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Author: Amanda Joy Loveland & Jessica Lee Devenish

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We are here to share our stories of what we have learned through our lives which includes being a mom, a wife, a friend, a business woman, spirituality, religion, cancel culture, you name it! "What is Personal is Universal". We know our stories are not just ours but will ring true to so many! Our intention is that as we share our stories it sparks ideas, thoughts or even motivation in your life to be the best version of you. We also know that by sharing our stories we find compassion and connection with each other. In our world right now connections are needed more than ever and our stories connect us. We know that our stories are what connect us. By sharing our stories, we hope to connect with you and spark ideas or curiosity in your life to assist you in having the life you desire! Be a voice, not an echo.
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23. Gratitude.

23. Gratitude.


Amanda and Jessica wrap up season one with this final episode, all about Gratitude. As they both hold gratitude in high regard in the work they do and the world as they see it. In this episode they share the beauty that living from place of gratitude can offer your world. When we start looking at life with the lens of "where can I find gratitude?" and holding that intention in the moments of our life; both the brilliant bright ones and the hard ones as we navigate through ... that is when experiential wisdom unfolds. Gratitude and love live on the same frequency and when you feel one you attract the other.  The God connection is expanded from a place of gratitude. Thank you for being here with us, we send you so much love and look forward to seeing in Season Two. Where can you connect with Joy LovelandJessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is universalWebsite:www.amandajoyloveland.comwww.devenishduo.comAmandas Podcast:Leaving Religion found on spotify and apple
In today's episode Amanda and Jessica get to sit down and talk with their friend and Psychosomatic Therapist, teacher and mentor Christy Foster. Both Amanda and Jessica have experienced great benefits from working with Christy and were grateful to find time in her busy schedule to share her work with  you.  What is psychosomatics?  Christy explains the first element  is our mental processing.  It has to do with emotional processing in the body, as our bodies hold habitual patterns based on our generations that come from on both sides, mother and father. So many great concepts in this conversation. Christy has a big heart and you'll enjoy learning from her.  You can be feel her personal mission comes from her heart to empower and create self-awareness for her students and clients. Christy is a therapist and certified  teacher of the Psychosomatic Therapy Process. Her proven system is derived from her 25 years of practical application and education. EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT:  Christy is hosting a psychosomatic training course coming up, beginning October 17, 2021. This only happens a couple times per year. Go to to learn more. You can also find her on her private Facebook group called Emotional Anatomy, "Listening to the body speak."Please like, share and subscribe.
In today's podcast we lean into our feelings and all the experiences associated with them. We are human beings having a human experience. Some days we are living our best life and the next day we find ourselves down and out. Just like a good movie where we love the idea of going from sad to happy, overjoyed to crying - why don't we love that in real life?  It's an interesting concept to ask yourself. Amanda and Jessica share their personal stories about what is going on in their every day life navigating the peaks and valleys of what is going on and real world experiences with our families, business, our health and everything in between. Staying true to the concept of this podcast of what is personal is universal,  they share stories of their life and trust we all find a commonality. Where can you connect with Joy LovelandJessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is
20. Health & Wellness

20. Health & Wellness


In this episode we talk about health and wellness. In previous episodes we have talked about people finding their individuality and their own personal sovereignty, and it starts with us, then health and wellness is a great place to start! Jessica shares her life long journey since her brain tumor and thyroid adenoma from her early 20's. Trusting your body and knowing what it needs is a powerful way to stay on course.Amanda shares her Dad's journey with cancer. It all started with his gall bladder and trusting his body's messages and asking questions to find answers.We share some of our own health journey's. Both what has worked and what hasn't worked. Where we have been and what direction we are both going now. We dive into hormones, personal care ranging from baths, to dry brushing, good sleep, supplements, drinking your water and everything in between. Hope you find some nuggets in this episode that will help you on your own personal journey. In this episode Jessica shares her recent success and love with Plexus. If you're interested in learning more or want to get started?  Please DM Jessica on Facebook  or email her at and she can give you the details to do that and guide you on what products would be best for you. Or  you're welcome to order on your own with no pressure with Jessica's Ambassador #901651562. Where can you connect with Joy LovelandJessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is Please, like share or subscribe.
