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Kat Hantas, the Co-Founder and CEO of 21Seeds, joins the show to share her journey from turning her homemade concoctions into the fast-growing brand of flavor-infused tequila that got acquired by Diageo. Hear how to take positive and negative feedback into account, find a production partner, win your first big customer, the coolest tequila adventures in Mexico, and what Kat learned working with comedians. Connect with Kat on Instagram @21Seeds and
Channing Frye, the Founder of Chosen Family Wines, joins the show to share his journey from NBA Champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Road Trippin’ Co-Host to wine entrepreneur. Hear how it feels to win an NBA Championship, what Channing did after winning, lessons from the NBA that parallel to the wine business, what he looks for in potential wines to offer, and the most intimidating player he ever played against. Connect with Channing at, Road Trippin', and social media @ChanningFrye
George Carter III, the Inventor of Laser Tag, joins the show to share his journey from being inspired by Star Wars to pioneering the multibillion-dollar laser tag industry. Hear how to think like an inventor, go from prototype to business, make tweaks to create immersive experiences, make things click in your head, and his times meeting Walt Disney and Kanye. Connect with George at
Bryan Clayton, the Co-Founder and CEO of GreenPal and Peachtree Inc., joins the show to share his journey from cleaning up cigarette butts at McDonald’s Drive Thrus to building multimillion-dollar lawn care businesses. Hear how to become a second-time founder, where to focus your time, remove friction for your customers, Bryan’s favorite hidden gem island, and Mario Kart track. Connect with Bryan at and Instagram @BryanMClayton
John Lane, the Co-Owner of Winking Lizard Tavern, joins the show to share his journey from test-flying helicopters in the Army to creating some of the most beloved restaurants in Cleveland. Hear how to scale a restaurant, differentiate with your name and logo, provide a crowd-pleasing assortment of craft beers, his favorite wings flavor, and the coolest experience he’s had at a brewery. Connect with John at
Amy Woods, the CEO and Founder of Content 10x, joins the show to share her journey from 13 years in management consulting to starting the first content repurposing agency in the world. Hear how to effectively repurpose your content, refine your services, build your team, learn to juggle, and take your meal prepping to the next level. Connect with Amy at and LinkedIn
Arielle Nissenblatt, the Founder of EarBuds Podcast Collective and Community Manager at SquadCast, joins the show to share her journey from avid podcast listener to expert curator and community-builder. Hear how to build a community around your podcast, the art of curation, how to listen to more podcasts, find a balance between podcasts and music, and her all-time favorite trivia question. Connect with Arielle on Twitter @AriThisAndThat
Chef Robert Irvine, the star of Restaurant: Impossible and Dinner: Impossible, joins the show to share his journey from joining the Royal Navy at 15 (and a half) to creating Food Network hits. Hear how to create a thriving restaurant, succeed at a difficult cooking challenge, prepare for Plan B and Plan C, perform on camera, and his top fitness tip. Connect with Robert at,, and social media
Michelle Garrett, the PR Consultant and Writer, joins the show to share her journey from Silicon Valley back to her Ohio roots and the intersection of PR, content marketing, and social media. Hear how to make an impact with PR, build relationships with top reporters, the perks of being a freelancer, enormous eggs, and picking brains. Connect with Michelle on Twitter @PRisUs and
Ken Pomeroy aka KenPom, the Creator of the Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings, joins the show to share his journey from meteorologist to creating the most influential statistical ratings in college basketball. Hear how he got into analytics, started getting press for his site, his biggest “pinch me” moment, why Cinderella runs happen, and his love for curling. Connect with Ken at and Twitter @KenPomeroy
Mandy McEwen, the Founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, joins the show to share her journey from realizing she didn’t want to work for anyone else to building her award-winning online marketing agency. Hear how to increase revenue, drive referrals, start conversations online in a non-slimy way, appreciate each day, and the most fascinating thing about outer space. Connect with Mandy at and LinkedIn
David Perry, the Co-Founder of Carro and video game industry legend, joins the show to share his journey from developing video games to selling his cloud gaming service to Sony and revolutionizing how brands partner with influencers. Hear how to make your business attractive to big players, find inspiration from other markets, the right influencers to market your brand, David’s craziest skydiving story, and the time he visited Michael Jackson at Neverland. Connect with David on LinkedIn and
Beate Chelette, The Growth Architect, joins the show to share her journey from studying photo design and moving to the US to selling her photography business to Bill Gates. Hear how to make your business sellable, set up systems and processes to scale your business, communicate these to your team, inspire fellow business owners, and the funniest way someone’s mispronounced her name. Connect with Beate on Instagram and
Gerry Moran, the Founder and Principal of Marketingthink, joins the show to share his journey from hanging with The Sopranos cast to leading social media and content strategy for some of the biggest brands in the world. Hear how to create a great social media strategy, focus on delivering value, spark conversation, Gerry’s corniest dad joke, and the Beer Crawl of Rapid-Fire Q&A. Connect with Gerry on LinkedIn, Twitter, and
Diane Helbig, the Business and Leadership Development Advisor, joins the show to share her journey from lemonade and candy stand to helping small business owners shape their business strategy. Hear how to grow your small business, tools to prioritize tasks, how to be crystal-clear with communication, pull a weird unplug, and what she’d do if she were starting a lemonade stand today. Connect with Diane at
Ritukar Vijay, the Founder and CEO of Ottonomy, joins the show to share his journey from competing in robot competitions in college to creating autonomous delivery robots. Hear how to refine new technology, speed up customer adoption, win clients early on, how people react to the Ottobots, and his dream autonomous delivery location. Connect with Ritukar at Ottonomy.IO and on social media
Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, joins the show to share her journey from troublemaker at school to becoming the Emmy award-winning voice actor on the longest-running scripted TV show in history. Hear how Nancy became the voice of Bart, what the audition was like, when The Simpsons started taking off, how Nancy gets into character for Bart and other voices, and the time Meryl Streep asked for her autograph. Connect with Nancy at and check out her audiobook
Matt Mullenweg, the Founding Developer of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, joins the show to share his journey developing the Open Source software used by over 43 percent of the web. Hear what made WordPress take off, how to start thinking big, start a new habit, stay warm in Antarctica, and switch to a different keyboard layout. Connect with Matt at and on social media @PhotoMatt
Amanda Natividad, the VP of Marketing for SparkToro, joins the show to share her journey from LA Times test kitchen to social media marketing thought leader. Hear her top Twitter and LinkedIn advanced search tips, how to find your target market on social media, tools you can use for audience insights, the most bizarre tweet of all time, and her weird voices. Connect with Amanda at, Twitter at @AmandaNat, and
David Brier, Google’s #1 Rebranding Expert and Bestselling Author of Brand Intervention, joins the show to share his journey from defiant baby to top rebranding expert featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Adweek, and Inc. Hear the best time to rebrand, how to find your best differentiator, whether to change your logo, how to keep the optimism, and David turning into the Duluth Trading guy. Connect with David at and LinkedIn
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