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Author: Megan Galane

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Have you been looking for a money podcast especially for women? What about women in business and investing? Women Building Wealth Podcast provides access to business, mindset, and real estate investing content created specifically for women. Women are mastering new and creative ways to live the life of their dreams. Are you going to decide to be a wealthy woman? Megan Galane, host, is a passionate business owner and real estate investor, who started investing at 24 years old. Megan has combined her passion for business and real estate investing with personal experiences and informational interviews to create lessons for women entrepreneurs. Her goal is to empower women to become financially free through business and passively invest in real estate! If you are looking for financial freedom as a woman, through business, and real estate investing and want to learn strategies broken down to easy to understand lessons…then this is the podcast for a money making woman like you. To learn more

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YIKES! There comes a time when you can keep taking messy action or take a second to fix what messy action you have taken. THIS IS THAT TIME. Find out how I am dealing with a loaded schedule & maintaining everything on today’s episode. Want to keep learning? Ready to watch my co-working space journey? *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
Rebecca Walser is joining us today to talk about planning for retirement, business, and what is going on in the economy. We are talking about the new economy of innovation, contractor business (like Uber/Lyft) vs the old school way of being an employee who works for one company forever. We are not talking about “politics” like the news, but talking about current issues and why they will or will not work from a money perspective. With the upcoming election, these are the conversations that have to be happening. Stop with the news and propaganda clips being fed via social media and wake up! This is our time to make educated decisions and this is just the beginning of the conversation. What will your life look like in 10 years is what you should be asking yourself. Rebecca Walser is a Top 100 US Advisor, a Tax Attorney, a Wealth Strategist, a Certified Financial Planner®, and the #1 Bestselling Author of Wealth Unbroken – Growing Wealth Uninterrupted By Market Crashes, Taxes, And Even Death. Rebecca has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fox News, ABC, NBC, Yahoo Finance, and Fox Business. *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
It is up to you to lead your team. Stacy Berenfuss, the Founder + CEO of Catalyst Group, is joining us at the Women Building Wealth podcast to discuss leadership lessons she has learned over the years of working with her own team starting at just 19 years old! Stacy shared her insights on staying focused on your bigger version & not getting caught up with “shiny objects” aka projects that may have a great return, but not aligned with her larger vision of the Catalyst Group. *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
Leadership is not something you can learn from 1 book or 1 podcast. Leadership is a lifelong endeavor you choose (willing or unwilling) to navigate through when you start a business. Launching Produktiv, managing Mountain West IRA & growing Women Building Wealth I took a look at my leadership abilities and realized I was struggling. Listen to today’s episode to find out some lessons I’ve been learning & why I changed some things up!! *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
A 9-5 does not have to stop you from creating a side hustle! Michelle Bosch is sharing how she and her husband, both immigrants from Honduras and Germany, have created multiple businesses that pay them passively through real estate while working a 9-5 and only left because it started costing them money to not be present in their business. They started with using raw land as a cash machine then reinvesting that money into single-family and multi-family real estate. Michelle Bosch has been a full-time real estate investor since 2002. A first-generation immigrant, she started with only 3 thousand dollars and “a suitcase full of dreams.” Since her start in her field, she has bought and sold over 4000 pieces of property and helped build her company Orbit Investments into the 3rd largest land investment and auction company in the US! Michelle co-owns her company with her husband and they believe that everything you do in life is a matter of the heart, even money. In 2008 after seeing the devastation in the housing market, they set out on a mission to share the wealth of knowledge and transform the lives of others by sharing with others the land investment strategies that have made them a success. Michelle also hosts her own podcast on faith, family, flow, and finances: Listen by searching InFLOW *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
Randi Lee is sharing her insights with us on how to begin working on self-acceptance. Our beliefs & actions are what reinforce our ability to accept ourselves and reach our true potential on how we should be showing up to the world. She is a business-mindset coach who built her business from the ground up using the power of social media and creating an authentic connection. She built a 6-figure business in 10 months without a website or paid ads. Now in her second year of business, she has helped 100s of women all over the world go from people-pleasing, burnt out, and living a dual life to liberating their true selves and creating the lasting impact only they can. Randi is also a world-record holder powerlifter who is ranked #4 of all time in her weight class. Her mission is to empower all people to transform their story into their superpower so they can unapologetically embody their true calling. @iamrandilee >>Free Guided Meditation –> *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
