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THE LEADING PODCAST TO LEARN FROM INFLUENCERS. We interview YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, Instagrammers, TikTokers, Podcasters, Thought Leaders, and Community Builders.

We deep dive into WHY our guests are vulnerably sharing and how they overcame barriers to sharing bigger, both personally and tactfully.

The majority of our guests have touched over a million lives if you total their views, downloads, and/or audiences impacted.

If you have a message inside you that's proven to touch lives, you're ripping the world off by not going as big as possible. There are people who NEED to hear your message, if you don't go big enough, they won't hear it. Stop ripping the world off and go BIGGER!

Learn what it takes to become an unstoppable influencer!

Lets inspire the sharing of hidden knowledge and wisdom so together, we can raise the collective consciousness level of the human race.

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75 Episodes
Sabby from The SabbyBG Show is a Marketing Expert. He is the founder of 'Republic of Creators' and the content creator of the 'The SabbyBG Show' on YouTube that reached over 271,000 subscribers and over 37,500,000 million views! In this interview, we'll know more about how The SabbyBG Show reached 271,000 subscribers! Join the Weekly Influencer Meetup Community: Visit: Follow Sabby: Support the Channel through Affiliate Links: Join me on other platforms: CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING IF YOU'RE NEW HERE! 🔔 Thanks for watching!
Kevin Crawford is the founder of Two Sockz Productions and the content creator of Stomp N Shake Cheer on YouTube that reached over 128,000 subscribers and over 24,000,000 views! In this interview, we'll learn more about Kevin's inspiring journey. Join the Weekly Influencer Meetup Community: Visit: Support the Channel through Affiliate Links: Join me on other platforms: CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING IF YOU'RE NEW HERE! 🔔 Thanks for watching!
Alexandra Watkins is the author of the branding bestseller, "Hello, My Name is Awesome... How to Create Brand Names That Stick" (an Inc. Magazine Top 10 Marketing Book). She is also the founder of "Eat My Words"; the wildly creative naming firm behind brand names including Burger King's new Mac 'n Cheetos. And she also named Wendy's Baconator while contracting for another firm. Wow! In this interview, we'll learn more about Alexandra's amazing journey! Join the Influencer community: Follow Alexandra: Visit: Support the Channel through Affiliate Links: Thanks for watching!
Rob Balasabas is a Brand Evangelist at Tube Buddy. He speaks at various conferences, summits, podcasts, and live stream interviews. He also makes a lot of YouTube videos about marketing, creation strategies, live-streaming tips, as well as tools & software reviews and has reached over 100,000 views! Besides all that, he's also a full-time amazing dad! In this interview, we'll learn more about Rob's journey! Join the Influencer community: Follow Rob: Visit: Support the Channel through Affiliate Links: Thanks for watching!
Dick Polipnick is an expert at negotiating with sponsors to help influencers get paid. He owns an agency where he negotiates on behalf of influencers to land strategic sponsorships and paid brand deals. Dick also shares vulnerably himself and today, we'll learn more about his journey. Join the Weekly Influencer Meetup Community: Visit: Follow Dick:  Support the Channel through Affiliate Links: Join me on other platforms: CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING IF YOU'RE NEW HERE! 🔔 Thanks for watching!
Jim Fuhs is the creator of the Fuhsion Marketing that offers consulting, workshops, speaking, and remote livestream to people. He collaborated with the Marine Corps Leadership that offers 20 years of highly successful leadership experience in the world of Marketing and Technology. Also, he is the co-host of TheTimandJimShow on LinkedIn and YouTube. In this interview, we'll learn more about Jim's marketing journey! Join the Weekly Influencer Meetup Community: Visit: Follow Jim: Support the Channel through Affiliate Links: Join me on other platforms: CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING IF YOU'RE NEW HERE! 🔔 Thanks for watching!
Abe Kislevitz is the Media Creator for GoPro. He is also a Tech Geek, and an Outdoor Enthusiast where he makes YouTube videos from all his travels and reached more than 18,000,000 views. Abe has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California. In this episode, we'll learn more about Abe's adventure journey! Join the Weekly Influencer Meetup Community: Follow Abe: Visit: Support the Channel through Affiliate Links: Join me on other platforms: CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING IF YOU'RE NEW HERE! 🔔 Thanks for watching!
