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Women and Words is a blog (and now podcast) dedicated to women and words. And whatever other fun bits of string that drift into our focus.
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Get to know our newest author, Louisa Kelley, during this brief Q&A wherein she tells us all the cool things there is to know about who she is and what makes her tick.You can learn more about her and her latest release, Fianna the Gold, online at Dirt Road Books.
Andi and Jove almost sound like they know what they're talking about as they discuss youth, creativity, peer pressure, the language of queerdom, writing prompts, hope, and stress. But of course they spend some time wandering around in the weeds, too. Because reasons.
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Jove has a new job and it's awesome! She's working at a plasma center, and she'll tell you why donating plasma is so important! Andi then waxed all history nerd over Stevie Carroll's blog and Jove took Andi into the weeds where they rambled on about word games, blog tours, haiku, and Andi's excitement over the release of two of her works in audiobook format. Also, don't plagiarize! Dick move!
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Jove got the tech stuff figured out and she and Andi are fancy colleagues once again IN SEPTEMBER!!!! WHAT? It's SEPTEMBER? And they talk vacation, spirituality, misfit produce, and things that help them with stress management. Andi also offers some advice for those of you who plan on getting outdoors, like, don't use pool toys as your river transportation.
Andi and Jove note that last week they tried to put an episode up, but tech foiled them at every turn and they had the sadz because they liked that episode a lot. Dammit. This week they chat about whatever-the-hell, including kids back in school, Lee Lynch's ice cream penchant, things that help get you through the summer, personal shit authors may go through, and, as KD Williamson points out, pumpkin spice shit, which is back in full-force and flavoring things both good and HELL NO.And shout-out to faithful listener (bless yer heart) Jen W., who wrote in and made us laugh with a "Women and Weeds" reference WHICH, dear listeners, Jove may just put on a T-shirt...
Andi and Jove are kind of obsessed with tamales (can you blame them?), and they agree with Angela Grace that people need to unplug from their devices at least once a week. Meanwhile, E.J. Kindred has a debut novel out; fanart is awesome; EVERYBODY has trust issues; and ermahgerd what's up with this paper shortage thing? That sounds kind of...dystopic. 
 Andi and Jove talk teens, books, "adulting," Georgia Beers' fanfic, Carsen Taite's chat with Georgie, Toni Morrison, sex toys (because Andi and Jove), and coatis. Srsly. 
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