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Author: Deirdre Tshien - CEO & co-founder of Capsho, AI-powered Content Marketer (the fastest way to repurpose and market your expert content)

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Got your podcast rolling to boost your credibility and showcase your people but find yourself wondering, "How do I get more of my ideal clients to tune in and keep coming back for more?"
Jump in with me as I show you not only how to grow your podcast and use it to attract leads for your business, but also how to supercharge it with killer content marketing strategies. You’ll hear from industry experts, as I pick their brains for their best podcast growth and content marketing tips. Plus, I'll be rolling up my sleeves and applying these strategies myself in real time, sharing the successes, the stumbles, and everything in between.
Here are some topics covered in this podcast:
:bulb:How to get guests to promote your podcast with Kelly Mosser
:bulb:Making social media work while posting less with Katie Brinkley
:bulb:The missing piece in your coaching business with Chris Williams
:bulb:Mastering the art of podcast PR with Lauren Passell
:bulb:How to optimize your online brand for maximum SEO exposure with Jason Barnard
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If you are already creating longform content especially in the form of a podcast, this episode will show you how to channel that into a limited series that can serve as a compelling lead nurturing and conversion vehicle for your audience. 
You've tried it all – lead magnets, webinars, you name it. But nothing seems to move the needle when it comes to attracting your ideal clients through content marketing. This episode takes a fresh, innovative approach that combines the power of podcasting with a strategic client acquisition funnel.  
Are you ready to dive deep into the heart of what it truly means to create value through your content? This episode is a little bit different - it is an unfiltered exploration of radical candor, vulnerability, and the courage it takes to be authentically transparent in our content creation.We dive into our tendency to package "value" into neat frameworks and strategies. But what if true value lies in something far more raw and human? I wrestle with my default mode of logic and rationality and share more deeply than I ever have before.
Have you ever felt trapped by social media algorithms, endlessly chasing vanity metrics and elusive viral success? Roberto Blake, YouTube veteran and creator economy expert, shares a refreshingly practical approach to bypass the algorithm obsession. 
In this refreshingly candid chat, I sit down with Colin Gray, founder of Alitu and The Podcast Host, as he shares how he grappled with - and overcame - a concerning decline in visibility and cut through with his content.
Picture this: I feel like I’m finally in a rhythm with my organic content, I have a strategy and I’m following it with a system, I’m being consistent and our metrics look good. Then I received some brutally honest feedback that made me realize that I might be phoning it in.  It was the tough but fair wake up call I needed and I am excited to share it with you in this episode. 
If you’ve been creating content on social media consistently and want a simple and effective way to reach a new audience, this episode is for you. Learn how to get data-driven insights from your existing content and ride the social media algorithm to get it in front of even more people for just $1 a day. 
In this insightful conversation, Dennis Yu shares his game-changing approach to boosting social media content for just $1 per day, targeting your ideal audience with laser precision.
What's the secret to finding fulfillment after achieving massive entrepreneurial success? Find out in this conversation with the ex-President and current Board Director of $2 billion online course platform Kajabi, Jonathan Cronstedt, also known as JCron.
Are you struggling to leverage YouTube to attract leads and clients for your business? JP Hightek, a renowned global branding expert, pulls back the curtain on his proven content creation strategies that convert on YouTube. 
Are you tired of pouring your heart and soul into content that fails to attract the clients you deserve? It's time to unlock the secrets of winning the content game and watch as a steady stream of ideal customers flocks to your business. Imagine the thrill of having your inbox flooded with inquiries from people who can't wait to work with you – all thanks to the irresistible content you've masterfully crafted.
What if you could tap into the power of YouTube to consistently draw in a steady stream of your ideal customers, ready and eager to work with you?
Join us as we peel back the curtain on our journey with Capsho, and share our the hard-earned secrets of crafting AI-powered content that resonates deeply rather than adding to the digital clutter (i.e. content vomit).We share how we refocused our mission to produce impactful content with the sole purpose of attracting and converting clients, while completely revitalizing our platform in the process.
If you’re wondering how to get your video content to actually get you clients and revenue - craft compelling videos, podcasts, or blog posts that not only engage your audience but also convert them into paying customers. It's a game-changer, and Luis Camejo from Biz Bros is here to share the secrets to making it happen.
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How do you create content that hooks your audience in and keeps them coming back for more? The secret lies in identifying and playing to your natural content creation strengths In this episode, we cover the 3 HumAIn to help you do just that.
How can you turn video content into profit for your business? If that's a question you've asked yourself, or you hadn’t even thought of it that way, then you need to listen to this conversation with Content Producer Luis Camejo. 
Starting a software company is no walk in the park. Despite the glitz and glamour of headline-grabbing funding rounds, the day-to-day reality for founders is a little different.  From tackling complex product issues and chasing elusive growth targets to managing investors’ expectations.  This insightful conversation, Murtaza Bambot, Founder of community platform Heartbeat, gives us an insider look at these behind-the-scenes startup struggles and successes. 
Social media was originally intended for community building and real life connections, not constant phone scrolling. How can you optimize your social media strategy to increase engagement and connection? 
Should you focus on "being" rather than just "doing" on social media? The answer might surprise you. Join Deirdre and Bona, founders of Capsho, as they share how a shift in mindset completely transformed their relationship with social media.