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Author: Wild Business Growth Podcast Presented by Hippo Direct - Entrepreneurs and Innovators Unleashing Creativity

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How entrepreneurs and innovators unleash creativity to grow bigger and better businesses. Hear from an exciting new guest every single week who's turning wild ideas into wild growth. Guests include startup founders, product inventors, social media influencers, and much more. Presented by Hippo Direct - Let your business Run Wild! Hosted by digital marketing dude Max Branstetter. Theme Song: Freestyle Percussion Magik - Jungle Tribe - provided by Jamendo
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Carrie Reagh of Social Mint and Patric Fransko of Eye Magnet Management join the show for a special Cleveland agency roundtable edition to share how they started their agencies out of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Hear what’s surprised them about entrepreneurship, their favorite client projects, what they’re most excited about in the marketing world, why the morning is best for creativity, and the best restaurants in Cleveland. Connect with Carrie at and Patric on social media at @PatricFransko and @EyeMagnetMgt
Howard Shear, the Owner of Lakeside Laundry Equipment and A.L.L. Laundry Service, joins the show to share his journey leading his 2nd and 3rd-generation family business. Hear how Howard was introduced to the laundry business, how technology has changed the industry, how to run a successful family business, how to start a conversation with anyone, and life lessons from Howard’s father Leon, a Holocaust survivor. Connect with Howard at, on Facebook, and at 216-475-2040, ext. 103
Sue B. Zimmerman, The Instagram Expert, Speaker, and Entrepreneur joins the show to share her journey from starting offline crafting businesses to becoming @TheInstagramExpert. Hear the top ways to grow your brand on Instagram, why Instagram is like a village, what features you should focus on, the creative inspiration that comes from clothing stores, and why you should always keep markers or colored pencils nearby. Connect with Sue B. on Instagram at @TheInstagramExpert, @SueBZimmerman, @SBZTeam, and at
Steve Woodruff, the King of Clarity, joins the show to share how to unlock your company’s DNA and produce crystal-clear messaging to generate sales and referrals. Hear the concept behind his new book Clarity Wins, how to get remembered when telling people what you do, why memory darts are better than elevator pitches, why everybody needs a villain, and even tips from brain science and astronomy. Connect with Steve at, on Facebook at @KingOfClarity, and his book at
Shama Hyder, the Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Influencer, and Founder and CEO of Zen Media joins the show to share her journey from growing up in India to building an award-winning marketing agency. Hear how Shama started Zen Media, how to win clients, the importance of market research, how to remove the gremlins blocking your creativity, and what we can learn from animals. Connect with Shama at,, and on social media
Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, joins the show to share his journey from growing up in Jamaica to producing and hosting over 1,000 episodes of The Sales Evangelist podcast. Hear how Donald became The Sales Evangelist, how to turn your podcast into a business, how to grow your podcast listener base, how to get better at selling, and the best sales channels to sell through. Connect with Donald on Instagram and LinkedIn at @DonaldCKelly and at
Elise Gelwicks, the Internship Expert, Author, and Founder of InternView joins the show to share her journey from the Fortune 500 and management consulting to designing meaningful internships and personal development workshops for companies. Hear how she got the idea for InternView, how to create an effective internship program, how to network to advance your career, how to win a raffle, and the most incredible dating story you’ll ever hear. Connect with Elise at and
Kevin Lane, the Sandcastle Genius, Web Developer, and Founder of Create A Castle joins the show to share his journey revolutionizing the way families build sandcastles and snowcastles. Hear how he came up with the idea for Create A Castle, how it differs from traditional sandcastle molds, the role 3D printing played in the invention, and the creative inspiration that comes from sand sculptors. Connect with Kevin at,, and on social media
Kim Kaupe, the Co-Founder of The Superfan Company, joins the show to share her journey starting her business and getting on the hit TV show, Shark Tank. Hear behind-the-scenes of Shark Tank, the business impact after being featured on the show, why creativity comes outside of work, and how The Superfan Company works with A-list clients including Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Dolly Parton, and Bob Dylan. Connect with Kim on Instagram at @KimKaupe, at, and
Mark Friedman, the Chief Marketing and Digital Officer of AmeriMark, eCommerce Expert, and Mentor joins the show to share lessons from his experience as President of eCommerce at Steve Madden, CMO of Brooks Brothers, and more. Hear how eCommerce has skyrocketed while traditional retail has met the Retailpocalypse, how to succeed with eCommerce, what the future of eCommerce will look like, and the perks of being a mentor or mentee. Connect with Mark on Twitter at @mbf61, LinkedIn at @MarkBFriedman, and Facebook
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