DiscoverWhen God Abandons Our Nation
When God Abandons Our Nation
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When God Abandons Our Nation

Author: Hope of Israel Ministries

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In this series we investigate the Biblical reasons for all the trials and tribulations our nation is facing today, and what we must do to stop the downward slide to disaster.
10 Episodes
In this episode we are introduced to the different kinds of wrath exhibited by God at different times, and why He is at the end of His rope with His people Israel.Support the show (
In this episode we confront one of the main reasons why God is angry with this nation, and if we don't change our ways His wrath will eventually destroy America. Support the show (
What Does the Bible Permit?

What Does the Bible Permit?


This episode investigates the role of some of God's people and their part in mitigating God's wrath towards our nation.Support the show (
This episode lays the groundwork for identifying the ancestors of those who are responsible for creating the problems our nation is experiencing today.Support the show (
This episode reveals the differences between the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes. It shows that the Messiah thoroughly denounced the Pharisees and their theology, pointing out that their proselytes were to be many times worse. The conversion of the Khazars is touched upon, as well as Henry Ford's 1922 comments, and the fact that modern "Pharisees" are behind most of the demonic influences in modern American society.Support the show (
This episode continues to show how the descendants of the Pharisees are using the media and the power of the press to leaven the people of our country. This is the enacting of a plan outlined in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and in the articles published by Henry Ford. According to plan, this "leaven" has infiltrated all aspects of American society.Support the show (
This episode reinforces the fact that the Pharisees and their leaven are alive and well today. It also reveals the link between the Talmud and the Khazars, who have become two times the proselytes of hell that Jesus mentioned. America has fallen prey to the leaven of the modern-day Pharisees through the avenues of TV, theater, and Hollywood.Support the show (
One of the things that will bring God's wrath upon our nation is our disobedience regarding His food laws. What is the purpose of clean and unclean animals, and did the food laws change in the New Testament? Many Christians believe that the food laws in the Bible have been abolished and that we can now eat anything we want. They often say the laws concerning clean and unclean animals were only for the Jews and no longer apply to Christians today. But, what does the Bible really say about this? This episode looks at what the Old Testament says about clean and unclean animals and examines what the New Testament says about the food laws. (The "Gentiles" referred to here were those of the northern House of Israel -- NOT non-Israelite peoples.)Support the show (
This episode covers capital punishment as dictated in the Bible. The Bible has laid out for us the laws that our government ought to have enforced. If we truly were a Christian nation, we would look to the Bible as the source of our morality and sense of justice.Support the show (
In Episode 10 we have a continuation of the previous episode which shows that God demands the death penalty for some offences, and the failure to follow God's laws will lead to the demise of our nation. The Old Testament was a foreshadow of the New Testament which did not do away with the laws of God. Throughout the Gospels the Messiah upholds the Old Testament law and fully backs the death penalty.Support the show (
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