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Author: Wild Business Growth Podcast Presented by Hippo Direct - Entrepreneurs and Innovators Unleashing Creativity

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How entrepreneurs and innovators unleash creativity to grow bigger and better businesses. Hear from an exciting new guest every single week who's turning wild ideas into wild growth. Guests include startup founders, product inventors, social media influencers, and much more. Presented by Hippo Direct - Let your business Run Wild! Hosted by digital marketing dude Max Branstetter. Theme Song: Freestyle Percussion Magik - Jungle Tribe - provided by Jamendo
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Jonathan Katz, the Inventor of BLENDi, joins the show to share his journey from frustrated bodybuilder to creating the portable blender while in college. Hear how to design a product, create prototypes, what you sacrifice by starting a business in college, how to make sure you always capture the moment, and Jonathan’s entrepreneurship lessons from bodybuilding. Connect with Jonathan on Instagram at @JonKatz96 and @BLENDiBlender and at 
Isabel Garvey, the Managing Director of Abbey Road Studios, joins the show to share her journey celebrating the world’s most famous recording studio while leading the charge into the next chapter. Hear how Abbey Road Studios is welcoming emerging artists, supporting music tech startups with the Abbey Road Red incubator, teaching music production with Abbey Road Institute, how Isabel champions a culture of creativity, and the strangest thing she’s seen at the Zebra Crossing. Connect with Isabel on LinkedIn and at
Dalip Jaggi, the Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and Advisor, joins the show to share his journey from creating websites for video games to founding and investing in several tech startups. Hear his biggest growth lessons from the startup world, how to raise crowdfunding on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, how to sell your company, his ridiculous amount of hobbies, and his vacation with Bigfoot. Connect with Dalip at
Sue Frech, the Co-Founder and CEO of Vesta, joins the show to share her journey from enjoying the sense of community growing up to starting the leading online community building technology company. Hear how to build a passionate community for your brand, how to incentivize engagement within your community, how to present data in a way that’s easy to understand, what she’s learned from tap dancing, and the burrito makeup bag. Connect with Sue at, on LinkedIn at @SueFrech, and her podcast Happy Marketer Connection
#100: Episode 100 Special

