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Where's Home Really?

Author: Podimo & Listen

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Journalist, restaurant critic, and Masterchef judge Jimi Famurewa talks to some of the world’s most loved public figures from different backgrounds, who each have their own unique experiences and emotional responses to the question of Where’s Home Really?

Jimi asks each guest to reveal a person, a phrase, a place and a plate that best represent what home means to them – with fun, fascinating, and moving results to help us better understand ourselves, our neighbours, and the modern world.

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CREDITS: From Podimo and Listen
Presented by Jimi Famurewa
Produced by Tayo Popoola and Aidan Judd
Executive Producers for Podimo: Jake Chudnow and Matt White
Executive Producer for Listen: Kellie Redmond
24 Episodes
“I think it’s fair to say Bridgerton has had a seismic effect on storytelling.” Hollywood actor and star of hit Netflix series 'Bridgerton', Adjoa Andoh, joins Jimi in this fascinating, funny, and thoughtful episode that brings to close Series 2 of Where’s Home Really? Adjoa, whose roles include the Oscar-nominated 'Invictus' opposite Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, weighs the pros and cons of squatting, reveals what connects Fry’s Peppermint Cream with Bette Davis, and the sanctity of the Christmas tradition. Plus, Adjoa gives her considered take on what has changed, and what’s remained the same, following the rise of Bridgerton and the notion of "colourblind casting".
"Doing Strictly this year, I was able to live a dream… but at the same time showcase who I am, my culture, tell my story." In this penultimate episode of the series, Jimi catches up with comedian and presenter Eddie Kadi, fresh slipping off his dancing shoes having competed in 2023’s Strictly Come Dancing. A powerhouse of positivity and humour, Eddie reminisces about the times he was gifted a "new" pair of trainers wrapped in the dreaded blue plastic bag, his dad’s eye-opening experience attending one of Eddie’s comedy gigs, and his reflections on dancing in front of the nation on primetime TV.   Plus, Eddie reveals the only two words you need to get by at his local barbershop!
“To be pulled in so many different directions, for the first time I felt I couldn’t manage it all - so I had to let Masterchef go for a year.” Chef and TV presenter Monica Galetti joins Jimi to talk about her fascinating life growing up in American Samoa and New Zealand - and then moving across the world to learn under the demanding eye of the one and only Michel Roux.  Also discover the reason behind Monica's approachable TV personality style, and the importance of both families in her life - the one at home as well as the close-knit family in her restaurant “Mere”.
'I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I will not vote for the first British Asian Prime Minister…’ Comedian and presenter Nish Kumar takes Jimi on a hilarious and thought-provoking journey through his life and career. Nish touches on what links him with Stormzy, and Kate Moss; his dad as the family bouncer; and candidly reveals the real-life impact of relentless online trolling. Plus, if you’ve ever wondered what ‘Cucumber Town’ means, Nish will put your mind at ease!
"In my 20s I would have felt 'Oh these are the things that don’t make me Caribbean enough, or black enough’… Now I think 'These are the things that make me myself.’ Multi Grammy Award-winning British singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey joins Jimi to discuss growing up in Leeds with little money, share vivid memories of finding corners of the Caribbean in her grandparents’ home, and reveals the lessons from her mother that she is passing on to her own children. Corinne also tells Jimi about some of the inspirational stories of African-Americans that influenced her acclaimed new album, “Black Rainbows”.
“I walked out the bank and there were about 1,000 people outside! I was so shocked by the love they were showing me.”   An Olympic silver medallist at just 17, the youngest ever British professional world boxing champion, and winning the WBA light-welterweight title at 22 - Amir Khan is a man used to being in the spotlight.   Discover what he splashed his cash on after getting his first big paycheck, what it was like being a Bolton boy filling the tabloid gossip columns following his marriage to a Manhattan heiress, and being the only Asian kid in his local boxing gym.
