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While Black: A Podcast on Black Excellence with two seriously opinionated hosts bringing you the real and the sometimes raw on anything happening while black.
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Helping you grow from keyboard social gangsterism to real life in the flesh activism we sit with Atlanta based activist City (co-star on BET's Cop Watch America) to learn how to identify your passion and become ACTIVE in creating the change that you want to see.A powerful episode with point after point made to inspire you to get active in your activism.Make sure to check out Cop Watch America on BET every Wednesday night at 10pm cst and follow city on IG:@iamcityverifiedLastly, don't forget to get social with us IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email:
Welcome to a special episode of While Black - on this episode we go in detail on a topic that affects so many but is overlooked by so many more....our black children who have special needs.  Libra Hicks, our guest today, is unafraid and unapologetic about her blackness, her bluntness, and her ability to be the superhero that her special needs children require.  However, one of the many things that makes her super-dope is the fact that she created an organization, Our Children's Story, to help parents of children with special needs access the resources they need to be superheroes themselves. Go learn more about Our Children's Story on IG: @ourchildrens_story and follow Libra on IG: @librahicksLastly, don't forget to get social with us IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email:
On this episode of While Black we sit down with the amazing, blessed, and inspiring Brely Evans from OWN's popular television drama AMBITIONS. Brely is motivational and inspirational all while living out her own dreams and she inspires inspires inspires on this episode.  She is passionate about helping us get out of the boat so that we can walk on water.  As you will find out the blessing is not in the ability to water walk but more so the reinforcement that no matter what you won't drown.Make sure to follow Brely at or on IG: @brelyevansLastly, don't forget to get social with us IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: 
THIS IS WITHOUT QUESTION ONE OF OUR MOST POWERFUL EPISODES TO DATE.Our guest today, Attorney Michele Rayner-Goolsby, is featured in the recent CNN article "When African American are killed by police, these lawyers get a phone call" (CNN Article Here).  In this episode we discuss  her thoughts on officer involved murders of black men and women, can the justice system actually be reformed, and how we can hopefully increase our likelihood of survival when interacting with some police officers. (Plus a whole lot more -- trust us!!)This episode is, at times, emotional but often times real conversations about these very real topics impacting our lives daily are.This is for YOU because we love YOU and we want YOU to be the absolute best YOU can be --- knowledge is one of the keys and today the door is being opened - LISTEN UP!Follow Michele on IG @yourlawyerslawyer or @ civillibertylaw and on her website, don't forget to get social with us IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email:
On this weeks episode While Black takes you on a Culinary journey with the ever professional culinary master and chef Marvin Woods.  We talk being black in the culinary industry, earning the right to be called a chef, and how to get that bag TAX FREE in international waters.... and hear me ITS A BIG BAG!!!!Tune in listen up and learn BTW do you know what Poussin is - If not get some education on this episode and then apply those learnings to impress your woman or your man.Go follow Chef Marvin at or on IG: @chefmarvinwoodsRemember to get social with While BlackIG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email:
Our guest today, Ms Ann Hill Bond, knows her stuff and kicks out some dope information on the power and importance of agriculture.  We all know our brutal history and forced contribution to this country via agriculture yet, in more modern times, we have been all but excluded from this industry. Tune in, pay attention, and learn but before i leave let me hit you with a quote that Ms Ann Hill Bond shared with us."When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land." - Desmond TutuFollow Ms Ann Hill Bond on IG: @annhillbond and follow Georgia Roots Urban Farm on IG: @georgiaroots_urbanfarmRemember to get social with While BlackIG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: whileblackpodcast@gmail.comPEACE!!!
 Lisa Cunningham is a dope producer, significant influencer, was there during the infancy of Atlanta hip hop...She is also a lesbian woman who is optimistic about the future of black folks and the LGBTQIA community.  These are the reasons the we sought her out - we wanted to sit down and learn how to be the best ally possible to the LGBTQIA community.  If we are honest we as black people want strong allies and i think that creates the responsibility for us to also be strong allies.By now you should know how we roll on While Black which means if it involves black folks and we can teach you more about it then you should expect it from us.So sit back, open your ears and your mind and learn something about the LGBTQIA community - you may find that it makes you a better person in general.Catch up to and follow Lisa on her IG @captcunningham or hit her website at www.ihavethesecret.comAnd Remember to get social with While BlackIG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: whileblackpodcast@gmail.comPEACE!!!
David Banner blesses this episode of While Black and delivers in full and as expected.  We sit and talk with him about everything from his mom and childhood;  superman and slavery, Atlanta to Mississippi and of course politics.  He hits the ground running and delivers very needed information. If you know Banner at all then you know what kind of episode this is.Make sure to go and follow Mr Banner in all that he does and please go follow his podcast The David Banner Podcast.  IG: @davidbannerlikespictures; website: www.davidbanner.comDon’t forget get social with While Black IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email:
