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Follow along as I, Bell, share a little too much of my life, hopefully giving you valuable tidbits to enrich yours. From relationships, work life, awkward social situations, sex, with a sprinkle of pop culture, and everything else life throws at you it all gets covered here. Welcome to Sis Stop!
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After Dark: U Turn Me On

After Dark: U Turn Me On


After Dark is back after a little longer than intended break, but what better what to catch up with B & J, than hearing who is basically a virgin again, why are men tugging on their balls, and we dip our toe into the age old questions: Do you prefer a show-er or a grower?   Find After Dark HERE!  
Hey Guys SEASON 3 IS HERE finally! Join B as she plays catch up with what has been going on since before Christmas, and Michael B. Jordan is Alexa?!?    Find What The Bell Here!
What The Bell!

What The Bell!


Take a quick peak at what you are getting into! 
Join B & J, as they shoot the shit, on their last episode of the year discussing other words they use to describe penises and vaginas, the ways we grow, and what you all can look forward to in the new year as we head into 2021 with legs wide opened!    Find us here below!  
32: The Wrap Up

32: The Wrap Up


Well let’s slap a bow on this year, as this will be the last show of 2020 with Sis Stop! That’s right, I said it! Let's review why Chris Evan's saved 2020, what got us through this year, why you need to have a 300 item vision board, Mario Lopez in Colonel Sanders, and new name change who dis? Thank you beautiful people for all the love and support. This could not have been successful without you all. Truly.  XO B  
If you missed our live episode over the weekend, don't fret our little pet, we got you covered. Join in on all the action, from what to surprise your partner with for Christmas, stick that candy cane where?, and who is banging Santa? Get ready for al the ho-ho-ho's
31: Bad Blood

31: Bad Blood


-Cue T. Swifts Bad Blood- Don’t you hate being ignored, but more importantly by your family, co-workers & “friends”. Well let me rant right along and inform you that your time is priceless and it’s time to give that same energy back (or not). 
B & J coming at you from a small town in Texas as we talk to an expert, Dr. Anàl, on doing anal, is there ever too much lube, should it hurt, and why if you hadn't had an ice cube in your ass you haven't lived. AND that is just the "tip"  Join all the action and fun:  
Coming at you live from San Antonio for a special episode featuring Jenna and special guest Gume! We catch up with Gume, friendsgiving, Lardi B, learn that Jenna is a female Bill Nye The Science Guy & Bell has a mental breakdown on the airplane... *hits call button*  Jenna gets read to filth, well her cards. Join us for all the action & fun:      
Come all and gather around our family table as we discuss the dicks we are thankful for, celebrity wangs we'd love to bang, and why we give thanks this year for the past (& present) romps!   Join the fun:  
Happy TURKEY WEEK! In a Latin family, there is always some wild decades old unresolved issues, Grandma doesn't like that her grandson's new girlfriend doesn't serve him, or those nosey aunts/uncles that pry into emotional and traumatic events in your life, well welcome to my family! kidding, somewhat, join me as I discuss how to over come all of the above, or at least try to help handle the anxiety of seeing your family during the holiday season.    Join us below for more fun:    
(Cue Ludacris) Rough sex make it hurt, in the car, in the park, on the beach in a life guard stand... that is right we talk about all types of fantasies this week. From adult babies, the mile high club, whips, chains, group sex, approved side chicks and more, we get into it! No kink shaming here, B & J just want your freak flag to fly high and waving proudly in the sky! Oh, and who got their freak on in NYC in the Empire State Building elevator???? Follow us & more : 
Join Bell with her extra special guest, her husband Adam, as you learn some fun facts about him, his point of view on purposing, and some do's and don't to meeting your partners family this holiday season! PLUS, we take a question from Abby about meeting her boyfriends family this Thanksgiving!   Be sure to follow us: Follow Adam at:  
Join B & J, as we talk our messy business of friends with benefits, how B kept catching feelings, are we supposed to define them, are they unwritten, would be FWB a young Joe Biden, and J drops some logical knowledge with a listener question!   Follow Us & Let's Chat Below!  
Welcome back, as the holidays are basically here there is one constant I think EVERYONE sees on the social media feed: “I Said YES!” That’s right, I am talking engagements, the rush to get married in the Latin community, and why you shouldn’t be a shallow hoe. Yeah, I go there.   Join The Conversation & Follow Us Here:  
B & J are back at it again, this time serving you up a little sticky situation! That's right we touch you right where you want, and we dive into a pool of CUM! Is it a relationship ONLY thing? Are we swallowing? Spitting? Taste? Where do we want to be cummed on?!  Also, catch up on if J got dicked down for her birthday, who pissed on the beach, who caught crabs, and who got their nipples pierced?!?  Sit back and let us do all the work! Follow us below: 
Come along my little monsters, and gather around the is time for scary stories! Join Bell, as she shares why Halloween isn't that special to her, why she loves deep throating $0.50 corn dogs from Sonic, and lets all curl up on this SPOOKY MONDAY filled with (6) scary stories...Can you handle it? Follow us down below! 
Better late than never, come play catch up with Bell on her mini vacation to South Padre Island, a girl comes up to her husband full tits on display, crying outside a Buccee's, and the why Women Empowering Women is TOXIC Bullsh*t.  I said what I said. Oh, & I spill on the Bachelorette, Supermarket Sweep and more! Let be better ladies and lets get in formation.  Article:   Follow Us Everywhere!      
Join your favorite duo, Bell & Jenna, as we celebrate J's BIRTHDAY! We talk getting dicked down on your birthday, are we calling the honorable hook-ups? Ex's? As always, we help one of our sexy listeners and answer their questions: To Snore or Not To Snore? Also, Jenna got BJ feedback!?!?!? + a Will It Work Wednesday result!   Be sure to follow us!    
Welcome back lovely sex intrigued listeners! Bell & Jenna will reminisce on our first BJ, downstairs lawn care, and a few pro tips (wink wink).  We also assist the Green Lantern on timely BJ's.    Find us on all social media platforms here! 
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