In this episode Amanda and Jessica talk about the idea of vision and manifesting. A lot of people will have an idea for something but then actually putting it into action and moving forward sometimes gets a little challenging or complicated.  So until you leap the idea out of your head onto something else that can manifest- it will remain a vision. Jessica shares that when working with your team around vision; a key element is setting expectations. Amanda shares her knowing that in the past when she had the expectation that things would be hard. Then they will be hard. And how that has shifted for her now.  Fear usually stops visions. When you feel the fear trust the idea that there's something behind it that's asking  to be looked at instead of avoiding it and having this thing that looms over us with  fear or resistance, perhaps apprehension. Ask yourself... what is there behind it? Answers can be powerful if you ask the right question. Fear or excitement can be used as a catalyst to power forward if you take that leap! When manifesting, the question is;  are you conscious of what you're creating?  Listen in on the importance of conscious awareness around manifesting. Please, like share or subscribe. Where can you connect with Joy LovelandJessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is 
Our world is going through a death right now, and Amanda and Jessica believe there is a need to have a conversation about the reality of how this may be affecting you. There is a grieving taking place because what we once knew, has become an illusion in many ways. There is freedom in knowledge. Knowledge aids in finding your inner power so you can better navigate the world around you. Following a story they learned about of a North Korean woman, Yeonmi Park who escaped oppression; they felt strongly her story needs to be shared. Her story had both Amanda and Jessica in tears. Completely stunned learning the ties and control that China holds not only for North Korea but the entire world.  So much so, that they feel compelled to state that they feel strongly every citizen in the United States of America should hear her story. It is a wake up call. The more we learn, the more we all need to share. Yeonmi Park released a book in 2015 called "In order to survive; A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom".  And with the world's current events her story is getting much attention. They first learned of her story through The Joe Rogan Experience podcast released on August 3, 2021 episode# 1691.  They have since learned of several other podcast interviews you may find of her story. This episode brings some passionate ideologies that both Amanda and Jessica share.  This episode was recorded nearly a week before the recent White House Administration released the new orders for vaccines and testing. Now more than ever they feel it is critical to educate yourself on your personal rights and freedoms.They encourage listeners to research  The Nuremberg Code. There are 10 important points we should all be aware of.  The code is considered to be some of the most important documents in the history of clinical research ethics which has a massive influence on global human rights. It was created in 1947 in Nuremberg Germany, following the trial of a group of Nazi doctors following WWII accused of conducting inhumane and often deadly experiments on prisoners in concentration camps without their consent. Many Americans are feeling some fear for their own personal sovereignty for themselves and their families. The intention of this episode is to share knowledge and information learned.Please like, share and subscribe.
This is part two of our twin flame conversation with Angie Kirkham Goff. If you're called to learn more about this concept, then this is where you're meant to be.  If  you've been drawn to know more about twin flames then lean in and perhaps there will be some topics that resonate with you. We talk about karmic relationships, past life time relationships. Looking at two ends of the spectrum in our relationships in how we view the world. The yin and the yang of our lives.What a beautiful web we weave as we learn more about ourselves as different relationships come in and out of our lives. There is no right or wrong; it is all part of our experience and something we choose to create. Everyone has a beautiful love story to choose into.  Finding and feeling into your version of love. Angie loves to break down names and numerology; and the meaning behind them to guide us on our life's path. Want to connect with Angie Goff:email: angeladawn@inlightenyou.comFacebook: Angie Kirkham Smart 
