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We are experiencing a great awakening. The connection we have to our own souls has been cut off, covered up, ignored and even demonized for centuries. No longer.

Here, you’ll learn to understand energetics and how to tune in to and follow the power of your soul. You’ll hear inspiring stories and receive tips, tools and wisdom for personal and spiritual growth.

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Telling the truth is not vulnerable, it is strong. Why is there a rift between the masculine and feminine? I share my thoughts on why and how to heal it.  Women, it's time to treat ourselves with the dignity, respect, honor, and love we deserve. Then humanity will follow suit in how we treat the Earth.  Let's save the world, shall we? Follow me to The Boundless Heart: 👑 and download the daily C.R.O.W.N. Check-In. Together, we rise.  --- Support this podcast:
Join me in my sponsor's membership: - learn to bridge the stars and your body, and heal via the vagus nerve. Jessica Kleine is a money + mindset coach. She'll work with your numbers and with your attitude so you can achieve your money goals quickly. In this episode we talk about the fact that most people aren't even aware of their money problems being more than just numbers.  Did you know that paycheck to paycheck is not just a pattern that people fall into, but it's also a mindset that keeps people in scarcity and stress much more than it's worth. Listen in for tips and how-to's so you're never stuck in fear-mode around money again! About My Guest Jessica Kleine is a happily married homeschooling mom in the Chicago area who loves arting, lifting, sarcasm, wine, and all things Harry Potter. She was in the legal field pre-kids before becoming a stay-at-home-mom in direct sales and network marketing. She ultimately found her calling in money + mindset coaching after figuring out a magic combination of strategy + woo. Jessica has dealt with her own money mindset issues for most of her life and went from feeling like they were constantly paycheck to paycheck (even after paying off all the household debt!) to living a life with more than enough. She now helps women solve their own money problems with coaching using a proven budget system and solid mindset work. Grab your Money Leaks workbook: Connect with Jessica Website: FB Group:   IG: Connect with LC: Website: Facebook Group: IG: & --- Support this podcast:
Please join myself and our sponsor in Akashaschema: Applied Cosmology as we become the bridge between the physical and 5D realities. Are you ready to create a different life? Are you waiting for your life to improve by some outside force? That could take a long time - or it could never come at all! You have the power within you to create your reality the way you want it to be, and Ed Langan shares some simple tips and techniques for getting started in this episode. If you're a fan of the Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks, you'll love this one! If you're always looking for new self-growth tricks and explanations, you've found your episode! Please join Ed's Mindset Breakthrough Method starting on MAY 13TH if you're ready to dissolve the blocks keeping you from your success! Free PDF from Ed: Mindset Shift! 10 Mindset Tweaks for More Clients, More Revenue and More Success! Link: Here's the YouTube video we talked about in the episode: More ways to connect with Ed: Book: Email: Media Page: Social Media: Connect with LC: Podcast: Readings: FB Group: IG: --- Support this podcast:
Please join the revolutionary inner genius and outer bridge movement started by my teacher, Melanie Weller, proud sponsor of The Boundless Soul, and I'm so proud to share her with you! to learn more and sign up. Shara Osgood is a visionary artist who is bringing so much light to the world throug her art and her energy. She and I took Melanie Weller's Biofield Flow™ Certification, and her art opened up even more during our training. In this episode we share our insights on the World Wide Web--I think the kids are calling it "the Internet" these days.. LOL and how much connection you CAN find online.  About Shara: I have been an artist since my first waking breath. I have always dabbled in many different creative arenas including: body painting and henna art, silversmithing, mixed media art, pottery, fiber arts. I love social engagement and have spent a lot of time in community, singing, dancing, painting and healing. This past year has been an incredible learning opportunity. The biggest learning, for me, has been how to connect deeply through virtual technology and doing remote healing. It has been a trip! Connect with Shara: Website: Etsy Shop: IG: Connect with LC for a Runes Reading or Intuitive Coaching + Healing Session: See the most recent Rune Forecast: Join our Facebook Group: IG: --- Support this podcast:
Please support my sponsor: - join her media and wisdom empire & be part of the bridge between magic and science. First month free until it changes.   Are you interested in learning how to start working with the Runes? <-- Learn more  Can Sea Moss Cure - anything? We'll leave that up to experience. Amanda Ryan started Mermaids and Sailors Sea Moss as a side project because she discovered it and became, for lack of a better word, obsessed! It has now grown to three locations, and it continues to grow.  Listen to how this venture made a huge impact in her life after battling with bi-polar disorder for many years.  If you are struggling with any type of depression, please know we are with you, and you're not alone. Here is one number you can call: 1-800-662-HELP (4357). It is free and confidential and the lines are open 24/7/365. You are worth it. Know that.  From My Guest, Amanda Ryan:  I identify as an empath & have recently opened up to my intuitive abilities & exploring the spiritual realms. I tend to fit the typical Aquarius M.O.: a little quirky & misunderstood but lovable nonetheless. My Moon sign is Virgo, rising Gemini; and I feel those both fit quite well.      I have been a fan of plant-based lifestyle for 3 years and love it!  Around that time I discovered sea moss & slowly began to learn about it. Fast forward to 2019 when I decided to begin making it as a side hustle & now we have grown into Hawaii's #1 source for Sea Moss products. Best of all, we are now able to teach others how to make it for themselves!   I have always thought I had psychic abilities (or something?) but only recently begun to truly recognize & embrace my uniqueness. Now that I have, it's amazing the people who have magically entered my life & are carrying me further down this path.  I believe I have gifts and a heart tailored to helping others & I am ready to figure out how/when/where/why!  Connect with Amanda: Website for ordering Sea Moss Products: - use code BOUNDLESS for 30% off! Instagram: Receive a Runes Reading or Full Intuitive Healing Session from LC:  --- Support this podcast:
I believe we all want the same thing, and that it to be true to ourselves, and express our truth to the world, with absolute authenticity. This is the story of one woman's journey to that place, as well as the healing, magic, and wonder that spring forth from that seed. Lucie Lynch is an international Singer/Songwriter, Soul Sound Alchemist and High On Life Coach, originally from Hamburg Germany. Her heartfelt desire is to create space for people to remember who the are and that every human being is inherently worthy and valuable. She supports people in finding their voice and express their own truth in unique and powerful ways. She also has a way to activate joy in peoples hearts that is independent of the appearances of the outside world. Before moving to Honolulu in 2011 she traveled the globe for 5 years with her backpack and her guitar to find the song of her own soul, singing with people all over the world, studying the healing power of sound and frequencies. With gongs, voice, guitar, ocean drum, and crystal singing bowls she now creates a peaceful oasis for deep relaxation and ease. Her live channeled meditations always carry a magical message for everyone. Mostly for our inner children and yearning hearts. To connect with Lucie  This is a special offer for only $7.77 for 4 15min guided meditations a la Lucie Lynch :) Facebook Group: Instagram: Website: To Connect with LC "Say This, Not That: 5D Edition" Book a beta rate rune reading: ($25 thru March 2021, then $60. After March must be booked through website) Website: FB Group: IG: & Write a 5 Star review and I'll read it on a future episode! Please consider supporting me: I do it all on my own and every little bit helps immensely. Much Love and Thanks! --- Support this podcast:
We are in a paradigm shift, no doubt about it. Ben Carroll is using his gifts in music and sound to help lift humanity from a denser to a lighter vibration. Through his sound healing journeys, your nervous system can calm to a natural healing state, where you can experience the clarity of your soul.  We talk about Ben's past, too: stories about being a rockstar, manifesting that, and then learning that it's not as glamorous as one might think. (He's the guitarist for the band Ra). Interestingly, the band's name and first album title (Of One) would eventually lead Ben to explore The Ra Materials, and start him down his spiritual awakening journey. What words that we say do you need to hear today? What chaos are you feeling? It is simply a side-effect of leveling up energetically, though it doesn't always feel like that, which is why it's so important to find your community. Here's one! About my guest: Ben Carroll is a gifted and intuitive sound worker. As a former full time touring musician and Universal Recording Artist with album sales reaching the hundreds of thousands, Ben has a quite a unique background. As a perpetual student of metaphysics, consciousness, and the effect of sound & vibration on the body & mind, the transition from rock star to sound healer wasn't as far of a leap as one may imagine. For several years now Ben's focus has been on using sound coupled with group energy to strengthen intuition, facilitate healing, access higher dimensions of self, and facilitate the recalibration & expansion of the mind/body/soul connection. His Sound Healing Journeywork events have had a profound effect on many that have had the opportunity to experience them. Connect with Ben: Website and Sound Journeys: FB:   IG: YouTube: LC is now offering custom healing sessions and packages for those who feel disconnected from their soul, path or purpose. Please book a discovery call to learn how she can help you re:member who you are. IG: --- Support this podcast:
Amanda Jo throws us some epic re-writes for wealth! Listen to this episode to hear which you relate to, and some re-writes you can use.  We had a blast talking about spiritual practice, and how the container we set for ourselves is actually the very thing that makes us boundless. Another theme here is Kundalini Yoga. We are both avid practitioners, and we've seen massive life shifts through our decidation to ourselves and our practice of Kundalini Yoga. What is your main obstacle right now? Remember, "There is a way through every block."  *YouTube Bonus video* Tapping for Wealth - The Boundless Soul Podcast with Amanda Jo 💰  Please support the podcast. Your support means more than everything to me and helps me continue to approach amazing people to interview for the show:  Connect with Amanda Jo: Discovery call with code BOUNDLESS Website: Instagram: Facebook Group:  Connect with LC: Discovery Call: - for tech help and/or energy alignment Instagram: FB Group: --- Support this podcast:
Hi friends! I tuned in and channeled some energetics on "Should." The funny thing is, I did it after I created a really good episode on "Should I start a podcast or do videos?" but I realized that I was pushing the whole "Give soulpreneurs actionable and practical tips and how-to's" thing. Let's get really honest here: it is ALL about energy. "Should" is a major shame creator. Here's how you can reprogram yourself out of it and into something much more life-giving. Beware though! The brain is really smart, and it's very easy to fool ourselves into thinking that we're changing when we really aren't. You'll see - er - hear. Thanks to "A Gal Named Kate" for the wonderful 5 star review! Be sure to write your so I can read it, too: (From my show's main page, scroll down until you see the reviews). See full show notes at - I'll include the Podcast vs Videos episode so you can hear what I think if you'd like to! For a discovery call head to Can't wait to meet you! Big Hugs! LC Oh right, IG: & FB Group:  --- Support this podcast:
Creating your dream life takes realizing your potential. It all comes down to the relationship you have with yourself. From there, you can always count on your new BFF: Breathe, Focus, Take Fierce Action, and you can do it in as little as 5 minutes a day. Carolyn Colleen and I have a candid discussion about overcoming life's difficulties and problem-solving your way out of any situation you find yourself in. She rose out of poverty because she was born with a brain that can solve problems, and she can help you solve yours, too! This is a wonderfully inspiring and tip-filled episode for anyone, especially if you're growing a soul-led business and wish to change the world. For full show notes, visit to read more about her F.I.E.R.C.E. Network and her book! Connect with Carolyn Colleen: Connect with LC: IG: FB Group: --- Support this podcast:
Do you wish you were better at public speaking, or more confident in yourself to do well? You've found the right episode! Brenden Kumarasamy started MasterTalk, his YouTube channel, to get public speaking tips, techniques and advice to as wide an audience as possible.   You'll learn what to work on today to 10x your talk, and it will only take a couple hours. Yep, HOURS, not years, months or even days. He'll call out our education system for making us all afraid of public speaking (or most of us, anyway), and you'll walk away uplifted and ready to craft your next talk in a way that feels awesome!  For full show notes visit  Connect with Brenden:  Connect with LC & schedule a Discovery Call:  Instagram:  Join The Gathering of Boundless Souls: --- Support this podcast:
When you surrender self unto self, the whole worlds wins.  Jason Ralls shares some deep insight from his practice of the Earth-Based religion of the old Northern Europeans, or Norse.  If you've seen the Avengers, or at least Thor Ragnarok, you'll at least be familiar with of few of their gods. You know, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchett. Just kidding. We actually go ahead and debunk these movies as completely not accurate, but then again, Loki is still Loki.   What we actually talk about is how profound it is when you start honoring the earth and the energies represented by these gods. We talk about words, and their magic. The Norse writing system, Runes, are actually very magical. You'll learn more within. Full show notes and more about Jason at  Connect with Jason: Buy his book: Social Media Links: (IG, Patreon, Twitter) Connect with LC: Instagram: Facebook Group: Discovery Call: --- Support this podcast:
Stop stopping yourself. Listen to this episode on 5 ways we bind ourselves up and therefore make Being Boundless impossible. Luckily, you can always free yourself!  Here I go over 5 ways we become bound and how to "fix" it or break free. Mercury retrograde is coming up, but don't let that stop you from using tech as the portal to the world that it is. Hop on a free, no pressure discovery call if you're hung up on tech, and we'll see if I can help you bust through that block.  Read the blog post related to this episode at  Be sure to scroll down and leave a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts: --- Support this podcast:
Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Corena Hammer, E-RYT500, about the energetics of sex. I believe there was a time in history, in some parts of the world, where sex was a sacred act. Let's bring that back, shall we? What does this have to do with Being Boundless? Everything. If you don't know yourself, you will never be Boundless. If you don't understand the energetics and the consequences, energetically and otherwise, of your actions, you will always be bound.  Sex is indeed sacred. This can be recognized, or it can not be. Either way, the energetics are still the same. Bringing awareness to energy is the most liberating thing one can do. Why would we leave consciousness out of something so instinctual? Let's make sex sacred again, shall we? For full show notes and more info about Corena Hammer, see Connect with Corena Website: Email: Connect with LC Website: Instagram: Gathering of Boundless Souls FB Group: --- Support this podcast:
Sometimes it's just nice to be able to talk to a Psychotherapist. Dr. Denise Wood and I shone light on topics from spirituality respect of others, no matter who they are or what they might have done setting and maintaining boundaries self-care first creative self-care and her newest book, Cyberbully's Mind, which led to her sharing the story of her brother's suicide  All in all this is an episode of elevation through sharing real, life experiences and examples of what you can do to lift yourself up. We hope you enjoy it! See full show notes at  Connect with Dr. Wood: Website: Email:  Connect with LC: Website: Instagram: Gathering of Boundless Souls FB Group: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I share an organization that's doing a world of good to end sex trafficking. Donate to Ho'ola Na Pua here: Emily Gaudreau says a thing of baseline importance when it comes to protecting our kids from sexual abuse and exploitation is to teach the correct anatomical terms. We talk about: Her mission is making sure no child has had their sexuality manipulated by an external force, be it a predator or pornography Why it's massively important to teach all kids the correct anatomical terms How shocking it's been for her to have around 70 people come up to her with stories whenever she speaks publicly Why being quiet is so important in creativity How to deal with haters online Some of what her curriculum is and why she started with adults Why she considers herself conservative in this arena Why predators target Christian and other religious communities There are sexual predators listening to this podcast right now. They aren't stupid. #1 thing for parents to do right now for their kids Deal with pornography exposure as sex abuse, because it is For full show notes visit Connect with Emily: Email her: To join the Wayshower Circle: Sign up to be notified of future summits and all podcast episodes: --- Support this podcast:
Hindsight is 2020. That's the story we tell our selves, and that's the story we live.  Let's look at 2020 numerologically because Wow! It makes sense!  2021 is a 5 year, and you'll hear all about that and more in this episode, a mixture of me telling it like it is up there in my head and totally getting out of my head to channel the rest from spirit. Then again, what is spirit but energy? What are we but energy?  In this episode you'll learn a practical and extremely useful tool for learning to translate your own guidance into plain English (or whatever language you speak).   Let me know your top takeaways, and join me and hundreds of other Wayshowers in The Gathering of Boundless Souls:  Ready to dive more deeply into the mystery and learn the secrets of the soul? Join the Wayshower Circle: I don't try all that hard on IG, but I do make some pretty epic connections there. Be one of them! #iambeingboundless --- Support this podcast:
Hey Wayshower,  You were born into a paradigm that you're here to shift. Your subconscious is looping all sorts of programs that aren't congruent with your true nature and your deepest desires because of it, but I have great news!  You can change that! Rob Temple has been hypnotizing people on stage for nearly 2 decades, and his understanding of both tricking the brain through magic shows and working with the brain in hypnosis has given him epic wisdom and knowledge on how to rewire our brains to unlock the success we seek--whatever that means to each of us. In this episode we cover: How hypnosis is a type of freedom That you can in fact retrain yourself to think, do and be differently How you can rewrite your brain Why affirmations don't necessarily work, but how they can How to make yourself an action-taker so you prove that you can accomplish your goals How to gain confidence Everything in life comes down to 3 things: evidence, repetition, and increasing difficulty A little bit on overthinking, awe, gratitude and self-love For full episode notes go to Connect with Rob: Website & Courses: Free Resources: Instagram: Connect with LC: Website & Wayshower Affirmations: Instagram: FB Group: (The Gathering of Boundless Souls) --- Support this podcast:
Being Human is Weird. Sarah and I laughed quite a bit in this episode. You might think we've been friends for a long time. Sure felt that way! But actually, this was our first time officially meeting. She shares a ton of really awakening facts, stories and truths in this episode. We talk about things such as: The power of the mind field The power of heart coherence  She takes you through a breathing exercise to reduce anxiety NOW She redefines depression We talk about our own insecurities and how we've moved through them And how you can, too Sarah is a total Wayshower and I just love meeting Wayshowers! For full show notes, see Connect with Sarah Connect with LC Summit & Wayshower Circle: Instagram: Gathering of Boundless Souls FB Group: --- Support this podcast:
Being Boundless doesn't mean you never feel trapped. Being Boundless means you'll always find your way back. Soraya's story is incredible. Beyond entertaining, it is embedded with gems of wisdom we can take with us through our days and whole lives. A few highlights: She was born poor but didn't know it--one of the first mixed-race kids in England She dated the guy because she liked him but she MARRIED him because he had a motorbike Until she met Apple when they were both wearing pinstripes That was after a suicide bomber destroyed her apartment in Saudi Arabia She learned that anger hurts your physical body when she moved to Japan And studied Kundalini yoga which brought her back to her Limitless Life For full show notes visit Connect with Soraya: Website: Kundalini Bliss 808 YouTube: Connect with LC: Website & Summit: Wayshower Circle: Instagram: The Gathering of Boundless Souls on FB: --- Support this podcast:
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