On todays episode of While Black we sit down with Nic Stone author of the New York Times best seller "Dear Martin".  For any of our long time listeners you have heard Vince mention this book many times.  Nic shares details on her upcoming projects (DOPE BOOKS AHEAD) and shines light on the political and racial high school world that Justyce, Manny, SJ, and Jared on share and navigate inside of Dear Martin  If you are a young black teen or the parent of a young black teen we HIGHLY SUGGEST that you get close to this book.  I promise it will open up the worlds of politics and race in high school for you in a way you may not have expected.Here is a quick synopsis on the book and please go follow Nic on IG: @nicstone and dont forget to get social with While Black - IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: Synopsis:Nic Stone's Dear Martin tells the story of an Ivy League-bound African-American student named Justyce who becomes a victim of racial profiling. He struggles to reconcile the fact that he's a "good kid" with suddenly being in police handcuffs. In the months that follow, Justyce confronts injustices and micro-aggressions he experiences at his mostly white prep school and the fallout from his brief detainment.
Note: This is part 2 of HBCU Love and doesn't include all our normal upfront interaction, introductions, and laughs... if you have not checked out part 1 we suggest you go back and listen to part 1 firstToday's episode is part 2 on HBCU's and college admission with Dr Sonya Okoli and its just as amazing and informative as part 1. (Go check out part 1 "HBCU Love" if you have not listened)  In this episode we dig deep into the admission process as well as what you need to know from a parents perspective about getting your young King or Queen into college. Do you know the difference between a college tour and a college visit?Do you understand the importance of the PSAT's?If not then you must listen to this episode!Go follow Dr Okoli on IG:@askthecollegedr or run to pick up her book (Parenting For College) on her website ( or on Amazon.comAnd Remember to get social with While BlackPlease follow While Black on our social media IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: 
White Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger was convicted and sentenced to 10 years for the murder of Botham Jean.This episode is far from our normal format - we skip all of our normal upfront banter (No While Black Isht - No Dope Quotes) instead we head straight into the details and break down the Amber Guyger Trial for you.  We brought back Criminal Defense attorney Ecleynne Mercy (IG: MercyLaw_GA) and Criminal Defense attorney and Former Federal Agent Mac (twitter: Macspeakslegal) along side marketing expert T Adeola (Twitter: @stemwhisperers & @tembo8482) to break down this case, the sentence, the optics, and the impact on our culture at large.BTW Allowing Castle Doctrine into the case was a smart strategy - listen to learn more about why!If you followed this case at all and care about understanding the details as well as how this case will impact you then you MUST tune in and listen.  
Do HBCU's really matter?Why do HBCU's exist?On this episode of While Black we sit down with Dr Sonya Okoli, one of the most sought after educational analyst in the game, and she delivers nothing but the facts and the need to knows about why our beloved HBCU's matter so much.....even and especially todaySimply put this is a HBCU lovefest!!Go follow Dr Okoli on IG:@askthecollegedr or run to pick up her book (Parenting For College) on her website ( or on Amazon.comAnd Remember to get social with While BlackPlease follow While Black on our social media IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email:
One of the DOPEST While Black Episodes yet - Papi Picasso takes us on a poets journey through black culture.  His ability to communicate with street smarts and boardroom strategy only adds credibility to his name.  Papi Picasso has dope lines embedded into his everyday conversation and his ability to tell the truth of our lives, of our hoods, and of our hopes as men, women, fathers, mothers, and black people is undeniable.Please tune in and listen to the brother.  He gives you everything from laughs to literature and you will be stronger after listeningFollow him on IG: @Iampapipicasso or hit his website @ Social with While Black:IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: 
She's too curvy, he's too broad, they are too dark, can you give us more exotic....Black models hear it all and its all related to the accepted American beauty standard.  It impacts you and its definitely impacting our brothers and sisters in the fashion and modeling industry.Today we sit down with Mari and learn much more about modeling:What makes it difficult for black men and womenThe crazy standard that are forced to adhere toHow to get started in the industryWhat does the pay look likeWatch out for the GWC'sMake sure you go and follow her IG: @glamstar14Don't forget to get social with While Black: IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: 
Black people are a multidimensional, multifaceted, and multitalented group of people and some of us even play the Cello. Meet today's guest, Okorie "OkCello" Johnson, a house music appreciating, Morehouse graduated, ex-hockey playing cellist that has graced stages, backroom, videos, and albums for music greats such as India Arie, De La Soul, and Big Boi (check the Kill Jill Video - SUPER DOPE). OkCello takes his time during this interview to lace us with amazing perspective on the African Diaspora, the future of the black community, and amazing personal cello spoken interpretations of situations we face he does it with both his voices (the one coming from his mouth and the one coming from his Cello)This is a special and at times personal episode that is informational and emotional all the way through.  You will walk away better as a result of listening - we promise - so sit back relax and enjoy.Go follow OkCello at or on IG: @okcelloDon’t forget get social with While Black IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email:
Get ready! - We really cant say much more than that. Initially we planned to talk about the 2nd amendment and gun rights for black folks but our guest Kimoni Sadiq had a wealth of opinions, incredible experience, shining intellect, and a fearless personality that led us into an unexpected conversation about the origin of black people, the power in unity, and the fact that there are definitely black people in the future.Buckle up and hold on tight for this oneKeep an open mind as you listen and regardless to if you agree with his perspectives, his word choices, or his fearlessness promise to listen and allow yourself to learn something.We want to remind you that on While Black there are no rules and learning is always an option.Tune in, listen up, and sound off - let us know your thoughts because this episodes goes EVERYWHERE!
The Dark Side of Improv

