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Author: Whoops: A Podcast About Mistakes

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Nashville Comedians Mary Jay Berger and Holly Perkins present “Whoops: A Podcast About Mistakes”. Each week your hosts sit down with guests to share stories of mistakes they've made and how they overcame their shame, regret, or remorse.
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Uh-oh, we got ghosted! Our guest didn't show and left us no time to book another so it's a lil' mini-episode with your usual hosts- Holly Perkins and Mary Jay Berger. Listen now to hear our ghosting stories and about the absolutely insane date Mary Jay went on! Follow us @perkalerk on Instagram, @hollyperk on twitter, and @maryjayberger on all platforms. Like, Subscribe, Review!
This week Mary Jay and Holly called Chicago-based comedian Andy Fleming to discuss his deepest, darkest regret and how he ended up in Chicago. We also discuss an issue Holly's dealing with and a new weekly whoops for Mary Jay (who is NOT pregnant!). Follow Andy on Instagram @andyzaster or Twitter @andyandyfleming and give us 5 stars!
This week Mary Jay and Holly called Washington DC-based pastor Alyssa Aldape! Yes, you read that right it’s not a comedian this week, but a woman of God and it’s one of our most interesting episodes yet! We discuss the importance of names and the mistake of not speaking up for yourself and what you believe in. We also talk about tapeworms as weight loss! Don’t try it!! Listen now and follow Alyssa on twitter @aaaldape. Rate, review, subscribe, follow us @whoopspodcast and stay home!
This week Mary Jay and Holly called Los Angeles-based comedian and illustrator Karty Fishell! Katy shared a story about an embarrassing music mix-up and she and Mary Jay clear the air about a mistake involving Katy's ex! Follow Katy's illustrations @sex_is_weird (hire her!) and follow us @whoopspodcast on twitter, and @whoopspod on Instagram! Like, subscribe, review, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE!
This week Mary Jay and Holly are solo again! They share stories of travel mistakes including a too-close encounter in Switzerland and an unwanted stain on the couch in the Dominican Republic! Remember to rate, subscribe, review and tell your friends to check out the podcast!
This week Mary Jay and Holly called Mississippi-based nationally-touring comedian Nardo Blackmon. Nardo got arrested last week and this week he's telling us all about it. We're still not sure this episode is totally legal?! He also shares stories of tour mistakes and some extra perks he's found on the road. Follow Nardo on Instagram @nardoblacktastic and buy his merch at Tell your friends to listen to Whoops! Rate, review, subscribe and STAY HOME!!
This week Mary Jay and Holly give Atlanta-based comedian Katherine Blanford a call! Katherine shared hilarious stories about her mistakes as a nanny and taught us what port-o-potty racing is! Leave us a review and tell your friends to listen now! Follow Katherine on Instagram at @kbizz9 and listen to her podcast @cheatiespodcast!
This week Mary Jay and Holly gave Fayetteville-based comedian Taylor Hern a call! They talked about Carole Baskin, Taylor's family getting raptured, eyebrow mistakes, and how their quarantine is going! Follow Taylor @tayhernhey. Rate, review, subscribe and STAY HOME!
This week we called Los Angeles-based Comedian Benton Ray to talk about everything from fashion missteps, mistakes he and Holly made on their cross-country road trip, nasty toes, MTV reality TV, fight compilations, an update on Holly's hair loss and so much more! Follow Benton at @bentonrayy and listen to him on Whitney Cummings' podcast "Good for You". Rate, subscribe, review and STAY TF HOME!!
This week comedian, filmmaker, Nashville-native, and Holly's quarantine partner Seth Pomeroy joins Mary Jay and Holly for another episode! Seth and Holly called Mary Jay because we haven't left our houses in over a week! Listen now for some fun stories and updates about how we're handling life. Listen, subscribe, rate, review, follow us on social media, and for the love of God- STAY HOME!! Update: *We fixed the sound issue!!* If you have an outdated version, the sound will be too quiet OR might be incredibly loud at the last 10 min so make sure it's refreshed!*
This week Mary Jay and Holly are solo due to the Coronavirus! We talked about hoarding twinkies, body shaming, relationships, and the greatest internet find of 2020. Follow us on Instagram @perkalerk and @maryjayberger Corona craziness have you needing to vent? Want to share your own mistakes? Send us a text or leave us a voicemail at 615-375-6167. Rate, review, subscribe, and stay home!
