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Weekly lifestyle and wellness podcast hosted by Conrad Schwellnus.
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Conrad is back with a new episode and discussing the benefits of ASMR vs. traditional meditation. Can the former replace the latter in the long run, especially among the younger generation? He also touches on #pridemonth, reminding us of the importance of embracing minority groups with empathy and compassion. The show wraps up with a discussion about the five things he "knew for sure" when he turned 30 a year ago, encouraging you to pause and write a list of your own too.
In the latest episode of the show, Conrad gives an update on his road trip and the first couple of weeks in a foreign country (which includes his return flight to South Africa being cancelled). He also talks about belonging, which has been on his mind a lot and a prominent theme in his journals for a while. The show closes with some points to keep in mind as we head into the third quarter of the year.
Winds of Change

Winds of Change


In this episode, Conrad tackles the topic of change, ahead of leaving his home in Cape Town and setting his sights on a longer visit to Brazil. Featuring personal stories and a key emotional learning around the way we deal with others, the show packs a triple punch this week, also highlighting the importance of looking at how we close chapters, rather than why we do.
In this episode, Conrad suggests a few things you can try when you start to feel a little bit stuck in your life. He discusses his own journey with curiosity, creativity and developing competencies, as well as sharing a few stories, including a disastrous attempt at trying to MC a public event early in his career, which turned out to be a great opportunity for growth.
Welcome to the first episode of the show! This week, get to know Conrad Schwellnus, your show host, as he discusses the events that led him to prioritizing self care in his life. He also ponders living life more in the moment (yes, it's true that he quit his full-time job recently to pursue a creative career). He also speculates about possible future trends, inspired by a recent class he took with 'The Sims' creator, Will Wright.
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