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Join Sarah Jakes Roberts as she shares her take on the week's top stories in news and entertainment!
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W.E. dunno who needs to hear this but…live your ugly truth in a BEAUTIFUL way! Our co-host Alexis Skyy is doing just THAT by stepping away from the social media reputation & into her authentic self. Keepin' it a buck with the Delegation, she shares of falling prey to human trafficking, toxic relationships, & depression. SJR says that your story shouldn’t begin where the pain invaded your soul & whew chile, wait a minute! In connecting with God & healing from trauma, our good Sis is evolving into a position of power! Press PLAY to hear Alexis’ message to young girls, followed by relationship advice. Then, claim your sponsorship offers at + use code EVOLVE + Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!
Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, LeAnne Dlamini has been on a mission to connect with women from around the world. What started off as a campaign called "End Girl Hate" (EGH), grew into a way of thinking, connecting, and encouraging women and girls to rise above the boundaries we often create amongst ourselves. Tune in as SJR and LeAnne explore how consistency breeds discipline, why team expansion is vital, and what to do during moments of discouragement. Sponsor alert—Sis, take control of your health by taking your annual wellness exams. The quality of care you deserve is just a click away! Go to and find a top-rated doctor today!
In this episode, SJR is choppin’ it up with Blessin Giraldo, founder of an award-winning step team, actress, & model. Supported by a tribe of women to help reach her full potential, Blessin spills the tea on how to achieve success despite your background. The two discussed powerful lessons of their past, how W.E. get it from our mammas, & passing on generational blessings! Our girl SJR says to R E F U S E the belief that you can't hang in the places where you're called & Sis, W.E. felt that for somebody! Learn more about the dance documentary at Then, hit up our sponsors at for small business banking + for a personal development podcast that'll REVOLUTIONIZE your life + where W.E. encourage mental health checkups + to learn something NEW errryday!
You get a Hail Mary! You get a Hail Mary! EVERYBODY gets a Hail Mary! Delegation, join us as W.E. salute everyday women—especially the millions holdin’ it down from the frontlines of this pandemic. This week SJR connects with essential worker Sylvia Lloyd, LMSW who shared her journey & commitment to the helping profession. It would be the words she seldom heard as a child yet laid hold of in adulthood that empowered Sylvia to fulfill her destiny! Together they remind listeners that life is in the power of our tongue. And since closed mouths don’t get fed Sis, W.E. gone need you to open your mouth! Treat yo’self to wow-worthy recipes from + Stack those coins with + Woosah your way to for mindfulness made simple!
Chiiillleee, this episode is “for church girls who’ve considered tithing to the beauty supply store when Sunday morning isn't enough.” That’s right, Saints—W.E. see your side-eyes & raise you a neck roll…’cause IYKYK! Theologian, essayist, public educator, and author Candice Benbow is co-hosting with SJR & is highkey a force to be reckoned with! She tells of harnessing her power even after internalizing church hurt, losing her mother, and experiencing sexual trauma. Sis, let this be a reminder that God gone step for His! Learn more about the work that Candice is doing at Plus, cop her NEW book, Red Lip Theology, that centers Black women of faith! As a loyal listener you can get 10% OFF your first month at + start your FREE 30-day trial from + try with 15% OFF your first order, plus FREE shipping. Tell them W.E. sent you!
Happy Women’s History Month to our homegirls! Yaaasss, W.E. finna jigg to 'I'm Every Woman' ALL March long! But hollup…who y’all got—Chaka, Whitney, or boffum? Here to help us take our power back is actress, tv host, youtuber, & podcaster Khadeen Ellis! Sis is kickin’ it with SJR as an authentic representation of what it looks like to be purposeful as a wife, mother, and career woman. TUNE IN & find out how Khadeen is shaping HERstory! Followed by advice on the heart work required to respect boundaries. Sis, support our partners at + +, code EVOLVE + Then sign-up at to have weekly devotionals greet your inbox!
