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Our free-spirited, entrepreneurial co-host is applying advice from all our episodes on side gigs, freelancing, starting a small business — and quitting — to her own life. Emily reflects on her decision to leave her design job at HBR to fully focus on a long-time creative passion, as well as how she's thinking about her career going forward.
How do you address a falling-out with a teammate when they either won’t acknowledge you or just lash out? Amy Gallo brings her conflict management expertise to a coaching session for a woman whose project manager and former work friend went from helpful to hostile. The approaches that come out of the conversation are ones that anyone facing tension in a work relationship can use to find a way forward.
Let’s be real: You can’t do everything yourself. Delegating to others helps you manage your workload and helps your colleagues who take on the tasks, decisions, and responsibilities to learn and grow. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to do though. A leadership coach shares practices that will ensure the work gets done and will leave you and the person you delegated to feeling good about the experience.
Having a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship with your boss doesn’t require accommodating their every quirk, demand, and weakness. We discuss respectful, constructive ways to meet in the middle, set boundaries, and help them achieve their goals while making your competence known.
We all need to sell others on our ideas and offerings. Oftentimes that requires planning, perspective taking, and patience. A social psychologist highlights principles and tactics that’ll help you preempt colleagues or clients from doubting your expertise and get them to start or stop doing something.
Advice from a manager at Google whose full-time job is finding solutions to the problems that make employees want to quit. She shares what to say and do when a valuable team member seems to have one foot out the door. We also discuss the types of proactive conversations about career paths and compensation that managers should have with their people to keep them from being poached.
Entrepreneurs Stacey Abrams and Lara Hodgson share hard-won lessons from starting and running three companies together. They reflect on what makes their long-term partnership work and how they manage self-doubt and guilt. They also give tips for networking, hiring and retaining employees, learning the ins and outs of finance, and developing an exit strategy.
A satisfying career requires that we make thoughtful decisions, through self-reflection and strategic planning. But sometimes (like in 2021) plowing through our jobs day after day is the only thing that feels manageable. A reunion with three guests starts a conversation about the tension between wanting to fulfill our potential and needing to conserve what’s left of our energy.
What are the psychological and social skills freelancers need to achieve the self-made career they envisioned? Two researchers break down the common existential and interpersonal challenges that come with working in the gig economy. They share routines and practices that help independent workers keep themselves motivated, productive, and developing professionally.
Which feelings (and shoes) are work-appropriate these days? An expert on authenticity joins us to share impressions of how professional behavior and dress are changing, plus advice for deciding how transparent and comfortable to be.
How can you be seen as a leader, especially when you’re not even “seeing” the people you work with? We revisit an interview with two leadership development experts — essential listening for any woman who’s ready to step up — and share an update on how their advice applies in the context of remote and hybrid work.
How are women who started a job remotely during the pandemic faring? We hear from several new hires about the hurdles they encountered and how they overcame them with the support of their managers. Then, HR executive Amelia Ransom and management professor Beth Schinoff share advice for onboarding, whether you’re starting a new position yourself or supporting a new member of your team.
One way to help close the gender earnings gap? Deliberate redundancy at work, according to economic historian Claudia Goldin. Claudia expands on this idea and shares other insights about the U.S. female labor force. Emily and the Amys reflect on the career-family decisions they’ve made (or plan to make) and imagine what it would be like to have a colleague who could fill in for them whenever they needed time off.
How can you be confident that quitting your job is a good move for your career? And how do you handle the feelings — guilt, fear, anxiety — that come up? These are questions we’ll all face at some point, so we talk through which factors to consider before making the decision and best practices for giving your notice when it’s time.
Managers are told that when an employee resigns, they should be professional, reassure their team, and wish the person well. But we also know that resignations bring up a lot of feelings: panic, loss, self-doubt. Five managers acknowledge those emotions and share how they’ve learned to cope.
Leaders to Learn From

Leaders to Learn From


In leading their teams and organizations through a crisis, women have repeatedly stepped up to the plate. We celebrate four of these women and highlight the ways they’ve been resetting priorities, demonstrating resilience and agility, and communicating effectively. Then, leadership coach Muriel Wilkins gives advice for taking care of yourself while taking care of the people you manage.
If you’re looking to upgrade your work life, know that it’s possible, manageable, and worth the effort. Two women reflect on the actions they took that ended up elevating not only their careers but also their all-around satisfaction.
Introducing Season 7

Introducing Season 7


Starting October 11, a new collection of perspectives to learn from, advice to act on, and takeaways that buoy you up.
How can we get better at negotiating? We hear from a butter maker and entrepreneur about a sensitive deal she recently navigated and then use that experience to draw out the principles and practices essential to any negotiation. Ashleigh Shelby Rosette, a professor who studies and teaches negotiations, gives advice on achieving our objectives in a deal, no matter the context.
Alice Boyes, a writer and former clinical psychologist, shares the principles and practices that keep her creative and productive, but not busy. She gives Emily and a social worker guidance on where to focus their energy, as well as paring down their (and your) to-dos to what’s feasible? and actually worth doing.
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Alizee de lacoudraye harter

Great show, esp first half. thanks ladies!

Dec 24th

Maria Luisa Liuzzo

I love HBR podcasts. I have been following "women's at work" for years. I got so much from it. However, the new podcast series Coaching Real Leaders will be a game changer in my personal and professional growth. I suggest to anybody who needs support charting a path. As Muriel said, don't expect a ready-made, off-the-shelf solution. Infact you get a map where your actions will be critical to reach the objective - whatever that could be! Thanks, Muriel. Thanks HBR.

Feb 20th

Sierra Wright

I have a hard time listening to this podcast. I've listened to a couple of episodes and it feels very narrow in it's perspective of women at work. Specifically, it feels like it only implicitly highlights the perspective of white women. As a woman of color, I can say that just speaking up or "leaning in" doesn't always work and I've received disproportionate backlash from it.

Jan 15th

victoria cockburn

I love this Podcast! When can we expect more content?

Aug 20th

Ali Alsoudani


Jun 29th

Nell Greenhouse

Great episode, I work in China with a lot of female attorneys, one came to me today to ask "Could you possibly...?" on a piece of work that had an urgent deadline. I asked her to be more assertive with me when it's important and referred her here 👌 #womensupportingwomen

Dec 26th

Sarah K

school districts don't let anyone State their opinion

Oct 26th

Maria Keating

there is a distinct lack of mentorship in my workplace. I feel like you're filling in the blanks for me! This is very valuable what you've produced here. Thank you!

Mar 16th


I was debating with a man and knowingly took my voice up to his level to see what happened. I was accused of yelling. The conversation quickly went sour. When I mentioned that I was just taking my tone of voice up to his same level, the group was amuzed and It gave them something to ponder on.

Mar 4th

L Caves

Just listened to the 1st half of authenticity discussion, it made me wonder if being authentic is somewhat of an earned "benefit". Reflecting on my own career, it seems that I had to demonstrate credibility and integrity in my field/role before my colleagues were able to appreciate/accept my authentic self

Feb 28th

Lilian Mogoah

Loved this! Am a newbie in the work place, I'm a manager, and this is very helpful.

Feb 26th
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