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Welcome to What’s Working in Marketing™, a podcast for marketers by RightMetric that uncovers what’s working across the digital landscape by tapping into the world’s best data-backed research and through candid conversations with industry experts. Join us if you’re ready to learn what’s working when it comes to your marketing efforts.
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 On this episode, we spoke with Tom Dickens, a fractional CMO advising several gaming and blockchain projects. He got his start in digital working for Red Bull in Austria with me back in the day and went on to work in the startup space to expand his knowledge. He’s always been a marketer that’s at the forefront of growth and that’s because he knows where innovation is headed. There’s a secret to that and it’s called following the money as he explained. When he saw investment capital shifting to web3 and metaverse projects, he knew that would be his next chapter, and Tom has been able to bring a lot of the project management skills and media rigor from his background at Red Bull. He full acknowledges though, that some things don’t work like they did in web2 and he’s forced to learn new things every day. We talk all about what the metaverse means for marketers and how to think about this shift to decentralization. Is anyone else a little confused by NFTs these days? Listen to get clear on the intersection between commerce, activations, and web3    For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
On this episode, we spoke with Ryan Law, VP of Content at Animalz. He’s been doing content marketing for over 10 years with tons of skilled colleagues that live and breathe strategy and execution on a daily basis. He has some polarizing views on content distribution and the use of AI for copywriting that every marketer should hear. As someone who started out in SEO, we talk about the importance of long-form content in a marketing mix. Ryan also shares thoughts on media trends and creating content for the sake of experience, without the goal of data or conversion. It’s a show that’s entirely focused on content, the innovation we are witnessing around the growing industry, and how marketers still get distribution wrong.  What's Working in Marketing is presented by RightMetric 
On this episode, we spoke with Brandon Rhoten, a CMO and growth advisor who’s always seeking to build killer creative, clever media campaigns, and impossible-to-ignore brands. He’s got a successful track record too, having formed the first ever digital social team at Wendy’s. From his early days in the agency world to launching some of the most talked about social media campaigns on the internet during his time with Wendy’s, and becoming the CMO for Papa John’s, this episode covers so much. On top of his experiences with those companies, he shares actionable tips for marketing and social media managers looking to climb the ladder toward a c-suite role. We talk about getting to know your customer, staying true to what a brand stands for, and how to achieve organizational buy-in. Regardless of where you are in your career or your scope of marketing responsibilities, this is one you won’t want to miss.
On this episode, we spoke with Matthew Bertulli, CEO of Pela, an eCommerce brand that’s on a mission to unf*ck the earth. Matt’s keen eye for product R&D and growth opportunities have already resulted in an exit for his award-winning company Demac Media. Although his career first began as a software developer who hated marketing, Matt eventually decided it was so important to learn more since marketing is what drives consumer demand. Years later, he still looks at marketing a little differently than your typical brand marketer with a college degree. We talk about the cause for that, why lightning strikes should be a part of your marketing strategy, how they work, and what makes Matt hate the term positioning. He even gives some contextual examples of well-executed lightning strikes by brands out there, and explains how this extreme focus, 2-3x per year, ties in with the other ‘peanut butter style marketing’.   For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out  
On this episode, we are once again joined by Corey Haines who is the Founder of Swipe Files. Corey was interested in this concept of marketing like a media company at an early stage, long before it became popular to deploy marketing strategies that don't come off to end buyers as just that, marketing.   Through careful research, he viewed the need to treat marketing like a product that blends performance and brand. We talk about why this trend isn't going away, why you need to think about earning attention from an audience perspective, and how to implement media brands successfully as a marketing engine for your company.   Content is more important than ever, so tune in and geek out about strategies and tactics with us.   For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
David Allison has been around marketing for 30 years, from his early agency life to his current role as Founder of The Valuegraphics Project. He's an outspoken marketer that Charlie has followed for years because he calls out a missing link in the typical marketing research process that calls for psychographic and demographic data. This '3rd peg in the stool' is our core value system, and David found out it's the only true indicator of how one will behave. He and his team have been working on a valuegraphics database so brands can understand what any target audience around the world truly cares about. Join us as he explains why values can be an absolute gamechanger for brands with real-life examples.   For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
Shez Mehra is the CMO at Audio Branding, an audio-first consultancy that specializes in building affinity through the strategic and intentional use of sound. In this episode, Shez explains how sound is currently used in the world of marketing and brand. We dive into building a sonic identity and look at examples of how that's being done well on a global level. Integrating your brand's sound across digital, experiential, and all the extra points throughout a customer journey map can be extremely tricky, but Shez explains why it's a crucial exercise for brands that want to strive to create the best experience. Do you know what your brand sounds like?   For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
