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Women Developing Brilliance® - The Spirit of Business With Kc Rossi

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Kc is a Business & Leadership Coach who helps women create soul-aligned and thriving businesses. This show is dedicated to mindset, marketing, and manifesting for joyful leadership.
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A look at what it takes to crack 7-figures as a female entrepreneur in today's world with Success Mentor, Kimberly Olson.In this episode, we discuss:The power of scheduling, time blocking, and training your team to respect your boundariesThe secret strategy to sticking with your goalsHow to gain confidence and manifest what you wantKimberly's prediction for women in business in 2021More About Kimberly: Kimberly is the creator of The Goal Digger Girl, where she serves female entrepreneurs by teaching them simple systems and online strategies in sales and marketing. Through the power of social media, they are equipped to explode their online presence and get real results in their business, genuinely and authentically. She is a mom of two and teaches others how to follow their dreams, crush their goals and create the life they’ve always wanted.Connect with Kimberly:🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook Group.
I address common challenges brought up by one of the members in my Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook group. She wrote "I need growth in areas of communication to help me convey leadership, confidence, and healthy assertiveness/professional boundaries. I am having some challenges in these areas and I think it's sabotaging me."In this episode, learn how you can end self-sabotaging behaviors and lead with purpose now. Putting the theory into action today to see results fast. I share ways to improve:Effective CommunicationPowerful LeadershipAuthentic ConfidenceHealthy Boundaries🌸 Let me know your thoughts in the Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook Group⚡️ Sign-up for the free mini-training The Emerging Leaders Quickstart Guide here.
An inspiring conversation with self-taught photographer Julie C. Butler. In this episode, we discuss:The power of manifesting and why progress over perfection is keyHer deep why and the importance of having a walking stick to lean on as you traverse the entrepreneurial pathWhat being the CEO of your life and business meansThe philosophy around embodying your highest self nowThe power of perseverance and positive thinkingMore about Julie:Julie is a 40-something Canadian wife and mamma of two witty boys and 2 fur babies. She's an accidental entrepreneur that's been making waves in the photography industry for the last 13 years.Julie has a stock photo membership for real female entrepreneurs in their 40s and beyond and helps female entrepreneurs create beautiful businesses so they can stop the comparison games, feel confident about having a high-level brand, and in turn attract their dream clients.Connect with Julie:🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook Group.
If you fall into overdoing, overworking, over-delivering or overeating, this episode is for you! You will learn how to regulate your nervous system using science-backed research.My guest, Elisabeth Kristof is an expert in using applied neurology to move people out of pain, unwanted behavior, and stress response. She is the founder of Brain-Based Wellness, a unique online platform that trains the nervous system and body to resolve old patterns, improve performance, and increase well-being.In this episode, we discuss:How somatic healing helps reduce stress so female entrepreneurs can uplevelWhy we can be held back by our body & nervous system as we are trying to grow our businessThe importance of using our bodies to process trauma and resolve old patternsThe philosophy behind Elisabeth's motto - Work Out, Work Inward, Move ForwardMore on Elisabeth:Elisabeth is an applied neurology practitioner who has been in the movement industry since 2007. Coming face-to-face with her own stress responses, like dissociation, workaholism, exhaustion, migraine, and binge eating, led her down a path of somatic (body-based) healing and to discover how applied neurology could be used for behavior change, as well as performance and pain reduction. Her experience, research, and work with hundreds of clients taught her that healing and change must occur in both the body and the mind. She is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to help them resolve old patterns in their nervous system and body that limit their potential and decrease their quality of life. She believes a healthy nervous system allows for more creativity, focus, and ability to expand into our purpose.Connect with Elisabeth:🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook Group.
As female entrepreneurs, we are dedicated to increasing our impact and income while striking a work-life balance. That being said, it can be challenging to fit it all in and many times it can all feel like a juggling act. Unfortunately, most of the time the self-care part falls short and can lead to burnout and a lackluster existence. We want to meet both desires of attracting our perfect clients AND having enough “me” time to enjoy our life, which is why we choose to build our own business in the first place - to create our own rules, be the leader of our life, and increase our daily joy..In this episode, you'll learn a perfect 3-step process to set yourself up for success and happiness. Enjoy!.🌺 As always let's continue the conversation in my Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook group. 
