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Growing up in poverty with little access to outdoor adventure sports, Ryan Hudson never imagined he’d be snowboarding in big-time competitions and exploring the mountains of Alaska. Today, he’s taken expeditions with renowned athletes, starred in an adventure film, and he’s sponsored by brands like the North Face and Sierra Nevada. Ryan’s journey from "#streets2peaks" is an inspiring, and unlikely story. Connect with Ryan:Instagram TwitterResources:#streets2peaksWatch Mountain RevelationsLearn more about Outdoor OutreachEpisode sponsors: CotopaxiDanner
Mauricio Artiñano, a former mission planning officer with the United Nations, has worked to bridge the gap between former combatants and civilians with a pretty wild idea - white-water rafting.Connect with Mauricio:Instagram FacebookTwitterResources:Caguan ExpeditionsEpisode sponsors: DannerCheck out REI’s Fall 2022 Editor’s Choice Awards
Evelynn Escobar is a changemaker in the outdoor industry who’s building her movement a little differently. As the founder of Hike Clerb, Evelynn has taken an intentional approach to building a fun, stylish and inclusive community. As a result, Hike Clerb has achieved an incredible amount of success. They’ve worked with several well-known brands and are encouraging Black, Indigenous, and women of color across North America to spend more time in the outdoors together. Connect with Evelynn:InstagramHike Clerb's InstagramHike Clerb's websiteWatch REI Co-op Studio's "To Touch the Earth with Hike Clerb founder Evelynn Escobar" Read more on REI's Uncommon PathEpisode sponsor: Danner
In 2021, yoga instructor Monica Ramos packed up her home and went on a motorcycle adventure with her husband and their eight-year-old daughter. The family of three left their home in Costa Rica and rode for four months: one month to get to Mexico and more than two months exploring every corner of the country. On the trip, Monica learned to incorporate lessons from her yoga practice - like awareness of her body and mindful breathing - into motorcycle riding.Connect with Monica: InstagramFacebookResources:Vist the Harmony Hotel Episode sponsors:Cotopaxi Danner
In 2017, Stacy Bare took fellow veterans back to Iraq, where they had all served during the war. The team skied some of the highest mountains in the country and made an award-winning film called Adventure Not War. Now, since becoming a father to daughter Wilder, and weathering a global pandemic, Stacy’s work looks a little different. Instead of bringing folks out to nature, he’s working to build and improve green space in Grand Rapids, Michigan.Connect with Stacy:InstagramConnect with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks:WebsiteInstagramFacebookResources:Watch Adventure Not WarListen to Stacy on Wild Ideas Worth Living, 2018Episode sponsors:Cotopaxi Danner
Emily Ford loves winter. She does most of her adventuring during the coldest months of the year in the most frigid parts of the U.S. In March of 2021, Emily became the first woman and the first Black person on record to complete the Ice Age Trail, a 1,200 mile trek that winds through the state of Wisconsin. In March of 2022, she completed a 28 day trek where she skied 180 miles with her dog Diggins. Connect with Emily Ford:WebsiteInstagramFacebookResources:Ice Age TrailBoundary WatersEpisode sponsors: Teva Cotopaxi
Halloween approaches, and spending time outside is a little spookier than usual. As it gets dark earlier and leaves start to fall, our minds can run wild with visions of unknown creatures hiding in lakes or slithering across trails. Weston Davis - host of REI's Camp Monster podcast - tells the stories of these “impossible” creatures, and folks of all ages can’t get enough of them. He knows exactly how to build suspense and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Connect with Weston:WebsiteListen to the Camp Monsters podcast!Episode sponsors: Teva Cotopaxi
Outdoor romance novelist Stacy Gold gave up her day job at a mountain biking nonprofit to write steamy romance novels. Her characters are strong, adventurous women - and the men who can’t resist them. Stacy has released four award-winning books, including her newest novel Wild at Heart, with more on the way. Writing romance novels that take place in the great outdoors gives Stacy a lot of material to work with: interesting plot points, beautiful scenery, and plenty of opportunity to crank up the tension.Connect with Stacy:WebsiteInstagram FacebookTwitterPurchase Stacy's latest bookEpisode sponsors: TevaCheck out REI's Fall 2022 Editor's Choice Awards   