W.E. know the brothas ain't tryna toot their own horn, but...their perspective has been what the girls NEEDED! This week in the driver's seat is author, education advocate, and pastor, Michael Phillips—better known as Dr. Anita's husbae! He pulled up on SJR, explaining how to partner and have dominion, where we anchor our pain, & why men emotional tanks be on E. Life's tension & trauma would land Pastor Michael in the wrong lane. But after avoiding a near collision, he went 0 to 100 real quick—in the direction of his faith & family! Make a right turn today when you swing by + Get 10% OFF your first month of online therapy at
Since the Delegation feelin' these co-ed vibes, let's dive into a convo with worship leader & pastor, Roosevelt Stewart! Straight off the bat, he curbs toxic masculinity & leans boldly into transparency. Our girl SJR posed the question—what can women do to cultivate a safe space that unlocks a man’s heart? That’s right Sis, W.E. got dem keys, keys, keys! And for the future feyoncés who wanna know…if he like it will he REALLY put a ring on it? Word is...the trophy is free, but the treasure is dug separately! SJR & Pastor Ro are droppin' gems on how to qualify as a treasure hunter, remove land mines, & survive the rubble. This episode is giving X marks the spot! 'Cause he that findeth a wife, findeth a loosened lace front! Stick around for some wild woman advice. Hit up to fill our co-hosting needs. Then, claim your listener perks at +!
Chiiillleee, ISSA special edition podcast series featuring the fellas! The first to pull up a chair & cop a seat at the table is national best-selling author, motivational speaker, financial expert, and podcast host Anthony O’Neal! This week W.E. talkin’ preconceived roles for women (tuh), the depth of a power couple, Black men’s mental health, & so much MORE! Bruh, will you support what God has created her to do? And Sis, can you be entrusted with his vulnerability? Delegation, grab a few good Josephs. Then press PLAY as SJR & Anthony revolutionize the dating game! Connect with the homie at + Follow his socials @anthonyoneal—easy on the DMs miss ma’am! This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp & Audible.
The bestie SJR, co-host Iceis Elliott, & our homegirl Eve were rollin’ deep on the podcast! But why they started reminiscing on their ratchet days? That was until God said, "act up, you can get snatched up”. This episode talks about motherhood, blended families, and co-parenting revelations. Iceis shares her dream for the future, which proves to be full of purpose! Imagine being pregnant with the possibility of God’s future. If that's your word Sis, W.E. declare that every barren season is giving birth right now! Sponsors alert—Cheat meal turning into a cheat week? Launching that online business? Wanna explore mental health classes? Say less, by doing the MOST at + + Tell them W.E. sent you!
As the FIRST to ever do it as a college graduate & business owner in her fam, Christina Edwards proves that the revolution will be publicized! TUNE IN as she shares her growth journey & aspires to take you to the next level! From throwing hands to laying hands, when was the last time you decided to back down from a fight? Aht, Aht! Don't be feelin' froggy, Eve, 'cause SJR & Christina explain why every fight is not assigned to your God-given identity. Followed by a few good ways to create accountability & set boundaries with family—W.E. already knowin'...they be tryin' it! Sis, stream for EXCLUSIVE content + mind your mental health at + visit for access to an all-in-one finance app + build creative confidence with!
Audacity is at an all-time high & the Saints are here for it! Guest co-host, Mya Douglas, is believing God for her kingdom husband, Youth Anthem Conference 2022, & NEW romance novel! Plus, find out what the bestie SJR is doing this year to target the lingering impacts of trauma. Sis, the idea that your healing is connected to another woman's breakthrough may feel completely out of bounds. But lean in & learn how to pivot! Mya coached listeners toward being obedient to God and becoming disconnected from the outcome. Issa wig-splittin’ moment for the girls! Email to be featured as a guest co-host or to ask ya girl SJR for advice! Then score some freebies at + +
