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When It Was Cool reviews, remembers, and celebrates the toys, music, action figures, television, movies, and popular culture of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Super Friends, Comic Books, Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, My Little Pony, Alice in Wonderland, books, Six Million Dollar Man, Godzilla, video games, and all things retro.
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There's a packed retro news feature this episode plus Karl reviews the Universal Studios monster classic The Wolfman (1941) and the Dracula sequel Son of Dracula (1943). The Universal Monster movies are the foundational films in the horror movie genre and many of them are far better than you might suspect. The Wolfman is an odd movie with some strange plot choices so it's fun to review. The Universal sequels mostly lacked the impact and quality of the originals and thus is the story of Son of Dracula which, in a weird kind of way, makes it fun to review also.
While it's technically the second of the "UBW Halloween 2020" trilogy, it's the first NEW show due to last episode's updated rerun. So what's in store here? Joseph and Mike talk about their picks for the Mt. Retromore of Horror icons (find out who joins Ric Flair as the second person to make both of their lists), and then it's time for a debate, of sorts. Mike is a fan of slasher movies while Joseph prefers those of the supernatural type, so they go up against one another in an effort to illustrate why their favorite is better and if there's any common ground to be found between the two. Who wins? We won't say, but really - let's face it - you listeners are the REAL winners! Can we get a "heck, yeah!"? Anyone?
It's Halloween month here at When It Was Cool and we celebrate all month long as most of our shows are themed around the dark and mysterious and there is probably no more influential author of the dark and macabre than Edgar Allan Poe. We look at his dark life filled with the deaths of everyone close to him, alcohol problems, and a rival that so hated him that he assassinated his character and stole his works even after his death. If you're interested in horror, horror novels, Stephen King, R.L. Stein, or any dark works of literature and film then this show is for you!
Due to circumstances beyond their control, Mike and Joseph were unable to record a new episode for this week. But that doesn't mean you're not getting a show! Step into the W.A.B.A.C. machine as we head off to the first Halloween-themed show that the fellas did back in 2017. If it's your first time listening to it, or you've already heard it, we think you're going to like it as they talk costumes, trick or treating, and what some of their favorite candy was back in the day. And we promise - episode #90 in two weeks is going to be all-new and all-awesome!
A big show this week as we give you two of our recent Patreon specials for free. First, from our Music Monday series is a look at the special relationship between George Jones and Johnny Paycheck and the value of outlaw country music. Then, in honor of the death this week of Joe Laurinaitis - AKA: Road Warrior Animal, we give you a biography special of The Road Warriors by wrestling historian Karl Stern from Wrestling Observer website.
Mike starts things off with a short discussion about "Cobra Kai" (Netflix's TV show - by way of YouTube - 'reboot' of the "Karate Kid" franchise), and Joe follows up with a couple of film festival movies. From there it's on to the episode's installment of "Mt. Retromore" and the topic of favorite childhood authors like Richard Scarry and... H.G. Wells?!? All of which leads to the main topic of looking back at "Schoolhouse Rock". It's time to unpack your adjectives and give this one a listen!
The new Old Tyme Wrestling Hour Podcast with Karl Stern features a look at the massive decline in WWE pop culture popularity, a new documentary takes a look at the life of former lucha and WCW star Vampiro, Kid Zombie (Matt Mann) joins Karl to discuss some of our favorite angles of the 1980s and gush over The Fantastics and mid-1980s AWA. Patreon supporters get a new chapter from Fall Guys talking the Danno O'Mahoney double cross by Dick Shikat. 
A series of articles by Juan Nunez recently at has hosts Karl and Tonya thinking and talking about video games. We discuss our first video game consoles, arcades, and even drift into playing card games such as Rook, Uno, and more. The Atari 2600, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and much more! Tonya is a Mario master, while Karl regales her with tales of Defender, Asteroids, Space Invaders, and more. Watch out for those Centipedes and Millipedes and grab your Tank and go Duck Hunting! It's a retro video gaming edition of the When It Was Cool Podcast.
Discussions about "Unknown Origins" on Netflix and some movies from the Fantasia and FrightFest festivals get things started and then it's time for the "Mount Retromore" of comic book characters. And normally the first show of September would be about school, but since the COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting everyone, the guys decide to look at some virus and pandemic movies from the 70s and 80s, all while trying not to go into the zombie rabbit hole. Quick - before you listen, do you know which movie from 1980 starred George Kennedy, Chuck Connors, Sonny Chiba, and Olivia Hussey? The answer awaits so listen now!
Southern pro wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer "Bullet" Bob Armstrong has died at the age of 80 following a battle with bone cancer. Bullet Bob is a man I met many, many times, worked around at many shows, and grew up watching. His sons Scott, Steve, Brad, and Brian (Road Dogg) all had success in the wrestling business. Today I remember and pay tribute to one of my favorite pro wrestlers ever, my dad's favorite wrestler, and by-golly one of the best promos in wrestling history along with excerpts from Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer obituary- "Bullet" Bob Armstrong. This show is free, so pass it around!
