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Assisting FPL managers since 2017
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WGTA returns after International Break! Sadly Anthony is unwell so Tom is joined by the legend that is Karam Tayser (often on the Scoutcast) to talk about how things have unfolded this week.And, well, unfold they have: pivoting from a correspondence question during a week fuelled by defensive returns and Salah doing the business as captain for most, we look into the idea that, maybe, we should just captain Salah until the turn of the year! Is there any gravitas in doing so?Also, in the listener questions, it's all on Brentford, the City mids and whether big at the back is here to stay...
Join Anthony, Tom and special guest Abdul (aka FPL Salah) to discuss top transfer targets at all tiers, in all positions as we move into wildcard season for many managers, or elsewhere into transitional transfers for many. It's a time for choices to be made in many places and we're here to assist!Elsewhere, the Correspondence focuses on taking the Bench Boost chip to levels outside of the norm, as well as listener questions on the Pep roulette and whether the Threemium has been consigned to the bin...
Anthony and Tom are back after a bit of a meh Gameweek in truth, primed to answer a Correspondence in a pod which leads with that to look into how much we should we reacting to the upcoming shift in fixture fortunes for many clubs.Alongside the usual ML update and fixture questions, we look into the listener questions which again picks up on defensive picks, one week punts prior to wildcarding and mid price midfield hierarchies.League code is 2ip43tBack next week to talk all things wildcard with FPL Salah!
Tom and Anthony are joined by Surya from AllAboutFPL this week for an in-depth look at the defence - where do we invest, and what players catch our eye at this stage of the season?Additionally, the correspondence calls out the 4.5s (DUFFY!!) as well as listener questions on things like midfield malaise, if we're still going to sell Ronaldo as early as telegraphed and goalkeeper transfers.Enjoy, speak next week!
The international snoozefest is over, meaning Tom and Anthony are back to look over the new fashion for a "threemium" set up with 3 premium players in FPL. Is this a long term trend? Or is it a flash in the pan after a weekend where the stars aligned for expensive players but the mid priced assets going forward has a gameweek to forget?Elsewhere, the Correspondence features chat about Man City players and the Pep roulette, and in the questions on-the-button issues such as Antonio actions, Leeds pickups and future developments are discussed.The league code this year is 2ip43t.Back next week!
This week, Anthony and Tom are joined by a debutant to podding in James Queralt (@FPL_JQ on twitter) to examine the impact CR7 will have on how we look at FPL this season.Following on from last pod's chat about an aggressive, premium hopping strategy, we turn our focus to look at the players who will enable that - the long term picks in the mid-price range that you'll want to set and forget in defence, midfield and attack.We also speak about Ronaldo himself in the correspondence section, and also answer some listener questions. Plus Tom reveals his reasons for and gives us an initial look into his Wildcard.We will return after Gameweek 4. Enjoy the International Break.
The second Gameweek of the season ends with knees jerking all over the place. As that happens, Anthony and Tom look over how this season's profile is emerging and ask if a more aggressive strategy could open itself up to FPL managers looking to get ahead as the campaign unfolds.Elsewhere, there's correspondence on how much data we need to make decisions, as well as listener questions on things as diverse as the UK govt's exemption lists to if Lukaku is essential.Back next week with James Queralt!
The opening Gameweek has been and gone and we're back - with Nick! - to discuss what we can take from this year's opener with a lot of things to talk about as one of the most explosive first Gameweeks of the season takes place.Elsewhere, in the Correspondence we talk about how the punt picks can make a difference, and among a myriad of listener questions we take on the challenge of seeing what we do if you're got mid priced midfielders transfers in mind.League code: 2ip343tBack next week to discuss what happens in Gameweek 2.
It's the end of preseason! Join Anthony and Tom on a look into whether there are more goals scored on the opening Gameweek than usual as Tom analyses past first weekends to find the truth,Also, via our correspondence, we give analysis about our sides and how things are currently shaping up as another season dawns.GOOD LUCK AHEAD OF GAMEWEEK ONE!We'll be back next week to pick over the wreckage thereof.
With two weeks to go before GW 2021-2, normal service resumes with Anthony and Tom delving into the player list for our annual pricing pod. It's a lengthier edition than our usual fare, packed full of info as it is, which may require a couple of trips!This year, we use the twemplate (twitter + template =) to frame our discussion, looking at the herd picks versus other alternatives, highlighting a great deal of the possible choices out there in all 4 positions at 3 different price points (premium/support/fringe).We also mention where we're at with our own teams, too, reflecting on the conversation.Back next week with a familiar face in the final preseason podcast of this cycle.
Following on from last week's pod on Fandom and the kick-off with Behavioural Science this week's pod continues our Summer Specials as we probe at the relationship between Analytics and FPL as we round off our trilogy.Join Tom, Anthony and top guests Simon (aka Analytic FPL) and Jamie (aka Wee Rogue) from the Corridor of Uncertainty Podcast on a journey through the myriad ways data, stats, analytics and all that impact us as Fantasy Football managers - from the nature of form, to stats vs the eye test.We'll be back next Tuesday (3rd August) with our proper pricing pod of the FPL fixture list, as we assess who we should be looking at ahead of GW1 and also dig into some of the key quandaries we, and other FPL managers, may well be facing.
Following on from last week's pod on Behavioural Science, this week's pod continues our Summer Specials with an analysis of the relationship between Fandom and FPL.Join Tom, Anthony and top guests Lucy Highnett and Adam Pritchard on a cruise through the ways in which club biases can help, hinder or downright destroy fantasy football objectivity - either when reading  advice from others or in making your own decisions.We'll be back next Monday (26th July) with the third of our three Summer Special pods. This'll be on Analytics and FPL, where we'll be joined by Jamie (aka Wee Rogue) and Simon (aka Analytic FPL) for another in depth conversation about all things statistical.
This summer, we’re offering something different. Here at WGTA, we’ve recorded a trilogy of podcasts – Summer Specials – looking into a specific theme that impacts FPL in depth with well placed guests to provide a unique way of looking all that surrounds fantasy football. The first pod is Behavioural Science and FPL. Join Tom, […]
Hello so WE’RE BACK for another season! In this first pod of the 2021/22 season – the fifth year of WGTA! – we have a lot to talk about as we throw off the bit of rust that may have accumulated after an actual summer break. The first half is all about who we are, […]
WGTA S4E41- 2020-21 Finale