Jessica and Amanda invited their good friend, and coach Angie Kirkham Goff.  Angie is an autodidact.  She is a great coach and teacher, very well versed in the Bible, sacred geometry, quantum physics, numerology and Akashic records, among an eclectic list of many other topics  This episode is a fun conversation with Angie as we ask her to share her knowledge, expertise and experience of twin flames and quantum entanglement. Why twin flames? Her experience has taken her there. You'll love listening to her story and synchronicities along her path. What are twin flames? Angie speaks of two essences/souls choosing to come in and create together. Nothing is created by yourself, everything comes in and through somebody in our lives; it is a co-creation.  No man is an island. We discuss the idea that finding your twin flame is not a way to make you "whole".  We find our wholeness from within. Once we come into our own internal alignment then we can feel the magnetic pull of another. Angie shares her passion behind the power of gratitude and how it truly guides us to our internal balance.  Gratitude is the place to raise your vibration, it balances your masculine and feminine energies along with the right and left hemispheres of your brain. We talk about sacred geometry, the flower of life. If you're not familiar with flower of life, it is believed to represent the cycle of creation. Angie explains when we can come together in this life and give gratitude, kindness, compassion and caring that will untangle the entanglement of our lives.  As the flower of life depicts how all life comes from one single source; as are we. Through awareness you will see the many signs of our twin binary system and the coming back as one.   We are here to experience the push and pull of life, our inner equilibrium, and the full creation of what we are here to do in this lifetime. The conversation is a fascinating one you are sure to enjoy.Stay tuned for part 2 that will be released next week.Resources suggested:11:11 Twin flame keycode by Dr. Harmony Want to connect with Angie Goff:email
In this episode we share a lot of our thoughts, experiences and some tools to help with the high energy of the current world stage of uncertainty that many are experiencing.Jessica and Amanda discuss the overwhelming feeling we are facing around the narrative  that we all have to "pick a side" in this current global climate.  They challenge the idea of having to pick and side, and suggest that there is a middle way. We CAN agree to disagree. The middle way revolves around compassion and empathy. True empathy guides you to meet others where they are without judgment. We ask the question of "what is your wealth?" and how is your relationship with the all-mighty dollar. Are you a slave to it? Do you live in a flow state with money?  What are your limiting beliefs around money? Do you know?Is money where you find wealth?  How does wealth show up for you emotionally, mentally, physically AND spiritually?  What is your relationship with your own personal wealth?  Where does it reside and what is the wealth you want to create for myself?  When you see that everything in the world is our consciousness reflecting back to us, then you start getting more empowered, and have more understanding that we are in control of our wealth value, and holding conviction in what our core values are. Where can you connect with Joy LovelandJessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is 
Amanda and Jessica both find commonality in their personal desire to seek truth, and are committed to self empowerment in their worlds.  Empowering from a soul spirit level. We are the creator of our destiny and master of our fate when we find ourselves coming back to our own wholeness within self.  That is where the answers and our light reside.Jessica shares the idea that we will undoubtedly get knocked down, and experience hardships. And that is where we find the gifts in our journey;  when we are open and curious to the belief that there could be something there for us to help us grow. Amanda shares that true self empowerment comes from being willing to look at yourself intimately.  The relationships of her life are where she has learned the most about her own self.  Our experiences are really about our own inner state, what we are holding and what is asking to be looked at. They both express the power of gratitude and how it can shift us. Diving into helicopter parenting, being the eye of the storm, family patterning, power of our energetic hearts, dis-ease in the body,  unwinding things that are no longer serving us, every day boulders that happen in our life. Trusting the world is in service to you! References:Michael Singer; The Surrender Experiment Book. Living from a place of surrender course. Where can you connect with Joy LovelandJessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is 
