DiscoverWhat’s Your Wrinkle®, the plastic surgery show with Dr. Arthur Perry
What’s Your Wrinkle®, the plastic surgery show with Dr. Arthur Perry
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What’s Your Wrinkle®, the plastic surgery show with Dr. Arthur Perry

Author: Arthur Perry MD

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Beginning in December 2005, board certified plastic surgeon Arthur Perry, MD, FACS, has hosted What's Your Wrinkle on New York City radio, first on WOR, for 5 years on WABC, and now back on WOR. Tune in to this podcast to listen to news and information about America's favorite topic. No…not baseball…not sex…but cosmetic surgery and your appearance.
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This was the very first WOR show, recorded on a very cold December night, in the absolutely deserted lower Manhattan neighborhood, just a block from the World Trade Center site. For the first show, I was treated to a technical glitch, muting my voice right at the beginning of the show, when the "cough" button stuck down. Noah Fleischman expertly guided me through it.
Medical tourism was just starting when this classic show aired. I have taken care of many patients who have had surgery in South America or other parts of the world, only to develop medical or cosmetic complications. We interview one such patient on this show.
I interviewed my friend, Paula Begoun on this show. We discussed skin care.. This show began a friendship that has lasted to this day....
Joan Rivers was my guest on this classic WOR show.
Dr. Mehmet Oz was my guest on this classic WOR show.
Some procedures have an enormous impact but won't break your budget. In this show, I discussed my 5 biggest bang for your buck procedures in all of cosmetic surgery. Listen in to find out what they are...
Sept 16, 2006 WOR show

Sept 16, 2006 WOR show


Another classic "Plastic Surgery in the Air" show, featuring news and information about cosmetic surgery
WOR show 10/28/06

WOR show 10/28/06


Medical advertising. Good or bad?
Liposuction has perennially been the most popular procedure in plastic surgery (yes, some years breast augmentations edged it out in the stats....). Listen in as we discuss liposuction
On the air for a year. Could it last?
We discussed cosmetic dentistry with prosthodontist Dr. Dean Vafiadis.
WOR show 3/10/07

WOR show 3/10/07


Dr. Michael Roizen joined me for this show. What is cellulite? We go over the techniques that (don't) work to get rid of it. Mesotherapy is one of doesn't work. We discussed how surgeons and anesthesiologists are a team in the operating room.
WOR show.  3/24/07

WOR show. 3/24/07


WOR show 7/2/09

WOR show 7/2/09


WOR show 7/11/09

WOR show 7/11/09


Jan 2, 2010 WOR show

Jan 2, 2010 WOR show


Ultrashape and Zeltiq - 2 noninvasive methods to remove fat
Dr. Mehmet Oz appears for the second time with Dr. Perry. He discusses how his television show helps people as much as being a doctor. We also discussed facial rejuvenation in this fast moving show.
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