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It’s a debate which has raged across space and time for decades: Who’s the Best Doctor Who? This question will be discussed and decided in the opening episode of this star-studded pop culture podcast. Host Sandro Monetti is joined by guests David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor) Nicholas Briggs (voice of the Daleks), Michelle Collins (EastEnders and Doctor Who) and Amy Pemberton (Legends of Tomorrow). He also interviews actor Harry Van Gorkum, who was cast as the eighth Doctor – only to be replaced days later by Paul McGann. Hear his story and the result of the public vote in the opening episode of Who’s the Best.
It was the musical era of big hair, big hits and big names – but between Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, George Michael and the rest, who was the best 80’s pop star? Host Sandro Monetti debates the question with a panel of experts in this latest lively episode of the top pop culture podcast with ‘The One and Only’ Chesney Hawkes, Grammy-winning songwriter Michael Jay, Carol Decker of T’Pau, Denise Pearson from Five Star and Graeme Clark of Wet Wet Wet. At the end of the show we reveal the result of the public vote and answer the question: who’s the best 80’s pop star?
Holy debates Batman! Who’s the Best Caped Crusader? That’s the question to be answered on this week’s episode as the panel discuss the merits of Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck before revealing the result of the public vote on which star most perfectly portrayed Gotham City’s greatest hero. Joining host Sandro Monetti in the studio is TV legend Burt Ward, who played Robin to Adam West’s Batman in the iconic 1960s series, and his collection of fascinating stories. The other guests include Batman expert Ashley Victoria Robinson and actor Harry Van Gorkum, who both appeared alongside Clooney, Schwarzenegger and co in Batman and Robin. To the Batpoles!
Disney princesses aren’t what they used to be. Instead of waiting around for a prince to come and rescue them, modern heroines are kick-ass role models in charge of their own destiny. But will it be a feminist, a fighter or a traditional favourite who wins when we ask: “Who’s the Best Disney Princess?” Joining host Sandro Monetti in this episode are two people who know what it takes to be a movie princess: Diane Franklin and Kimberley Kates, best known as the “historical babes” in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Joining the debate is actress and singer Leah Allers, whose father Roger co-directed The Lion King and co-wrote Aladdin – and real-life royal, Princess Karen Cantrell. Who gets your vote?
Klingon to your seat as the pod boldly goes in search of the best Star Trek Captain - the result could get some Trekkers in a twist. Dominic Keating, who appeared in all 98 episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, as Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, shares stories from the bridge in between debating the merits of Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer and co. In this episode, host Sandro Monetti reveals why meeting his childhood hero William Shatner wasn’t the out of this world experience he had hoped it would be, and returning guests Harry Van Gorkum and Ashley Victoria Robinson are back with a mission to seek out new laughs and civil interactions. It’s the final frontier in entertainment and at the end of this enterprising episode, the result of the public vote will reveal Who’s the Best Star Trek Captain. But will the choice be logical? Beam up the download and find out.
It’s an argument which has divided 007 fans for decades…Who’s The Best James Bond? Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig all have their supporters. Getting shaken and stirred while trying to settle the argument once and for all are Sandro Monetti’s guests in our latest episode. Among the experts making a case are The World is Not Enough bad guy Daz Crawford, Karate Kid villain Martin Kove and an actor who auditioned to be Bond but narrowly missed out to Pierce Brosnan; Harry Van Gorkum. Find out who was revealed to be best of the Bonds according to our public vote, announced at the end of the show.
Star of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ Greg Proops is our guest this week and shares delightful anecdotes about life on the road with legends like Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. But will either of those icons win his, or the public's, vote in ‘Who’s the Best Comedian?’ With so many great contenders in the mix, will it be an American star such as Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor or Chris Rock who takes the crown? Or perhaps a funny Brit like Eddie Izzard or Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais. Rising star comedian Emilie Hagen joins Greg and host Sandro Monetti to debate the comedic candidates. Differences in humour on both sides of the Atlantic are also discussed, along with the changing nature of comedy in these more politically correct times. Plus there’s exclusive news about some classic comedies being remade.