This week Mary Jay and Holly are joined by Boston-based comedian Shawn Carter to discuss what it's like to wake up with the police pounding on your door, how to cook meth (spoiler: we don't know), and marriage mistakes! Follow Shawn on Twitter @shawncarters and give us a follow on Instagram @whoopspodcast and on Twitter @whoopspod and leave us a voicemail or text us with your own mistake at 615-375-6167! P.S. Check our Instagram story highlights for ways to help the victims of the Nashville Tornado!
This week Houston-based comedian Will Loden (will_loden) joins Mary Jay and Holly to discuss why he wishes he hadn’t skipped his dad’s wedding, life on the road as a comic, long distance relationships, and more. Mary Jay recounts a brunch show mistake and Holly explains her new favorite phrase “Sat in Salmon”. Listen now! Rate, review and subscribe! Note: this episode was recorded before the devastating tornado hit Nashville. We’re all safe, but many of our wonderful neighbors were not as lucky. Ways to help are posted in our Instagram story highlights.
This week Nashville-based comedian Jay Flake (@jay.flake_comedy) joins Mary Jay and Holly to talk about getting tricked by internet bully schemes, fighting with a homeless man in the Dollar General parking lot, and college regrets! He also clears up a question about “kitchens” It’s a wild, fun ride!! Text us your whoops or leave us a voicemail at (615)375-6167 and remember to subscribe, review, and rate us 5 stars!!
This week to celebrate our 30th episode we're doing a solo episode! Nashville comedians and co-hosts Mary Jay and Holly discuss their own mistakes, the podcast origin story, and more! We're so thankful for our listeners and are also excited to announce "Listener Whoops" where you can leave us a voicemail message or text into 615-375-6167. Don't send us any weird shit, ok? Rate, review, subscribe and follow!
This week Mary Jay and Holly sit down with comedian Eddie Ortiz (@thiseddieortiz) to discuss his former life as a punk frontman, why he hates Arkansas, and a post-show party that went horribly wrong. Mary Jay also shares a story about why you shouldn’t heckle comedians and Holly tells us about her former boss’s recent arrest! Tell your friends to check out Whoops! Follow us on Instagram @whoopspodcast and Twitter @whoopspod! Review us and rate us 5 stars PLEASE!
This week Mary Jay and Holly are joined by comedian, voice-over actress, writer, and improviser Allison Summers! Allison helps us figure out what PCP is and tells us an unexpected story about big a marriage mistake. Follow Allison @allisonsummersinsti and check out her instagram cartoon “Afternoon Stew”. As always rate, review, subscribe!
Disclaimer: This episode has some issues because we pulled it from WAY back in the vault! This is one of the first episodes we ever recorded. It was a super fun episode and our hilarious guest told some of the best stories we've had BUT the audio was terrible so we shelved the episode. Unfortunately, Holly had to cancel recording to rush home for a funeral this week, so we decided we'd let y'all hear it anyway! It's rough, but it's funny and it's a fun look at how far we've come. Next week we'll be back with new-and-improved audio but listen for a fun time! --- This week our guest and Mary Jay's former roommate Shannon Jones shares how she hit her ex's new girlfriend’s new car with a bike and tales from partying with Britney Spears' love interest. It's a wild ride! Follow Shannon on Instagram @shansheebsnoop and follow us @whoopspodcast on Instagram and @whoopspod on Twitter!
This week Mary Jay and Holly are joined by journalist, writer, and Editor-in-Chief of Nashville Scene, Patrick Rodgers! Patrick sat down with us to tell us why he got arrested for "internet crimes" that were inspired by the 90's slasher flick Scream. We also discuss Law and Order: SVU, predatory teachers, Holly's trip to Sunday Service and how Mary Jay handles bad reviews (not well so give us 5 stars!). Rate, review, subscribe, and tell your friends to listen now!
This week Mary Jay and Holly are joined by reiki healer, model, makeup artist, tarot-reader and spiritual guide Hayley Hayes! Hayley walks us through how she became a healer, tells is what exactly tarot is, explains what our chakras are and guides us as we once again try to figure out astrology. She also shares mistakes involving trips to Hooters gone wrong and an unfortunate incident in Panama City Beach! Follow Hayley @violetguide and check out her website Rate us 5 stars, leave us a great review, use code “whoops” for one free month of stitcher premium, and tell your friends to check out our podcast!!
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