"My mum always says to me, ‘Where are you going to get back to the kids?’ And my grandma will whisper, ‘Don’t listen to any of them, just keep doing it.’”  Winner of the 2015 Bake Off, chef, presenter, and author of 8 cookery books including her latest title to accompany BBC TV show, Nadiya’s Simple Spices, Nadiya Hussain is a true powerhouse.  Get ready for laughter, tears and, quite literally, food for thought, as she discuss why she’d never eat a British korma, the hilarious way her grandad would wake up his grandchildren using straw and match, and why she feels the weight representing so many different groups. Plus, she brought baked goods for Jimi to try! But what’s the verdict…?
“I just got offered I’m A Celebrity for the third time… I’ve said no to all of them… I’m not tempted at all!’ Jimi’s back with another fantastic conversation, this time with rapper, actor, comedian, and screenwriter - or should we just say polymath - Ben Bailey-Smith AKA Doc Brown! Ben talks ghostwriting for one of the world’s biggest rappers, why he’s turning down TV work, and the benefits of having an alter ego. Plus, he opens up on struggling to fit in with music cliques because of his heritage, his open door policy during Notting Hill Carnival, and why he’s moved back to North West London.
“I was crying at the side of the stage at the O2, watching her. I wanted to be her, I want people to know my name.’   Having written for stars such as Dua Lipa, Little Mix, Kylie, Clean Bandit, and many more, Kamille truly is a one-woman hitmaking machine.   With the songs that she’s worked on having amassed more than 6 billion streams on Spotify, Kamille has now turned her focus to her own solo career, and has released her debut album, K1.   She shares funny and moving stories of working on X Factor, the unexpected influence of Shakespeare in rap battles with her sister, and talks candidly about her experiences as black woman in the music industry and whether things have changed since she first set out. Keep up with the show or get in touch at We love hearing from you.
“We have this modern thing about cultural appropriation. People gave Adele a hard time for wearing her hair in knots for Carnival. Leave her alone! The girl grew up in Tottenham!” Jimi starts a new season of his award-winning podcast talking to chef, author and broadcaster, Andi Oliver.  The star of BBC Two’sThe Great British Menu and more, reveals what it was like being the only black girl at her school in 70s middle England Suffolk, her father’s influence on her cooking, the joy of her personal and professional relationship with daughter Miquita. Plus find out how she accidentally ended up touring with the punk band The Slits, why she wore her mother’s living room curtains on stage and discover which 80s chart-topper remains her deepest friendship. Keep up with the show or get in touch at We love hearing from you.
Fresh from a coveted British Podcast Awards win for Series 1, Where's Home Really? is returning with a brand new series. MasterChef guest judge, writer and restaurant critic, Jimi Famurewa is joined by more well-known names with mixed heritage from the worlds of TV, comedy, sport, food, music and beyond - for a truly unique peek into their lives. Hear candid conversations on what 'home' means to them. Funny, moving and always insightful, hear the people, places, phrases and food plates that provide a sense of identity and belonging to Jimi's star guests. Press play now for a taster of what to expect for Series 2. A Podimo and Listen production. Visit
“I could do an all-black episode of ‘Loose Women’ and all four of us would get a torrent of vitriol and hate – mostly from people who don’t watch the show anyway!” Jimi wraps up this current podcast series with ITV news anchor and ‘Loose Women’ host Charlene White, who provides a fun and thoughtful insight into her Jamaican heritage and family-focused upbringing in Lewisham, via the ‘I’m a Celeb…’ jungle and her headline-making moments with a certain ex-Home Secretary campmate. Charlene reveals teen tales of trying to avoid the human CCTV version of the all-seeing “Auntie-Net”, the West Indian word that is banned from her house, and why she’s had to develop a thick skin while forging her own successful path on TV. Keep up with the show or get in touch at
"The overriding factor that drew me to support Liverpool FC was John Barnes… he had Jamaican heritage, my dad’s Jamaican, he was a phenomenal player, and he looked like me!" Jimi is joined by presenter and BBC Radio 1 DJ Rickie Haywood-Williams for an entertaining journey from his proud South London roots through to his BBC One primetime turn on 'Strictly Come Dancing', via his Jamaican ancestry. Rickie shares why he has an eternal love for Croydon, his mum’s Caribbean take on the Sunday roast dinner, and using a radio studio as his classroom. Plus, discover which reality TV series making a big comeback he’d love to do… Keep up with the show or get in touch at
