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Team Trump's Deplorable's Dismantle the Amerikan Left.
954 Episodes
Three types of expectations, all destroy FED's credibility.
Unwillingness for Dems to own policy proposals.
Berlin sees a weak divided and poor Moscow to be dominated.
Sudan, failed Arab Spring.
Efficiencies gained by reforming state based institutions.
Tax code & monetary reform
Mandela's legacy isn't championed by the ANC.
Robust civil society, private sector growth not gov spending will defeat Chinese ambitions.
D.C. spends; its only tool is fiat money.
Russia expands while it accepts growing limits.
Dominated by Shia througout its littoral regions, Saudi Arabia must face Iran w/o the U.S.
Ankara's geopolitical wishes can't support a destroyed economy.
China seeks to peel Japan off US orbit.
Threats rising, Biden cuts defense spending; this portends badly.
Regional alliances cemented by Trump under Abram Accords are dying fast.
The Con in 'Economics'

The Con in 'Economics'


3 Reasons why Keynesian economic thought remains archaic.
US needs real deterrence & new modernization efforts with regional alliances.
Why Q.E. Must End

Why Q.E. Must End


Its all about controlling govmint finance costs on entitltements.
US isn't leading in tying hydropower, electricity and export regimes in Central Asia, we need our own belt & road.
No credibility & 3 factors will favorably end post recovery.
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