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Use your powers for good. Andi and Jove wander through hockey, DJ'ing, "what if" and Star Wars in this, the most likely final episode of the Women and Words podcast. They're putting the podcast on extended may come back later or it may not! They feel like they had a good run with this one but it's time to shift their energies and focus to other things. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who have followed us and who have listened and may The Force be with you. :)
Look! The internet finally let me upload the post!
Andi and Jove discuss plans for the new year, the ethos of Gen X and cool things younger generations are doing; how blank journals can be intimidating; and learning not to judge yourself too harshly if you can't get some things done. Like writing. Also, now they both want the same kind of planner Carsen Taite has. Jan. 1: Author and Women and Wordster Carsen Taite gave us a round up of things on her plate this year and can we just say OMG. Have a look. Jan. 2: Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle has some thoughts about trying to recapture her writing mojo this year. Join her. Also, Andi is a meteor fan and stayed up way late to watch a few of the Quadrantid shower, which happens in January. For more info about that shower, see this link at
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Andi is now obsessed with The Great British Bake Off (I know!!!! WHAT TOOK HER SO LONG???), as is R.G. Emanuelle. Then she and Jove sent lots of love to Lizzo and noted that Linda Hamilton is still freaking awesome. Also, Jove has some great tips for helping those dealing with cancer. And please consider buying a copy of R.G. Emanuelle's A Year in the Kitchen, cuz all proceeds go to Oregon Food Bank. WOOO! Nov. 25: Author and Women and Wordster Renée Bess had a great discussion about the importance of literature by marginalized people during difficult political and economic times. Read it. Nov. 26: Author and Women and Wordster Lee Lynch went to the movies for the first time in twelve years with her wife and saw the latest Terminator movie. And...well, she had a great time. Find out why. Nov. 27: Author and Women and Wordster Jove Belle with a topic very close to her heart -- tips for helping people deal with cancer. Go see. Seriously. Nov. 28: REMEMBER! THE HOOTENANNY'S COMING! Andi Marquette with a reminder to authors to sign up on the handy form. Nov. 29: Share the luv and buy a copy of chef, author, and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle's book of recipes! All proceeds go to Oregon Food Bank! Go see.
A Year in the Kitchen with R.G. Emanuelle - a collection of recipes for $3.99 and the 100% of the profits go to the Oregon Food Bank.
Andi and Jove might have wandered in the weeds more than 56 percent of the time today, but oh, well. They're super-stoked about R.G. Emanuelle's A Year in the Kitchen, which is 12 recipes R.G. developed the first year of Dirt Road Books (which she co-founded with Andi, Jove, Michelle Teichman and Gill McKnight). All proceeds from this book go to the Oregon Food Bank. They also had a long discussion of LGBTQ rep in mainstream publishing, talked about Gentleman Jack (thanks, Stevie Carroll!) and movies. And other stuff. Because weeds. 56 percent of the time. Nov. 16: Women and Wordster Danielle Zion talks science fiction. WOOO! Check it out. Nov. 17: Author Karen Frost with an excellent discussion about getting LGBTQ books into mainstream markets. Seriously. Read this. Nov. 18: Author, explorer, and Women and Wordster Stevie Carroll managed to get in on a Calderdale Heritage Walk titled "Cliffe Hill - The Walkers and Others," which has gotten majorly popular because of the BBC series Gentleman Jack. Cliffe Hill was the home of Ann Walker, who married Anne Lister. Find out more. Nov. 19: Author and Women and Wordster Ash Bartlett doesn't like the movie You've Got Mail (1998) and finds Point Break (1991) a much better kind of statement. Find out why. Nov. 20: Author and Women and Wordster Clifford Mae Henderson was on jury duty, but that's not really the point of her story, which is more about the kind of validation being legally married can bring you. Ruminate with her. Nov. 21: Andi Marquette stepped in on R.G. Emanuelle's day to remind authors IT'S HOOTENANNY TIME SO GO GET SIGNED UP! MUAH! TUCKER THE MERRY ELF SAYS PLZ SIGN UP FOR HAPPY FUN TIMES! And you can pre-order a copy of R.G. Emanuelle's A Year in the Kitchen on Kindle -- all proceeds benefit the Oregon Food Bank!
You know those questions you never thought about asking? Well Jove Belle, your host, asked Gill McKnight all those questions and more. Learn more about Gill at
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Penny on Parade, the story of Penny Taylor's induction into the British Royal Army in the 70s, is available now from Dirt Road Books.
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Get to know our newest author, Louisa Kelley, during this brief Q&A wherein she tells us all the cool things there is to know about who she is and what makes her tick. You can learn more about her and her latest release, Fianna the Gold, online at Dirt Road Books.
Andi and Jove almost sound like they know what they're talking about as they discuss youth, creativity, peer pressure, the language of queerdom, writing prompts, hope, and stress. But of course they spend some time wandering around in the weeds, too. Because reasons.
Check out the full rundown at Women and Words!
Jove has a new job and it's awesome! She's working at a plasma center, and she'll tell you why donating plasma is so important! Andi then waxed all history nerd over Stevie Carroll's blog and Jove took Andi into the weeds where they rambled on about word games, blog tours, haiku, and Andi's excitement over the release of two of her works in audiobook format. Also, don't plagiarize! Dick move!
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Jove got the tech stuff figured out and she and Andi are fancy colleagues once again IN SEPTEMBER!!!! WHAT? It's SEPTEMBER? And they talk vacation, spirituality, misfit produce, and things that help them with stress management. Andi also offers some advice for those of you who plan on getting outdoors, like, don't use pool toys as your river transportation.
Andi and Jove note that last week they tried to put an episode up, but tech foiled them at every turn and they had the sadz because they liked that episode a lot. Dammit. This week they chat about whatever-the-hell, including kids back in school, Lee Lynch's ice cream penchant, things that help get you through the summer, personal shit authors may go through, and, as KD Williamson points out, pumpkin spice shit, which is back in full-force and flavoring things both good and HELL NO. And shout-out to faithful listener (bless yer heart) Jen W., who wrote in and made us laugh with a "Women and Weeds" reference WHICH, dear listeners, Jove may just put on a T-shirt...
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