The world right now needs compassion, empathy and inclusion. We are all dealing with complex emotions and issues during this unusual time. Triggers emerge, relationships can become strained and communication is struggling. This episode will help us all take a breath, identify areas which need change, and come from a place of understanding in our personal and professional lives to make it a little easier.In this episode, you will learn how to:⭐ Identify and deal with triggers in daily life⭐ Communicate effectively for positive relationships⭐ Work through your triggers with a mindfulness exercise⭐ Identify the qualities for becoming a great leader⭐ Break patterns to make changeWise Words"Everyone has their own unique light to shine...We all can make a difference. Choose one way to make a difference and keep doing it." Carley HauckMore about CarleyCarley is a torch lighter for leaders who want to bring their leadership to the next level. Since 2010, Carley has been supporting leaders and companies with executive coaching, leadership development, learning initiatives, culture and team building.Carley is adjunct faculty at Stanford University and UC Berkeley Haas Business School, where she teaches on leadership topics such as embodied leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, purpose, and resilience. Carley has a masters degree in Organizational Psychology, and specializes in educating leaders and teams to bring their whole and best self to work so that they can tap into purpose, lead from love, and choose people over the planet so that business can be a force for good in the world.Connect with Carley:Https://www.leadfromlight.com🎧 Subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts here!🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® - Strategies for Heart-Centered Solopreneurs Facebook Group here.
Videos, Reels, Stories, Photos; they are the fastest way to reach your audience and tell a story.  Visual storytelling, whether through photos or video, is an incredible way to connect with your tribe and potential clients. Listen as Kate gives practical tips and advice on how to get started and grow your business through this powerful medium.In this episode, you will learn how to:💡 Create video to engage with your audience💡 Successfully use curated and spontaneous content in your marketing💡 Know when you should DIY or outsource your marketing💡 Incorporate a work-life balance to stay productive💡 Overcome the fear holding you back from posting on social mediaWise Words"Never compare your beginning with somebody else's middle. You should only compare yourself to yourself." - Kate SkavishMore about KateKate Skavish is an entrepreneur and serves as the Chief Visionary Officer at Kate is responsible for facilitating business development, strategic partnerships, and the direction of the company's growth. Holding a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics allows Kate to say that numbers (KPIs in particular) truly are a girl's best friend.As a co-founder of two businesses, a mother of two children, and an immigrant, Kate knows all too well that no matter how detailed any research and projections can be, assumptions and expectations hardly ever match the end result. She firmly believes that a struggle is sometimes the best motivation for innovation and positive change.Connect with Kate:🎧 Subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts here!🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® - Strategies for Heart-Centered Solopreneurs Facebook Group here.
Let’s face it, we have more than enough on our plate, so any strategies to be more focused, productive, and efficient...I don’t know about you but I’m all in!December is the perfect month to review and reflect. It’s an even better month to repurpose...repurpose our content that is.This episode gives you 3 strategies + a pro tip on how to repurpose content like a boss.As always, head over to my Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook group to continue the conversation.See you there!Kc
I think we've all been wondering if we need a little more financial security. Maybe starting a side business, or even something big like a pivot in your career.  You can't imagine leaving your "safe" job for the income and stability, but you know you can make a bigger impact doing something else? This episode covers Anna's journey answering all those questions and more.In this episode, you will learn how to:📝 Create Steady Income📝 Using Your Zone of Genius to Pivot 📝 Stay Engaged and Creative In Your Niche📝  Stand Out in a Crowd and Grow a Following📝 Know When Your Impact is Bigger than Your Comfort ZoneWise Words:"You have to create that audience. Plant yourself someplace. Offer your services. Offer your advice. You have to give to get." Anna DiGilioMore on Anna:Thanks to her revolutionary approach to education and technology, Anna DiGilio has gonefrom teaching seven-year-olds to being featured in Forbes Magazine for building aseven-figure education company in just a few short years. Although she has never taken asingle business class, Anna was able to build and scale her company from the ground upthrough pure determination, hard-work, and by devouring hundreds of books, podcasts, andonline courses. Her unwavering commitment to education has allowed her to createrevolutionary new programs that have changed the way teachers approach their craft andensure their students learn to read and find a love of reading in the process.Learn more here:🎧 Subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts here!🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® - Strategies for Heart-Centered Solopreneurs Facebook Group here. 
