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Do not give your autonomy to this framework ⛔️ As much as I love this system, it's important we don't blindly just follow what it says. I just saw an ad leveraging Human Design to find your soulmate. And it obviously triggered something in me, because I’m coming in HOT 😡🥵 Some energetics might look like a “match” on paper but in person they feel off. It's dangerous to give our autonomy away to any system, beliefs and override our inner knowing. Some episode highlights: Why we shouldn't outsource our decisions to Human design (or any other framework, no matter the industry you're at) The importance of discernment Responsibilities as service providers, some questions to ponder on Our responsibility as a client, how to find the right guides for us
It's a wrap! Season 2 episode final is here. Thank you for joining me this year. The challenges and lessons of honouring our energetic guidance Personal and Collective Cycles Cycles by type (Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector and Reflector) What are the expectations of following our strategy and authority? Personal anecdote of learning about my cycles and surrendering to them Why I decided to push my group program Coming Home until late spring
In today’s Expansion Session with Kim we explore: What it’s like to be a self-projected projector and how her self projected authority plays out for her Her 43-23 channel and staying true to herself even when it’s been isolating at times Her 1/4 profile: her current foundations and how the people she knows is already leading her to her next step Her current community needs and wants The channel 33-13 channel of the prodigal and her pull to history and sharing stories Opportunities as a 4th line: recognition, invitation and authority plus friendliness fatigue and sassiness Gate 42, Gate of Growth in her Venus and Mars What does it mean to be “non-emotional”, not having the solar plexus defined? Links in the episode:
Mallory Nunes plays many roles in her life. She’s a writer, friend, mother, wife, real estate agent among many more Mallory grew up in Utah where she currently resides with her lovely husband and their four beautiful boys. She works as a Realtor and absolutely loves helping others. In her spare time you can find her practicing Strala yoga, working out, studying culinary nutrition, reading and starting new house projects. In this episode she shares her experience navigating motherhood, how she came to write her book and her journey of rediscovering herself. She is someone who beautifully embodies what she believes in, walks her talk. In today’s episode Mallory shares: How a retreat helped her come back to herself and what's unraveled ever since Moving through motherhood and re-discovering herself How her book 'The fart that lied' came to be Becoming a nutritionist expert and learning about allergies On community and finding hers Getting her real estate license and how the family dynamics are shifting Her experience with breast implants and why she removed them
Expansion sessions are 90 minute coaching sessions where you, as a listener get to be a fly on the wall as I guide my guest through whatever they’re holding tension or seeking clarity on. In today’s Expansion Session we touch on: What it means to be a projector, waiting for the invitation. The surrender piece of it all Moving towards the second phase as a 6/3 projector How to feel safe when we’re in a period of uncertainty Identity, fitting in and sense of self as an adoptee The shock of finding ease in a retreat and then coming back to an environment that doesn’t feel as good Experiencing the highs and lows as an emotional authority and her Channel 39-55 Questions about the open centers and the benefits of amplifying them And also noticing and how to hold and move through our emotions instead of trying to problem solve them
In todays episode, I’m here with Maggie Hilpisch. A dear friend who I met during my Human Design training. Maggie is a human design guide, a mother to three young boys, and a lifelong explorer of the big, unanswerable questions of life. She loves to bring the divine into the everyday and offer her clients practical tools for radical self-acceptance. Maggie is a 2/4 Splenic projector. Fun fact, we share a very similar chart! We’re single definition, with one channel defined through the spleen to ego (the channel of surrender. It’s always so fascinating to see how different and similar our experiences has been. Maggie shares about parenting and relationships through the lens of human design. We also talk about some powerful lessons of the undefined G center, learning about connection charts with our partners and more. In today’s episode Maggie shares: The paths her undefined G has taken her through Being a projector and discerning through the right types of recognition How she’s been able to release the expectations to show up Parenting through the lens of human design as she watches her toddler and twins express themselves Her 2/4 profile and how that shows up for her. The tension of wanting to do her own thing while also needing community How Human Design can empower couples, friends to honour their energies and understand each other‘a communication styles Surrendering to her gate 47, the gate of realization, which is her personality sun and her struggles with it Her experience with her design sun, gate 45 and her experience navigating and releasing the grips of control
