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How entrepreneurs and innovators unleash creativity to grow bigger and better businesses. Hear from an exciting new guest every single week who's turning wild ideas into wild growth. Guests include startup founders, product inventors, social media influencers, and much more. Presented by Hippo Direct - Let your business Run Wild! Hosted by Max Branstetter, Founder and Podcast Producer at MaxPodcasting
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Phil Marcus, David Haber, and Ben Haber of J. Marcus join the show for a very special family edition during Thanksgiving week to be interviewed by their cousin, Max Branstetter. Hear how they’ve grown and pivoted their 4th-generation family business, how to take your business from local to national to international, excel at eCommerce, the pros and cons of working with family, and their favorite parts about Pittsburgh
Paul Thomson, the Founder of the Online Course Creators Hub, joins the show to share his journey from nearly becoming a school principal to coaching online course creators to bring in millions in sales. Hear how to create a successful online course, validate your online course idea, market your online course, stick to your calendar, and the longest flight he’s ever been on. Connect with Paul at @ThePaulThompson on Instagram and Facebook and at
Sarah Groen, the Founder of Bell + Bly Travel, joins the show to share her journey from rolling out Uber Eats in Houston and Phoenix to becoming a top luxury travel advisor. Hear how to dig deep into the minds of your customers, build a network of all-star partners, provide stellar customer service, create unforgettable experiences, and the craziest thing Sarah has ever seen while traveling. Connect with Sarah at, her Luxury Travel Insider podcast, and on Instagram at @SarahGoesGlobal
Julia McCoy, the Founder of Express Writers and The Content Hacker, joins the show to share her journey from being born into a cult to escaping and building flourishing businesses. Hear how to go from freelancer to entrepreneur, evaluate talent, focus on what’s important for your business, go about creative writing, and how Julia made her escape and turned her life around. Connect with Julia on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram,,, and Amazon
Betty Brennan, the President and Founder of Taylor Studios, joins the show to share her journey from growing up on a farm to creating exhibits for the top museums in the world. Hear how to simplify complex projects, deliver unmatched customer service, the most memorable experiences Taylor Studios has created, how the team brings history to life, and her time eating chocolate-covered ants. Connect with Betty on LinkedIn and Taylor Studios at and on social media
Christina Garnett, the Social Listening Analyst and Digital Marketing Strategist, joins the show to share her journey from teaching math to strengthening the digital strategies of Fortune 500 brands. Hear why you should use social listening, the best social listening tools, how to read your consumers’ minds, her NASA Social experience, and how to get better at meditating. Connect with Christina on Twitter and Instagram at @ThatChristinaG, and on LinkedIn and Medium
This episode is dedicated to Grandma Barb. Lars Silberbauer, the Digital Marketing Leader, joins the show to share his journey leading LEGO from zero social media presence to the top brand on social media. Hear how he got LEGO to embrace social media, they got their first million fans, how to stay playful, discover new gadgets, and his favorite LEGO set. Connect with Lars on social media at @LarsSilberbauer,, and
Nick Coleman, the Founder and CEO of Snaffling Pig, joins the show to share his journey from loving pork crackling as a kid to disrupting the UK snack industry and becoming a Dragons’ Den success story. Hear how to come up with new product ideas, grow distribution, handle impostor syndrome, Nick’s experience on Dragons’ Den, and why he faked his marriage. Connect with Nick on LinkedIn and at
Dan Gingiss, the Customer Experience Speaker and Coach, joins the show to share his journey from marketing collectible figurines to creating remarkable customer experiences at McDonald’s, Discover, Humana, and more. Hear how to create extraordinary moments for your customers, make memorable moments while improving pain points, the difference between customer experience and customer service, Dan’s stories from being a licensed bartender, and his family’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe. Connect with Dan at, on Twitter at @DGingiss, and on LinkedIn
Rachel Inman, a Staff UX Design Lead for Google Maps, joins the show to share her journey from loving maps and exploration as a kid to enhancing Google Maps and Google Earth through UX design. Hear how to be user-friendly, how teachers helped redesign Google Earth, what Google Maps might look like in the future, how to create a culture of creativity, and how Street View gets made. Connect with Rachel on Twitter at @rachel_inman and on LinkedIn