Teresa Martinez knows all about building trails. She’s spent the last 30 years working on some of the longest and most well-known trails across the country. Her latest project is to connect the Continental Divide Trail so that thru-hikers can follow the 1,200 mile path from the Mexico/New Mexico border to Montana and Canada without having to walk on city streets and highways.  Connect with Teresa and The Continental Divide Trail Coalition:WebsiteFacebook Twitter Instagram Resources:Learn more about Benton MackayeEpisode sponsors: Teva Cotopaxi 
Louie Gong is one of the most successful Native American visual artists in the country. At the beginning of his artistic career, he wanted to find a way to sell and license his work without having to go through a gallery or museum. So he founded his own company, Eighth Generation. The brand started in 2008 in Louie’s 200 square foot living room, and now inhabits a 30,000 square foot space in the heart of Seattle. Eighth Generation partners with over 40 Native American artists around the U.S. to design, manufacture and market beautiful wool blankets, art prints, home goods, and more. Louie recently collaborated with Brooks to create the new Brooks Running Sasquatch Collection, designed by Louie, which features his art, inspired by his interpretation of Sasquatch. The limited edition collection includes running apparel and the Cascadia 16 trail running shoe. Learn more about Louie and the Sasquatch collection here. Connect with Louie:WebsiteInstagramResources:Eighth Generation websiteEighth Generation InstagramEighth Generation FacebookEighth Generation TwitterWatch I Ran with Native American Sneaker Artist Louie GongShop Brooks Cascadia 16 Sasquatch Trail-Running Shoe for men and womanEpisode sponsors: Teva Cotopaxi 
Shyla Sheppard and Missy Begay are the founders of the first and only Native-women owned brewery in the U.S. They use Indigenous and local ingredients to make unique brews at Bow & Arrow Brewing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The beer they make at Bow & Arrow Brewing is more than just a drink: it celebrates Missy and Shyla’s heritage and shares their stories with their community.Connect with Missy & Shyla: Bow & Arrow Brewing websiteBow & Arrow Brewing Instagram Bow & Arrow Brewing TwitterBow & Arrow Brewing FacebookListen to: Episode 185 with Chef Maria HinesEpisode 175 with Christian GeringEpisode sponsors: Teva Cotopaxi Sonos 
Leah Thomas, the blogger behind Green Girl Leah, is an outdoorswoman and activist who loves learning about science and society. In 2020, Leah posted an infographic on Instagram about “intersectional environmentalism” that went viral. The theory is an inclusive version of environmentalism that calls for climate justice through the lens of social justice–  gender, class and racial equity. Connect with Leah:Green Girl LeahInstagramIntersectional Environmentalist: WebsiteInstagramFacebook YouTubeTwitterResources:Get a copy of Leah’s book, ​​The Intersectional Environmentalist: How to Dismantle Systems of Oppression to Protect People + Planet REI Cooperative Action NetworkCatchafireEpisode sponsors:TevaCotopaxiSonos
Rue Mapp spent her youth swimming in creeks and playing on her family’s ranch in California. As she got older, Rue explored new ways to get outside and enjoy nature, but she didn’t see many other Black people in the outdoor spaces she loved. In 2009, she started a social enterprise called Outdoor Afro. In 2015, Outdoor Afro became a national not-for-profit that celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature. Now, Outdoor Afro, Inc. is releasing a clothing line in collaboration with REI Co-op that honors the history of Black people in the outdoors and celebrates Black joy.Shop – Outdoor Afro Inc. + REI Co-op Hike CollectionConnect with Rue:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter Resources:Outdoor Afro WebsiteOutdoor Afro InstagramListen and Watch:"Made Together" VideoRue Mapp’s 2018 episodeEpisode sponsors:TevaSonos
A few years ago, Marley Blonsky bought a bike as a way to get to work. Soon after, she started bike camping and fell in love with the freedom of cycling. Fast forward to 2020, and Marley started All Bodies on Bikes with past guest and fellow body inclusive cyclist Kailey Kornhauser. The pair were featured in a beautiful short film, and they’ve been written about in some of the industry’s most prominent cycling publications. Now, Marley is traveling around the country working with riders and brands to advocate for size inclusivity.Connect with Marley:Marley’s websiteAll Bodies on Bikes websiteFacebookTwitterMarley’s InstagramAll Bodies on Bike InstagramResources:Check out the Wild Ideas episode with Kailey Kornhauser, co-founder of All Bodies on Bikes.Episode sponsor:Teva
