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Author: Brittany Murray

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Get ready to talk about books and drink some wine, not necessarily in that order.
4 Episodes
Happy Pride Month! Well, what's left of it anyway. Sorry for the delay in getting you Episode 3 of Wines & Spines, BUT I hope you enjoy the wonderful chat I had with my lovely guest, Gwen Tolis.  Common Bonds is an anthology of speculative short stories and poetry featuring aromantic characters. At the heart of this collection are the bonds that impact our lives from beginning to end: platonic relationships. Within this anthology, a cursed seamstress finds comfort in the presence of a witch, teams of demon hunters work with their rival to save one of their own, a peculiar scholar gets attached to those he was meant to study, and queerplatonic shopkeepers guide their pupil as they explore their relationship needs and desires. Through nineteen stories and poems, Common Bonds explores the ways platonic relationships enrich our lives.
In the second episode of "Wines & Spines," author Teri M. Brown joins host Brittany Murray to discuss her book entitled "Sunflowers Beneath the Snow." This story of three Ukrainian women (grandmother, mother, and daughter) traces the way in which politics and history affect the way women were raised under varying political systems, and the problems each of them faces. Given the timeliness of this episode, the discussion delves a bit into current events as well.
In the pilot episode of Wines & Spines, host Brittany Murray talks about "Contagious Love: Break Free from Codependency for Damn Good" with the author of the book. Carla Romo is an author, speaker, podcast host of "The Love Fix," and a certified dating and relationship coach.
Welcome to Wines & Spines with your host, Brittany Murray. Do you enjoy reading? Do you like the occasional glass of wine to accompany your latest read? Then you've come to the right place! Make sure to hit the follow button, and stay tuned for new episodes. 
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