Mike Peace Woodturning has over 35,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is passionate about woodturning and wanted to share this content that will surely teach and inspire a lot of people. Before he became a content creator on YouTube, he was a Retired US Army, in the Reserves retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He belongs to the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) as the coordinator, with past assignments as Secretary, newsletter editor, President and Treasurer. He is also a member of the Georgia Association of Woodturners and the Atlanta Woodturners Guild where he served both clubs on the board of directors. In this interview, we'll learn more about Mike's woodturning journey. Join the Influencer community: Follow Mike: Visit: Support the Channel through Affiliate Links: Thanks for watching!
Justin Schenck is the Host and Creator of "The Growth Now Podcast" with over 2,000,000 downloads and has over 300 episodes. Even though Justin's podcast is a huge success, before that, he went through a lot of difficulties in life. But he didn't let his past define him. Justin has such an amazing mindset that, "the choices that I make today to create a better tomorrow for myself and others is all that matters". In this interview, we can learn more about Justin Schenck's podcast journey! Join the Influencer community: Follow Justin: Visit: Support the Channel through Affiliate Links: Thanks for watching!
Kelly Concepts grew over 3,500 subscribers during his first year of YouTube. He now manages 2 YouTube channels serving different niches. Kellys Take | KellyConcepts | KellysTake | How to get 1000 subscribers | Making money on YouTube | YouTube Tips He is a DIYer and Maker sharing incredible ideas and working on creative projects. He is also a Real Estate agent sharing his learnings as an investor and agent for others to learn. In this interview, we'll learn more about Shaun's sharing journey. Join the Influencer community: Follow Shaun: Visit:
I've been doing my podcast for over a year now. I've been blessed with the opportunity to interview 60 amazing influencers. What a ride it's been! To recap, before starting the podcast, I never shared. My early podcast episodes were audio only and I even re-recorded myself asking questions in post-editing to sound more confident. After 30 episodes I started video live-streaming my conversations; which forced me to be more vulnerable. Now I'm 60 interviews in! Big Guests: 4 YouTubers with over 1,000,000 subscribers, 1 Instagrammer with over 1,000,000 followers, 1 LinkedIner with over 350,000 followers, 6 Podcasters with 10's of millions of downloads, 1 Author with over 400,000 email subscribers. And many many other amazing people! The combined reach of my guests is over 1 Billion! Crazy right!? I did an episode introducing the podcast. I did an update after 10 interviews, after 20 interviews, and after 30 interviews. Now... it's time for another update! If you're tuning in LIVE, be sure to ask questions! Thanks for your continued support! Sincerely, Jeremy Segal
Andy Storch is a friend of Jeremy whom he had met 2 years ago at PodFest. He also joined the mastermind group and now he is a talent development connector and has built a community called Talent Development Think Tank. His upcoming book will be published in September. His personal podcast The Andy Storch Show is known for starving your fears.  Andy is the host of Talent Development Hot Seat podcast where he speaks on topics about talent development and top talent trends, owning your career and life, preparing for your next career change, entrepreneurship, podcasting, and building a personal brand, getting the most out of conferences. In this episode, Andy shared his journey from how he started a podcast and how he worked to get where he is at right now. “And that was in 2017, I joined a mastermind group for dads run by a guy named Larry Hagner who runs the dad’s edge group and podcast which is a huge podcast. And he challenged everybody in the group to set a big goal for 90 days.” This made way for Andy to make a big decision in starting a podcast. He began scheduling interviews and posting on social media for promotion. Back then, it was never really easy for Andy to conquer his confidence but on a good note, he used podcasting to meet new people and build relationships with them. “I remember that moment when I told my wife that I couldn't believe these people were just saying yes to having conversations with me. And my wife was a former journalist, and she was like, yeah, of course, people want to promote themselves.” He has no idea that people take it as an opportunity to be invited for an interview. He mentioned that in his first years, he was figuring things out to which works best and get learnings from it. He also started to gain connections with all the effort he is pouring in to.  “I decided to focus on that niche of talent development. I started the podcast, the Talent development Hot Seat.“ Andy started it in mid-2018 and his reason for starting is to have an excuse to meet high-level potential clients and he doesn’t mind who will be his audience. He focused on building a relationship with them and eventually, working with them. It was through social media promotion which had a huge impact on them to reach hundreds of thousands of views.  Check out the full episode to know more about Andy’s podcasting journey and learn more strategies in podcasting. Subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified of our upcoming live-streamed interviews! Join our Discord community and become part of the conversation!