This is one of the most popular questions that I receive from women entrepreneurs!In this episode, you will learn The #1 Thing To Confidently Increase Your Visibility Now, plus 8 ways that you can take action to start putting your name on the map fast.Resources mentioned:* Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook Group* Abraham Hicks Good Morning Rampage * Writing for MagazinesConnect with me on Social:Facebook:
Does it feel like you were meant for more? There is something in the letting go, the trust, and the receiving of spiritual guidance. It's work that takes time and commitment and will give you back more than you imagined. If you feel like you've been called for more - don't wait to listen to this episode.In this episode, you will learn how to:🌟 Learn to Trust the Unknown and Conquer Guilt🌟  Combine Feminine and Masculine Energy for Flow🌟 Live to Our Highest Calling🌟 Step Into Your Next Level of Success🌟 Acknowledge and Accept Who We Are as WomenWise Words:"When you're here on your purpose, and the more you say yes, you start to see that you are here to shift paradigms, and you will ruffle feathers. People will be uncomfortable, but that's why you're here." Raquel VasalloMore on Raquel:Raquel Vasallo is the #1 Best Selling Author of “Spiritual Seductress, The High-Powered Women’s Guide to Devour the World through Spiritual Guidance.” She is the pre-eminent Spiritual Advisor to female Visionaries and Leaders. She is an International Speaker, Mystic Artist and Feminine Leadership Trendsetter.Raquel has a rare gift to rapidly unblock subconscious and energetic patterns. She is a Master Catalyst for profound spiritual fulfillment, unapologetic self-expression, and reaching one’s iconic work in the world.Learn more here:🎧 Subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts here!🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® - Strategies for Heart-Centered Solopreneurs Facebook Group here. 
Gratitude is a year-long habit.Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the United States where it’s a common tradition to celebrate the blessings of the past year.Why wait for once a year to reflect, acknowledge, and give thanks?To me cultivating a daily gratitude practice has made a world of difference.It doesn’t have to take long either. Once you get on a roll, it’s like a rampage of gratitude.Have a listen and hear about the power of daily gratitude.🌺Plus, continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook group here.Connect with me on social:Facebook:
We all seem to be going through a transformation right now. Especially entrepreneurs. This can look like many things as we work through personal and professional obstacles. This episode gives the inspiration you need to look at what you've already done and what you should be doing for clarity, support and growth in all areas of your life. In this episode, you will learn how to:🔅 Break Down Repetitive Patterns for Growth🔅 Get Clear About Who You Are and Learn To Trust Yourself🔅 Connect With Your Internal Guide🔅 Find the Right Support for Your Business🔅 Use Consistent Messaging to Find the Right ClientsWise Words -"Value showing up more than you value your comfort zone." - Andrea FreemanMore on Andrea:Andrea believes that transforming your life is the access to transforming your business. As a mindful business coach and peak performance planner she works with creative entrepreneurs to support them in aligning with who they are at their core - with their unique personal gifts and unstoppable power.She operates from the critical truth that personal evolution causes business revolution. Meaning the higher the consciousness the greater the impact. Professionally trained as an educator and leadership development coach she honed her entrepreneurial skills and scaled her event planning business to a global brand. Now she’s on a mission to help service-based business owners create greater financial freedom, fulfillment, and impactLearn more here:🎧 Subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts here!🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® - Strategies for Heart-Centered Solopreneurs Facebook Group here. 
In every entrepreneur's life, there comes a time when you simply have to raise your rates. Maybe you’ve been in business for years without a pay increase. Maybe your skills have recently improved through a new training course or certification. Or maybe you just want to attract a higher caliber of client. Whatever the reason, it pays to have a plan in place before you make your big announcement.In this episode, you'll learn key tips to be mindful of so you can confidently raise your rates.To go deeper on the subject, request my free guide: How To Set Your Perfect Price🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® - Strategies for Heart-Centered Solopreneurs Facebook Group here. 