Yes . . . we are going there.  Fascinating and controversial topic as we leap into talking about the current state of the world of COVID, you guessed it the "c" word. We share our thoughts on how the division among us has taken it's toll emotionally and mentally for so many over the last eighteen months. We share our experiences on the distain and frustrations felt as people are not seeing the world through the same lens as another.  We encourage all of us to stand up and have a voice if you are so called, AND in that same breath offer compassion, empathy and grace without judging one another. We encourage those feeling the angst of the current environment to rise above the line, rise above the choas. Stay in love. Take a deep breath. We get what we give; choose to exercise compassion, understanding and grace.Do whatever serves you from a place of love and heart. Avoid ego, arrogance and anger for those that see life through different perspective. And being aware of our own personal cognitive dissonance could offer us a chance to look through a lens of curiosity and recognize and honor that we don't know what we don't know. The same is true when you need to set boundaries of energy projected that doesn't serve you.Choose your center, and it certainly doesn't need to be someone else's balance, center or alignment. What is yours, is yours. Be true to that and we encourage you to release judgment of what the other person is doing. We believe that single act can all raise the vibration of the planet.Where can you connect with Joy LovelandJessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is 
Welcome to the conversation with Holly Semanoff,  a body-mind-soul teacher, yoga teacher, reiki master, author, and spiritual catalyst for waking up the body, mind soul connection... just to scratch the surface of her beautiful gifts. Holly is also the founder and creator of Body of Light, with her husband Mike Semanoff. Holly is one of our dearest friends. She truly lives what she teaches about living in flow from a place of authenticity. And this episode manifested exactly in congruence with that topic.  Jessica and Amanda had discussed inviting Holly to the conversation and on this day we planned to record guess who showed up?! Yup, you guessed it ... Holly, in her divine nature of following the energy that calls to her. Holly has so many beautiful stories to share, perhaps we should have her back again soon.  She shares how her whole reality changed from being concrete and material, three dimensional living; into living and being a life of pure energy and seeing and feeling the world,  and people as pure energy.  And she shares how those things opened up to her through her different experiences in leaving the competitive fitness world.Holly talks about her channeling; and expresses the idea there's all sorts of connotations for people who do energy work, or see the energy of the world and how it relates to the physical world, the mental world and the emotional world.  Everyone has their own unique flow, or their unique song. Finding your flow is really trusting in yourself.  It's recognizing that everyone can have their own flow.  Just like the river doesn't try to hold on to the shore, it simply flows. You are the river of your own life. Holly believes that your life purpose is naturally who you are authentically. It's not something you're seeking or  have to grasp. When you simply go back to your true self; it is then you will naturally live your purpose. Jessica and Amanda share their life experiences of being in flow among many other beautiful gems in this episode. Where to find Holly:www.bodyoflight.comInstagram @holly_semanoffFacebook: Holly Semanoff YouTube channel: Ascended Path Holly and Amandas Heart Opening Retreat/October 2021:Upcoming Retreats & Classes (
In this episode Amanda and Jessica share their personal experiences with grief and some tools they have found to help them on their journey. Only you will know what is meant for you. Jessica shares the idea that grief is "the healing" and expands on the five stages of grief.  The stages are not always experienced in this order, there is no time frame, no path, no directions, road map or right or wrong way to navigate the loss you may be feeling.  Denial = disbelief, shock, refusal, numb, isolation.Anger = blame, looking for answers, resentment, lash outBargaining = deep sorrow, looking to find meaning, pain and guilt, if-only stageDepression = sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, affirm realityAcceptance = understanding, turning point, integrate loss into every day lifeAmanda shares a profound quote expanding that grief is not only the loss of a loved one, there are many facets to grief and loss: It is not to late to grieve this; the person you used to be, the grieving of the parent you never had, the friendship that ended, the relationship you couldn't fix, the boundaries you had that were ignored, not having anyone to believe in you as a child, the shame you felt as a kid for having feelings, wishing someone knew how you felt growing up, not having adults to teach you how to cope with life as a child, the childhood you had to miss because you had to grow up to fast. Our shared take-aways:Amanda shared to give yourself space, perhaps write, release the emotions onto paper and burning these letters to help transmute the energy.Jessica  shared to offer yourself grace, kindness, compassion and opportunity to grieve and feel all that you need to feel without judgment. Resources: Anatomy of Spirit, the seven stages of power and healing by Caroline MyssWhere can you connect with Joy LovelandJessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is 