Tom Schwab is a sought-after keynote speaker and a pioneer in using inbound marketing for eCommerce. He was among the firsts to use targeted podcast interviews as the foundation piece in a content marketing strategy. He is also the author of Podcast Guest Profits. Frequently, he publishes in leading business journals, blogs, and magazines, too. Tom is the founder and CEO of Interview Valet which is a premier white-glove concierge-level podcast guest marketing service giving the quickest method to authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and brands to boost the advantages of podcasting. It is a platform that brings together both the podcast guest and host for six years and garnered 20, 000 interviews already. Tom has guested in over 1200 podcasts! In this episode, Tom generously discussed four things on how they do their algorithm in finding a good podcast for guesting.   “The first one is the podcast itself. Do they have my ideal audience? Have they been around long enough?” Tom mentioned that one of the things they look into is the foundation and credibility of the podcast—if they are a good fit for the podcast theme and its audience or not. They also want a podcast that is committed to doing a podcast because as Tom said, no one wants to be a guest in a podcast that will eventually die after.  “The second thing is podcasts, when you do a guest appearance on it, should always give you a backlink.” The purpose of backlinks is to give value in the eyes of search engines. Tom shared that they have clients that use Moz Score and Alexa Score to determine their ranking in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) and then, adjust and do SEO.   “Third thing is how much do they promote it on social media, or to their email list.“ “Finally, we look at the experience with previous clients.“ There is more to learn in the full episode. Tom has shared a bunch of tips and advice on how to increase the growth of podcasts for you and your guest. You can also check out on Tom’s website for more info. Subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified of our upcoming live-streamed interviews! Join our Discord community and become part of the conversation!
David Markovich is a marketer, community builder, and consultant. He is the founder of  Online Geniuses with over 25,000 members in his digital marketing community. He is also the co-founder of 18percentcommunity which is a mental health community and CoronaHub which is also an online community dedicated to confronting the massive worldwide burden caused by the Coronavirus. As an expert in building communities, David shared some tips on how to create one and consistently grow it into a larger number. One of them is determining the right application to use for your community. “Anything under like 200 people, I usually choose WhatsApp. I think they're getting it on their phone and their notification provides better engagement and for anything bigger, I use Slack.” According to David, WhatsApp is good for those who are just starting to create a community because the features of the application are suitable for small communities. Then, you can switch to slack when your community begins to grow bigger. “Don’t charge. Get everyone in and then, figure out what to do with monetization.” David has testified that it is a disadvantage for the growth of the community to charge them. Many people start giving charges once they had huge members in the community. One reason is to avoid spams or to filter other stuff but this is actually wrong. Giving a price will only hinder your community to grow bigger. He said that he prefers a community free of charge. He practically does other ways to prevent spams in their community and keep high-quality standards inside. “There's a website called—and also Google Trends.“ Both of them are always being compared in finding the right keywords or content topics for social media marketing and influencers. The difference between them is the process of how you will obtain a trending hot topic.  That’s all for this article. Check the full episode to get more tips from David. Subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified of our upcoming live-streamed interviews! Join our Discord community and become part of the conversation!