Imagine taking the risk betting on yourself… Choosing to follow your passion and take a pay cut in the process…. Then have the opportunity to help build RocNation for 17 years and work with many artists we know and love today like Jay-Z and Beyonce! Jennifer Justice, a lawyer for business women, is an entertainment and live-experience executive known for her expertise in building artists’ careers and business portfolios by marrying art with commerce. From the beginning of her career, JJ as she is known has championed gender equality & diversity in the workplace. As general counsel and EVP at Roc Nation, she helped structure the vision and growth of Roc Nation. She served as Jay-Z’s personal entertainment attorney for a total of 17 years as well as Beyonce’s personal attorney for one year while at Roc Nation. In 2019, JJ founded The Justice Dept. – management, strategy, and legal firm that works with female (and woke male) entrepreneurs, executives, talent, brands, and creatives to build and maximize their value focusing in the areas of tech, consumer product, finance, media, entertainment, and fashion. JJ has been named a “Game Changer” by Goop, by InStyle as one of the 50 Badass Women Changing the World in 2020, and on Billboard’s Women in Power list three times. She has been featured on the TODAY Show and is a regular contributor to NBC News. @JenniferJustice *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
We are programmed that giving up isn’t an option and if we do give up then we have failed. In today’s episode of Women Building Wealth podcast, I am here to let you know that you are not a failure or anything close. You may just need a break so you can get back on track. I am sharing my story on when I officially thought I hit failure & how reaching that level was actually just an introduction to where I am now & without it, I would not have this much clarity. *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
Have you wondered how people are able to feature their businesses on the news? Christina Nicholson, who worked in the news sector for over 10 years is sharing her insights on how to grow your business using the news. Podcast: Become A Media Maven Instagram: @ChristinaAllDay Download Your Pitch Here: *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
*Join our Women Building Wealth Club → My goal has been to provide quality helpful content for the Women Building Wealth Club. As I was going about my new daily live, I talk about this challenge to myself in today’s episode, I was all fired up just wanting to give more after my 1st day of real actionable content. I realized I want to make this a “thing” – then it hit me!! WHAT IF IN THE WOMEN BUILDING WEALTH CLUB WE DO A 30 DAY DOUBLE YOUR INCOME CHALLENGE!! If you are not a member of the Women Building Wealth Club – get in there! We have some serious content planned over the next 30 days. Listen to today’s episode to hear more about it!
*Join our Women Building Wealth Club → Stop taking messy action and wasting people’s time! Be precise in your pitch and close the sale faster. Jacqueline Nagle, Speakable You, is teaching us today how to move people to your product/coaching/service because you took them from where they were to where they should be. You will learn how to build a pathway that makes it easy for your client to buy from you by connecting through the story. Go from “me” to “we” in someone’s mind with 1 conversation! Listen towards the end to hear how a gentleman decided to show up differently and sell hundreds of thousands from a free event! Jacqueline is a woman who has forged a successful career, dependent on redefinition, evolution & left of center thinking. Conceptualizing & deploying strategies & projects which drove rapid multiple-8-figure growth, selling business to ASX Co’s, taking on hostile installation as CEO in Traffic Control, securing a Hollywood A-Lister for a project–going down to a California Gag Order–with experience in recruitment, labor hire, mining services, construction, industrial relations, events & advisory. For 15 years Jacqueline has successfully trained consultants, professionals, business owners, executives, and the C-Suite in speaking, sales, presenting, core messaging, negotiating and positioning, before turning her attention more specifically to the craft of speaking in early 2017. Since then, Jacqueline has worked with 100’s of emerging and established speakers across Australia and the USA, delivering training to some of Australia’s major corporate brands including Tattersalls (The Lott) and Anglicare, her programs have been picked up by the Australian Institute of Sport (Olympic) Gold Medal Alumni Program in Canberra, and she has recently been awarded (the global designation) of Certified Speaking Professional. Beyond all of this Jacqueline has been called a down & dirty strategist & loves it. Obsessed with the power of words her driving philosophy is wrapped up in her core business brand–SpeakableYOU Because the only thing that matters to Jacqueline is that YOU are ABLE to SPEAK with the strength to create a position of power & influence to drive the results YOU want. *You can find Jacqueline at
*Join our Women Building Wealth Club → Disclaimer: I do not feel like it is my place, nor do I have the experience to lead you into how to be an ally and/or process your specific thoughts. I am sharing the processing cycle I have personally been going through when it comes to Black Lives Matter and the unexpected death of a friend… This is one of my most vulnerable episodes that is coming 100% from my soul. It sounds kind of logical, but that is because I have used the tools I have learned from years of therapy, working with healers, and personally learning myself to navigate my emotions. In today’s episode, I am walking through my personal emotional cycle with 2 events going on worldwide and personally. I am sharing how I am processing, why I have learned to compartmentalize things, and reminding you that it is ok to be human. Emotions are just part of the journey… Learn to accept that you have emotions and you will be set free of anyone ever controlling you or allowing an external force to control you. I love you, I hope this episode helps shed some light and allows you to be less hard on yourself for having emotions.