Jamie Michaels is the Head of Brand Strategy at Twitter Canada. In this episode, we dive deep into customer-centricity in marketing and more specifically social media. Jamie shares countless examples of brands that are doing a great job on Twitter, and what brands should be thinking about if they want to stand out or differentiate themselves. Data is showing that more and more brands are sounding the same, so we look at how crafting the right message for an audience, with the right tone, can very much leave a lasting impression for years to come. For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
Cameron Uganec is the General Manager of The Leap, which is a media company created by Thinkific. He was hired to lead this new media division out of his previous role at Later, where he was the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Growth. Since he's in the seat leading an in-house media brand for a highly innovative tech company, we figured there are few better people to explain this popular trend. Join us to understand why media brands are popping up in 2022 and to learn from a marketing leader who's been working in digital for over 20 years For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
Matt McGowan is the General Manager of Canada at Snap Inc, the parent company for well-known brands like Snapchat, Spectacles, Bitmoji, and Zenly. In this episode, we discuss how Snap is opening up new doors to marketers through innovative technology like AR and unrivaled engagement amongst individuals aged 13-34. Matt helps position the performance opportunity for advertisers on Snapchat, and he also explains their approach to areas like original content/show, content authenticity, and data privacy.    Snapchat continues to grow fast, so why the heck is it still such a big unknown for so many marketers?For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
In this episode, we spoke with Sean Tyson about how consumers' expectation of quality content is at an all-time high and what that really means for brands in the era of content marketing. He started Quietly Media over 8 years ago and has been helping leading brands drive their business with content since. Sean is acutely aware that content plays a role in marketing all across the customer journey, and he points out how many businesses need a more sophisticated view of their content marketing efforts. Listen in as we question the term 'Content is King'.   For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
Creating a community of raving fans is no easy task for brands and creators. That's probably why our insight-obsessed friends at Methods + Mastery recently published this incredible research report on The Secret Language of Fandoms, which deconstructs multiple examples of raving fan communities online, and identifies a core trend among fandoms: that they are built on, and held together by complex language. Join us for this special episode as we unpack the report and how to interpret audience data, with Breana Bacon and Julia Schroeder from the Methods + Mastery research team. you can learn more about their work at    Be sure to read the full report if you want to learn how to speak fan. For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
John Huntinghouse is VP of Marketing at TAB Bank. In this episode, John explains how marketing can break down common silos or barriers amongst teams in the workplace, simply by thinking more about the language they are using with others to communicate objectives, campaigns, or outcomes. Beyond proper internal communication, we look at important factors for digital brand building in finance and banking. For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
Andrew Rosch is the Director of Acquisition and Retention Marketing at Trek, one of the world's most renowned bicycle makers. In this episode, Andrew speaks about what's working in the cycling and outdoors industry as a marketing strategy leader, and how he translates performance metrics into human journey insights. Most importantly, we take a close look at how agility is necessary for most marketing teams, and why you need to be prepared to lean into discomfort if you're working in digital. For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
Katelyn Bourgoin is the CEO at Customer Camp. In this episode, Katelyn speaks about her specialty as a marketer: helping marketers and product teams figure out what triggers customers to buy so they can market smarter. She's been called an "influential entrepreneur" by Forbes and named as one of the top 20 wonder women of SaaS marketing and growth. For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out
Ross Simmonds is the CEO of Foundation Marketing. In this episode, Ross discusses the foundations for building a distribution strategy, the importance of audience research, how to find underrated distribution channels, and much more.  For more content, episodes and show notes make sure to check out  
Vik Kambli is the Chief Marketing Officer at Clearly. In this episode, Vik discusses how TikTok has changed digital marketing, why he thinks every marketer should be on TikTok, how TikTok is shaping culture, how to evaluate your current social media spend, why he thinks TikTok is more about entertainment than social media, and much more.  For more content, episodes and show notes make sure to check out
Corey Haines is the Founder of Swipe Files. In this episode, Corey discusses the value of inspiration, his framework for creating swipe files, his favourite marketing best practices, the importance of looking outside your industry for inspiration, what's exciting him in marketing today, and much more.  For more content, episodes and show notes make sure to check out
Rand Fishkin is the Co-Founder & CEO of SparkToro. In this episode, Rand discusses the importance of audience research, why you need to deeply understand your audience, where audience research fits into a marketing strategy, the difference between being data-driven and data-informed, the benefits of episodic content, and much more.  For more content, episodes and show notes make sure to check out  
George Weetman is the VP of Digital Commerce at Arc'teryx. In this episode, George discusses his three-pronged approach to eCommerce, why brands need to be customer-centric, how to connect strategy & execution, his views on marketing innovation, and much more.  For more content, episodes and show notes make sure to check out  
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