DiscoverWise Whys: Discussing Self Growth, Emotional Processing, Conscious Relationships & Overall Wellness on all 5 Levels
Wise Whys: Discussing Self Growth, Emotional Processing, Conscious Relationships & Overall Wellness on all 5 Levels
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Wise Whys: Discussing Self Growth, Emotional Processing, Conscious Relationships & Overall Wellness on all 5 Levels

Author: Alexander, Aaron Keith

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Discover your Authentic Self and gain valuable tools and insight into understanding how communication and past trauma is at the root of many of our internal and external challenges. To release and restore these past issues, we discuss techniques for breaking habits, processing emotions, relating and communicating to others, and helping acute or chronic issues on your path to overall wellness on all 5 levels.
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In this episode, we explore the art of managing our subtle energy throughout the day despite the many challenges that can cause us frustration or other types of emotional reactions. This episode is more of a discussion of how to handle the many different things that can take us off our path including words, small annoyances and even certain views of manifestation.
In this empowering episode, we explore tools and techniques for offering support to others while maintaining your own sense of authenticity and personal power, even when you may not agree with them. Join us as we delve into effective strategies and mindful communication techniques that foster genuine connections, understanding, and respectful boundaries in our relationships.
You've heard the phrase "Love at first sight" but what if, from a conscious perspective, it really is "Attraction at first sight" and Love is something that is actually forms and not simply found? What if our attraction to things like objects and situations have a deeper meaning for our spiritual growth than for us to just blindly follow these energetic pulls?
In this compelling episode, we delve deep into the intricate interplay of subtle energies around the terms Integrity and Confidence and how one is done in consciousness and one is not. We also get into how to shift your perspective from confidence and into integrity to align and stand in your power.
In this transformative episode, we delve into how death teaches us to live and explore essential tools, techniques, and perspectives to manage worry, stress, and anxiety. Discover your best life and learn how to stay and live in that contentment no matter what experiences we may encounter. This episode is dedicated to our late supporter, Lindsey Prieur.
In this thought-provoking conversation with special guest Ryan Biallas, we dive into rethinking manners in this modern age and explore the importance of consideration in our self-development practice. Join us as we unravel the transformative power of conscious etiquette, shedding light on practical strategies and inspiring stories that unlock resistance and foster acceptance in our contemporary world.
In this episode, we navigate the differences in generational perspectives and discuss the art of intentional engagement to inspire compassionate awareness within conflicting points of view. Join us as we delve into the power of the J.U.S.T. Philosophy, exploring how conscious communication can foster understanding, empathy, and harmony across generations, leading to profound personal and societal growth.
In this empowering episode, we explore effective techniques and insightful strategies to first stop energy leakage from happening and then replenish and revitalize your energy levels on all Five Levels after experiencing draining situations. Discover how to reclaim your inner strength and find renewed vitality, equipping you with the tools needed to recharge and thrive.
In this episode of the Wise Whys podcast, we delve into the fascinating exploration of astrological and energetic blueprints to help you gain clarity in areas of your life where you seek growth and development, helping you embark on an empowering journey toward personal fulfillment and contentment.
In this episode of the Wise Whys podcast, we discuss how choosing to be offended by someone's words or actions can result in giving away our power and leaving ourselves open to emotional manipulation. We explore the reasons why people might choose to be offended and offer practical strategies for reframing our thinking and taking responsibility for our emotions. Overall, this thought-provoking and insightful conversation encourages listeners to take ownership of their emotional responses and approach interactions with empathy and understanding.
When we constantly critique and criticize ourselves, we create a cycle of negativity that can erode our self-esteem and inhibit our progress. It's important to recognize that self-judgment is a natural part of being human, but it's also a behavior that can be changed with mindful effort. By becoming aware of our self-judgment patterns, we can begin to challenge and shift them towards healthier actions bringing us closer to our Authentic Selves.
We all experience trials and tribulations within our lives and we have a choice as to how we want to view them. We can take on a dualistic perspective and see them as a negative experience and that God, the Universe, or someone is against us or we can choose to view it through polarity and accept that challenges are a part of life and that they can server to teach us something when we are open to it. Victimhood strips our power away while looking for the lesson in our experiences gives us the power to maintain a neutral emotional state while also propelling our individual growth.
Change, especially within our own self development work, rarely happens without us taking an honest look at our previous and subconscious behaviors and making a conscious decision and effort to alter our responses and actions going forward. In the event things get tough, we may need that extra something to hold ourselves accountable to follow through on what we ultimately want for ourselves and our lives.
A lot of emphasis is put on compromise and sacrifice in our culture when it comes managing our romantic relationships. However, within the J.U.S.T. Philosophy, one of the most important aspects of a conscious relationship is having and practicing our own individual self development work which is also vital to conflict resolution in relationships.
There can be a hidden cost to having preferences if we aren't flexible in our attachment to them. However, when we shift our perspective toward a state of neutrality around a given want, it removes our need to remain in that stagnant, one-sided energy and opens up the possibilities for more knowledge, wisdom, and overall wellness.
Living in the flow of life doesn't necessarily mean your life will be easier but is rather a perspective that you take to bring in more acceptance, allowance and flexibility in how you relate and react to the world around you.
If you have been doing self development work honestly and consistently, you may have recognized that you have become more sensitive or empathic to things like your environment, your diet, the contents of tv and social media you consume... so why is this happening if we are doing this work to overcome these types of things? We answer this question and cover a plethora of ways to alter your perspective and carry out the step by step practice to begin managing your environment as you peel away those layers.
In our return back to our initial format, we discussed the term 'Shadow Work' and how it relates to self development work within the J.U.S.T. Philosophy. We then shared some step by steps and tools & techniques for how to discover what your main shadow work is and how to begin working on bringing it to light and healing the triggers and traumas related to it.
In this chapter of Inward Journey, Haven is in Asheville for business and sees Stan at a restaurant with his co-worker Rita. They engage in some drinks and interesting conversation which is then brought up when she returns home to find Stevie visiting Rio. Some of the themes discussed in this episode are emotional processing, staying grounded when not having all of the information in a situation, discernment around decisions, how to stay out of drama and gossip and many more.
In this chapter of Inward Journey, Stevie takes a day off of work to visit Rio and share her recent experiences and breakdown and to inquire how she could have handled it all more consciously. Some of the themes discussed in this episode are emotional processing, Divine Order, trust, faith, non-judgement, spirituality practice, anxiety, our wants and needs and many more.
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