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How entrepreneurs and innovators unleash creativity to grow bigger and better businesses. Hear from an exciting new guest every single week who's turning wild ideas into wild growth. Guests include startup founders, product inventors, social media influencers, and much more. Presented by Hippo Direct - Let your business Run Wild! Hosted by Max Branstetter, Founder and Podcast Producer at MaxPodcasting
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Jeff Snyder, the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Inspira Marketing Group, joins the show to share his journey from the early days of the craft beer revolution to building one of the fastest-growing experiential agencies in the world. Hear how to create breakthrough experiences, win big clients, how Inspira makes magic with experiential marketing, that time Jeff ran across the Grand Canyon, and a concert in the Arctic Circle. Connect with Jeff at and on LinkedIn
Dave Heimbuch, the Founder of Hidrent, joins the show to share his journey from looking for help with home renovations to creating the business that connects customers with off-duty firefighters. Hear how to validate your idea, raise crowdfunding, get over perfectionism, the sacrifices Dave has made to bring Hidrent to life, and his favorite dad joke. Connect with Dave at and 
Storm Anderson, the Partner and Co-Founder of Kumo Partners, joins the show to share his journey from starting Cavebox in college to helping Fortune 500 companies simplify their processes with Office 365 and the Power Platform. Hear how to turn your ideas into businesses, win more clients, find the right pricing, how music plays such a big part in Storm’s life, and how he learned Japanese and juggling. Connect with Storm on LinkedIn and at
Winnie Sun, the Award-Winning Financial Advisor, TV Contributor, and Founding Partner of Sun Group Wealth Partners, joins the show to share her journey from her parents declaring bankruptcy to becoming one of the most influential financial advisors in the world. Hear how to manage your finances as an entrepreneur, benefit from tax shelters, find what makes you happy, how her hashtag got over 25 billion impressions on social media, and the craziest thing she’s seen from a live TV audience. Connect with Winnie on Twitter and LinkedIn at @WinnieSun
Jason DeFillippo, the Award-Winning Podcast Producer, joins the show to share his journey from coder and programmer to producing, editing, and hosting some of the top podcasts of all time. Hear why it’s important to edit your podcast, the crazy story behind the award-winning Jamie Foxx episode on The Tim Ferriss Show, what makes it possible to release over 500 podcast episodes, what sets top podcasters apart, and the most surprising thing Jason learned when he worked in the movie industry. Connect with Jason at
Alli Webb, the Co-Founder of Drybar, New York Times Bestselling Author, and Shark Tank Guest Shark, joins the show to share her journey building Drybar from an in-home blowout service for her friends to over 150 locations across the US. Hear the key decisions she made to scale Drybar, how to maintain fantastic customer service while rapidly growing your business, stay confident in your vision, her creative entrepreneurship lessons, and her favorite type of fries. Connect with Alli on Instagram at @AlliWebb
Ash ElDifrawi, the Clinical Psychologist, Marketing Executive, Author, and Father-Son Podcaster, joins the show to share his journey from writing a book on the psychology of happiness to leading marketing for Aspen Dental, Redbox, Gogo, and more. Hear the science behind happiness, the key marketing lessons Ash has learned, how Moore’s law applies to different industries, the most surprising thing about happiness, and the thought-provoking podcast he does with his son. Listen to Hold Me Back at and get Ash's book at
Jarred Jermaine, the Music Producer and TikTok Star, joins the show to share his journey from coining the RnBass genre to creating song sampling TikToks that get millions of views. Hear how to break through on TikTok, why song sampling is so popular, his TikTok creation process, how to get to the point right away in your videos, and his dream song to sample. Connect with Jarred on TikTok at @JarredJermaine and Instagram at @ItsJMaine
Kasey Luck, the Founder and CEO of Luck and Co, joins the show to share her journey from exchange student and Semester at Sea to helping eCommerce stores maximize their email revenue. Hear how to increase your revenue with email marketing, grow your email list, step inside the customer journey, how learning English compares to learning Russian, and what it’s like living on a ship for so long. Connect with Kasey on LinkedIn and at LuckAndCo.Agency
