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Richard Saul Wurman, the Creator of TED and other top conferences, Author of 90 books, Architect, and Artist, joins the show to share his journey from taking a triple course load at Penn to exploring challenging questions at age 88. Hear why he wishes he was a brain in a jar, his thoughts on being mentally sharp at his age, how to get better at listening and acronyms, how to decide what project to pursue next, and the most interesting documentary he’s ever watched. Connect with Richard at
Robert Forto, the Dog Musher and Founder of Alaska Dog Works and First Paw Media, joins the show to share his journey from starting a dog training business to training for the Iditarod. Hear how to conquer your fear of roller coasters, build your business with a podcast, structure your business so you can go on vacation, keep going when it’s 30 below zero, and the magic of margarita snow. Connect with Robert on social media @RobertForto
Sherri Langburt, the Founder and CEO of BabbleBoxx, joins the show to share her journey from Weight Watchers to creating one of the first influencer marketing agencies. Hear how to partner with influencers and brands, differentiate your agency, how influencers have changed in the past decade, how to disco nap, and how to dance like Elaine from Seinfeld. Connect with Sherri at and on social media @BabbleBoxxOfficial and @SherriLang
Emily Harpel, the Founder and CEO of Art of Sucre, joins the show to share her journey starting her gourmet cotton candy and glitter bomb business while driving back from her honeymoon. Hear how to launch new flavors, pivot from in-person events to eCommerce, strike gold on TikTok, use psychology in your marketing, and the most underrated food spots in Cleveland. Connect with Emily at and on social media @ArtOfSucre and @EmilyHarpel
Dr. Rob Yonover, the Serial Inventor and Founder of SeeRescue Streamer, joins the show to share his journey from 2 miles under the sea to creating life-saving inventions. Hear how to get over claustrophobia, innovate in survival mode, pitch your product to huge organizations, get better at surfing, and find business inspiration in nature. Connect with Rob at and on Amazon
Tripp and Lee Phillips, the son-father duo behind Le-Glue, join the show to share their story from class project to setting records on Shark Tank. Hear how to turn your idea into a real product, think of creative marketing strategies, prepare for the biggest pitch of your life, find production efficiencies, and Tripp’s favorite LEGO creation. Connect with Tripp and Lee at and Instagram, X, and Facebook @LeGlue4You
Corrine Heck, the Founder and CEO of Details Flowers Software, joins the show to share her journey from growing up with her family’s flower nursery to creating the premier software for florists. Hear how to disrupt an industry with your software, get better at delegating, grow your team, organize your emails, and the most underrated flower. Connect with Corrine at and on Instagram @DetailsFlowers
Leeanna Gantt, the Founder and CEO of tooktake, joins the show to share her journey from beating breast cancer to creating the no-tech tracking labels for vitamins and meds. Hear how to start finding customers, improve your brand awareness with a small marketing budget, sample your product, navigate your way through acronyms, and how often people get Leeanna’s name wrong. Connect with Leeanna at
Pat Yates, the President of HappyFeet Slippers and Advisor at Quiet Light, joins the show to share his journey from running coffee, mall kiosk, and slipper businesses to helping entrepreneurs sell their business. Hear how to position your business to be sold, go from entrepreneur to advisor, get better at time management, Pat’s partnership with Snooki, and how to pronounce Louisville. Connect with Pat at and
Joe Altieri, the Founder and President of FlexScreen, joins the show to share his journey from creating flexible window screen prototypes in his garage to turning it into a multimillion-dollar business. Hear how to survive the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, turn your invention into a business, gain your family’s support as a full-time entrepreneur, get yourself to ask for help, and make time for travel. Connect with Joe at and
Billy Thompson, the Founder and President of Thompson Tee, joins the show to share his journey from working in the mailroom at WME to creating the original sweat proof undershirt. Hear Billy’s personal history with sweat, how to stay in business for over 10 years, sell a product over a million times, conquer financial pressure, and the Seventh Degree of Kevin Bacon. Connect with Billy at and on Amazon and LinkedIn
Keith Alaniz, the Co-Founder and CEO of Rumi Spice, joins the show to share his journey from neutralizing IEDs with the US Army in Iraq to connecting Afghan spices with the world. Hear the behind-the-scenes of saffron production, how to create a culture that creates opportunities, run your business from across the world, add more products to your mix, and get creative with your cooking. Connect with Keith at
Lee Benson, the Serial Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author, joins the show to share his journey from getting kicked out of his house in high school to selling Able Aerospace to Textron Aviation for 9 figures. Hear how to grow your company to hundreds of employees, sell your business with a big payout, find Your Most Important Number with the MIND Methodology, play music by ear, and keep going during an ultramarathon. Connect with Lee on LinkedIn and
Chris Guerrera and Carmine Denisco, leaders of the United Inventors Association (UIA), join the show to share their journey from childhood inventions and paper routes to developing products for entrepreneurs around the world. Hear how to come up with a product idea, manufacture your product, when to get a patent, how to approach inventory and batch size, and the shocking thing Chris did on Good Morning America. Connect with Chris and Carmine at,, and
Eric Roy, the Founder and Chief Scientist of Hydroviv, joins the show to share his journey from wanting to help out with the Flint Water Crisis to creating the water filter that customizes to your home’s water. Hear how to study your customers, hire your first employee, make your company acquirable, apply the scientific method to entrepreneurship, and Eric’s adventures in Antarctica. Connect with Eric at, LinkedIn, and Instagram @EricRoyPhD
Jamie Montz, the Founder and Owner of The Original Stretchlace, joins the show to share her journey from owning a toy store to creating the elastic shoelace that turns any shoe into a slip-on. Hear how to add products to your mix, market your product as an accessory, find your most important customer segments, TMI about toes, and a weird voice for the ages. Connect with Jamie at
Luke Aikins, the Skydiver for Red Bull Air Force, joins the show to share his journey from 3rd-generation skydiver to breaking boundaries through over 20,000 skydives of his own. Hear his role in Red Bull Stratos, the time he skydived 25,000 feet without a parachute, how many times his mom skydived while pregnant with him, his pre-skydive ritual, and high-flying questions from Wild Listeners. Connect with Luke on Instagram @LukeAikins
Beth Fynbo, the President and Founder of Busy Baby, joins the show to share her journey from 10 years in the Army to inventing the silicone placemat that keeps your baby’s toys off the floor. Hear how to move quickly on your idea, get feedback from strangers, the pros and cons of patents, best and worst parts of family business, and a lesson in cryptologic linguistics. Connect with Beth at and social media @BusyBabyMat
Stan Mirzayev, the Co-Founder and CEO of Parts Pass, joins the show to share his journey from coming to the U.S.A. at age 4 to starting businesses that make finding car parts easier than ever. Hear how to keep your user experience simple, test and learn, stay motivated when going through challenges, Stan’s favorite lessons from his parents, and the hot dog vendor story. Try out Parts Pass on the App Store and use code WBGP15 for 15% off on orders $10 or more
Bri Zborowski and Kaycee Jones, the Co-Founders of Apolla Performance Wear, join the show to share their journey from running dance studios to creating the best compression socks on Earth. Hear how compression socks work, how to zero in on your target customer, bring your business to life through marketing, divide your roles with your business partner, and what it’s like working at Disneyland. Connect with Bri and Kaycee at and social media @ApollaPerformance
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