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Author: Melanie Mitro

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Hi, I'm Melanie! I built my business at my kitchen table, on the couch, and basically anywhere I had wifi. I had no background in social media, no network marketing experience, and no idea what I was doing.

6 years later, I have created a substantial income for my family through blogging, Facebook, Instagram, and creating value to support others in reaching their health, fitness and business goals.

My mission is to provide you content to help you so that you can reach success faster without having to reinvent the wheel!
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Trust me, friends - I am not successful because I got in early or because I have a history in marketing (I don't)! I am just a mama from a small town in PA and I am successful because I put my blinders on and do the hard work. Today I want to share some of my top tips for growing your following and increasing engagement.
As a business owner, you should approach everyday as an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. You get to show up and inspire people to make a change and do hard things. But first you need to look at your life and ask, if you don't have the courage to overcome your roadblocks, how can you expect people to do things you're not willing to do?
Have you forgotten how important follow-ups are to your business? Follow-ups offer the opportunity to connect with your clients on a personal level and allow people some time to think about pulling the trigger. Remind them that the door is always open!
I've spent the last few days in California filling my cup with training at the Entreleadership Summit. Now I want to share some of these incredible tips on leadership with you!
It's important not to burn yourself out when you're in the prime of growing your business. Today I share what works best for me to keep me feeling great when I'm tired, overwhelmed, or feeling blah. Tickets for the Rise Up Pre-Summit Event can be found here:
Are you speaking TO someone or AT someone with your posts? Have you checked if you're captivating your audience? Connecting to your audience in a personal way is so important for your business. This week Melanie talks to her BFF and co-founder of Chic Influencer, Katy Ursta, about rocking your social media. Tickets to the Chic Your Social event can be purchased here:
Why is your product or service the best one out there? Have you started a portfolio of testimonials, or are you still trying to straight up sell? This episode is all about mastering your message to connect with your followers.
What is the best thing to do when you have a loved one that isn't supportive of your business? Sit them down and have them listen to this episode with my husband Matt! He was a staunch non-believer in the business until we set boundaries, worked on our communication, and set expectations.
You are the only one who gets to determine what makes you happy. If you don't like where you are, now is the time to stop wishing and start doing. You could be here with me next year!
Growing your Instagram is a huge pain point for many of my followers! So today I want to share some of my tips and tricks for rocking your Instagram and increasing likes, engagement, and your following.
Comments (5)

Sharon Vicente

Hola espero puedas traducir esto pero desde que empece nuevamente en BB no paro de escuchar cada audio de usted en cada audio trato de transportarme y luego de haber aprendido implementarlo con mis chicas gracias por inpirarme a mi q soy una mujer latina q si hablo un poco el ingles q lee y escucho en ingles pero me atrevi a escribete en español para poder dejarte mis sentimentos asi usted gracias gracias pq de cada audio saco algo y lo implento conmigo y para mis chicas y como siempre le digo si Melanie desde su mesa establecio su negocio pq ustedes no es creer en uno mismo y darle duro Dioa te bendiga espero algun dia en los eventos de la mejor compañia fitness Beachbody verte y saludarte OMG I can't wait!😉😘💪💪💪

Dec 11th

The_Painted_Ros3 Hernandez

So ready to hear!! I’m finding a way to make my business boom by end of next year. With all the makeup artists out there it’s very competitive but that isn’t stopping me from continuing to pursue my passion for beauty and women empowering! Your podcast was sent over to my by my aunt and I’m so glad she shared!

Dec 11th

Ева И.

@MelanieMitro, your podcast is really inspiring and fresh. Thank you for doing it. my comment is that the sound is really bad. in this particular episode it was almost impossible to hear Zoe's voice and your parts were really loud and there was an echo.

Nov 19th

Jill Brown

loved this!

Aug 16th

Serene Woodland

Sooooo good! I love the changing your state suggestion. I need to implement this immediately. 💕

Jul 29th
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