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Author: Desirae Endres

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(Formerly The Minimal-ish Podcast)

With intention is a podcast about celebrating the beauty that can be found in the ordinary and pursuing intention in every area of our everyday lives.

We'll talk about relationships, family life, motherhood, work, caring for ourselves, budgeting and intentional spending, minimalism, and everything in between.
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Today we're talking all about working from home - I give 10 different tips total (okay, really 12 if you count the first 2 that apply across the board), but we break it up into two different sections. I've worked from home in some way, shape, or form for four years now. I worked part time in the margins of my full time job, then in the margins of stay at home motherhood, and now I work full time from home. While all 10 can probably apply to most situations, the first five apply more to full time work from home life, while the last five apply to working part time in the margins of your day. I hope you enjoy this episode and that it encourages you in you work from home journey in some way! //Links// Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website //Sponsor// This episode is sponsored by Public Goods, a one stop shop for clean and ethically sourced everyday essentials! Get 15$ off your first purchase with no minimum purchase requirement! Use code intention or head to
Today's episode is a practical one on getting ourselves in the right mindset to take the time and space needed to shop intentionally this season. We talk about list making, giving ourselves enough time, different ways to be more intentional with our shopping/ spending this season, and I go a little more into detail about how we do secondhand shopping for Christmas in our house. I hope you enjoy this lighthearted yet purposeful chat about holiday shopping! //Links// Mercari (Get a 10$ credit for using this link to sign up) Facebook Marketplace Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website //Sponsor// This episode is sponsored by Public Goods, a one stop shop for clean and ethically sourced everyday essentials! Get 15$ off your first purchase with no minimum purchase requirement! Use code intention or head to  
I talk with Ashley Brown of Routine & Things today. We cover what it means to set life giving routines and be kind to yourself in the midst of following through with them. We also talk about what to do when a routine isn't working anymore in the midst of changing seasons and how to adhere to routines when you feel like you just maybe aren't a consistent person. This is one of my favorite conversations I've had on the topic and I know Ashley's perspective will encourage you! Find Ashley on Instagram Routine & Things Website Free Morning Routines Roadmap Find Desirae on Instagram Get the Podcaster's Roadmap
A short encouragement today - that you don't always have to strive to be and do all the things. In a season of change and transition, or in any season where you have a lot on your plate - if there's something you're striving for that is overwhelming you, this is an encouragement to table it for now. You don't have to fully let it go - just set it aside til things are less chaotic and you can decide to pick it up again. Listen in for more as we continue talking about seasons of change and transition. Head to the podcast website Grab a copy of Simple Morning Lists
A short trailer explaining the change from Minimal-ish to With Intention - I wanted to do this for a long time, and I hope you love what is to come!
I'm so excited to bring you the first episode of the podcast with the new name, With Intention! Check out the trailer I released to understand the change a little better! Today I'm diving into a question that I repeatedly got from listeners during the break I took with the podcast - how is it going? How are all the changes going? How is your new job? Because I got so many questions like this, and others related to adjustments and changes that life brings us, I'm starting a quick series for a few episodes where we'll cover some different ones. My main goal is for you to feel encouraged + less alone in whatever changes are coming your way. Today I talk about my personal transition to full time working mom life and I cover: -The main fear I've had during this adjustment -The lies we all might be inclined to believe about motherhood when it comes to working or staying at home. -4 things I've learned in the midst of the change -How minimalism is still making all the difference. Find Simple Morning Lists Here.
A little mini episode that was on my heart in the midst of Prime Day (s) and all the other "holiday" sales going on right now! I hope this encourages you and makes you think a little more intentionally in your shopping this season. Stay tuned tomorrow for a little bit of change around this space :)
Today I have the honor of sharing my conversation with The Nester, Myquillyn Smith. We talk all about cozy minimalism when decorating and hosting in every season. Links: Myquillyn on Instagram Myquillyn's website Preorder Welcome Home Podcast Website Simple Morning Lists  
