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Where Bollywood Meets Hollywood

Author: Sanna Khan

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Welcome to World SannaKhan (Where Bollywood Meets Hollywood)- a bimonthly podcast dedicated to the movers and shakers of Bollywood and Hollywood, including other talented individuals who influence the world today. Tune in as we discuss the industry, art, life, spirituality, change and the world.
16 Episodes
Tune-in for some juicy celebrity gossip with guest co-host, Lulu rose. What's going on with Demi Lovato? How does Khloe Kardashian deal with Tristan's cheating ways? What is the real reason Kim Cattrall refused to be a part of Sex and the City 3? Find out on the latest episode of 'Where Bollywood Meets Hollywood'!
Happy Halloween! Do you believe in ghosts? Tune in to hear me talk to a kick-ass, all girl paranormal investigative team called Integrity Paranormal Research. Paranormal experts Laura Ramirez and Crystal Gallagher answer some serious questions about the unknown. What is it about the supernatural that keeps us wanting more? Is your house haunted? Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, you don’t want to miss this!
Had an amazing time interviewing Sammy Chand, founder of Rukus Avenue. We discussed his many accomplishments, including his days in the Hip-Hop group, Karmacy all the way to producing amazing tracks with some of the biggest artists in the world. Sammy shares what it took to make it in the industry and how he became one of the biggest music pioneers in the West.
It's that time again! On this episode of 'Where Bollywood Meets Hollywood,' we chat with talented singer-songwriter, Jason Jet, about his music, family, business ventures and more. What does he think about the recent comments by Kanye? How does he stay motivated living in a city that doesn't share his passion? This and much more! Tune-in to find out.
Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a porn set?? Ericka Lesa, formerly known as Dayton Rains, shares her experience in the porn industry and clears up some common misconceptions. Is having sex on camera really as easy as it looks? Find out why she joined a sex cult and what made her leave. Tune-in to hear what she has to say!
Had a great time chatting with plastic surgeon, Dr. Murtaza Rizvi, about his work as a cutting edge plastic surgeon. Tune in to hear his take on controversial procedures such as, sex reassignment surgery and learn why he chose it as his calling. Find out what it's like sculpting flesh in the City of Angels and more!
Great conversation with multi-talented, singer, producer, entrepreneur, Jennis Coats. Businessman by day, singer-songwriter by night, Jennis proves anything is attainable with a little hustle. Find out what we both have in common and why it took me years to talk about it. We're spilling some major tea!
Tune in to hear one of the most inspirational women in my life tell her story about her humble beginnings and how she turned a multi-million dollar idea into reality. Monika Bhasin is the CEO and founder of GLYD and an all around bad ass who drinks a lot of chai. Listen as we discuss culture, discrimination, law of attraction and much more. Follow her on Instagram: @_MonikaBhasin @GLYDapp
Tune in for a fun interview with Latin singer, producer, Alex Rosales. From his growing career to his laid-back image, we discuss what it takes to make it in the industry and the importance of a hustle. Find out what his song 'Young and Restless' is really about and what inspires him to keep making music.
Great interview with Journalist/filmmaker, Lance Crayon. Listen as we discuss outrage culture, social media, Indian food and much more. Check out his documentary film 'Spray Paint Beijing' on Amazon prime. Follow Lance on Twitter @LanceCrayon
Ever wonder how celebrities achieve that flawless no makeup look? Listen as make-up artist to the stars, Matin Maulawizada shares his thoughts on the latest makeup trends, culture, mental health and bad highlighting! Follow Matin on Instagram @ItsMatin
Fun chat with Lulu Rose about her music, dating life, Persian men and why she feels I'm the reason she dates them! Find out what she considers to be her greatest challenge and how she plans to overcome it. Na zdrowie! Check out her latest music video for 'Lose Control' here: Follow her on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @LuluRoseMusic
Join me for a fun interview with Latino actor, Rufino Romero, as he reflects on his struggles and shares his thoughts on travel, nude scenes and blubber. Find out what his latest film project is about and how he almost ended up in porn. Check out Rufino's IMDb: Follow him: @Rufio4554
Fun phone interview with writer Sharbari Z. Ahmed, best known for her work on ABC's hit TV show, Quantico. Listen as Sharbari shares her experience as a South Asian, Muslim woman working in Hollywood and how she found her spiritual identity. Check out Sharbari's IMDb here: Follow her on Twitter: @SharbariZohra
Actor, producer and motivational speaker, David Bianchi discusses his journey and struggles on the road to success. Check out David's IMDb page: Follow him on Instagram: @DBianchisag
From Bollywood to Hollywood, singer Sapra talks about his latest song 'Ishq Nashila' and how he plans to take over the music world. YouTube: iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: Deezer: Amazon: Napster: Hungama Saavan Ganna Jio Music : FB : Instagram :
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