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CN: Cultural genocide, extremist governments, authoritarianism, racism, LGBT phobia, dystopia, Fascism This bi-week: Things get dark. The UK Goverment has pushed through four bills that really change how the UK works, and not in a good way. Also the US is having a dark turn also. Researcher, writer and academic Brynn Tannehill talks to us about the alarming future the states face. This episode is a rough one. References:
Look at this! We made another podcast that is mostly on time! This bi-week: Michelle gets approached by the Daily Mail The government bins trans people from the conversion therapy ban: we report from the massive protest from London And Ashleigh talks to trans history expert Felix Moore about the mighty April Ashley. References:
This episode contains references to rape and cultural genocide, specifically about GRT communities. On this episode Ashleigh talks about being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We talk about the first trans MP and the strangest coming out that we have ever seen. And we talk to Percy from LGBT Traveller Pride about how the new policing bill is the worst. References:
This episode: Politicians hilariously fail to stick us in the wrong prisons! (Can a prison ever be right?) Far right goons are taking blockers to fight COVID. Yes, really. And we talk to writer and researcher Felix Moore about how none of this anti-trans 'feminism' crap is new. References:
This week: The BBC did bad so Michelle went to MANY PROTESTS The government's conversion therapy ban doesn't ban conversion therapy? We talk about kink because, you gotta for the 69th episode And Michelle stole an award from a child. References:
This week we explain why we were gone so long. But more importantly, we went and talked to a trans man who is stuck in the kafkaesque asylum nightmare in the UK. If you want to know the real story when it comes to how the immigration system treats people...listen to this right now.
No we aren’t dead This week: - Michelle covers the anti-LGB Alliance protest outside their garbage conference! - Pride in Surrey speaks out against transphobic police commissioner! - A trans woman (the hilarious Jen Ives) gets treated like garbage by LGB Alliance randoms! - Michelle chats to the Transgender action block about the importance of protesting bellends References:
Big episode We cover Trans Pride London featuring Hollyoak's Ki Griffin, YouTube's Abigail Thorn and Kae Tempest We get a government document that shows Dr Michael Brady was not the reason GRA reform was binned (as well as showing that this Government suck even more than we thought) And we look at how the UK media's transphobia has enabled the far right as well as going over the Wi Spar horror show References:
So this is a weird episode We finish our chat with Christine Burns! We talk Stonewall founding with Lord Michael Cashman! We dissect Liz Truss's latest nonsense! We get angry over the government ignoring Non-Binary people! And Michelle gets in Graham Linehan's head!
This week there is TOO MUCH NEWS The EHRC are called out by LGBT Orgs! A court case in Northern Ireland is COMPLICATED! Trans masculine surgeries halted on the NHS! And we talk with trans activist legend Christine Burns about how Coronation Street helped advance trans rights in the 90's! (As well as LOADS of other stuff). References:
This week we chat to Stonewall CEO Nancy Kelley about media lies, the LGB Alliance gaining charity status, conversion therapy and the biggest myths about Stonewall (#StonewallDeepState). We also cover the latest developments from Parliament's GRA reform inquiry! References:
This week: Government finds a way to make cutting the price of a gender recognition certificate suck. Thousands of non-binary people demand recognition. YET MORE GC NIGHTMARES IN THE COURTS And we speak to the AMAZING Trans Safety Network and an artist who is taking over Cardiff! References:
CN: Abuse, child abuse, transphobia, references to transphobic organisations and 'thought leaders' and one audio clip of Posie fucking Parker. Michelle breaks down what emotional abuse is and how transphobia enables it. If you have been effected by the issues raised on this podcast please go here for more information:
This week: - The Bell V Tavistock decision has been significantly undone! - Arkansas does it's own Bell V Tavistock only far worse! - Working life for trans people exposed! - We discuss microaggressions FROM SOCIETY - And Michelle talks about telling Dave Chappelle to go f**k himself (he deserved it). References:
The UK Government has abused trans people for the last 12 months. People need to know what they have done. Please share this everywhere.
This was the news week that never ended. 3 hero's quit government advisory committee to protest anti-LGBT nonsense! Transphobic trouble from the House of Lords! Fairplay For Women SUCK! And we break down the latest on the Census with Census Engagement Manager Adam Dale! References:
This week we have something very different: a whole other show! What The Trans: Nights is our new monthly podcast that is available to patrons now and will be made available to everyone in 6 months! On this episode, we tell our coming out stories and fight anti-semitism by sharing the contents of our desks! Also it is the census! Click the link below for more info! References: Podcast links sheet:
This week we talk to two amazing cisgender allies who have stood up for the trans community in very cool ways. Grace Petrie, folk singing, transphobia slaying guitar god & David Paisley, LGB Alliance botherer and actor on BBC Scotlands River City! References: Podcast links sheet:
Last week we talked the legal ramifications of the Bell V Tavistock puberty blocker bull....AHEM... so this week we talk to people effected on the ground. We talk to trans youths, a parent and the folks at GenderGP. References: Podcast links sheet:
Everything is terrible. The High Court has ruled that under 16's are incapable of giving consent to puberty blockers. This week: We examine the Bell/Mrs A vs Tavistock judgement. We look at how religious extremist hate groups may have influenced the decision. We talk to the Good Law Project's Jolyon Maugham about their Trans legal defence fund and their plans for fighting this judgement. And Ashleigh is sick and Michelle owns two Tamagotchis. References: Podcast links sheet:
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Great show, really enjoyed this one!

Apr 23rd

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great show. keep up the good work

Feb 13th
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