Shondell Varcianna, the Founder and CEO of Varci Media, joins the show to share her journey from telemarketing for the Bank of Montreal to taking her content writing company from side hustle to dream business. Hear how to blog specifically to your target customers, create more engagement with your blog posts, benefit from joining Facebook Groups, hire a team and delegate tasks, and the craziest things she heard while telemarketing. Connect with Shondell on LinkedIn and at
Michele Ronsen, the Founder, Educator, and Chief Curiosity Cat of Curiosity Tank, joins the show to share her journey from drawing logos as a 3-year-old to leading user research and design for Fortune 500 companies and startups. Hear how to ask better questions, why short questions are better, how to deal with rejection, how we decide what we eat for dinner, and the Skittles Popcorn experiment. Connect with Michele on LinkedIn and at
Katelyn Brower, the Social Media Manager at Sterling, joins the show to share her journey from English major to leading social media marketing and management for global brands. Hear how to prioritize your efforts on social media, manage frequent interruptions while working, use social media for your personal and business benefit, approach social listening, and how she got memed at a Giants game. Connect with Katelyn on Twitter at @KatelynBrower_ and on LinkedIn
Rob Balasabas, the Video and Content Strategist and TubeBuddy Partnership Manager, joins the show to share his journey from being shy growing up to making a living off videos, livestreams, and helping other content creators. Hear how to humanize your brand, create helpful videos and livestreams, build connections with and among your audience, inspire more engagement, and the awesome word he can’t stop saying. Connect with Rob at,, and on Instagram and LinkedIn
Tim Timmons, the MLB Umpire, joins the show to share his journey from growing up loving baseball to umpiring in the big leagues for over two decades, including the World Series, several playoff series, and multiple All-Star Games. Hear his most memorable moments on the field, the lessons he’s learned from baseball, how he partners with UMPS CARE, questions from Wild Listeners and the Tim Timmons Fanclub, and an ejection that belongs in Cooperstown. Donate to UMPS CARE at
Jasmine Star, the Photographer, Business Strategist, and Founder of Social Curator, joins the show to share her journey from dropping out of law school to becoming the internationally-recognized creative entrepreneur. Hear how to rock it on social media as an entrepreneur, find out what resonates with your audience, when to create a separate account for your business, her favorite photograph she’s ever taken, and the person she was Star-struck by. Connect with Jasmine at,, and on social media at @JasmineStar
Jordan West, the Co-Founder of Mindful Marketing Co and Little and Lively, joins the show to share his journey from paramedic to generating over $250,000 in sales in 24 hours. Hear how to create successful eCommerce launches, build an engaging VIP group, what organic posts can teach you about paid ads, business lessons Jordan applies from being a paramedic, and his time owning a Taco Del Mar. Connect with Jordan on LinkedIn and at MindfulMarketing.Co
Riana Lynn, the Founder and CEO of Journey Foods, joins the show to share her journey from Biologist to Serial Entrepreneur building the next generation food platform. Hear how Journey Foods unlocks insights and savings for innovative food companies, why we like food so much, how to avoid burnout, the history of fruit snacks, and her favorite candy from the ‘90s. Connect with Riana at and on social media at @RianaLynn, @JourneyFoods, and @JourneyFoodsio
Rob Fletcher, the Founder of Dr. Trouble Sauce, joins the show to share his journey discovering his great-grandfather’s chilli sauce recipe from the 1890s and turning it into a global brand. Hear how to develop a product, perfect your recipe, expand your business into different countries, how Dr. Trouble Sauce gets made, and the spiciest prank you’ll hear about. Try Dr. Trouble at,, and on Amazon
Ilana Ben-Ari, the Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer of Twenty One Toys, joins the show to share her journey from playing with abstract toys as a kid to bringing the transformative power of play into thousands of schools and offices around the world. Hear why we learn through play, how the Empathy Toy and Failure Toy work, what skills will be most important in the future workplace, the punny URLs Ilana has secured, and her impression that will quack you up. Connect with Ilana at and on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @21Toys and @IlanaBenAri
Jerry Miller, the Founder of, joins the show to share his journey creating the famous sensation that has helped the lives of millions of members. Hear how he started, the story behind the famous commercials and jingle, how to stay committed to an idea that has many doubters, break through the clutter, and his favorite success stories. Connect with Jerry at and on LinkedIn
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