"Take That wanted us to cook for them on tour so I said to my sister: ‘I like to be in bed early!’ Plus, I don’t know if it’s our Filipino blood but we aren’t big drinkers.”  Best-selling cookery writer, chef, TV presenter and self-labelled "real food activist”, Melissa Hemsley joins Jimi for her joyful take on her mixed British and Filipino heritage and the elements that make up ‘home’ for her.  Melissa shares why her ideal restaurant always involves dogs, the rollercoaster reaction to her first appearance on ‘Gogglebox’, and the importance of the figure of "Big Vange" in her life. Plus, she reveals the initial backlash she experienced from the food industry as she wasn’t a professionally trained cook and discover if she did agree to cook for Gary Barlow and co on the road... Keep up with the show or get in touch at
“My dad went through a phase trying to speak like British aristocracy, and looked like he had marbles in his mouth!”   Jimi catches up with the acclaimed British-born chef behind the only Chinese restaurant outside Asia with two Michelin stars, Andrew Wong.   Discover the memorable role a restaurant photocopier played in his childhood, witnessing his dad’s unique experience as a Chinese pub landlord in London’s East End, and what impact the recent pandemic’s “Chinese virus” had on him and his family. Keep up with the show or get in touch at
"I make sure my son knows he is of both heritage - so he has both a Nigerian and Jamaican football kit!"  Comedian, writer and actor, Babatunde Aleshe also shares the sofa with his best mate Mo Gilligan on 'Celebrity Gogglebox' and was a campmate in 2022's 'I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here'.   He tells Jimi how not having a permanent home growing up in a single parent family has shaped his own approach to bricks and mortar now he's a father and husband. Plus, Babatunde reveals why he's changed his approach to his mum's traditional African cooking and the truth behind his relationship with Matt Hancock following their ITV adventure in the jungle.  Keep up with the show or get in touch at
“I fell in love with Wetherspoons when I discovered ‘Steak Club’. I then took my parents and my dad loved it so much that he tried to steal a menu to show his friends!”   Stand-up comedian, writer and actor in films like ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, Evelyn Mok takes Jimi on a colourful journey through her mixed Chinese, Indian and Swedish heritage.   A self-confessed Anglophile, Evelyn reveals how she was shaped by her resilient grandmother who worked as a “backstreet dentist”, her beloved pilgrimages to IKEA, and the impact a certain hit US sitcom had on her own understanding of growing up as part of a minority culture. Keep up with the show or get in touch at
“I gave Harry Redknapp plantain. The man who fielded the most African players, and not one of them ever said “Here’s some stew?!” That was my ting.” Jimi welcomes the larger-than-life rapper, musician, and star of the award-winning TV show, ‘Big Zuu’s Big Eats’ to the podcast. Alongside his trademark humour, Big Zuu gives an insight into why he took on the responsibility of finding his family a home aged just 14, his experience of race and class in the TV industry, and why his BAFTA speech was more important than the award itself.  Keep up with the show or get in touch at
"I was fat and dark and not very pretty and not graceful. And that was so very different to how girls were supposed to be in my family.”   Star of Netflix's Chef's Table, author, and acclaimed restaurateur Asma Khan is known for London’s popular Darjeeling Express - where her all-women kitchen breaks taboos in Indian culture. She joins Jimi to discuss how her refusal to accept the traditional place for women in her birth country has driven her UK success. Plus, we discover the part The Beatles, and discovering ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ on VHS play in developing a love and understanding of her home-from-home. Keep up with the show or get in touch at
‘We moved quite a bit: my parents thought they were property developers, we thought we were in the witness protection programme!’ Comedian and actor Stephen K Amos joins Jimi to discuss how - as a second generation Nigerian in London - he’s subverted perceptions of his heritage to win over audiences and create a space in the comedy world on his own terms. Plus discover the role bottled peanuts, a strange piece of musical furniture and ITV’s News at 10 bongs play in Stephen’s sense of home. Keep up with the show or get in touch at
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