We are thrilled to invite both Michelle Wilding and Amanda Nelson, founders of The Sophrenic Collective to our conversation. Amanda and Jessica attended a two day retreat they hosted, A Heroine's Journey.  This retreat takes a unique approach to conscious spiritual principles and applying it to everyday living. These women teach from their own deep and vulnerable experiences of personal love and transformation.  Make no mistake, they practice what they preach!  Most women have struggled with body image at some point in their life. Jessica shares how body positivity is the one area of her life that has held her back in her life's journey.  Amanda expressed how her experience of jumping into their three month program has already began to open her up in ways she didn't expect  in understanding body image.Do you have a goal? Michelle shares how important it is that we put a goal into the GPS of  our mind so you can get where you want to go.  Michelle specializes in hypnotherapy and NLP. Our brains work like computers and when you understand that you can uninstall and reinstall a new program that better serves you, then it will do something new for you. New programs can create new behaviors. Are you finding peace in your body? Amanda specializes in leaning into your emotions, and letting them work with you, and the power of not allowing them to dictate your choices. There is so much judgment about emotions and labeling them as good or bad. Let's educate and bring awareness to ourselves because our mind and stories get in the way of our emotional feeling experiences. One of their greatest teachings is learning that your behaviors create protection around your physical body.  So much is felt and stored in your body; through emotional, mental,  spiritual and physical experiences. Their programs specialize in helping you release these old programs and so much more.  Listen in... this conversation has so many juicy nuggets you're going to love it. Resource:The Body Keeps Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk M.D. Connecting with Michelle and Amanda:Instagram@amanda.monroy.nelson@michelle.wilding Find them on FacebookA Heroine's Journey- The Sophrenic Collective www.thesophrenicollective.comPodcast: A Heroine's Journey; For the Driven Woman
So glad you're here. Welcome to part two of healthy co-creative relationships. In this episode we expand and deep dive into our personal experiences  and the power of healthy relationships. We are passionate about CREATING A LIFE BY DESIGN in the relationships of our life. Jessica and Amanda share a whole wheelhouse of tools to use on a daily basis AND questions for you to ask yourself and go within to create or expand your healthy relationships. Often in finding who we are, a good place to start is to learn who we are not!  We share our beliefs that a good friendship is an important foundation to a healthy marriage/relationship.  Going through painful experiences with those we love are in fact painful, hard and  can be  very challenging; AND once you get to the other side of those times you can often bring out the best in each other.  When we can hold space for each other in a safe and loving way we create a container of safety and non-judgement. Don't know how to hold space for someone? We share how from our experiences. How are you showing up in your relationships? Are you giving what you want to receive?  What does your communication look like? Are you committed to listening to your partner vs. committed to misunderstanding them?  What brings you joy in your relationship? These are just a few areas we touch on.  This conversation was one of our favorites, as we are both passionate about healthy co-creative relationships. Where can you connect with us outside of this podcast? @jessica.lee.devenishFacebook: Amanda Joy Loveland Jessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is 
This episode we invited our amazing husbands to join the conversation. We wanted to talk about the power of co-creative relationships vs. co-dependent relationships and get their input and perspectives. They graciously accepted our last minute invitation. There are lots of laughs and poking fun at each other. Laughter is a good  way to balance out the challenges and hardships of our relationships. We have found that all of our experiences; both our highs and our lows have offered us an opportunity to learn to co-create together.Travis and Amanda have been together for six years. They discuss how supporting each other through growth phases can assist each other in finding personal confidence.  Travis talks about the human ego aspect of releasing selfish needs and encouraging your partner in doing something that makes them happy even when you both don't choose in. Jessica and Kelly have been together for thirty-one years.  They discuss how they are both strong independently and even stronger together. This strength and commitment have assisted them in navigating life's challenges. Kelly expresses the power of not only supporting each other, adding encouragement also plays an important role.Relationships are where we can learn the deepest parts of ourselves, and having a healthy co-creative partnership is an opportunity to grow. 
