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On this show, you'll discover how to take control of your finances and make your money start working for you. David is here to show you how to build long-term wealth and cash flow while paying less in taxes. You'll also learn more about helping sellers, discounts and even abandoned homes. Links https://wholesaling
We all know leads are a huge part of your wholesaling business. Special guest Brandon Bateman joins Brent Daniels today to discuss his strategies and methods for getting leads for wholesalers. Specifically, Brandon specializes in pay-per-click advertising. You'll get to learn more about the key metrics and performance indicators that are vital to success. Key Takeaways The difference between digital marketing and traditional networking Inside look at closing rates from pay-per-click ads The time it takes to see results from pay-per-click advertising for your wholesale business Connect with Brent Daniels at
As a way to collate investment assets, the real estate industry uses rental portfolios to catalog an investor's current or past deals. Rental portfolios are essential in being able to reap monetary returns out of your recorded achievements. As it implies, this is a long-term agenda. Thus, the group or individual who holds such a collection gets remitted at a much larger scale as well. Is it really all that necessary when you’re already getting a decent profit anyway? Let us welcome Wholesale Inc’s newest coach, David Dodge, as he graces us with 5 incontestable benefits of building one as early as your first investment. Throughout the episode, David pitches how quantifying your investments can lead to opportunities for passive income, leverage, wealth, appreciation, and tax benefits. It is the fastest way to get out of the transaction treadmill and let your money do the work for you. Tune in and be one step closer to never having to bargain your time for money ever again. RESOURCES: BRRR Method Mastery Multipliers
The expert Jay Connor joins Brent Bowers today. He's the leading authority on finding private money. The gentleman has raised over $8 million and he has 44 different lenders and he teaches people how to do it. This episode dives straight into the creative money side of wholesaling. Key Takeaways The easiest way to get your first deal and the fast track to your second deal Why the whole world of private money came about as a matter of necessity Jay's simple process for starting the conversation about money to close deals Download Jay's guide: Make sure you connect with Brent to get started! 
Building your team is the difference between having a struggling business and a thriving brand. Lauren takes some time to show us her strategies for hiring winners and getting the right people to join her team. This episode will teach you exactly what to do during your interviews, tactics to leverage other people's time and how to analyze potential. Remember to visit to work with Lauren Hardy!
Buying land is a way for you to build an incredible life. Today, Brent Bowers connects with Micah to discuss the largest transfer of wealth: death. Micah is sending letters to thousands of people to get deals done. His company bought a house from someone after a five-year connection! This episode is going to teach you the details of wholesaling in a very different way. Key Takeaways How to segment your leads on your lists Marketing is a bit of art and science when purchasing and selling land How death impacts the transfer of land and property in America Work with Brent here:
Brent Daniels has some amazing guests sharing their stories in wholesaling. Nashid Allen and Ewens Lizima have closed over 400 deals within three years of operating their business! They partnered up after working part-time in their businesses separately. Brent gives us insight into his program and how Nashid and Ewens benefited from it. Key Takeaways Why cash buyers are the best for your wholesaling business What it takes to run a real estate business part-time You always need pending deals in your pipeline so your business can flourish Work with Brent Daniels now at
Do you need a real estate license to start wholesaling? Chris Craddock has the answer to that and more on today's episode with Grace Mills. The real estate industry is changing and you have to be ready for it. Grace and Chris also have a conversation about community and how other business owners can help you get better. Some of the things you don't know will be explained in depth once you get around the winners of wholesaling. Key Takeaways Certain states are requiring licenses for any real estate activity How referral fees work in the American wholesaling industry The impact a true community can have on your real estate business Take your wholesaling career to the next level by visiting
Today, David Dodge is joined by the 17-year-old Joe Han to talk wholesaling. This kid has been getting deals done during high school hours! Joe has connected with other winners through Facebook and local connections. Relationships helped get deals done for over $11,000! In this episode, you'll learn more about building relationships that will benefit your real estate business. Key Takeaways The mindset needed for young people to get into wholesaling Joe was connecting with leads during his lunch break in high school How do you deal with sellers that are inconsistent Why Facebook groups are so valuable for wholesalers Work with David Dodge by visiting
Lauren Hardy is joined by Rob Farell and Cameron Martin, two 21-year-olds staking their claim in the real estate industry. Today we get to hear from young entrepreneurs in the wholesaling world that are doing things differently. Rob and Cameron work together to close deals across America. Check out this full episode to see what these guys have learned from Lauren and her program. Key Takeaways How the first big deal for Rob and Cameron fell through The best strategy to help handle price reduction Avoiding the expensive markets and using other options Follow our special guests: You can get on the same path as Rob and Cameron. Check out Lauren's program here:
There is one lucrative source of passive income that’s right under your nose that our amazing guest today swears by: land. Brent Bowers is a successful real estate investor, coach, and soon-to-be Wholesaling Inc. coach whose primary focus is buying and selling vacant lands. In just a short amount of time, Brent was able to expand his business, hire a team, and spend quality time with his loved ones. All that while earning an average of $41,000 in passive income! In this episode, you’ll get a bit of an introduction to land investing and how it’s done from one of the best in the niche. If you are looking for a lucrative passive income that truly delivers, you can’t afford to miss this episode!