2020 has tested the most resilient of souls! This year has presented challenges that we could not have foreseen. On a whole, we are ready for healing…ready for change. In this poignant episode, we dive deep into spiritual practices to increase awareness and experience more peace, prosperity, and passion for life.In this episode, you will learn how to:❣️Access deep peace, relaxation, and ease.❣️Be in the present moment to best cope with chaos.❣️Change your fear, lack, and scarcity money blueprint.❣️Stay the course, own your authority, and not give up.❣️Use 3 simple steps to get anything you want.Wise Words -"The law of attraction is just a 1-trick pony…all it does is match and it matches your energy.”  Pragito DoveMore on Pragito:Pragito Dove M.A. is a global authority on Expressive Meditation and the founder of the #1 Expressive Meditation Training School in N. America. An internationally recognized Author, Hypnotherapist, Coach, and Speaker with over 20 years of experience, Pragito helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs align their mindset to allow more peace, time, and financial freedom. She shows you how to change your money blueprint, recondition your mind for automatic abundance, and use Spiritual Laws to create real-world success.  Pragito has shared the stage with such luminaries as John Gray(author of Mars-Venus #1 bestsellers) Panache Desai and MITEN. Her new book “Lunchtime Enlightenment: Expressive Meditations for Manifesting Peace, Prosperity, and Passion” is published in August 2020.Learn More🎧 Subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts here!🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® - Strategies for Heart-Centered Solopreneurs Facebook Group here. 
The average adult makes around 35,000 decisions every day! Learn ways in this episode that will help you make quicker, more confident decisions.You will learn:How tapping into your 2nd brain (the brain in your belly) will allow you to build your self-trust muscle.  The importance of refreshing your vision and mission statements so your decisions will be in alignment with your "whydentity."How leaning into your core values takes all the guess-work out of your decisions.For more support, feel free to reach out to me for a Comprehensive Coaching Session focused on your core values and soul-purpose. 💖To continue the conversation, head on over to the Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook group.
There are a ton of practical tips shared in this episode. In fact, if you just focused on implementing the wisdom within, I guarantee you’ll see accelerated results in your business!In this episode, you’ll learn how to:Let your passion, profits, and value be your guiding lightNot get lost in your business identitySet your next level vision for your businessRemove perceived constraints so you can soarGet clear on the things that matter to get the best results in your businessDive into the heart of things to get where you want a lot quickerWise Words:“You never discount - you bonus.” - Crista GrassoMore About CristaCrista Grasso is an international lean business consultant, coach, and accessory brand owner. As the creator of both the Lean Out Method and the 90 Day Lean Out Planner, Crista has been helping businesses achieve accelerated results and increased profitability for two decades through a combination of strategic planning and lean business practices.Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through the noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact to grow and scale a business. She specializes in helping businesses identify the most important things they should focus on right now that will drive maximum value for their customers and maximum profits for their business.Connect with Crista:http://leanoutmethod.comConnect with me here or visit me on social!FacebookInstagramYouTube
Let's face it, burnout sucks! In this episode, learn how to avoid feeling stressed out before, during, and after your launch.With a little preparation and a healthy mindset, it's possible to feel grounded, aligned, and even energized.Let me know which tip you're going to implement the next time you launch! :-)Connect with me here or visit me on social!FacebookInstagramYouTube
If you love symbolism and connection points, you’ll appreciate how Melanie brings in Greek Mythology, Astrology, and the Vedas as she explains holistic healing.In this episode, you will learn:Behind the scenes of a medical visionaryHow decompressing the vagus nerve can release trapped stories in our bodies and de-escalate stressHow patterns illuminate what we should be paying attention to and whyWhy having an emotional key to unlock your limbic system is crucial to healing painA technique to calm the chaos and tap into the Universe having your backWise Words:“You are not a fragment, you are the whole thing. You are not just 1 thing, you are everything.” - Melanie WellerMore about Melanie:Melanie Weller is the world’s leading expert in opening the door to health, performance, and innovation through the vagus nerve, the bridge between our narratives and our physical experience. A storyteller for the human body, Melanie has an extensive background in stress management, chronic conditions, and people who haven’t yet found success. She now focuses on strengthening the leading edge in businesses, speakers, entertainers, athletes, artists, and medical professionals.Melanie is a Physical Therapist, Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults.Connect with Melanie:🎧 Subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts here!🌺 Continue the conversation in the Women Developing Brilliance® - Strategies for Heart-Centered Solopreneurs Facebook Group here.
In this episode, Kc shares a special message from her 5th day of the Bring All of YOU to Your Biz NOW challenge. Get inspired and learn what it takes to fully show up, increase your income and have a greater impact too. To tune into 3 hours of inspirational and action-oriented trainings, request access here:!
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