If you're looking to learn more about energetics, and where to start... then this episode is for you. Everyone's path is so different when it comes to spirituality, crystals, energetics, home clearings... even plants and the frequency they bring to your space.  We share our favorite crystals and where we place them in our homes to create and set intentions for our own personal spaces. Crystals are a tool to amplify and bring comfort to your energetic space. We share our thoughts on how to clear and clean them. How to pick the stone that is right for you. Jessica and Amanda also share how crystals can assist your children with their own personal emotional experiences and what a comfort they can be. We share favorite books that opened the door for us to energetics, consciousness, awareness and opening the door to our personal spiritual awakenings.  We believe we create our own realities, and spaces we share with those we love and the energy we bring into our life. Resources (too many to list in this juicy episode). You may have to go back and make sure you grab a pen:Crystal books:Gemi Zone reference charts ( Book of StonesFew of our go-to reads:Rebecca Campbell: Rise Sister RiseMichael Singer: Untethered Soul and The Surrender ExperimentMarianne Williamson, A Course in miracles plus many othersClaire Heartson; Anna, Grandother of JesusBruce Wilkinson: Prayer of Jabez, breaking through for a blessed lifeFlorence Scovel Shinn: The Game of Life and How to Play itAnnie Kagan: Afterlife of Billy FingersMark Nepo: Power of NowDr. Joe Dispenza
We hear you! Following a previous episode a listener and friend reached out and thought the conversation around being a people leaser,  would be a great one to hear.  THANK YOU for joining the conversation.  So, if you are a people pleaser, then this conversation is for you. Are you letting yourself down to avoid hurting another person's feelings? Are you uncomfortable with crucial conversations to set boundaries? Are you giving your power away? Get familiar with what YOUR needs are.  Ask yourself "What brings me joy?" Is this a pattern that is no longer serving me? Setting boundaries with yourself may be a great place to start! Taking back your power, could be as simple as "No, thank you." And setting boundaries  is important to your own self worth and over explaining yourself is unnecessary.  We share  more about the self-empower triangle, that you may find yourself in. Do you relate to being a rescuer?  When you continue to say YES without true authenticity to yourself . . . is your YES losing it's value? Do you have co-dependent relationship by serving others in an unhealthy way?We share some tools that we hope you can use in your personal experiences. Honor yourself, step out and empower yourself. Show yourself love, compassion and empathy in taking your own power back. 
Our stories of what led us into energetics and spirituality. Talking about tools we have gathered and our experiences through life's challenges. Jessica shared how healing herself from a re-curing brain tumor is one of the gateways to her experience with energetics and spirituality. Amanda shared her introduction to energetics was not from a specific moment but rather a deep knowing of who she was. She recalls there was always someone in her life that knew some form of energetics and was inherently curious. We pulled two oracle cards. One of the mantras shared was "I remain calm and in control of myself when the unexpected occurs, I know that dealing with the unforeseen is a bliss offered to me as divine providence."Sharing the idea that if we think we have all the answers we limit our vision, and our ability to see. Allowing ourselves to open up to the idea of learning and growing and being a student of life gives us the opportunity to discover that we don't know, what we don't know.When we surrender ourselves to something outside of us, we are forgetting that you have all the answers. You are giving your power away.  Who I am has more power over anything. The  idea that is alchemy is manifestation.  And trusting that everything in our life is in service to us.Resources: Video on Gaia, The Power of The HeartBook: You can heal your life, Louise L. HayOracle Cards: Deck was Sufi Wisdom Oracle by RassouliTwo cards pulled: First was Do Not Be Frustrated"Where is a rose without a thorn" Feeling unusually frustrated and irritable is an indication that you are burned out.Second: Deal With The UnexpectedThe unexpected events in life are gifts to us, can we see the wisdom they hold?
In this episode we discuss motherhood, triggers, limiting beliefs, letting go and let God.Motherhood: the shame and guilt we may hold as we navigate life's choices. Is it serving us?Triggers:  beautiful tools to allow us to go within. What is unconscious in us that needs to be looked at?Limiting Beliefs: face them, and tools to flip the switch to a new thought pattern. Asking ourselves; when did you start believing that?  What is the learning that will release that belief? What is the new belief that you want to have?Letting go: the belief that guilt and God can not share the same space. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Life is divinely guided and if we lean in, we will see that it is all happening for us. Questions to ask that were referenced in this episode:When did you decide that? Or when did you start believing that?What is the learning that will release that belief?What do you want instead? Or what is the new belief you want to have?
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