*Join our Women Building Wealth Club → We are joined today with Laura Khalil. She is a Force of Badassery! She is a master storyteller and seasoned brand marketer who is on a mission to teach business professionals how to embrace their inner badass. After being told by her previous boss to “soften her language and to smile more” and that she was “intimidating men in the board room” she left to start her own tech marketing consulting business where she worked with clients including Intel, GE, Twitter, and more. Today, Laura has built her own brand as an executive coach who provides keynote talks and digital training on issues that matter to women, people to color, and allies. Laura is an incredibly entertaining speaker who aims to help professionals build their courage muscle in the workplace. She has a unique story to tell about her journey to leadership as well as advice on how to create an engaged workforce that sticks with your company long term and adds millions of dollars to your bottom line that is sure to resonate with your listeners. She is also the host of the new & rising Brave By Design Podcast. We are talking about imposter syndrome and being a leader in your business! *You can find Laura at
In today’s episode of Women Building Wealth we are covering 3 boundaries you need to be sure you have thought about to increase your current income and live a better life. I highly suggest looking at all areas of your life you have felt taken advantage of and using these strategies to re-design your boundaries and really build the life you desire. You have the opportunity to make changes and be the woman you always dreamed of! *Join our Women Building Wealth Club to access daily content regarding business, mindset, and money! → **Link to Value of Your Day Video:
*Join our Women Building Wealth Club → Women Building Wealth Podcast is honored to have Cherish Walker; a millennial mother, retired hairstylist, licensed mortgage loan originator in 20 states, currently working in Finance as a Credit Underwriter. Passive income and Financial literacy advocate. Cherish is passionate about educating and empowering women to take control of their financial future by learning and implementing sound financial practices. Cherish is sharing gems on raising financially responsible children, growing personally, and building a portfolio that is creating passive income while working a 9-5! You can contact Cherish at
I’ve spent thousands on courses, mindset work, seminars, and webinars – but nothing can compare to what I bring from within. I want you to take a look at what is going on in your life… Where are you feeling stuck and just need to get out? What are you doing to get yourself out of that stuck spot? How are you showing up? Then we dig into, what is actually stopping you… *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
Chef + Owner Felicia (“PHE”) Lacalle of KŪ´BÅ, formerly known as Hemmingways inside at Armature Works in Tampa is joining us today on the Women Building Wealth Podcast to share business lessons she has learned through the years of owning her restaurant. During COVID, KŪ´BÅ is taking to-go orders! The best part, you don’t even have to get out of your car! #supportlocalbusiness Order here: Here is Felicia’s back story that I mentioned a few times: *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
Dream Client Downloadable –> Instagram: @womenbuildingwealthclub Facebook: Women Building Wealth Club Bringing your product and/or service online can be a little scary, especially if you are not familiar with actually selling online! In today’s episode, we review the 5 mistakes to not make when it comes to launching! Every mistake I talk about, I have made! I share my valuable lessons that I want you to learn from and use! Skip the failing and confusion + create a clear pathway to a successful launch online! *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
Leia Sergakis, a talk show host at Table For One, is joining us today on Women Building Wealth! I’m excited to have her on for a few different reasons, but #1 she has been someone I’ve looked up to since college, we were in a sorority (Pi Beta Phi) together so I’ve seen her charisma and comedic commentary first hand. Leia was someone who always seemed to have everything under control and she shares today how she wasn’t actually walking in her true purpose. And how not trusting your own intuition can lead you down a path that’s not best suited for you. Leia goes into detail on how she got back in alignment and taking messy action has helped her become a tv show host, speak at Beauty Con, interview celebrities on numerous red carpets, perform as a comedian, and numerous other achievements! Instagram: @leiasergakis Website: *Join our Women Building Wealth Club →
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