In today's episode I talk with homeschooling mom of three (three under five!) about some tips + tricks to schooling at home, whether you are choosing to do so or have to do so due to the current pandemic. Enjoy this episode full of encouragement for creating a learning environment within the home. Links: Rocquel on Instagram 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You Podcast Website Sponsors: School Mask Pack Athletic Greens
Join my friend Alex Kozak , a professional organizer, and me as we talk through decluttering + organizing the kitchen, and most importantly, keeping it that way! This is part of a new series where we will go room by room through our homes, one room per month! Listen to the end for a challenge to help you get started.   Links: Alex on Instagram Alex's Website Podcast Website Simple Morning Lists Sponsors: Thrive Market Prepdish
We're celebrating one million downloads this week! Wow! Thank you so much for listening in and being a part of this community! Today I thought I'd take it back to basics for another week and talk about some reflections and processes that can help us apply a minimal-ish approach to any room. I hope this helps give you some motivation + clarity if you have an area to tackle in your home! Links: Podcast Website Simple Morning Lists Sponsors: Feals Athletic Greens
Today we're going back to basics and talking about the definition of this elusive trendy phrase we throw around: "Intentional Living." Does it look a certain way? Is it only achievable for certain lifestyles? Let's discuss! We'll also talk about how we can live intentionally in the midst of a pandemic (4+ months into it and it looks like it won't be going away anytime soon.) How do we live fully + purposefully when the world feels so upside down? Links: Simple Morning Lists Podcast Website Sponsors: Feals Natural Cycles
Tune in today for a pretty big announcement + an episode all about change. If you're feeling pulled towards any type of change in your own life, especially career change, this episode is for you! Links: Podcast Website Get Simple Morning Lists Goal Setting Episode Today's Sponsor:  Bombas - Get 20% off your First Order
Today I'm chatting with Janet Elsbach, author of Extra Helping, on a way we can build community and help our people at a time they need it most.   Today's Sponsor: Prepdish
Today I'm coming to you solo and talking about 6 simple ways we can make our health a priority for life, not just for a 30 day challenge. Sponsors: Every Plate use code minimalish3 to get your first box for 3.99 / meal Solid Gold head to to see the deal of the week!
Today my guest Jen Brazeal is breaking it down for you - how can we organize our photos in an intentional way without feeling overwhelmed with the amount of photos or how behind we are in organizing them (you'll see that is the case for me!). I hope you enjoy this actionable episode! Find Jen on Instagram Jen's 5 Day Photo Challenge Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Simple Morning Lists Sponsors: Natural Cycles Use Code Minimalish for 20% off an annual subscription Feals Get 50% off your first order
Today I'm bringing you a quick solo episode full of real talk and some simple tips to prioritize your mental health when the world feels crazy (kind of like it has all of 2020 so far).   Links: Podcast Episode about The Joy of Movement Find Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Simple Morning Lists Sponsor: Little Passports: use code MINIMALISH for 15% off any subscription
This week I have a conversation with Haley Williams- she shares her story of the many phases of working mom life she's been through, gives some work at home mom tips, helps us declutter our work, gives us permission to let go of what isn't working, and helps us approach the idea of mom guilt as working moms. Whether you work inside or outside of the home- this conversation will encourage you. Find Haley on Instagram Haley's Website Haley's Podcast Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Simple Morning Lists Sponsors: Prepdish: Get 2 weeks Free Kyrgies: Get 15% off your order
I'm coming to you solo today with a chat on stuff (material things) and what I've learned about it over the last 2+ years of my minimalish journey. I'm also having an honest conversation with you about impulse purchases and bad shopping habits and sharing 3 tips that help me cut back on this struggle in my own life. I hope you enjoy this short + to the point episode, friend! Links: Patreon - 3 Quick Things Podcast Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Sponsors: Little Passports: Get 15% off any subscription with code Minimal-ish
Today I'm talking with Malinda Fuller about her family's adventure living on wheels and traveling the country while they homeschool and work remotely. We also talk about "hustle" culture and the stories it tells us versus a life of presence and rest. I absolutely love this conversation and I hope you enjoy it as well! Links: Malinda on Instagram Malinda's Website Get Obedience over Hustle Listen to the 3 Quick Things Podcast Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Sponsors: Kyrgies use promo code Minimalish for 15% off your order Solid Gold  
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Jabina Chowdhury

such great advice during this time! Thank you

Oct 28th

Bri Ski

I love you two I think you are very good at communicating how to put minimalism into practice 💜 thank you!

Jan 29th

mechele newell

i love this podcast. do you have anything new?

Jan 27th
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