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Author: CBC

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A violent, white supremacist ideology is spreading around the world, with believers trying to create chaos, in order to seize control.

When recruitment posters for a group calling itself The Base start to appear in Manitoba, Winnipeg Free Press journalist Ryan Thorpe decides to go undercover...and infiltrate.

Ryan meets with a Canadian Armed Forces reservist trying to establish a local neo-Nazi cell, and discovers that he is planning attacks and destruction abroad.

This six-part series follows the extraordinary case through Ryan’s perspective as an infiltrator - while host Michelle Shephard, a veteran national security journalist, explores the rise of white supremacist accelerationism.

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8 Episodes
Fraud. Abduction. Murder. Every week, Crime Story host and investigative journalist Kathleen Goldhar goes deep into a tale of true crime with the storyteller who knows it best. From the reporter who exposed Bill Cosby, to the writer who solved one of Australia’s most chilling cold cases — Crime Story guests include: Gilbert King (Bone Valley), Eric Benson (Project Unabomb), Carole Fisher (The Girlfriends), and many more. In this episode, Michelle Shephard joins Kathleen to discuss her new and intensely personal documentary called The Perfect Story. More episodes are available at:
Patrik Mathews could be facing up to 25 years in prison for U.S. firearm offences. His and others’ arrests may have destroyed the appeal of accelerationist groups like The Base — but where is the movement heading now? For transcripts of this series, please visit:
We speak with ‘Roman Wolf,’ the founder of The Base. Who is he really? Why did he start a white supremacist network? And with half a dozen members behind bars, what comes next? For transcripts of this series, please visit:
Some members of The Base are planning deadly attacks that they hope will spark a race war. Will they be stopped, before it's too late? For transcripts of this series, please visit:
Episode 3: Hate Camps

Episode 3: Hate Camps


Outed as a member of The Base, Patrik Mathews disappears. His abandoned truck is discovered near the Canada-U.S. border. He could be heading to a training camp. But what exactly are they training for? For transcripts of this series, please visit:
When recruitment posters for a white supremacist network start appearing around town, Winnipeg Free Press journalist Ryan Thorpe decides to go undercover and infiltrate the group. For transcripts of this series, please visit:
A tipster reveals that Patrik — who talked about derailing trains and setting off explosives — was a member of the Army Reserve. Does the military have a problem with neo-Nazis in its ranks? For transcripts of this series, please visit:
‘White Hot Hate’ follows the extraordinary case of a Canadian journalist who infiltrated an international neo-Nazi extremist network. Host Michelle Shephard explores the rise of white supremacist accelerationism: the ultra-violent ideology that drives believers to create chaos, in order to seize ultimate control.
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adam meredith

People have praised many US Presidents, in spite of their malicious drone strikes, murdering innocent children and adults. I'm not equivocation what the man said to this, as far as the Christchurch massacres, but this sounds like selective outrage to me. That shooter has a lot less blood on their hands thrn Bush, Obama, Biden, Trump...

Aug 29th


This podcast kills brain cells.

May 23rd


as opposed to black kids going after those not of their race because "Black Lives Matter?" go fuck yourself

Feb 27th
Reply (4)


Yeah because all kids go through a Nazi phase. 😂 Like What?

Feb 26th

Winter Wonderlandiful

as a Native American and quarter Black and a quarter English i find this offensive as Ffck i hate this anti hate hate bullshht ffck you and those who support this crap

Feb 12th

Garret Delaurier

This is anti-Christian, anti-white propaganda. If it were any other race or religion, it would taken down for being a hate crime. Congratulations for being a hypocritical podcast. Good luck building a following talking about hate in a hateful way.

Dec 4th

red snflr

did China fund this cutural marxism?

Nov 27th
Reply (1)


"Save your race" How about just love and respect one another and their race won't matter. We're all just human.

Nov 2nd
Reply (1)


How can you be asking basic questions like "does the military have a neo-nazi problem"? Obviously it does, this group literally named themselves after Al Qaeda after they returned from fighting overseas! There are loads of soldiers who've snapped pictures of Nazi flags hanging at overseas bases, smdh

Oct 29th