Paula Scher, the Principal at Pentagram, joins the show to share her journey from designing album covers to creating logos and graphics for Citibank, Shake Shack, The High Line, The Public Theater, and more. Hear the stories behind her most famous designs, why it helps to sketch on a napkin, how to foster business relationships that last decades, the problem with perfectionism, and her reaction to seeing her designs all around New York City. Connect with Paula at
Jay Acunzo, the Author, Keynote Speaker, and Founder of Marketing Showrunners, joins the show to share his journey from being unhappy at a highly-desired job to creating original narratives for brands and teaching creative people to find their voice. Hear how to make your show different, bring about tension, Jay’s creative process, why control and certainty are inversely proportional, and storytelling lessons from Anthony Bourdain. Connect with Jay at
Philip VanDusen, the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Verhaal Brand Design, joins the show to share his journey from selling t-shirts on foot to leading branding and design for the world’s biggest brands. Hear how to stand out with design, the science behind marketing and design, the best-selling shirt of all time, how to grow your pillar content channel, and why designers are like cows. Connect with Philip at,, his podcast, and on YouTube
Jessica Hitchcock, the Full-Time Artist, joins the show to share her journey from working in finance and accounting to going all-in on her passion for painting. Hear how to turn your side hustle into your business, how to develop several revenue streams, the power of Instagram for creatives, how to get out of a creative rut, and her Lois Griffin impression. Connect with Jessica at, on Instagram at @Jessica_Hitchcock, and The Creative Business Convo Facebook group
Marcus Whitney, the Creative Entrepreneur, joins the show to share his journey from waiting tables as a college dropout to becoming the Serial Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author of Create and Orchestrate. Hear the biggest lessons from his entrepreneurship journey, how he brought an MLS team to Nashville, the hardest thing he’s ever done, how to balance major life events with career aspirations, and key tips for meditating. Connect with Marcus at
Melanie Deziel, the Founder and Chief Content Officer of StoryFuel, joins the show to share her journey from aspiring journalist to Author and Creator of The Content Fuel Framework. Hear how to brainstorm content ideas, turn ideas into actual content, beat writer’s block, ignore the algorithm, and the surprise musical instrument Melanie plays. Connect with Melanie at and on social media
Jonathan Katz, the Inventor of BLENDi, joins the show to share his journey from frustrated bodybuilder to creating the portable blender while in college. Hear how to design a product, create prototypes, what you sacrifice by starting a business in college, how to make sure you always capture the moment, and Jonathan’s entrepreneurship lessons from bodybuilding. Connect with Jonathan on Instagram at @JonKatz96 and @BLENDiBlender and at 
Isabel Garvey, the Managing Director of Abbey Road Studios, joins the show to share her journey celebrating the world’s most famous recording studio while leading the charge into the next chapter. Hear how Abbey Road Studios is welcoming emerging artists, supporting music tech startups with the Abbey Road Red incubator, teaching music production with Abbey Road Institute, how Isabel champions a culture of creativity, and the strangest thing she’s seen at the Zebra Crossing. Connect with Isabel on LinkedIn and at
Dalip Jaggi, the Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and Advisor, joins the show to share his journey from creating websites for video games to founding and investing in several tech startups. Hear his biggest growth lessons from the startup world, how to raise crowdfunding on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, how to sell your company, his ridiculous amount of hobbies, and his vacation with Bigfoot. Connect with Dalip at
Sue Frech, the Co-Founder and CEO of Vesta, joins the show to share her journey from enjoying the sense of community growing up to starting the leading online community building technology company. Hear how to build a passionate community for your brand, how to incentivize engagement within your community, how to present data in a way that’s easy to understand, what she’s learned from tap dancing, and the burrito makeup bag. Connect with Sue at, on LinkedIn at @SueFrech, and her podcast Happy Marketer Connection
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