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Author: Harvard Business Review

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Women face gender discrimination throughout our careers. It doesn't have to derail our ambitions — but how do we prepare to deal with it? There's no workplace orientation session about narrowing the wage gap, standing up to interrupting male colleagues, or taking on many other issues we encounter at work. So HBR editors Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Nicole Torres are untangling some of the knottiest problems. They interview experts on gender, tell stories about their own experiences, and give lots of practical advice to help you succeed in spite of the obstacles.
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Nell Greenhouse

Great episode, I work in China with a lot of female attorneys, one came to me today to ask "Could you possibly...?" on a piece of work that had an urgent deadline. I asked her to be more assertive with me when it's important and referred her here 👌 #womensupportingwomen

Dec 26th

Sarah K

school districts don't let anyone State their opinion

Oct 26th

Maria Keating

there is a distinct lack of mentorship in my workplace. I feel like you're filling in the blanks for me! This is very valuable what you've produced here. Thank you!

Mar 16th


I was debating with a man and knowingly took my voice up to his level to see what happened. I was accused of yelling. The conversation quickly went sour. When I mentioned that I was just taking my tone of voice up to his same level, the group was amuzed and It gave them something to ponder on.

Mar 4th

L Caves

Just listened to the 1st half of authenticity discussion, it made me wonder if being authentic is somewhat of an earned "benefit". Reflecting on my own career, it seems that I had to demonstrate credibility and integrity in my field/role before my colleagues were able to appreciate/accept my authentic self

Feb 28th

Lilian Mogoah

Loved this! Am a newbie in the work place, I'm a manager, and this is very helpful.

Feb 26th
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