Sis, if 2021 tested your gangsta, then 2022 finna catch a fade! Boss up as W.E. strut into this revolutionary year with SJR & global business manager Dr. Marissa Layton by our side! Instead of focusing on the things she can’t control, Marissa has set her sights on a self-compassion rooted in self-care & blank space. Before W.E. knew it, SJR whipped up a snack on scarcity mindsets that blew our wigs back! Has rest ever been demonstrated to you, and is the hustle even relevant? Transition from side hustler to serial entrepreneur at—our girl has the faith factor to meet your organizational needs! Wanna start this year off right? Say less! Hit up our sponsors at + +, enter offer code EVOLVE. Tell them W.E. sent you!
Cheers to homegirl-time in the sanctuary—W.E. truly couldn’t have done it without the Delegation! In this episode, SJR and the homie, Ny’Ea Reynolds, are unpacking all of the things. Let's just say Sis is in her bag, but she's in His too! Find out what happened when Ny’Ea let go of what she thought she knew about herself to simply be with God. Plus, the two reflect on their greatest, pettiest, best, & baddest moments of 2021! Issa NEW year, SAME God kinda vibe & W.E. are here for it! The bestie SJR says that every goodbye leads to a new beginning. Sooo, what are you saying hello to in 2022? Co-hosting W.E. hope! If you bout it bout it, email Then achieve your health goals with the support of +
SZN's greetings, Delegation! All month long, we're reflecting & taking inventory of who W.E. have become. This week, SJR passed the mic to singer, author, and tv personality, Chiquis Rivera, who shared her story of resiliency! From surviving to thriving, Sis is THE prime example of a #BruisedHeelBaddie! do you honor the legacy of someone who's disappointed you? And...what to do when a situation in your life has gotten your strength? Press PLAY to unwrap the gift of contentment that Chiquis received while accepting divine truth in times of sorrow. Followed by some noteworthy advice! If you or someone you know have experienced sexual violence, FREE, confidential, 24/7 support is available at 1-800-656-4673 and This episode is brought to you by +
Assume the sacred position—that’s right, Sis! What spiritual posture did you maintain in 2021? Catch this episode as SJR welcomes blogger & founder of Authentic L.O.T.U.S., Stephanie Conley, to empower women in their healing! Discover how working through abandonment issues offered Stephanie a deeper intimacy in marriage, but most importantly with God. Yes chile, there’s worship connected to your trauma! Delegation, run up on ya prayer closets during the advice segment. For domestic violence support, call 1-800-799-7233, chat live with, or text “START” to 88788. Listeners can dabble in some end-of-year savings at + + +
Last W.E. heard, the enemy don’t want no smoke! So Sis, WHOSE report are you gonna believe? Success Coach, Shawnta’ Dandridge joined SJR to talk about the importance of changing our narratives. Together they reflect on why the stories W.E. tell ourselves matter & how to break the habit of discrediting our own worth. Hear how embracing the messiness of life positioned Shawnta’ to be a blessing for others. Then, hang around for the advice segment that’s giving snacks-on-snacks-on-snacks! Help is available for anyone in suicidal crisis at 1-800-273-8255 or This episode is sponsored by +
You are in for a finger-snapping good time with spoken word poet Joan ‘Lyric’ Leslie! Sis rolled up on the podcast, adjusting her crown like the QUEEN that she is! Eve looked at her wrist & had time tuhday, so W.E. came in clutch with a rescue. Find out how our guest co-host is exhaling gratitude & why the God she serves is petty. Wanna co-host or need advice? Then shoot your shot at! No cap, but our girl Joan is a gift! She shared with SJR the cost of fulfilling a purpose-driven life with the 'Joy' of the Lord as her strength & liiisssteeen...tear ducts on weak! 'Tis the season for a healthier you with tasty, easy-to-prep meals, so swing by for mindfulness eating + for up to 14 FREE meals & 3 FREE gifts. Tell them W.E. sent you!
Wobble baby, Gobble baby, Wobble baby, Gobble! Two-step with us this Thanksgiving week as SJR chops it up with Jessica Brewington! Sis explained how the initial worry of not feeling good enough led to a pattern of trying to prove herself & W.E. felt that for somebody. But the gag is…you ARE enough, you HAVE enough, & the glory is NOT up for debate! Press PLAY to uncover Jessica's process of releasing a performative love and truly resting in the reckless love of God! Followed by marital lessons & kingdom-building advice. Delegation, what are you grateful for in the EXHALE? Drop us a comment, Tag our socials, or Send an email to! Take care of your mental health during the holidays by visiting + Apply to receive up to $1,000 in team-based credit at
Exhale Self Discovery