Ahmad Imam is the confidence and content creation specialist, host, presenter, and speaker. He is also an ambassador at Success Resources Australia. He provides a consultative service for individuals, enterprises, and organizations to determine which experience would add the most value given their profile. In this episode, Ahmad shared his strategies on how he reached 350k followers on LinkedIn. “I would say four things, number one, connecting and when I say connecting, I mean physically connecting as in reaching out to people within your target audience or people within your audience, actually pressing the connect button connects with them, but also connecting with them emotionally.” Ahmad mentioned that building an authentic relationship with people within your target is essential. You can message them first privately and set up a meeting with one another. “Because the magic of LinkedIn actually happens offline, when you build those relationships, one person at a time.” “The next thing is engaging. Spending a bit of time every single day, it can be half an hour every day, just scrolling through your newsfeed and just liking and commenting on other people's posts.” According to Ahmad, this is the most underrated among the four but it is the most effective way to create a community and increase your followers. You can be strategic with whom you want to engage first and how will you do it. “The next thing, of course, is posting. And since the video came out, content creation has blown up on LinkedIn.“ Today, there are many content creators who are using LinkedIn as their platform. We may perceive it as a professional platform but in reality, it is open for any type of creative content and medium. “It doesn't just have to be video. It can be a text post. It can be a text, an image. It can be a quote. It can be an interview that you've done. It can be an article. I mean, there's so many different forms of content.” “But posting is important when I say posting, posting consistently and frequently.”  Ahmad discussed that the visibility of a post on LinkedIn takes for about two to three days only. After a single post, you will be invisible on the newsfeed and won’t get any promotion. So, in posting, you do not consider the content only but the frequency and time of your posting too.  “And the fourth thing is building. Building a community.” This is the last one because you will be able to do this only if you have executed properly the prior strategies. Hence, it requires a great amount of effort to get through. You need to be committed to what you are doing. “If people are commenting on your post because they appreciate your post, make sure you respond to those comments. Make sure you're showing them love. “ “The idea is to offer so much value, that in their minds, you are the authority within that niche. And so that when they need to reach out to someone that offers a service similar to yours, you're the first person that pops into their head, and that's how branding works.” And speaking of branding, you can check out the viral video of Ahmad together with his friend and 70 people from different parts of the world that talks about branding through a rap song! Listen to the full episode to learn more about how Ahmad gained confidence plus other tips and strategies on LinkedIn. Subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified of our upcoming live-streamed interviews! Join our Discord community and become part of the conversation!
Sean McVeigh has a great passion for fishing and archery. He initially created his website and YouTube channel which currently has over 11 million views to share his outdoor adventures, but they have since evolved into a platform for him to help teach people what he knows about archery, bow hunting, fishing, camping, etc. His first book titled Becoming a World-Class Hunter was printed in 2009 and released a second edition of the same book in 2014 with a new subtitle, A Bow Hunter’s Spiritual Journey. Sean developed a challenging hunt called The Map Reading Challenge — intended to push hunters to improve their ability to read topo maps and aerial photos to find hunting hot spots. His YouTube channel is entitled Sean’s Outdoor Adventures wherein he established back 10 years ago. In this episode, Sean shared his strategies on YouTube and how he reached eleven million views. “So, the big tip is when you start uploading content, be ready to be flexible and change your motion, your direction because if you're gaining fans in a certain area, and it's not the main area you were setting out to, you're either going to let go of what you set out to do and embrace what people are looking for or you're just not going to have the growth maybe if that's what you want.” Sean mentioned that his growth has improved when he started to quit his original plans into something which the audience would like to watch but is still related to the track. “... diversify your content, try some different stuff.” It is okay to have some content you wanted to share that is different from your niche for a while. Sean said that he’s sometimes doing home improvement projects. He discussed that even if it is not related in his niche, he makes it a point that he invites the viewers to check his main course at the end of the video.  “And I really attribute it to some of that diversification is because I'm finding viewers outside of the niche right now. And I was telling you about that basement finishing video, I'm getting 10s of thousands of views on that for people who aren't searching hunting or archery. But when they find out that I'm hunting in archery, maybe they're going to convert to watching that content.” “ least get one video go viral.“ Having at least one viral video would already be a huge help to leverage your YouTube channel—it gets promoted by YouTube and people will start checking out other videos from your channel. But this is not the main thing here. “Don't make it so much about growing and subscribing, but grow with the people that you want around you.”  “As hard as I tried to be positive, and keep it positive, people still took it the wrong way anyway. And some people were like, lashing out at me calling me names.” Sean mentioned that he was hesitant at first to share his faith in God on his video contents because he is afraid to receive criticisms and judgments which will lead to the downfall of his followers. But when he has done it, his community became more respectful and supportive. There are more tips and strategies that Sean shared in the episode. Come visit the full episode to learn more about Sean’s Youtube-sharing journey. Subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified of our upcoming live-streamed interviews! Join our Discord community and become part of the conversation! 