Hi everyone! This week on the podcast, Human Design with Courtney is back! I love these episodes because we just show up, connect and talk about Human Design. Specially as two completely open heads, undefined minds we hold a lot of questions! So it’s fun to move that energy in a way that’s supportive and fun. Our relationship with Human Design has changed so much in the few months, years since we first learned about it. From the way we share it, deepen into concepts and how we relate to them. In today’s episode we talk about: How our Human Design readings have shifted How the pressure of turning something we love into a business can cloud us The temptation of turning Human design into a rulebook, into a prescription The realization, fear of doing life wrong The ebbs and flow of our energies, the phases we get pull into Jes watching her family through the lens of Human Design What an online and in person community feels like for Courtney
Expansion sessions are 90 minute coaching sessions where you, as a listener get to be a fly on the wall as I guide my guest through whatever they’re holding tension or seeking clarity on. In today’s episode, Mayu wrote to me about feeling overwhelmed about starting her business. She loves yoga and teaching but when it’s viewed as a job, a business she feels a paralyzing pressure. And as we dive deeper you’ll notice how it takes some time to actually get to the root of her tension and that there are many layers intertwined with each other. English is not her first language so I can’t even imagine how that also adds more complexity to the situation but I’m so proud of her for taking this step and being open to being guided because I’ve seen how much she’s expanded ever since (it’s been close to a year since this section took place) and I’m wondering if I should do a follow up episode to check in with her (let me know in the comments if this is something you would like to see of as well) In today’s Expansion Session we explore: What’s preventing Mayu from expressing herself fully How to trust herself when she’s experiencing a lot of fear Navigating health imbalances (eczema, low energy) Feeling the limitations and how they box her Recognizing her intuition vs. people’s fears projecting onto her
Today’s conversation is with my dear friend, Joanne Fenlon. She describes herself as “A peaceful and yet very buzzy soul, here to meet you where I’m at :)” And thats exactly who she is, sharing her beautiful 2/4 Manifesting Generator energy. Jo is an absolute delight to be around. In today’s episode Jo shares: About why she is done seeking, looking for answers outside How she experiences her pure MG energy through her 34-20 Channel Her undefined Solar Plexus and experiencing emotions Balancing her 2/4 MG energy with the people around her Our mindset and earlier conditioning Parenting through the lens of Human Design FIND JO HERE: Booking Site
Sarah is a business operations/tec genius. I had the pleasure of meeting her in a mastermind a few years ago and she is able to facilitate and create the most supportive systems to help run a business with more ease, efficiency and alignment. This episode was recorded in the fall of 2021, so happy to finally share this. Thank you Sarah for all your patience! Sarah is a business consultant and the Founder and CEO of Rebel Office Inc., an online resource platform for founders ready to build their online-based businesses. Through mentorship and access to affordable resources, Sarah's your guide to simplifying your business model, streamlining your ops, and scaling your money-makers. In today’s episode Sarah shares: On how a postgrad trip to South America nudged her to start her own business How her business is rooted in her values and the importance of transparency Burnout and work balance Business iterations and learning how to pivot in an aligned and supportive way On her Work Parties and why clients love them Creating systems that supports unique business needs FIND SARAH HERE: REBEL OFFICE OFFERS: Customer Experience Package In Demand Program Resources
I'm so excited to finally share this episode with Cat. We chatted last year right before the first season of the podcast unofficially wrapped up and we went deep right away. Thank you so much for your patience as this episode finally airs! Cat Fitzgerald is a multi-passionate artist and spiritual mentor who shares her process of finding authenticity in the hopes that you will feel empowered in your own.   In today’s episode Cat shares:   Her healing journey back to herself through love and compassion  The identity she had attached herself to  How she learned to trust and build a relationship with her body  Learning about her ADHD diagnosis  Navigating projections as a 3/5 Emotional Manifestor Showing up in her business in a way that supports her FIND CAT HERE:
Meghan has always known that she wanted to help and support people. Being a humanitarian by volunteering and giving back to the community in various ways over the years has breathed life and joy into her being. She wanted to help change people’s lives and give them a light in the darkness. She is a certified Positive Psychology Practitioner with over 15 years experience working with women leaders and has bridged this experience with teachings from shamanism, druidism and energy healing to help people step into their own light. By providing resources and tools for people to shed what is holding them back and truly become who they were always meant to be. In today’s episode Meghan shares: About her path back to her spiritual roots The tension between her logical side and spiritual side The origins of shamanism and druidism and the similarities between them How she uses energy work, druidism and shamanism to support others Her full moon circle ceremony
After a few months off I'm back with season 2 premiere. This episode I share about surrendering to my inner seasons and tuning in to my cycles. 