The day before his 26th birthday, Tom Turcich walked out the door of his home in Haddon Township, NJ. He was setting off to walk around the world. Seven years and over 25,000 miles later, Tom returned home. Four months into his trek, he adopted a dog, Savannah, to keep him company. The pair’s adventure was filled with highs and lows - kindly interactions with strangers, health scares, beautiful scenery, and lots of lessons learned. Connect with Tom:WebsiteInstagram More on walking around the world:Becoming Someone You're Proud Of with Mike PosnerSponsor: Sonos 
Over the past few years, alpinist, filmmaker, and climate activist Graham Zimmerman has watched his home in Bend, Oregon get consumed by smoke over and over again. As someone who loves spending time outside, Graham wondered what exactly he could do to help. He created the podcast Wildfire to dig deep and investigate the raging infernos that threaten our homes on planet Earth. Connect with Graham:Website Instagram Resources:Check out REI Co-op Studios Wildfire PodcastLearn more about Protect Our WintersSponsor: Sonos 
The Boogie Board Wave Chasers is a club of women between the ages of 55 and 95. Five days a week, on the beaches of San Diego, these women charge waves, and have the time of their lives. Boogie boarding keeps these women young. It is a workout to swim against the current, hop up on their boards, and get up off the sand. Most of all, together, these women have built a community that cheers them on, in and out of the water.Learn more about the Boogie Board Wave Chasers: Drew Barrymore ShowABC 10Sponsor: Sonos 
In 2018, writer and journalist Katie Arnold took the ultrarunning community by surprise when she won one of the toughest ultramarathons in the country, the Leadville 100. When an opportunity arose to compete in this famous 100 mile race, Katie committed to training for Leadville her way. Her training was “unconventional”, but it totally worked. At 46 years old, Katie completed the course with one of the fastest women’s times in race history.Connect with Katie:Website InstagramPurchase Katie's book, Running HomeTwitterFacebookSponsor: Sonos
Chalk artist David Zinn is known for leaving anonymous work on sidewalks, under rocks, and in other unexpected places. He walks around Ann Arbor, Michigan with a little wooden box of brightly colored chalk. As David strolls the neighborhood, he looks for features of the streetscape– oddly shaped cracks in the pavement or chunks of brick missing from retaining walls– to use in his drawings of whimsical, mischievous little creatures. The lines of the sidewalk become a tightrope for a rabbit to balance on, a sprinkler head becomes the eye of a frog, a pine cone becomes the tail of a cat. Connect with David:Website InstagramTikTokFacebookSponsor: Sonos
Mario Stanley started rock climbing in his early twenties and quickly fell in love with the sport. He became a climbing coach and an outdoor guide, and now runs his own company, Highpoint Expeditions. Climbing gave Mario’s life a sense of direction at a time when he was feeling lost. He’s learned over the years that it’s about more than scaling to the top of a wall. Climbing is an exercise in freedom, trust, and pushing through fear.Connect with Mario:Website InstagramYouTubeResources:Sends and Suffers Podcast Highpoint ExpeditionsSummit Climbing GymsEpisode sponsor: SonosListen to: Tooth and Claw podcast
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Lindsay Gartner

I've listened since the beginning and this is the best guest yet.

Jul 10th

Simone Zahradka

so eloquent. great episode. fired up about running slow!

Aug 11th

ghdsports apk

More About Wild Ideas Worth Living. Have you ever had a wild idea, but were afraid to act on it? Or maybe you started and thank you for your great info share with us -

Jul 14th

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

I'm a man and my "baby" is 18 years old. I found that episode very interesting, as even though a lots of friends shared with me a few challenges that pregnancy brings.... And didn't though about the training ones...

Sep 6th


have to agree. this podcast was the bomb. thank you both for the knowledge & inspiration to think outside of the paradigm

May 3rd

Shawn Harris

Just bought a used copy of Ecology of Commerce at Amazon!

Mar 29th
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