#100: Episode 100 Special


It’s the Wildest episode yet! Hear brand new interviews from returning guests, favorite highlights from the first 99 episodes, and unreleased bloopers in this Episode 100 Special. Hear the best of the best tips on business growth, creativity, entrepreneurship, marketing, startups, quirks, weird talents, and more. Prepare to laugh, learn, cringe, smile, roll your eyes, and get your Wild ideas flowing. Thank you so much for listening to the Wild Business Growth Podcast
Chris Ducker, the Serial Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and Bestselling Author of Virtual Freedom and Rise of the Youpreneur, joins the show to share his journey from burning out to becoming the Virtual CEO he dreamed of. Hear how to build a business around yourself, how to decide what to work on and what to delegate, how to find your niche, why Chris deleted all the apps from his phone, and the most embarrassing thing to happen to him on stage. Connect with Chris at,, and on social media at @ChrisDucker
Janelle Shane, the Optics Research Scientist and Creator of the AI Weirdness blog, joins the show to share her experiments that showcase the strange side of artificial intelligence. Hear what the future of AI means for our businesses and personal lives, Janelle’s most memorable AI Weirdness experiments, where we see AI in everyday life, how AI works, and the record Janelle set in college. Connect with Janelle at,, on social media at @JanelleCShane and @Janelle.Shane, and buy her book at your local bookstore
Will Shortz, the Crossword Editor of The New York Times, joins the show to share his journey from creating his own puzzle major to writing and editing over 500 puzzle books and thousands of crosswords for the Times since 1993. Hear what drew Will to puzzles in the first place, his crossword-editing process, how to solve a crossword puzzle, his appearances on How I Met Your Mother and The Simpsons, and the difference between ping pong and table tennis. Connect with Will on NPR's Sunday Puzzle, in The New York Times, at, and 
JJ Ramberg, the Co-Founder of Goodpods, joins the show to share her journey from spending 13 years interviewing entrepreneurs on TV to creating the social podcasting app. Hear how Goodpods is creating new podcasting possibilities for listeners and hosts, how to conquer hurdles designing an app, how JJ got A-list influencers to use Goodpods, the biggest lessons you can learn from entrepreneurs, and JJ’s personal favorite podcasts. Download Goodpods on the App Store and email your feedback to
Marti Romances, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Territory Studio, joins the show to share his journey from art projects as a child to designing graphics for Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Martian. Hear his principles of creative design, how he started working on blockbuster movies, how to approach designing real-life products, what he learned from playing and working on video games, and how to learn a new language. Connect with Marti at and on Twitter and Instagram at @MartiRomances and @TerritoryStudio
Sarah Hannington, the Founder of MyCustomCandy, joins the show to share her journey from searching for a custom candy manufacturer to starting her own company that creates candy for Kim Kardashian West, Cardi B, and The Rolling Stones. Hear how to create a personalized offering, how to win celebrity clients, the value of an idea vs. execution, the pros and cons of a seasonal business, and her favorite candy of all time. Connect with Sarah at and on Instagram at @MyCustomCandy
Douglas Burdett, the Host of The Marketing Book Podcast and Founder of ARTILLERY, joins the show to share his journey from Field Artillery Officer in the U.S. Army to interviewing a new marketing author every week. Hear the top 3 lessons from reading hundreds of marketing books, why Douglas decided to read a new book every week, how to grow a podcast to millions of downloads, how to read faster, and Douglas’s stories from his Mad Men agency days. Connect with Douglas at and on LinkedIn
Maggie Fox, the Founder of Social Media Group and Advisor to CEOs, joins the show to share her journey from founding the world’s first social media consultancy to leading digital transformation at SAP and other giant companies. Hear how to get your company to embrace digital, how social media has changed since the early 2000s, why the best leaders are lazy, the creative benefits of cooking, and the trick she can do with her nostrils. Connect with Maggie on Linkedin and on Twitter at @MaggieFox
Carter McLean, the Drummer for The Lion King on Broadway, joins the show to share his journey from drumming on a phonebook to taking over the chair at the highest-grossing musical in the world. Hear how he started drumming for The Lion King, what it’s like in the orchestra pit of Broadway shows, how he gets into the right mindset for each show, how to find your unique sound on social media, and why he got married at a bourbon distillery. Connect with Carter on Instagram at @CarterMac, on YouTube at @CarterMcLean, at, and his book Drumset Concepts and Creativity
Tamsen Webster, the Idea Whisperer, Message Strategist, and Keynote Speaker, joins the show to share her journey from spending 13 years as a Weight Watchers leader to advising top brands with her concept of the Red Thread. Hear how to find the Red Thread for your business, why stories are so effective, how to translate skills from one job to another, why crossword puzzles are pure creativity, and Tamsen’s favorite song to ballroom dance to. Connect with Tamsen at and her podcast at
Marisa Corcoran, the Copywriter and Creator of The Copy Chat, joins the show to share her journey from Harvard acting grad to becoming the go-to copywriting expert for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Hear how to grow your business with effective copywriting, how to improve your language from ordinary to extraordinary, copywriting lessons from the acting world, what we can learn from Cosmo headlines, and Marisa’s Real Housewives impressions and rap demo. Connect with Marisa at The Copy Chat Facebook group and at
Nick Uhas aka Nickipedia, the Science Influencer and Producer, joins the show to share his journey from pre-med student and professional stunt rollerblader to performing fascinating science experiments that get millions of views on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Hear how to create remarkable social media videos, Nick’s favorite science experiments, how to stand out on TikTok, the science behind creativity, and unusual science fun facts. Connect with Nick on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram at @NickUhas
Molly Pittman, the Media Buyer and CEO of Smart Marketer, joins the show to share her journey from bartending in Kentucky to managing over 14 million dollars of Facebook Ads from Amsterdam. Hear how to grow your business with Facebook Ads, how much money to spend on Facebook Ads, how many people to target with Facebook Ads, Molly’s verbal emojis, and her favorite foods in Amsterdam. Connect with Molly on Instagram and Facebook at @MollyPittmanDigital and at
This episode is dedicated to Grandpa Henry. Adam Shepard, the Documentary Executive Producer, Author, and Speaker, joins the show to share what he’s learned from his unconventional life experiments. Hear how he survived off 25 dollars in Scratch Beginnings, how he visited 17 countries on 4 continents in One Year Lived, his blindfolded surprise in American Dream, and his self-publishing journey in Word Slingers. Connect with Adam at
Kat and Jethro Gilligan Toth, the Co-Hosts and Creators of The Box of Oddities, join the show to share the weird stories behind the weird stories now heard by millions on their podcast. Hear how being weird and unique can help grow your brand, how to find fascinating stories to tell, how to grow your podcast, their favorite stories from The Box of Oddities, and how they got fired while wearing costumes. Connect with Kat and Jethro at
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