Téo Montoya is a Human Design Analyst, Metamodern Myth Mender, and Indigenous Futurist living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His work focuses on synthesizing cosmological and spiritual systems, myths, archetypes, and modalities to find ways of supporting an emerging world in crisis through human development, ecological literacy, and reciprocity with our more-than-human kin. In today’s episode Téo shares: His experience as a 2/4 Mental Projector and outer authority What spiritual wellness spaces are lacking and why that needs to change Human design, the collective development and holding the complex Identity, myth mending and masculine archetypes What happens after our healing process and how to integrate that with the collective
Today, my guest Sonja McGillicuddy talks about her experience connecting to her body as she recovered from postnatal depression, her experience with perimenopause and how she helps her clients manage and cope through peri-menopause symptoms. After a successful career in the Hotel Industry Sonja discovered yoga and began the journey that  led her to where she is today. Three years ago she wanted to serve more people and completed a year long Health Coaching certification with IIN. While studying, she began to experience hormonal imbalances and struggled with depression, weight gain, poor sleep and low energy. So she started researching and learning about perimenopause in order to support herself and move beyond the unpleasant symptoms. As she healed herself, she realised there is so much that we can do to support ourselves during this time, yet it’t not something that’s talked about enough and so many women suffer in silence. Today, her intention to support women through her work to not only survive perimenopause, but also thrive during this time. Changes are inevitable, but we don't have to suffer along the way. In today’s episode Sonja shares: How postnatal depression lead her to slow down and reconnect to her body Going through Perimenopause and going at war with her body until she surrendered Her journey becoming a health coach, reclaiming her power through food and nutrition The signs of perimenopause and what she’s done to manage those symptoms How to support your body through hormonal changes How she creates a sustainable lifestyle for her clients
In this episode of Human Design Series with Courtney, we talk about: The importance of going through our own process and holding space for others Courtney's previous life as a facilitator and the lessons she's weaved in with human design Embracing our need for foundations and embodying what we learn Jes's experience moving around as she grew up and how the open head and mind came into play Noticing our designs and our dynamic as an MG with Defined Sacral + Throat + G Identity center and a Projector with Defined Heart + Spleen  How our Open Centers are so much more than our "vulnerable parts" What does it mean to be in a relationship with ourselves And so much more!
Laura Iu, RD, CDN, CNSC, RYT, is a anti-diet dietitian, certified intuitive eating counselor, Strala yoga guide and owner of Laura Iu Nutrition, a private practice in New York City where she helps people learn how to eat intuitively & live life with more balance and ease. Her mission is to help people ditch the diet and nourish a positive relationship with their mind, body and food. She believes that true health is all encompassing — physical, emotional and mental wellbeing — not an external measure via shape or size.  In today’s episode Laura talks about: How weight loss doesn't equal health What is intuitive eating and it's benefits  Reinventing our relationship to food and our bodies  Subliminal marketing messages that feed into diet culture The importance of embracing our cultural foods How to invite curiosity in our food journey
What is Human Design?

What is Human Design?


Welcome to the Human Design Series w/Courtney Ball as my co-host. So excited to introduce her today and share about our journeys on how we found human design, the origins & brief intro to the 9 centers.
Today's special guest is a a social media expert. Her name is Mallory Hank Johnson, also known as MJ. MJ talks about how social media helped her connect and find her community as she coped with infertility struggles and eventually leading her to transition from a great but unsatisfying 9 to 5 job to full time entrepreneurship doing what she loves. In today’s episode Mallory shares: What lead her to walk away from her 6 figure job in pursuit of something more aligned, how that journey was for her. From her struggles to breakthroughs What happens after you make the leap. We often hear about people quitting their jobs and it all amazing but sometimes things get worst before they get better. We talk about how our bodies reacted and the space it needed to recalibrate How we often override our inner knowing based on a false sense of security How you can leverage social media to your advantage, with practical tips to get started The importance of choosing a platform that's also fun for you
Expansion sessions are coaching sessions where I help somebody through their resistance and guide them back to themselves Today’s episode with Janelle we talked about fears. From recognizing what they are to identifying if it’s really a fear that’s coming from within as opposed to amplifying someone else’s. There is a difference and you’ll notice the moment through it with Janelle. And on the topic of fear, they can offer so much insight and even wisdom on what’s holding us back. We could try to logic them away but sometimes it’s not about approaching them directly. Because there’s usually so many layers underneath. This episode is for you if you’re sensing some doubt into a new venture you’re starting, even if you’re in the middle of a transition and you’re trying to gain clarity or simply because you want to understand and hold space for your fears. We talk about what’s holding Janelle back, connecting to her body wisdom and how you can do it too
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