFor more information or support with Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Sirak James, author of Exodus: God Remembers, to share his commentary on listening to God while reading the Bible.The Bible; the stories of God, the stories of ancient lands, and the stories of a long time ago are shared within. How have these stories set up our world, our beliefs, our truths, and the way in which we navigate the world today?Do you clamor to find a sense of God when you hit the wall, need God to fix something you have broken or at death? Do your fears have you seeking a source of help from another place and time?Sirak has read the Bible and after every verse he read; he wrote a commentary as it related to life at this time. The writiings are a channeling of the energy of the words that came through as the creator has source them to be for him to relate to us. It is to share what came to him, so others could read and create their own story of their life.If you are struggling and the Bible is a challenge at this time or not what you are seeking, this book can help guide you to the comfort or support you are seeking. The book is available on Amazon.For more information on Dr. Jeanette and her work, visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Richard Saracen, author of Who said you can't have ice cream for dinner? Not me!, a children's book for food choices with movement.How do we make food choices for our children that support energy, health and delight as our kid's grown up?Are you coming together to eat a meal, move about in exercise, or grow the food you eat each day?Maybe you are constantly fighting with your children as they want foods that you believe would not be good for them? Do you continue to resist them and put out negative vibes about food intake?What is food made of, how is movement more important than scheduled exercise, and what if joining together in food choices can improve the health of the entire family?For more information on Dr. Saracen visit: www.DrSaracen.comFor more information and sessions with Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Judith-Kate Friedman, steward of the Mythsinger Legacy Project and representing Daniel Deardorff's book The Other Within: The Genius of Deformity in Myth, Culture and Psyche, to explore his life story.What is the myth of our existence? Is life an illusion of our mind? What is perfection of the human that we claim is the only way to survive? What happens when a deformity is the human cloak you wear everyday, can you still exist or do you need to hide?How does polio take over a life and change the trajectory of a story that has not been written?Can you explore all the other modalities of the world and find the story that fits your legacy, be it, myth, shamanic, healing, medicine, religion, philosophy and other exploration of the mind and body?Are we trying to attain perfection and everything else is not in our world or in our existence? Perhaps society has projected a picture of deformity and of a human that we have been holding for decades. When something is out of the boundary or not as defined, it is cast out and left to the side to have a sense of non-existence. How can a less than perfect entity exist in a world that requires perfection for success and survival? How far have we come in our human evolution to learn the difference in our words, beliefs and truths that no longer fit and be willing to create a new way of being human at this time in this century?"The other is the core spirit of the eons of our soul journey, the path of enlightenment" shares Dr. JeanetteFor more information on Daniel visit: www.MythsingerLegacy.orgFor more information on Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes TJ Woodward, author of Conscious Recovery: A Fresh Perspective on Addiction, to share how to step above the old paradigm of guilt, shame, and pain in addictions.What if addictions, wrong choices, and hard experiences were the rocks that you were given to explore a path to your soul and spirit in a new way that creates a better human being? One that gives to the world and changes the universe around them? Are you ready to walk across the bridge and see this change?There are tether lines that bind us up in life such as, habits, life requirements, pain and suffering, traumas and being stuck in an addiction pattern. Relationships, success, or lack of getting what we feel we should be getting from life may seem to be a push and shove of power, control and survival. What is control, power, choice and need that keep us stuck in the old paradigm?Is there another way to step out of the sludge you are in and find a different way of creating a new you? Absolutely!When you have had enough, the well runs dry, the people around you either support your current state of being or are pushing you to change, or you just want to scream; this is the most awesome time of your life! It is your soul waking up and it can't go to sleep ever again!Is the language we are using needing a kick to the curb and let the old paradigm take the judgements with them? We sincerely hope so!This show is for everyone, not just those who have a mental health or medical diagnosis, or those who are painfully stuck in a bad place in life. Everyone is coming to a sense of what their life is about and how to open up to a new adventure that is there for the wonderment and joy it can bring to your life. You may personally take this new path, and then you become the teacher and share with others, so they too, can take up their own path. This, my friends, is why we are here! Not to wallow in despair but to weave a new pattern of our life. Come join us!How do you do this? Ask for help! Dr. Jeanette also offers session to talk and see what is going on with you to find your soul gate. For more information on TJ visit: www.TJWoodward.comFor a session with Dr. Jeanette on opening up your soul and stepping through your stories visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Rebeccah Silence, author of Coming Back to Life, to share new tools of navigating the healing and new path all lightworkers and intuitives walk today.This decade has opened up the ability to share our stories and feel empowered as the path we have walked this lifetime no longer has a hold on our future choices. Many have experiences that have taken us to our knees, felt like we sold our souls for, and had us crying in the night to a greater power to save us from the pain of body and mind that we experienced. It was not a misstep, a wrong choice, nor a horribly blinded moment of time as we have been led to believe in our judgement of the past when we excavate our emotions and pains that bound us in this human form.Today, we can share freely with those who have had similar experiences, and allow us to hold each others hands to walk a new path that only we can design. How freeing might that feel?For more information on Rebeccah visit: www.RebeccahSilence.comFor an empowering session with Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Ronnie Gladden, author of White Girl Within: Letters of Self-Discovery Between a Transgender and Transracial Black Man and His Inner Female, to explore the human wet suits we have worn in all our soul lifetimes.Who are we? What are we about? What are the questions we are having in 2023 about the identity we have been launched into at birth and how real that is to our soul existence that is a free energy being? What are we holding on to, what are we fighting against, can we forgive ourselves, and can we find a life of peace and happiness in a century of turmoil?Dr. Jeanette shares, 'one cannot shed the human identity until all the parts are known, all the beliefs and truths are examined and the source of the soul is revealed'. How can we launch a new way of being a human of many coats?Ronnie shares his past and present life as he weaves his soul tapestry with the threads of all stories he has unconditionally accepted and loved.For more information on Dr. Gladden visit: www.WhiteGirlWithin.comFor a guided spiritual session with Dr. Jeanette visit:
Dr. Jeanette welcomes Holly Wilmeth, creator of Sacred Nature Oracle Cards, to share her inspiration on connecting with nature on a deeper level for peace and healing.As Dr. Jeanette shares, 'can we take the messages from nature, expand on what their stories are and learn what the emotion, feeling and deeper connection that nature may be showing us or that we might be feeling inside? This is the true essence of why we are here on the earth, to find those pearls, and string them together, can we do that...'.We need a bigger bag of tools to engage with nature on a deeper level and oracle cards are a great start!How are we going to see what a tree is all about, perhaps the flowers, and maybe the complete nature kingdom, if we do not become seekers?A tree breathes, a flower bends and grows to the sun, water flows and nourishes all of life, and herbs are the medicine we seek if we are open to these new conversations. What are the messages of nature and how can they support where we are struggling in our own life if we open the connection in grand wonderment and awe?"Nature will bring you along the dance in the ethers, to have grace, ease, peace and gentleness if you allow the dance to happen, create!" Dr. JeanetteFor more information on Holly and her work visit: www.HollyWilmeth.comFor support and a session with Dr. Jeanette visit:
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