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Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez is best known for getting open on the field, but in his new podcast series WIDE OPEN, he dives deep into conversation with the brightest minds in the worlds of business and entertainment to discuss health, wellness and mindset. Each week, listeners will learn more about how tackling life's obstacles can lead to an enlightened existence. Get ready to live WIDE OPEN.
11 Episodes
Marc Lore is currently the CEO of E-Commerce at Walmart in the US, an incredibly important and influential role that helps dictate how people buy and consume products. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg of his legendary career as an entrepreneur, risk-taker, founder, leader and innovator. After a career in finance, Marc risked his entire net worth to found Quidsi, a company that brought us the likes of and, and was later sold to Amazon for a cool half a billion dollars. Marc then joined Walmart in 2016, after the retail giant purchased his next company,, for $3.3 billion. Beyond the monumental sales, Marc’s story is all about understanding when to risk it all, and how to lead people with empathy and integrity to create and sell great products and ideas.Follow me on social:Instagram: Watch Wide Open on YouTube:
Ed Mylett is helping MILLIONS of people level up to get a better and more successful life that’s always on the up. Through his top-ranked #Maxout podcast, speaking engagements and more, Ed uses his real-life experiences in everything from athletics to finance, to mentor others with tactical advice. In our conversation on Wide Open the podcast, Ed and I chat about his humble beginnings, marriage, career in baseball, family, and how to use fear to your advantage. It’s a vital conversation for anyone looking to maintain an upward trajectory in their life and relationships.Follow me on social:Instagram: Watch Wide Open on YouTube:
Ever feel like your emotions get the best of you? Or that you can’t break through the noise and find peace and productivity in the present? You should listen to Ryan Holiday, the marketing executive, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of books like “Stillness is the Key” and “Ego is the Enemy.” Respected by world leaders and NFL athletes alike, Ryan’s books and massive email newsletter use the ancient study of stoicism to help people control their inner-dialogue and get more strategic and successful in everything they do. On ‘Wide Open,’ Ryan takes us into his world to talk about curbing desire, letting go of past baggage, and how to deal with a variety of stressors—from the daily news to an addiction to social media.Follow me on social:Instagram: Watch Wide Open on YouTube:
My good friend, Michael Strahan, came on the podcast to discuss life after the NFL — a subject that hits close to home in my own life. Michael’s been able to graciously jump into a handful of new and exciting roles, from being a co-anchor on ABC’s Good Morning America, to starting his own talent agency SMAC Entertainment, and launching his own apparel brand, MSX, in partnership with JC Penney. Michael came on Wide Open to teach us all about how ‘ownership is power,’ and that professional athletes, from NFL to NBA to MLB, have a whole lot more to give the world once they retire from the field.Follow me on social: Instagram: Watch Wide Open on YouTube:
Barack Obama’s fitness, sports, and nutrition council appointee dropped into Wide Open for a house call. Say hello to Dr. Ian Smith. This brilliant guy is changing the entire health and fitness game through his best-selling books, TV appearances, social media presence, and so much more. He’s also an accomplished athlete, so you know we had plenty to relate on and talk about. Ian provided some inspired tips on how to eat better and live healthier, and spoke about his unique journey from the child of a single mother, to Harvard, all the way to the White House.Follow me on social: Instagram: Watch Wide Open on YouTube:
Jessica Alba’s journey from an introverted kid with endless health problems and challenging upbringing, to the star of films like Fantastic Four and Sin City. She is now the owner of billion-dollar valued The Honest Company, and will teach you a lot about how to get better at being you. Throughout her life and career, Jessica has transformed herself from a quiet, self-labeled eccentric youth and child actress to someone who’s inspired countless people through her health-focused consumer goods company and charitable work. Jessica came on Wide Open to explain some ways in which she learned to shed her troubled and impulsive past to start living a life of confidence and optimism.Follow me on social:Instagram: Watch Wide Open on YouTube:
Next up on Wide Open, I’m joined by one of the most hilarious and talented comedians to ever do it, David Spade. Whether you grew up watching SNL or saw him in films like Tommy Boy or Grown Ups, you’ve probably laughed out loud to this guy. His new show on Comedy Central, Lights Out with David Spade, finds him at his very best breaking down the biggest pop-culture headlines alongside friends and celebrities. David came on Wide Open to discuss his humble beginnings,  the challenges and crazy moments he experienced on SNL, his new show, and the fluctuating influence of family on his career.----------Follow me on social:Instagram: Watch Wide Open on YouTube:
Janice Bryant Howroyd has learned so much on her journey from growing up in the south in the 1960s as one of eleven children, to becoming the first female owner of a billion-dollar business (ActOne). She’s done so while navigating personal and physical trauma, raising kids, and leading thousands of employees who are continuing to change how people find jobs. On Wide Open Podcast, Janice and I got real on everything from sleep to racial identity, marriage, must-read books and so much more.
Scooter Braun, has redefined artist management in a time when being a celebrity is as complicated as ever, and he’s managed to better himself and live a balanced life while bringing others straight to the top. As the second guest on Wide Open, Scooter went deep on his own valleys and peaks, while sharing tons of valuable about mental health, career pressures, family, success, and lots more. It’s safe to say managing the likes of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and many others is a no easy job.
My wife October Gonzalez’ life story is all about being open to change and self-improvement in the face of some truly difficult and CRAZY experiences. From growing up around addiction to dealing with personal loss and trauma, you’ll be amazed that she was able to end up as such a positive, smart, and kind person after all that she’s been through. As my DEBUT podcast guest, Tobie and I discuss ways in which you can maintain a happy and healthy marriage, millennial parenting tips, turning loss into hope, and how to find the funny in everything. What an incredible way to kick off this show. Make sure to rate and review if you’re feeling it!
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William Lowery

Started listening to your show last week. I'm hooked keep it up

Oct 28th

Brooke Pipia

V..G in OP told to me to listen to your podcast Tony and I am so glad I did. Toby seems like such an amazing woman! On this first episode, I really got a sense of the positive vibes you and your wife are wanting to share with others. What a gift you have been given to be in a position to influence so many people! Good job for doing it so positively!

Oct 19th

Frances Youngblood

I cannot thank you enough for this interview. What an amazing lady with so much to say. She was warm, inviting and downright wonderful! You continue to knock it out of the park with every episode.

Sep 25th


Wow! Amazing! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Sep 20th
Reply (1)

Frances Youngblood

Great interview! I love Wide Open so far and love that you aspire to be more than number88. Knowing and rooting for you on the field for so many years was great. Getting to know the rest of you will be even better.

Sep 18th

Frances Youngblood

I started listening today and first, I am so happy you're finally podcasting. Secondly, October, what a great and inspiring story.

Sep 18th
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