Karl and Tonya are back with the flagship podcast from to discuss a 1980s sitcom and a 1990s sitcom, both of which lasted multiple seasons.  Golden Girls and Family Matters were to very differently written shows and one seemed to resonate with us while the other one didn't and we also discuss how watching so many different sitcoms for multiple eras has been a learning experience. Plus a new segment debuts this show featuring news about people and properties of interest to retro pop culture fans.
Today on the DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show, host Karl Stern dives back into the pages of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter for Dave Meltzer's biographies on Boris Malenko (the father of wrestler and future agent Dean Malenko) and Art Barr.  The death of Barr was treated as a huge loss for pro wrestling at the time. Coming off his most high profile match ever, a five star effort with partner Eddie Guerrero, Art Barr died suddenly and mysteriously. Barr's past threatened to complicate his bright future but death took him suddenly. 
It's time for a new regular feature (at least for now) as Mike and Joseph debut "Mt. Retromore" - their take on the game of coming up with your own "Mt. Rushmore" of a given topic. For this first shot they come up with their four professional wrestlers who they each feel were important to the sport in the 70s and 80s. A couple might be obvious, but the big question is if there are any duplicates between the lists! Then it's off to the main topic where the guys discuss remakes and reboots of TV shows and movies from the 70s and 80s. Are they in favor of this practice or do they bash it to bits? And more importantly, why did they forget Bingo's favorite movie, "King Kong"?!?
Karl and Tonya from talk about mid-90s rock music on this episode as Tonya recently rediscovered Alice in Chains. We talk about their music and the death of lead singer Layne Staley. Plus Soundgarden, Nirvana, Bush, Pearl Jam, and the transition from heavy metal to glam rock to grunge. Then Karl tells you about a band that does Chicago's music better than Chicago, and much more! It's time to get your retro music on and join us on the When It Was Cool Podcast!
Karl Stern brings you a new Old Tyme Wrestling Hour Podcast. On this episode: the pioneer era of wrestling in Mexico isn't what I expected. In fact, it appears Asian in origin with links to Jui Jitsu and American frontier wrestling combined into one thing. It gets weird. Also, a man died during a match and literally killed the town as well for a long time. One of our valued friends and Patreons Aaron Gartlan grew up in the heart of the Continental - SECW area and joins me to talk wrestling at the Houston County Farm Center and more.
It's August and that means it's time for "Dragon King Karl Month" at the palatial When It Was Cool estate as everyone celebrates Karl's birthday. Mike and Joe do their part to liven up the festivities as they program the WABAC machine to Karl's birth year of 1971 and discuss everything from the price of a Malibu Barbie to the confetti showers of Rip Taylor. Of course there's also the usual 'What's New' and 'Mix-Tape Challenge' segments that you've come to love and look forward to as well. We've said it before, but we really mean it this time when we say "This one's got it all"!
A superhero combination that exists within the Hanna-Barbara and Scooby-Doo universe. Blue Falcon is clearly a parody of Batman and I suppose Dynomutt (the Dog Wonder) is a parody of Robin the Boy Wonder but is more Inspector Gadget than anything. When I was a young kid I loved it whenever the Blue Falcon would show up. He crossed over into the Laugh-A-Lympics, Scooby-Doo, and his own Hanna-Barbara show. He even returned a couple of years ago for a direct to DVD Scooby-Doo special. Today I take a look back at Blue Falcon and Dynomutt!
On this episode of the flagship When It Was Cool Podcast from, host Karl catches up on the current goings on related to retro pop culture including cancelled concerts, Geddy Lee's birthday, Bob Armstrong's health, and more. Then we talk about the big comeback of the toy aisle- retro Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, WWE, G.I. Joe, and more are BACK on toy aisles but there is a BIG catch. Then a passionate rant about what gave pop culture a heart and soul back in the day and how we need that hope back now. A fun and informative look back and ahead at the toys, music, movies, TV, and sports that you fondly remember! When It Was Cool!
Joseph talks a bit about this year's BIFAN Film Festival before the talk turns to drive-in theaters now in the age of Covid-19. Then it's off to the Mix-Tape Challenge followed by the main topic: magazines! From Highlights for Children to Rolling Stone, the fellas wax nostalgic for the old Bill Apter wrestling magazines, the black and white Warren horror mags, and everyone's favorite - TV Guide. All this and more - and none of those stinky perfume samplers and annoying subscription cards that seemed to be on every other page of magazines back in the day.
Karl and Tonya from are here to distract you from the depressing viral infected world to bring you some retro pop culture goodness, along with news about your favorites from better times. We open discussing the death and music of Charlie Daniels, then it's on to the new 6 inch G.I. Joe action figures which we have in-hand. The saga of Johnny Depp. Plus a ton of other pop culture favorites discussed including Pink Floyd, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Power Rangers, Alice in Wonderland, Breaking Bad, and much more!
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It has only been one episode, but I am already loving it, keep up the good work, guys.

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Tried to get into this... just a man reminiscing about days gone by.

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can't image a better name for a podcast for man children living in the past.

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