The Dark Side of Improv


When was the last time you gave thought to how improv or comedy speaks to the black agenda?If your answer is "I cant recall ever thinking about that" then hit play and listen to two members of the African American Improv Troupe The Dark Side Of The Room chat improv comedy and how they make their mark while continuing to shine light on what it is to be black in America today.Join While Black in its chat with Dark Side of The Room members Kirsten and Chris on a journey into a world you may not think about much but you should.Make sure to follow Dark Side of The Room via their website’t forget get social with While Black IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: 
While we are busy recording episodes for Season 3 we didn't want to leave you with nothing so we want to introduce our family podcast - Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color Podcast.  They are supporters of While Black and we are supporters of them.  We've talked about them a few times on While Black and they are the only podcast with intro music as dope as ours!!If you have an interest in the crazy world of serial killers then please go and check them out.  They do a great job of bringing the crazy deranged serial killers into your car or living room in a safe (and often funny) way.  Wendy and Beth delivery creepy content in their own signature way and we are fans....And I promise IT GETS CREEPY!!! - check them outLook Alive Guys Its Crazy Out There!!!!Fruitloops website:https://fruitloopspod.comFollow them on twitter, FB, or IG:@fruitloopspod
On this episode we go deep into cannabis and medical marijuana.  Answering questions on THC, CBD, legalization, criminalization, and how to be a part of this emerging industry (LEGALLY).As this industry continues to grow and expand this is an important episode to check out and learn fromStanley Atkins (The Cannimedic) really breaks it down!!!!Tune in and listen up!!!Hit up Stanley on IG and other social media outlets @thecannimedic, hit his email at thecannimedic@gmail Dont forget to get social with While Black on IG:@while_black or hit us on our email at
On todays episode we sit down with dietician and nutritionist Johane Filemon and get real about the food we put in our bodies.  We chat everything soul food to Sugar and keto to LaCroix.  If you have questions about the food you are putting in your body or looking to make a change to the healthy then this episode is one you absolutely have to listen to.  Catch up with Johane on her Wonderfully Nutritious IG page @wonderfullynutritiousDon’t forget to get social with While Black IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email:   
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Akil Sanders

Kimonis Sadiq definitely has a wealth of opinions. it seems as though his opinions aren't driven by much fact though. With quotes from Malcolm X he attempted to heighten Trumps status by saying blacks hated him because white people said to, siting appearances on the Fresh Prince of Belair and his references in rap songs. However Sadiq neglected to reference the Central Park Five case, or his lawsuit for discriminatory practices, all the reports of his casual racism, etc... Along with a host of other reasons that make him a horrible person. With all that said and more I haven't said, I would like to warn you about the responsibility of being a consumable media and hopefully having people in your podcast that speaks truth to power, and doesn't come off sound like a black russian operative, such as the ones that infiltrated our community in 2015-16 election cycle.

Nov 12th

George Knuckles

No doubt..this is one of my favorite eposides!

Oct 16th
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George Knuckles

this was definitely dope af

Oct 15th

Andrea J Rogers

Great podcast from April!! love it

Oct 15th

Shyeesha Pollard

David Banner brought me here. Salute Kings

Sep 29th
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