Rich Cordona is known to be sharing great videos in his LinkedIn account which has gained over 15k followers! He is also the CEO and Founder of Rich Cardona Media which offers its clients a quick yet excellent work worth of social-media-ready video content with a theme of storyteller for the personal brand. Rich hosts a show entitled The Leadership Locker that tells stories through video-making and he has mastered discipline and leadership when he was still a Marine Corps Aviator. In this episode, Rich shared his strategies in using LinkedIn as a platform and how it works. “LinkedIn is not only a good spot, but it’s changing. It’s not as professional and buttoned up as people thought it or as it was. It gives people like me an opportunity and people like you who look for good authentic content. Like it’s easier to find now than I think it was probably a couple of years ago.” “LinkedIn is truly a great growth engine for anyone trying to build their personal brand and company brand through their personal brand.” He mentioned that he had tested on LinkedIn the different techniques to improve his videos, pictures, captions, articles, etc. “If you want to build connections, you probably want to build connections with people that are in your industry or people that interests you or people that you, quote-unquote aspire to be.” According to Rich, this will help you grow your engagements and increase your knowledge in the field you are taking. You are able to be updated with the topics and the personnel in the industry you want to be at. And when they visit your profile, they will know your interests and eventually might want to connect with you, too. Just keep in mind to make your account presentable so that they will have a good impression on you. “It’s a complete red flag for me, just for me personally, ‘Hey, I’m all about people connecting step one like this post, number two comment on this post number three, connect with everyone in the comments.’“ On the other hand, the common mistakes that Rich has observed on LinkedIn is growth hacking. Having tons of connections does not mean that they are following. He also mentioned another common mistake. “How to actually swap that is selling no matter how good the intent is on LinkedIn, no one wants to be sold to.” People on LinkedIn wanted to build relationships and not to do business. It is not like Instagram and Facebook wherein you can invite people to check your offers. It is a little bit more old fashioned on LinkedIn. “If I make a post, and people liked it, I always at the end of the day, go to likes and scroll down and if they’re second-level connections, I connect with them or I invite them to connect. And the reason is you’re inviting them to like your content more. They already gave you a signal that they enjoyed your content. So why wouldn’t you invite them again?” Rich also has addressed how he sends connection requests in inviting people. Listen to the full episode to learn more advice from Rich when it comes to leveraging your LinkedIn account. Subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified of our upcoming live-streamed interviews! Join our Discord community and become part of the conversation!
Karla is a YouTube video blogger, public speaker, videographer, and optimist. Her Youtube channel - What Would Karla Say - currently has over one million views! Karla Gregg is a social media and personal branding strategist. She worked with lifestyle brands, celebrities, and creative entrepreneurs for over six years. Her goal is to create viral content that builds an engaging audience. She works through one-on-one brand strategy and content coaching, consulting, workshops, and speaking to audiences at conferences and through a community of over 8k on YouTube. In her YouTube videos, she makes it a point to emphasize always her PPSS system in creating a personal brand. “...I actually teach this, I do coaching to help people with their personal brand... I call it the PPSS system, where it's Personality, Passion, Skills, and Story so, I do have them list them out.” Karla recommends her PPSS system to two types of people: one who is just starting out and the other is for people who are needed to be reminded of where they should be at. She mentioned that in order for you to stand out from the bandwagon, you need to align your content strategy to your personality, passion, skills, and story because that’s what makes your brand unique. “It could be like, I have a friend who's a videographer, but he's also a juggler. And just like those two things, if you mix it in together, he'll stand out versus another person who just calls himself a videographer, right? So just like finding those little quirks that make you different and really bringing them to your brand.” “...passions and skills, those two can kind of sometimes get mixed together.” People tend to give up their passion for a new skill and monetize it. But for Karla, you can combine both your passion and your skill. On the other hand, you can’t just be stuck up in your passion without growing it into a skill. “Then, really focus on your story, like, why you got started on what you're doing.“ Your story will be your motivation to continue with what you are doing. It will prevent you from comparing yourself to others because all of us have different stories.  Check out the full episode to learn more about her works on social media and how you can grow your own branding through her PPSS system. Subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified of our upcoming live-streamed interviews! Join our Discord community and become part of the conversation!