WGTA S4E41- 2020-21 Finale


It’s the end of yet another season, and we’re here for a final pod this term to look over the campaign just gone. We begin with our season reviews, our mini league reviews and,  a bit of an announcement with regards to next year. There’s also an extensive analysis of what made 2020/21 so unique, […]
This week, Tom and Anthony look ahead to Gameweek 38 by reviewing how prior Last Days have gone to give an understanding of how this might look from an FPL perspective – will there be goals galore? We also pick out 5 last day punts each! We take a final correspondence question on FPL manager […]
This week, Tom and Anthony look ahead to Gameweek 37 after BGW36 as the FPL season draws to an end. After the usual Gameweek Reviews, Market Forces and an update on the ML, this quick turnaround edition is listener centric. We take a correspondence question on fandom – with this summer’s plans lain bare – […]
This week, Anthony and Tom are joined by the punner extraordinaire Adam Pritchard (find him @threefivewho on twitter) to do some navel gazing surrounding next year’s pricing structure. Obviously not an exhaustive look at every single player and team, but a breeze through many of the key men in all positions to just speculate on […]
This week, Anthony, Nick and Tom are joined by the brilliant Lucy Highnett (find her @lucyhighnett on twitter) to discuss the 200 club. We analyse the elite band of players scoring over 200 points per season past and present and assess their performance this season, as well as projecting their performance going forward. Also the […]
The band’s back together this week as Tom, Nick and Anthony use this pod as a time to pick through the avalanche of correspondents emails we’ve been asked to talk over some key questions that arise in FPL, from captaincy, hit taking to, erm, singing an FPL related adaptation of Spice Girls’ 2 Become 1. […]
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Andrew Lakeman

Over thinking can be fun, this isn't but it CAN be. Also craft stout is the devil's pugwash Fact

Nov 26th

steve sutton

Any ideas on what the new game mode is for week 1??

Jul 3rd
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In a very competitive market this is one of my to-go FPL podcasts, just two players discussing their different approaches to the game but with lots of good advice and stats that has helped my gameweek planning, their Zombie Nation league is also a fun twist on the game.

Aug 30th
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