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Two friends navigating this thing called adulthood. Join them as they have the funny and real conversations about wellness, adulting, self-care and anything else they feel like - all over a glass of wine. Lisa is a wine and exercise enthusiast but definitely not an expert. Odie does not like wine or workouts but is on a journey to self-discovery. Each week you’ll get a dosage of wine facts, workout tips, or self-care tales –sprinkled with giggles on top!
40 Episodes
We’re dropping knowledge this week! Do you know what makes a Wine a vintage? Well neither does Odie but Lisa explained it and there is a 30% chance that she’s right. Also find out what a #BodPod is and hear Lisa’s creepy massage story. Email: IG: @wineandworkoutspod
Odi and Lisa partake in a virtual wine tasting! Odi’s thoughts on her first tasting, unexpected turn to Lisa’s wardrobe and what we are doing for ourselves.
Lisa’s Sister in law Beth joins us to rank your local bargain wines from top to bottom.
* Drinking #RanchWater made with @topochicousa * Wine cocktail being the gateway to wine love (Thanks @TheRealWineSnobs ) * Odie’s first trip to back to the gym * Lisa humbled by her daughter and a HITT workout * Things we are letting grow out for quarantine #quarantinehairdontcare Email: IG: @WineandWorkoutsPod
S2 E14 Frosé all day

S2 E14 Frosé all day


Sippin on some frosé, chatting about D.A.R.E., moming so hard, Twisted Dough protein cookie dough, where are the dumbbells?, how to stop pretending this is vacation Email: IG: @WineandWorkoutsPod
S2 E13 In Heat

S2 E13 In Heat


Tackling the heat with prosecco-dipped popsicles, chin straps, skin oiling, Mental Health Awareness month, and tanning.
Day Drinking canned wine, Lisa becomes a part of team #grombre hair, Savannah Rose Silva, Tik Tok and showing up for yourself
Take away drinks, press on nails and snakes in the grass..nuff said!
The girls catch up on another week in the house and play a fun game of 6° of separation
The girls chat about the beginning struggles of the ‘rona. Join in the agony!
Cabernet and Chardonnay, sex education, and what makes someone an adult...and so much more!!’
This week the ladies give you a healthy wage update, they try a delicious red wine and they talk about the time saving benefits of food delivery to your car or to your home.
Special Guest Heather is back! We talk {more} bubbles, keto and Healthy Wage update!
Special guest this week! Talking about Lamborghini wine, the Peloton craze and Shea Moisture body scrub. Getting fresh for y’all
Odi deals with being “in her feelings” with some Brandi vibes.
S2 E3 F*cking Queso!

S2 E3 F*cking Queso!


The women check out Prosecco paired with Prosecco flavored gummy bears. Lisa schools us on the fact that there is vegan and gluten-free wine 🤔. They discuss their valentines a plan and any special self-care items they do before vide night. And they have a weight loss update and Odie goes on a rant
Let's get ready to rumble.... this week is jam packed with a whole bunch of random shenanigans as usual. We talk about Lisa‘s wine buying experience, when to use Wrinkles Shminkles, and a self-care update.
new year, new you
Ep21: A Florida Man

Ep21: A Florida Man


Lisa fights cold season with an elixir, happy hour debriefs, back at the gym, holiday eating, cold weather, trending now, face oil and face massages.
Ep 20: Crystals

Ep 20: Crystals


Odi and Lisa chat about fall drinks, Thanksgiving, Kanye West, Crystals and more...
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