You may well get nightmares after listening to this episode as we discuss some of the most terrifying and tenacious bad guys of all time, and ask who’s the best horror villain? The gruesome candidates include Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, Leatherface and Pennywise. The winner of the public vote is revealed at the end of the show. Debating the dastardly deviants is host Sandro Monetti and a quartet of scream queens. Dee Wallace Stone may be best known for her portrayal as the mother in E.T. but she has also starred in a string of horror classics like The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Critters and Cujo. She is joined by Tiffany Shepis, Tiffani Brooke Fest and Kelli Maroney who recall all the best and most memorable ways they have been killed on screen. Actor Monty Bane also contributes with his tale of quite possibly his most bizarre death scene in a horror movie.
The 1990s marked the height of popularity for boy bands. In that decade, the pop charts were dominated by the likes of Take That, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Boyz II Men, Hanson, NSYNC, Five and Westlife. They paved the way for more recent chart-toppers like One Direction and BTS. But which of them was the best? On this poptastic podcast, we have an expert lineup debating that very question with host Sandro Monetti, himself a former columnist for much loved music magazine Smash Hits. Will Henshall was a founding member of the boy band Londonbeat, writing hits including ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’. Eva Gardner is one of the world’s leading guitarists, playing with Pink, Gwen Stefani and Cher. Michael Jay is a Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer whose songs have been recorded by everyone from Celine Dion to Eminem. Rising star Dyson is a singer-songwriter who has written songs on two number one albums recorded by the world’s current biggest boy band, BTS. They all have opinions about who was the best 90s boy band, but the ultimate decision comes with the result of the public vote announced at the end of the show. Will your choice be the winner?
There’s no dispute that The Beatles are the best pop group of all time, but there’s much debate over which of the Fab Four is the most fab. John, Paul, George and Ringo all have their advocates, and a panel of experts make the case for their favourites in this final episode of the first series of the top pop culture podcast. Paul McCartney’s stepmother and stepsister, Angie McCartney and Ruth McCartney, both guest on the show – and their votes don’t go to who you might expect. Also joining the debate is someone who knows all about boy bands: Bros star Matt Goss, who is a big Beatles fan himself. Host Sandro Monetti is also joined by Who’s The Best regulars, actor Harry Van Gorkum and comedian Emma Pyne, to share stories and opinions on the battle of the Beatles. But in the end it all comes down to the public vote, so tune in to find out who wins the poll and discover why they’ve been crowned the best member of music’s greatest group. The second series of Who’s The Best begins in just a few weeks. Please tweet us @whosthebestpod to say what topics you’d like covered in the next series.
Sylvester McCoy – who so brilliantly played the Seventh Doctor – joins host and lifelong Whovian Sandro Monetti to discuss Daleks, Cybermen and so many more in ‘Who’s The Best…Doctor Who Monster?’ His choice may well surprise you! Also joining the debate is Jon Davey, who has played many of the most memorable monsters in nearly 50 episodes. And there’s a welcome return to the pop culture podcast by actor Harry Van Gorkum, the man originally cast as the Eighth Doctor, only for the ‘powers that be’ to switch instead to Paul McGann. At the end of the show, we reveal the result of the public vote. All of this and more on the out of this world second series premiere of ‘Who’s the Best?’
Don’t go chasing waterfalls – spice up your life instead by listening to ‘Who’s The Best…Girl Group?’ Providing the girl power in the studio are Anita and Bonnie Pointer of The Pointer Sisters, whose 13 Top 20 hits make their group a leading candidate. They tell host Sandro Monetti about their journey to the top – and what it takes to stay there. Also joining the debate in the studio are top talent manager Stevi Meredith and Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Michael Jay. There are so many candidates for the title beyond just The Pointer Sisters, TLC and The Spice Girls. How about The Supremes, The Bangles, The Go-Go’s, Destiny’s Child, En Vogue, The Andrews Sisters, Wilson Phillips, Bananarama, All Saints or, more recently, Girls Aloud, Fifth Harmony and Little Mix? The public have been voting – and when the result is announced at the end of the show, all hell breaks loose in the studio!
Einstein or Tesla? Hawking or Curie? Jobs, Disney or da Vinci? There are so many candidates for the title of all-time best genius. Joining host Sandro Monetti to debate the contenders is one of the brainiest panels in podcast history. Mensa member Michael Carbajal, business leader James Langridge and biotech boffin Dr Jaspreet Dosanjh all have their opinions. But who will the public vote choose as history’s ultimate genius? Find out on the latest episode of Who’s The Best, brought to you by Big Screen Entertainment Group.
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