Financial freedom requires that you build a business first. Hieu Bui joins Brent Daniels to discuss his path to becoming financially free. If you're an introvert, this episode is going to help you get out of your comfort zone and start building your wholesaling business. Key Takeaways An easy way to get equity on deals The most important step to taking action after consuming valuable information on real estate How to build skills that help your wholesaling business Start working towards your financial freedom by visiting
Struggling to get your sales team to close deals? Today Chris Arnold is chatting with expert sales consultant, Ali Mirza, on how to hire the right salespeople, how to properly train them, and how to get them producing at the highest level quickly!  Key Takeaways Mirza gives his process for hiring salespeople How to get rid of the lazy people that aren't performing The impact that hype culture has on your sales To learn how radio can help you in real estate visit
Trading your time for money is one way to guarantee you will never have a lifestyle of freedom. David Dodge is here today to tell us how the wealthy use assets to fund their lifestyles. You'll learn more about liabilities and even more about how taxes are paid on these assets. Key Takeaways Why trading your time for money isn't the path to wealth Be focused on owning nothing but controlling everything Secret tax strategies that wealthy people use Visit to work with David and become financially free.
How do you close escrow when you are virtual or aren’t in the same state? In this episode, Lauren gives us her system for closing deals in the most difficult situations. To work with Lauren, visit
Long-term real estate expert Bill Rafter joins Brent Bowers to share his details of success in the industry over the years. In this episode, you’ll hear some stories about unique marketing tactics and sales strategies in real estate. Key Takeaways Bill’s transition from government to real estate expert How Bill started teaching real estate The tactics used in marketing partnerships    Take action now and save $2,000 when you pay in full. Visit Wholesaling Inc. to get started!
Who says real estate isn’t a team sport? In today’s episode, Kevin Griffin and Corey Brown tell their story of getting started in real estate and how they’ve become successful in the industry.   Key Takeaways Real estate might seem crowded but 10% of the market is in distress Handling the pressures of flipping houses How important relationships are in real estate   Take action now and save $2,000 when you pay in full. Visit Wholesaling Inc. to get started!
If you’re part of the tribe, it’s highly likely that you’ve heard of today’s guest. He’s one of the most successful wholesalers, and he has graced the podcast several times! Zack Boothe is a rockstar wholesaler whose journey has been both fascinating and inspirational. From living paycheck to paycheck, he’s now considered one of the best in the wholesaling space. In this episode, listen in as Zack shared what his experience has been like when he embarked on a new adventure—advertising on radio! If you’d like to try radio but would like to know what to expect and what’s in it for you, this episode is exactly what you need to hear! Take action now and save $2,000 when you pay in full. Visit Wholesaling Inc. to get started!
Real estate can intimidate newcomers during those very early stages. That’s why we’re doing a special replay episode with expert David Dodge, who will give you the basics to becoming a successful wholesaler. Key Takeaways Everything starts with marketing and finding motivated sellers Learn various ways to connect with homeowners Understand that wholesaling is a marketing business Take action now and save $2,000 when you pay in full. Visit Wholesaling Inc. to get started!
Special guest Samantha Baez is working in the very competitive Southern California real estate market. Lauren Hardy and Samantha talk about mindset while wholesaling and working in the crowded real estate industry. Key Takeaways Samantha details her process of getting started in real estate Why Southern California is one of the toughest markets How wholesaling can replace the corporate job you have. Visit to get started today and save!
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