Joe Raiti started Raiti's Rides to share the passion of performance cars with as many people as possible. As of this day, they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and it just keeps growing!  Joe caught the car bug at a very young age. Growing up in his father’s mechanic shop, Joe learned quickly how to appreciate the inner workings of the internal combustion engine. After graduating from college, he raced formula cars professionally for three years. He has a wide variety of knowledge on many different makes and models and is considered an expert in Corvettes, Porsches, and imports. Joe uses his Youtube channel to share his passion for car performance by giving car reviews. It’s his second time here in Why Influence and in his first guesting, he already garnered 22 million YouTube views and 86k subscriptions. And now for less than a year, he has made 78 million views and 258k subscribers upgrade. “The biggest thing that people have come to me with is ‘Well, Joe, this is going to be mega for you because of everybody's home. And everybody's just gonna watch YouTube.’ But what I discovered is when the pandemic first hit, I actually had a big decline in views.” It may be true that this quarantine period is unlocking the “free time” for a lot of people, and watching videos is one of the things we could do to kill time, but the truth is, according to Joe, many people are actually in a panic mode. They can’t enjoy spending time with their phone. They are all anxious about what’s going to happen next.  As a matter of fact, Joe’s decline in views dropped by about 40% from last month.  The quarantine prohibits everyone to leave their house and makes almost everything temporarily shutdown. As for Joe, his career involves going to places where he makes his car video content to share with the world every day. “So I went into this panic mode where I was literally every day filming about seven to eight cars a day to try to just build a treasure chest so to speak, so that, if our city, our state went into lockdown, I would then still at least be able to pull up one video a day and have some kind of footage.” “And now that I've seen how Florida has navigated through this because dealerships are essential, businesses, and because I'm classified as a journalist, as an automotive journalist, I've been able to still get out there.” With the help of his connections and while still following safety protocols and CDC procedures, he is able to consistently create and upload videos every day on his Youtube channel. And as the new normal continues, he is planning to make virtual car reviews through B-roll footage from companies as a basis. Joe expressed a big dedication in his passion that’s why it is crystal clear that he deserves the achievements he has right now. He is an inspiration to everyone who wants to succeed as they follow their heart’s desires no matter how impossible it may be.  Subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified of our upcoming live-streamed interviews! Join our Discord community and become part of the conversation!
Elsie Escobar works in the cross-section of technology, digital media, and holistic living with a heavy bias on podcast strategy and creative use of audio. A podcaster since 2006 and was one of the first female Indie podcasters using audio to teach yoga. She’s behind the Elsie Yoga Class that has now been downloaded over 4 million times! She is also the co-host and producer of The Feed, the official Libsyn podcast. Elsie is co-founder and co-host of She Podcasts. She focuses on podcasts’ impact on society, diversity, and culture as well as their power to drive social change, personal development, and bring a voice to support underrepresented communities & initiatives. But before she discovered her talent in podcasting, she experienced being in different industries that eventually honed her to be a better podcaster. “I think it was acting... Being on stage in front of lots of people and sharing… possibly my first step was in taking the stage… and at that point, giving voice to other people's words...” Elsie said that she is already equipped with experience when she started podcasting. Back in her high school days, she is performing theatre arts. It was the first time when she dealt with a huge audience watching her from the stage. She had years to mold her confidence in acting. Then, she also earned money from it after finishing school. “And then, the next stage was probably … my yoga classes, my physical yoga classes. ” She handled several students in her class. It was around 50 to 100 students per day. She said that it started in 2002 until it became a podcast in 2006. “And then when podcasting came around, maybe I could just record my classes and then that way they can get them like I was thinking of my own students, and saying like ‘you guys, well, you can come to my class, but if you can't, if you don't have access, you can take me with you, like you've been asking.’" “So, I started to study up. I got a book on RSS. It really was a great book. It actually broke things down so well.“ Elsie did the preps — like having a website, recorder, microphone, a host, and set up her social media accounts. Confidence was not a big problem in her podcasting journey and sharing yoga classes lead her to create her own podcast. Then, eventually, She Podcast was created to articulate, voice out, and help women to overcome barriers. The long journey of Elsie towards podcasting was very inspiring. Her experiences were the initial steps for something bigger. Subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified of our upcoming live-streamed interviews! Join our Discord community and become part of the conversation!
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