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Author: Breana White

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Motherhood is a wild experience and there is nothing like it to teach us wisdom and grace. We host real and raw discussions with both parents and experts about the realities of the experience of having a baby, the postpartum journey, and beyond. Health, Fitness, Sexuality, Spirituality, Parenting, Nutrition & many more topics related to motherhood are shared every Thursday.
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Torie Borrelli is an Integrative holistic nutritionist, published author, recipe developer, and a wellness expert based in sunny San Diego. Torie is the author of The Mexican Keto Cookbook, the first cookbook to feature ketogenic recipes with traditional Mexican flavors and ingredients. The cookbook serves as a resource for anti-inflammatory living with delicious recipes and is now available on Amazon and in retail stores such as Target, Barnes & Nobles and more. In 2015, she founded The Vida Well, a wellness and education brand rooted in preventive living and has worked alongside leading and progressive naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and local San Diego doctors for the last decade.  Torie used her personal struggles with food to inform her mission and shape how she works with clients. Her battle with health issues at a young age, heightened her awareness of the effects food and nutrition can have on the body. After her fertility battles and miscarriage journey she cofounded Box for Loss, a miscarriage  emotional and physical support box.
Julie is the mother of almost 3 year old Cypress, as well as an intuitive channel who offers readings over the phone or in person (in Boulder, CO). She has a gift of being able to tap into people's soul energy and channel any wisdom, clarity and guidance the angels and spirit guides may be telling her. She uses a combination of Goddess cards, tarot cards, oracle cards and energy healing and clearing in her readings. All of her readings are done in an intuitive manner. For more information, or to book a reading with Julie, please go to GIVEAWAY- Like & Share (on stories) our instagram post @WildandWiseMotherhood and leave a REVIEW on itunes for our podcast. The winner will win a Shakti Wisdom Oracle card deck and be announced April 23rd. Go to to purchase the deck!     
#4 : Lily Nichols-Prenatal & Postpartum nutrition, how much protein you actually need, postpartum weight loss, all your questions answered -To connect with Lily, follow her IG @lilynicholsrdn -To connect with Ashley go to @Ashley.Shakti -Read More on Wild & Wise Motherhood HERE. -Go purchase Lily’s book, Real Food for Pregnancy with her NEW cookbook here:
#3: All things VAGINA with Sara Tanza, Pelvic Floor Physical therapist & Mom of 2. We talk sex after birth, postpartum hormonal changes, prolapse, diastasis recti, menstrual cups & more!  -To connect with Sara Tanza on Instagram click HERE -To schedule a consult at Sara's clinic, either virtually on in-person- click HERE. -To connect with Ashley Carone click HERE -Read More on Wild & Wise Motherhood HERE. If you loved this episode and want more content like this- please leave a review on iTunes, rate and subscribe!! 
To connect with Carrie~ follow her instagram @CarrieTheDoula and her website  Want to write your birth story?? Check out Carrie’s course:   The course consists of 9 writing exercises, 40+ birth story examples, 70+ questions/prompts and more—all specially-designed to help parents write an awesome birth story in 7 days. For more about Wild & Wise Motherhood podcast, check out our IG @WildandWiseMotherhood, and our website here.
To connect with Brie~ follow her instagram @MamaDoulaBrie and her website Check out Brie’s IG for the 8 Sheep Organics Valentine’s Day Giveaway! Read More on Wild & Wise Motherhood HERE. 8Sheep Organics Magnesium Lotion, use code BRIE for 10% off:
To connect with Ashley ~ follow her instagram @Ashley.Shakti and her website Read More on Wild & Wise Motherhood website Birth hypnosis program mentioned: Ashley’s midwife Serena- serving the Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley area :  
Lindsey, mother, business owner, & yoga teacher, chats about her experience becoming a mother twice. We have a fun honest conversation about what becoming a mother is like. Instagram: @Styled_by_lindsey
Meedlen is a single mother by choice, a very successful OBGYN and an inspiration to us all.
Sydney talks about becoming a mother at 20, moving to LA for her modeling career, and her postpartum plan and preparation that helped ease the transition into motherhood.
Eliza explains baby-led motor development and why we need to stop doing everything for our little ones. Letting babies learn to crawl and walk in their own time and the importance of healthy brain development.
April Umek shares her experience about her time as an OBGYN cathing babies, why she left her job for a new career, and her choice to not have babies. She has so much to offer this community and can fix a number of issues we all suffer from including pelvic floor issues and looking younger.
Heidi shares her experience becoming a mother, and how exceptions were not reality.
Eliza is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to supporting babies in the postpartum time, how we can hold space for their feelings and emotions and let them cry when they need to.
Molly share's her story about some hardships at the beginning of motherhood and how she found her way.
Selam talks about her experience being a first-time mother, then the unexpected addition of her stepdaughter. Learning how to be a mother to two different kids at very different ages and having no time for herself. Find Selam here-
Michelle shares her experience of motherhood, of becoming a health coach, children book author, and her newest project a personal account of her own postpartum experience.  
Yami, a mental health therapist shares her experience of becoming a mother.
Danielle is a coach for new mothers. Her postpartum experience has shaped her carrier and experience as a mother and an ally to many new moms.  You can find her here
Yasmin returns to update us on her progress. She has found help in regards to her maternal mental health. Yasmin continues to fight for mama's and for herself. 
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