Exhale Self Discovery


Chiiillleee, you thought this was a podcast, but ISSA family reunion—quick, cue The O'Jays! Hear how SJR & her co-host, Skye Kihara, are lowkey 'related'. Plus, get in on a ratchet reckoning courtesy of our homegirl Eve! W.E. heard it's cuffin' SZN, but Sis…what W.E. not finna over-romanticize about future bae. Who are you? What do you bring to the table? And how are you validating what God has placed on the inside of you? Yep! That’s the self-affirming girl talk we're delving into this week! As a boss babe & tech enthusiast in the startup world, Skye tells listeners how to kick-start their business ideas, so tap in! Hey YOU, come kick it with the Delegation on Friday (11/19) night for soul-care in the sanctuary: Exhale Edition! This episode is sponsored by + + +
Comments (88)

Aakash Amanat

I've been following Sarah Jakes Roberts and her 'Woman Evolve' journey for a while now, and I must say it's been truly transformative. Her empowering messages and insights have helped me navigate life's challenges with a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth. The community she's built is incredibly supportive, and it's inspiring to see women from all walks of life coming together to evolve and uplift one another. Looking forward to more growth and wisdom from Sarah!

Sep 21st



Nov 12th



Nov 12th

Niyonnah Thompson

I really enjoyed this conversation! it would be so dope if Stevi could be a permanent guest on your podcast.

Jul 15th

Emily Sherman


Jul 12th

AFRO Caribbean Radio

very nice 👍👍👍 podcast

Jun 24th

Lynnette B.

I'm here for Kenzie! Keep her here for appropriate rescues!

Jan 29th

Rachel Adams

on Kendrick Lamar ... if the lyrics include the N word it's fair game no matter your culture. Don't want it repeated then don't include it in lyrics. She should have been rescued; the concert goer said nothing wrong.

Sep 30th

Chinwe Kimberly Ojei

Hello, I just want to make a suggestion or correction. That video about a funeral with the deceased sister and wife wasn't from Nigeria. It was from South Africa.

Sep 27th

Beatrice Wilson

I feel like it her stepfather so that's what make it uncomfortable...

Sep 23rd

Beatrice Wilson

I'm with Cora

Sep 23rd

Shirlanda Hannah

Powerful!!!! Thanks for Sharing your story!!!! I plan on sharing mines one day!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 5th

Msi DauVid (pronounced Missy)

My heavens! The energy of this episode was draining. Depressing. Hopeless. i understand we were girl chatting and being humbly open. Sista Cora what are you doing to build yourself up? I wonder how she is keeping sane, rooted and positive in all this.

Jul 2nd


Getting THICCCCC & FINE SJR, lol.

Jun 23rd

natalie santiago

I needed to hear this. One part that stuck out to me is when your mom mentioned questioning God about why this is happening to her when she followed the rules of marrying first etc. and God was like, your sins have already been forgiven. Trials, conflict are apart of life. Even Jesus faced trials. Another part that touched me deep was when you mentioned alcoholics having mental issues. My brother is an alcoholic and instead of seeing his hardship I labeled him as not appreciating life and other non empathetic labels. I will now see him with new eyes. Thank you!

Apr 23rd


Dr. Anita! you did your thing today! congrats on the podcast! I know it will be a success! I thank God for you and the purpose He put in you!

Apr 22nd

michael heehee

i like the interview style do I have a story to tell. ❤️💛💛💙

Apr 15th

HEXORIS20 Family

how come in different religion such as praying is mandatory certain times of day and in different religion don't make praying mandatory. this just came to me but I listen to you every day ❤️😍 god is rescuing me and my family. have a blessed day 😇🙏🙏😊

Mar 11th


I have a question concerning the environment you mention, what happens when its hard to seat in that environment, because you know your spouse want you to open up just so they can use it against you.

Mar 9th

HEXORIS20 Family

Sarah I have a question for you. where can I send them

Mar 8th
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