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Team Trump's Deplorable's Dismantle the Amerikan Left.
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Unrest, underperformance & China's slowdown all make commodity ventures unprofitable.
Mozambique will fall.....soon.
Islamists in Tunisia want real political-economic change.
Quick 30 second review of international news.
Beijing tries to manage moving into service sectors while holding manufacturing; tough task.
The return to dictatorship was inevitable.
Dems want political coverage; their afraid of failing fast for mid-terms
Nixon's admonitiion about Golda Meir can't hold.
Have foreigners finance China's domestic growth.
Congress has abdicated & our governing institutions continue to fail.
Beijing Burns Everyone

Beijing Burns Everyone


Capitalism with Chinese characteristics isn't capitalism.
Three types of expectations, all destroy FED's credibility.
Unwillingness for Dems to own policy proposals.
Berlin sees a weak divided and poor Moscow to be dominated.
Sudan, failed Arab Spring.
Efficiencies gained by reforming state based institutions.
Tax code & monetary reform
Mandela's legacy isn't championed by the ANC.
Robust civil society, private sector growth not gov spending will defeat Chinese ambitions.
D.C. spends; its only tool is fiat money.
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